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Funny / Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

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  • Kingsglaive as a whole isn't a funny movie, being about the fall of Insomnia and all. There is one brilliant gem at the end though; after being absent bar a cameo by his younger self for most of the film, The Stinger finally shows us Noctis and the gang in the Regalia, unaware of the horrors that they've left behind and chatting about Luna...and then the Regalia breaks down, setting up the beginning of Final Fantasy XV.
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  • In the opening battle, Pelna has his hands full trying to rescue Tredd from falling debris. Then he notices a Behemoth rushing towards both of them.
  • Insomnia is burning, with statues of the Lucian kings and Daemons duking it out while freefalling from the crashing Niflheim warships. And yet Libertus still finds the time to make a snarky comment.
    "That's not something you see every day."
  • The scene where Libertus gets icked by tavern food and calls it Chocobo turd becomes hilarious after Square Enix released a a miniclip supposedly relating how the barman got his ingredients. note  The barman really took offense to Libertus's comment!

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