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Heartwarming / Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

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  • When Nyx gets reassigned to gatekeeping duty in the film's opening, he gets mocked by another gatekeeper for being an immigrant and "playing war hero". At the film's climax, that very same gatekeeper shows up to help Nyx and Luna escape Insomnia.
  • Libertus' first instinct after figuring out that some of the glaives have betrayed Lucis and are now working with the empire is to go and try to save Nyx, who he recently had a public falling out with. It just shows how close these two had become during their time in the Kingsglaive.
    • Even when faced with the fact that Nyx probably won't be getting out of Insomnia alive, Libertus still insists that they'll eventually meet each other back in their home in Galahd.
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    • He even extends his invitation to Luna and Noct.
  • When Luna discovers that Regis tried arranging for a Glaive to meet her and smuggle her out of Tenebrae, her first reaction is to try and find that Glaive so she can thank her. When she finds out Crowe's died, she decides to keep the hairpin Crowe was going to give her in her memory.
  • Initially, the Lucian Kings just mock Nyx, since he doesn't have royal blood. Then King Regis speaks up from among them, insisting that Nyx seeks to safeguard the future, convincing the others to give Nyx a chance.

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