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Headscratchers / Super Dimension Fortress Macross

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  • This show is supposed to be set between 2009 and 2012, right? So where are all the Dubstep remixes of Lynn Minmay's songs? This show isn't realistic at all!
    • This being the early eighties version of what 2009-12 would be like? They probably hadn't thought of dubstep back then...
    • For an in-universe reason, it's never heard pre-timeskip because the viewpoint characters are the guys less likely to listen to them, and after the timeskip they were all too busy rebuilding the planet for that.
    • There was a war. Maybe the people who developed and popularized it in our timeline got killed...
  • Where does the "If mice could swim..." poem comes from, or who wrote it? It has to come from somewhere...
    • If you put the ISBN number that appears above it in the Gratuitous English into Amazon's search engine, it does come up with a real book which could be the source: ''If Mice Could Fly'' by John Cameron.
      • The publication details match up with the exception of the year, naturally.
  • In episode 9 Lynn orders irish coffee. Why does no one bat an eye at a young teen ordering a cocktail?
    • Because they've been invaded by aliens, warped across the solar system, and stuffed inside a battlecruiser still being pursued by said aliens. Who doesn't need a drink after that?
  • In episode 18, Hikaru was not only assigned Roy's Valkyrie, but command of Skull Squadron. Why was he not promoted to major then and there?
    • Because he didn't have over a decade of military experience like Roy did? Even in the real-world it can take time for your rank to catch up to your responsibilities, particularly during times of war.
  • Why does the Macross use over-the-air television? I suppose there's an advantage to letting everyone use their old TV sets, but all T Vs in 2010 (and most in 1982, when the series was made) are cable-ready, and the engineer corps already laid cable all over the interior of the ship to allow the phone system to work (unless those are wireless as well?) Not only could the signals interfere with military communications, the plot of Miss Macross relies on this happening!
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