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Trivia / Macross: Do You Remember Love?

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  • Deleted Scene: The staff had storyboarded, but never had time or money to animate, both Max and Milia's wedding as well as what was supposed to be a ending epilogue to be shown under the credits. The original theatrical cut ends with a black screen and white credits. Later reissues correct this to a degree by using footage from Macross Flashback 2012.
  • No Export for You: This is one of the many parts of the Macross franchise still in export limbo thanks to the gigantic legal squabble over who, exactly, owns the rights. For years, it was also Bad Export for You in America, as the only releases were a drastically edited "for kids" version with a hideous Hong Kong dub, and a very briefly-released edited subtitled version, both on VHS. Although no official US release has yet taken place and probably won't for the foreseeable future, the situation is improved now that the movie is on Blu-ray, and Japan shares the same Blu-ray region code with the US and Canada. This may conceivably be changing since the surprise May, 2021 announcement that Big West and Harmony Gold have buried the hatchet with an express view to allow the release of more Macross productions into the US beyond the original TV series. Time will tell if anything comes of it, but indications are that the above trope in the future will be a "was".
    • On the other hand, this is averted like bloody hell twice in Latin America as there's two dubbed versions of the movie who were dubbed previously before: the first one was dubbed for a VHS release in 90's, the second one was dubbed for animation network named Locomotion (later, Animax Latin America) in 2001.note 
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    • Also it got an Italian release in the early 90's with the name of "Macross the movie". It was planned to get a dvd release in the mid 00's with a new voice cast from the re-release of the original series but it was eventually cancelled after the dubbing work was already done.
    • It was also dubbed to Brazilian Portuguese for Locomotion as well, very likely for the same reasons as Mexico and Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.note 
  • Role Reprise: Roy Focker's Mexican voice actor (Moises Palacios) reprised his role from the same character in Robotech, being probably one of the few times than a foreign voice actor who worked in Robotech does this with his/her same character or its equivalent in Macross.

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