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Tear Jerker / Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

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  • The prologue sets the tone of the movie by having Lunafreya solemnly narrating the backstory that would pave the way for XV's main plot; how her homeland of Tenebrae came under fire from Niflheim's invasion just for harbouring the Lucian royals; her brother Ravus watching their mother get murdered by Glauca; and Luna letting go of Regis's hand, giving him the opportunity to escape with Noctis, but at the same time condemning Luna and the rest of her country to Niflheim's rule.
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  • Crowe's death. Libertus and Nyx both suffer a Heroic BSoD, and it also triggers a quarrel that threatens their friendship.
    Nyx: [Trying to catch up to Libertus] Crowe died a glaive. You can still honor her by fighting as one.
    Libertus: You're dumber than me sometimes, you know that?!? Don't you get it? Lucis. Killed. Crowe. Go back to the castle! Tell the king there's no peace to be had for throwing the weak to the wolves! I'll fight my own fight from here on out. See you around, hero!
  • Everyone saw Regis' death coming from a mile off, but it doesn't make it any less heartbreaking.
    • In addition, Clarus Amicitia's death, a Heroic Sacrifice for a childhood friend, is tragic when you remember he's leaving behind several children, Gladio and Iris simply being the eldest of his sons and daughters.
  • The ending. Nyx's death at the end is really just the culmination of one tragedy after another. He goes out with dignity and in good spirits, having just defeated Glauca, but Insomnia is in ruins, with Regis dead, the Kingsglaive extinguished, and Lucis having fallen to The Empire, (who have obtained the world's last power crystal) and while Libertus escapes with Luna, the audience is painfully aware that neither of them will ever see Nyx again. What really seals it is just how strangely human the final scene between Nyx and Drautos is.
    Nyx: King Regis did what he did for the future. Because of him, there's still hope for our homes.
    Glauca: Hope...
    • The actual game makes the ending worse. As he dies, Nyx's only thought is of Noctis, and how he hopes that he will rule well as the new king of Lucis. Come the end of the game, Noctis has to sacrifice his own life to save the world. Even in death, Nyx never got his wish.
      • This one crosses over with Nightmare Fuel, but fans of Nyx hoping to see him in the game get a horrible shock as Ardyn has used his dead body - along with the corpses of Luna and Regis - to decorate the Lucian throne room.

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