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Awesome / Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

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Bottom screen: Nyx versus Glauca, scaled to size.

  • Regis's Last Stand against General Glauca, twice. The first time with his old friend Clarus, and then again when he knows he is going to die and decides to weaken Glauca to give Nyx and Luna a better chance against him.
  • While taking refuge in an abandoned office building, Nyx figures out Niflheim is using Luna's hairpin beacon to track them. Shortly after that, they come under attack by a swarm of tracker beasts, a Magitek walker, and an airship. Luna takes out the entire force when she throws the hairpin into the airship's engines, inciting the swarm to instinctively follow its signal and incinerate themselves in the exhaust, which blows up the engine of the airship and causes it to crash onto the Magitek walker.
  • When cornered by Luche, Luna tricks him into putting the ring on, and then grabs the ring from his burning hand as he falls to his death from the balcony they are on.
  • During the final battle, Nyx uses the Ring of the Lucii to contact the Lucian Kings in the hopes of persuading them to protect the city. The kings scorn him for not having royal blood, and it takes King Regis' intervention to make them even consider measuring his worth. Nyx gives them a What the Hell, Hero? for not doing their duty as kings, initially causing them to brand him unworthy, but then he gives a "World of Cardboard" Speech about his wish to protect the future for others, causing them to change their minds and give him their power.
    Nyx: No, no. My life is nothing. Giving a future to those who want to see it... is everything.
    • In a small touch, Nyx laughs at the kings twice, the second time right after they've set his arm on fire.
      Nyx: (laughing) You're gonna lose your precious ring! But it's not too late to save it!
  • Nyx's response to being told he can have the power of the Lucian Kings, at the cost of dying at sunrise:
    Nyx: You guys drive a hard bargain. Where do I sign?
  • In the film's climax, Nyx uses the Ring's power to animate the giant statues of the previous Kings of Lucis to fight Niflheim's Daemons. Not only do they get to match the behemoths in terms of sheer size, they also get to use the Lucis line's signature Warp Strike. You heard right: giant, armoured statues teleporting around to mess with Niflheim's armies.
    Glauca: What can you hope to do? One man, against an empire, against the Daemons. How would you save Insomnia with no Wall to protect you?
    Nyx: You got it all wrong. I'm not fighting to save Insomnia. [Activates the Old Wall with the Ring of the Lucii]
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  • To say the final confrontation between Nyx and General Glauca is surpassing Cloud and Sephiroth's duel in terms of Combat Parkour epicness would still be understatement. Throughout the fight, Nyx and Glauca relentlessly clash in several collapsing buildings and move on through the city, even fighting on top of the animated statues of the Lucian kings and pieces of Niflheim warships being blown apart. And Nyx also knows full well that his powers given by the past Lucian kings would result in a fatal Heroic RRoD from the effort.
  • This side miniclip which allegedly depicts the barman's search for his cooking ingredients falls between awesome and hilarious as he rescues a cartoon-ish Malboro from an Ultros, stopping the latter in its track with just his foot, before leaping up in the air and performing a spinning Diving Kick (apparently, his geta is also eligible for Weaponized Teleportation), turning the Ultros into a spectacular display of Ludicrous Gibs.

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