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  • Bruno Global's laugh after being told that SDF-1 had fired on its own.
  • Hikaru asking Minmay what the VF-1 looks like to them. Hilarity Ensues.
  • A beloved early running gag is Captain Global smacking his head on the doorframe when he tries to enter the bridge.
  • Conscious of the city around them, the crew of the Macross try to use the antigravity generators to lift off. Except it turns out that someone failed to properly secure the things, which leads to a hilarious scene of the gravity generators ripping through the bulkheads and flying off into the sky on their own.
    • Followed by Misa and Global establishing themselves as Deadpan Snarkers by joking that's what happens when you buy used starships.
  • Hikaru calling Misa an "old lady". This didn't end well for him.
    Hikaru: "Hey, Roy. Who's the old lady?"
    Misa: "The what?!"
    • Roy later catches up to this joke and teases Misa about it.
      Roy: (After preparing to enter the SDF-1) "Wanna guide me in, Lieutenant Grandma?"
      (Everyone in the bridge laughs, including the captain.)
      Misa: "Roger! It would be just too bad if you killed yourself while landing."
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    • The "old lady" comment haunts Hikaru later on after he gets inducted into the UN Spacy military.
      Misa: "You're that civilian, aren't you?!"
      Hikaru: "And you're that old lady!"
      Misa: "What?!"
  • Kamjin's very first scene. Right after Breetai informed us that he had called him as reinforcement due his competence and Exedore cried in horror due to his Blood Knight tendencies, Kamjin's squadron arrives, "accidentally" rams some of Breetai's ships (including his flagship!), and then, as he reports for duty, Kamjin's aide demands he pays their bet on what unit would get more ships hit in the ramming.
  • The taxi being forced to accept an overload of pilots after being called to scramble from the Nyan Nyan restaurant.
  • The entire interrogation of Hikaru, Kakizaki and Misa.
    Bodolza: "I demand you show me how this 'kiss' process works!"
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  • Max knocking out a Zentradi soldier and dressing his Valkyrie in his uniform.
  • The Zentraedi intercept Minmei's kung fu movie Shao Pai Lon, and, naturally mistake it for combat records. One of the scenes shows Kaifun killing a giant with a Ki Manipulation, which completely freaks Breetai and Exedol out.
  • Zentraedi peace talks: Exedol dancing and trying to sing "My Boyfriend is a Pilot", and his still-macronized pilot being ordered to remain in the hangar bay:
    Colonel Maistroff: Ummm... be good hosts and get this man something to eat.
    Soldiers: Yes sir! *beat* "Get him something to eat"? Look at him! How much could he pack away?
  • During the capture of the Factory Satellite, Max and Millia boards the defense fleet flagship and show their newborn daughter, causing mass panic among the whole armada.
    • Perhaps the best part of this scene is the shot of a giant Zentradi soldier fainting at the sight of the baby.
  • When Hikaru and his squadron manage to prevent Zentraedi bandits from stealing a micronization chamber from a town, Kaifun happens to be there and starts up with his usual anti-military rhetoric, berating them for "provoking" the bandits into stealing the chamber in the first place. Hikaru's only response is a deadpan "It's good to see you too, Kaifun."
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  • This is also filed under CMOA, but Max dressing up his fighter as a Zentraedi when they sneak aboard their ship is one of the greatest Refuge in Audacity moments in anime.
  • While Gloval and Misa are in Alaska to report about the recent events, colonel Maistroff takes command-and is announced by smacking his head on the doorframe of the bridge. He then makes a speech on how he will enforce discipline and the regulations, grabs a cigar-and Sammy reminds him that the regulations forbid smoking on the bridge.
  • The antics of the three micronized Zentraedi spies who arrive to the SDF-1 and have no idea of anything. Hilarity Ensues when they try to blend in.
  • A certain scene in Episode 2 is simply hilarious: A truck driver asking a Humongous Mecha.
    (hooting) "Hey, buddy! How 'bout getting off the road?"
  • Later in the same episode, Minmei panics upon seeing Hikaru's fighter hurtling towards an enemy, and the fighter ends up sweeping the enemy from under completely unintentionally.
  • When Kamujin takes Minmay and Kaifun hostage, he explains to his troops his plan: he'll threaten to kill them unless he's given the Macross. One of his soldiers protests: "You can't hurt Minmay!". All of the others stare at him, and finally one of the battlepods kicks him.
  • A nice subtle one in the first few episodes when Misa realizes that Hikaru is a civilian. It takes a second for her to put together that the reason he took the Valkyrie into combat was because she ordered him to. She blushes but keeps her mouth shut about it.


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