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Heartwarming / The King's Avatar

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  • Episode 5 has Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng's reunion in-game after Ye Xiu's forced retirement.
  • Ye Xiu giving nothing but encouragement to Yifan, building up the latter's confidence and leading to his Undying Loyalty to Ye Xiu.
  • The reason Ye Xiu lacked any money when he was fired? He had been using nearly all of his earnings to keep his less successful attempted Glory players afloat after their dreams went dry and they were in the process of finding jobs and going back to school.
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  • The fact that many pro players from different teams have an online group chat together. Despite the rivalry and tension between some teams, the pros are comfortable with amiably chatting with one another.
  • Despite everything that happened, Ye Xiu helping Excellent Era stay afloat from its bankruptcy and ,despite being in Team Happy, continued supporting it in his words, helping the fans regain hope after the scandals. Fans still respect him and still sees him as their captain for all he did for the team.
  • Part of the reason of Happy members Undying Loyalty to Ye Xiu is that Ye Xiu comforts them when they are down, such as when Yifan was defeated by Everlasting, the former said to the latter that apologies are unnecessary. And when Wenyi's performance against Samsara in Season 10 Regular Season game was very poor, Ye Xiu defended Wenyi by saying that he chose him.
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  • Ye Xiu's way of increasing Happy's morale after being defeated by Tyranny in Game 2 playoffs semifinals is to make highlight videos of EACH members.

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