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  • In Ep. 13, after failing to retrieve Steisos Porneia (the Mortal Sin Armament of Lust), we get this gem:
    Toori: I'm sorry I couldn't make you horny!
  • Several of them in Ep. 1 of the 2nd season alone, but much of it involving Toori:
    • When Juana's Armament of Deadly Sins puts our heroes in a bind, Toori's way of stopping Juana was to show up naked during the fight, and stand right in the way of a button she was supposed to press - said button was blocked by a certain anatomy of Toori, and, well...
    • Sometime during the fight, Tenzou catches someone falling, and believes it to be a Distressed Damsel, only to find out it was the naked Toori he caught.
    • Horizon punishing Toori for being "touched by another girl" with a Groin Attack.
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  • Near the end of Ep. 11 of season 2, Futayo tells Gin that she had sex with Muneshige. Gin faints.
    Futayo: Lord Tachibana was kind enough to teach me much as I am still quite green. If I were to use an English term to cover my embarrassment, *Luminescent Blush* I'd say we had sex together.
  • In S2 Ep. 7, when everyone has gathered for negotiations with Queen Elizabeth, a woman with long black hair and flat chest walks in and everyone believes it to be Masazumi. There is understandable confusion when the real Masazumi enters. Cue Kimi who reveals that it is actually Toori, wearing a dress. The men that kissed "her" hand are brought to their knees.
  • Innocentius flipping out when Masazumi trolls him in the fight to save Horizon.
  • After Nate's first battle with Walsingham, she's sitting in her room recovering, wearing nothing but a towel. Toori, Kimi and Horizon stop by to check on her. When the towel inevitably falls off, Toori gives Nate a thumbs-up... and so does Horizon.
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  • On the back of the first volume, Kawakami gives a brief description:
    "For my first new series in three years, I made a setting document that filled 780 A4-sized pages with text. It made my editor cry."

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