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Heartwarming / Macross: Do You Remember Love?

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  • One of the most powerful parts is Hikaru's speech to Misa after the latter thinks the former has chosen Mimmay over her.
    Hikaru: "That's not it! That's not what I was thinking! When the two of us wandered across all that devastation, and barely made it back to the Macross, and heard Minmay's song in town, and saw her on the screen. That's when I knew. The one who I want by my side forever, is you. And I haven't changed my mind. I might die today, but if you can accept that about me..."
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  • Another powerful moment is Hikaru's What the Hell, Hero? and Minmay's response to it:
    Lynn Minmay: You can't just win a war by singing! Stay with me, if we're going to die anyway...
    Hikaru Ichijo: It's not just for us. It's for everyone onboard the Macross.
    Lynn Minmay: That has nothing to do with us! Why aren't we the only two in the universe? I wish everyone would die except you and me!
    Hikaru slaps Minmay. A brief Smash Cut of the battle's destruction plays before the scene cuts back to Minmay reeling from the blow.
    Hikaru Ichijo: Sempai died. Kakizaki died. So many have died. They all had plans for when peace came. You can still sing, can't you?
    The armored shutter behind them gets blown off and Hikaru and Minmay can only look on, helpless and horrified, as a Valkyrie is blown to pieces in front of them.
    Lynn Minmay: I'm sorry, Hikaru. I don't know what came over me. I chose to become a singer. If I don't sing now, my mother and father's spirits will never forgive me. I'll sing with all my heart!
    'Cue a Moment of Awesome for all of anime — the "Do You Remember Love" song sequence.
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  • Britai's conversation with Exsedol and their message to the Macross after coming to its rescue during the final battle with the Bodol fleet. Minmay's expression of joy on seeing Zentran and Meltran elements joining the Macross as one force says it all.
    Exsedol-4970: I have found the answer. The culture of those who provided our genes is being awakened.
    Britai-7018: What?
    Exsedol-4970: After crossing over 500,000 cycles...
    Britai-7018: Can culture really be brought back to us?
    The Macross is battered by enemy attacks, and is nearly subjected to a close range shot from a Zentran converging beam cannon before fire coming up the Y-axis destroys the offending vessel. Communication from Britai fills the displays of the bridge.
    Britai-7018: 67th Glruimual-branch Adoclass Fleet to Macross; we will protect you from now on.
    Captain Global: Protect us?!
    Exsedol-4970: We cannot allow the culture of our ancestors to be lost.

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