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Nightmare Fuel / Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

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"Release the Daemon!"

  • While the prologue is mostly a tearjerker, it also showcases just how brutal Niflheim's military is; they're perfectly fine with attempting to incinerate a young Ravus, and Glauca murders Queen Sylva by impaling her in front of her son's eyes.
  • The "Daemon" that's set loose by the Niflheim army in the opening battle. A giant, red-eyed monstrosity perpetually covered in smoke that proceeds to snuff out the Hope Spot that Crowe's firestorm provided to Lucis' army, before unleashing a massive barrage of projectiles not unlike the Diamond Weapon from Final Fantasy VII (which it greatly draws its design from), wreaking havoc on the battlefield and turning the battle into a lost cause for the Kingsglaive. It turns out to be only one Diamond Weapon out of several that Niflheim has in reserve, and they gleefully deploy the rest during the sacking of Insomnia, setting the city ablaze.
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  • Chancellor Ardyn Izunia's entrance into the throne room, as austere as it initially looks, is filled with a heavy and ominous ambience. He cheerfully comes in by himself, without any guards or escort, and yet Regis and the High Council all look in shock, realizing just how bold a move he just made and how he can get away with it so easily. Faux Affably Evil indeed. And then you learn just how much of an asshole he is in Final Fantasy XV.
  • The manner in which Crowe's corpse is discovered. Two homeless men scrape the junks while discussing the consequences of the peace treaty. Then, one of them notices a human hand completely covered in insects that soon fly away to reveal a dead body.
  • Just as Pelna, who found where Lunafreya was held captive onboard the Niflheim warship, lets his guard down and tells an incoming Nyx that everything's fine (despite Nyx's warnings that it's a trap), a tentacle grabs the poor sap and trashes him around the corridor, before throwing him away and giving chase to Nyx and Luna. As we find out later, the tentacles belong to none other than a massive Ultros, and it spends the rest of its screen time trying to get at the pair even as the Niflheim warship is about to crash down.
  • The deaths of Regis, Clarus and the Lucian High Council at the hands of Glauca. Glauca kills all four council members in one fell swoop, as an aside to his lunge towards Regis and Clarus. While Glauca is trying to force himself through Regis's weapons, Clarus tries to attack him from behind, but the Niflheim general quickly turns around, grabs Clarus, and violently throws him into a wall, shortly before hurling Clarus's sword back at its owner, fatally pinning the latter. Horrified, Regis calls out his comrade's name in vain.
    • Regis's final stand is a showcase of Glauca's frightening resilience; the King of Lucis tries to fry the general with a powerful surge of lightning, but to no avail as Glauca slowly moves forward while blocking the lightning with his sword. Even the lightning that does reach him is voided by his armor's regenerative abilities. He then delivers a scathing speech to Regis, before impaling him in a manner reminiscent to Sephiroth, howling like a demon while he's at it.
  • When the Ring of the Lucii rejects a person that is unworthy to wield it, it can cause bad consequences:
    • Ravus's attempt to put on the ring results in his arm getting burned.
    • When Lazarus puts on the ring, his body gets burned and he falls off to his Disney Villain Death, screaming.
    • Nyx is judged unworthy and his arm is set on fire, until he proves himself worthy with his resolve to guard the future.
  • The scene leading up to the movie's big reveal and Darkest Hour. Nyx and Luna head to the rendezvous point designed by Drautos, and when no one seems to be there, Nyx decides to take a step out in the open and try to get in touch with the commander. Suddenly, Nyx is shot twice and brought down to his knees, and surprise, Lazarus reveals himself as the shooter, a traitor Glaive and Crowe's murderer in quick succession. Leaving Nyx alone and chasing after Luna, he gets to savor a moment of power before the helpless princess, only to suffer a horrific immolation when he's tricked into wearing the Ring of the Lucii. Then, Drautos appears and seemingly approachs Nyx to tend to his wounds, before Libertus arrives in a car and decides to run over the former. This would illicit a What the Hell, Hero? from Nyx... if not for Drautos revealing himself as General Glauca and flipping Libertus's car with disturbing ease. Nyx's betrayed expression sells it. Meanwhile, Niflheim warships are starting to drop Diamond Weapons into Insomnia, with the intent of burning the city to the ground.
    Nyx: [In a hollow voice] Captain...?

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