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Funny / Macross: Do You Remember Love?

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  • A group of terrified Zentraedi soldiers in full battle armour plus riot shields facing a captured Minmay doll.
    • The crowner for this moment comes in this quote :
    Zentradi Soldier:(utterly terrified) Wh...what is it? A Miclone of a Miclone?note 
  • When they're trapped in one of the Macross' unused sectors, Hikaru asks Minmay if she was really dating the actor she had recently shot a love scene with. Minmay denies... And then shows him how good an actress she was, much to his embarrassment. And joy, when she kisses him. And that is when the rescue teams find them and they're swarmed by a horde of journalists.
    • And then later on he has to defend against accusations from his squadronmates that he took advantage of Minmay while they were trapped. When he denies it, he gets a response that boils down to "You had a hot woman alone for two weeks and you didn't even sleep with her? Turn in your guy card!"
  • The three Zentraedi ambassadors at the press conference.
  • The fact that, in a reversal of their relationship in the TV series, Max gets Macronized to match Millia and adopts her mecha.
  • The Toho dubbing also known as Clash of the Bionoids or Super Space Fortress Macross; The acting and dialogue is easily recognizable as the same pool of expat actors (many of whom were noticeably Australian) who provided the voices heard in many Godfrey Ho, and Shaw Brothers films during The '80s era of Kung Fu Theater.
    Britai: "The ship has to be stopped. Notify our line of DEFENSES! The women MUST...NOT...PENETRATE!"
    Britai: "That...doesen't tell us about...THE WOMAN!"
    Sammie: "Amazing. How can she have so many LOV-EHHHS!" (lovers)
    Roy: "Yer doin' okay. A fighting man needs all of his Courrage!"note 
    Roy: "SO WHAT? Yer can still fight when yer drunk!"
    Exedol: "What is this born? Does it mean manufact-ched?" (manufactured)
    Britai: "I...was...joking....Don't cha know?... Minmei taught me the word. The explanation for it is: I...Didn'"
    Minmay: "You cant win a war by singing a song. It's...Stuuupid!"
    • Britai has the most noticeable Aussie accent.
    • During the lounge scene when Roy is kissing Claudia, they are interrupted by voice heard offscreen.
      Waiter offscreen: What would you like to or-duh" (order)?
      Waiter onscreen: We have a call for Mr. Ichi-Joe". note .
      • The strange thing about this scene is that the voice asking about their order (a deeper, mature, masculine voice) was a completely different voice from the voice of the waiter seen immediately after the camera changes angles (a thinner, young, effeminate voice). The waiter arrived alone except in the company of a robo-phone. And he immediately leaves after delivering the message but without further inquiring about their order. It was not the robo-phone that spoke previously as it actually arrived seconds after the waiter announced that Hikaru was being paged. So who was it that asked for their order.

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