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  • The fistfight between the YF-19 and YF-21, especially with the test crew and scientists cheering like a bunch of hooligans.
    Yang: It's pro-wrestling...
  • While attempting to get through the Earth's defense net, Yang notes that they will need to disguise themselves as debris and ride the reentry without flight systems to have the best chance of preventing the defense grid from blowing them out of the sky.
    Yang: It's all estimates, though...
    Yang: Well, of course, but...
    Isamu: And you should trust my skills!
    Yang: Skill has nothing to do with this. This is purely a question of luck.
    Yang: [putting himself to hibernation] I can't say I have much faith in that.
  • Whilst fighting to the death in the Dog Fight sequence, Isamu and Guld list out every small detail they can that one owes the other. From destroying a plane meant for the school festival to not returning a CD to owing lunches from High School.
    Isamu: Ever since we were kids, you were tagging along behind me like some lonesome pet. Why don't you go chasing some woman's ass for once, huh?
    Guld: What!
    Isamu: Oh, as if you don't remember! That chicken race we had on New Year's Day. Even after I won, you cried foul on me!
    Guld: You were the first one to hit the ground. Or are you trying to rewrite history now? Just how bad is your memory, you slacker?
    Isamu: And you know what you never returned? That Guns Live CDV that I loaned to you that one time, you thief!
    Guld: That's because you disappeared! And those were the best seven years I had!
    Isamu: And what about the two times I bought you lunch back at high school?
    Guld: I bought you lunch 13 times!
    Isamu: Don't hit me with numbers!
    • What really makes this sequence is that Isamu punctuates his second-to-last statement with a pair of missiles from his VF, and Guld's retort involves firing back with 13 of his own missiles.

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