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  • Pretty much any scene with Kuroko that, in some way, involves Mikoto.
  • Practically any scene where Saten flips Uiharu's skirt is hilarious.
  • Kiyama undressing in public in general are crowning moments.

    Level Upper Arc 
Episode 2
  • This:
    Postman: We have an order for Ms. Shirai Kuroko.
    Mikoto: What's the contents?
    Postman: Computer parts.
    Kuroko: [aside to audience] Phew, thank goodness these companies are always discreet about their products.
    Mikoto: Who sent it?
    Postman: Love Potions and Aphrodisiacs Incorporated.
    Kuroko: Why the hell did they bother to label it "computer parts" then!!

Episode 3

  • The reveal of what the villain has been doing to the girls she is attacking ("I have photographs, but it's not pretty. If you're going to look, prepare yourself."), the villain attempting to use the stun-gun on Mikoto, and the villain's Motive Rant.
    Saten: Uh...what?
    Mikoto: Yeah, you lost me somewhere in the middle there.

Episode 4

  • Anything that involves Mikoto and Touma. His reaction to being told the score will be settled when Mikoto wins, her coming at him with a chainsaw made of vibrating iron sand, her reaction to trying to shock him directly (through his right hand), his hilariously bad attempt to give up, and the fact that she then proceeded to chase him around for the entire night.
    • The tale of the Undressing Woman:
      Saten: This is a true story about what happened to an upperclassman's friend's boyfriend. One humid night when he passed a deserted park, he was asked directions to the station by a woman who was loitering around. As he was kindly explaining the way to her, looking somewhat distraught, she raised her arms...and suddenly...
      Mikoto: ...suddenly?
      Saten: ....took off her blouse.
      Mikoto: There's nothing scary about that at all!
  • When Kiyama undresses for the first time, people mistake Touma trying to get her to put her shirt back on for him taking it off; he runs away screaming "It's not what you think!"
    • Kuroko's reaction to hearing that the curse of the Undressing Woman is infectious.
    • Kiyama's previews for episodes 5 and 11:
    Kiyama: Ah, today was fun. And I also got the honor of doing the next episode preview. Maybe I should slowly undress. So next tim-
    Kuroko: Don't strip!
    Kiyama: Ah, today was also fun. How about I strip for the preview... Now, next episode—
    Mikoto: Don't strip!! Wait, I'm going to kick your ass!

Episode 8

Episode 9

  • Uiharu stands around, noting that Saten is late. Only for Saten to flip her skirt from behind (in the least subtle manner imaginable) and announces loudly "Today's blue stripes huh?" It's all topped by Uiharu crying and waving her fists in the air.
  • Kuroko getting mad at Kiyama for undressing in public at the cafe. What makes it funny is that Kuroko is talking about herself on how "Women with skewed sexual interests" get interested in seeing Kiyama's naked body. In the manga Saten also joins her saying that no women should show her panties. While Misaka and Uiharu looked on.
    • During the cafe scene, Uiharu and Saten are told she's a brain specialist.
      Saten: Is there something wrong with Shirai-san's brain?

Episode 13

  • The gang is modelling swimsuits in a holographic studio. Once they're done, Mikoto stays behind to try on the kiddy swimsuit she avoided before, and accidentally broadcasts everything on the giant billboard outside. Touma sees it and goes, "You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!"

Episode 14


    Poltergeist Arc 
Episode 19
  • Uiharu feeling so happy and in ecstasy of experiencing her dream of what it's like to be a Tokiwadai student during the mid-summer festival... until Saten decides to wake her up back to reality by flipping her skirt!

    Sisters Arc 
Episode 3
  • Mikoto getting smacked in the head with a binder and Kuroko glomping Mikoto's giant teddy bear because it smells like her. Also Saten's reaction to Eri finding a stack full of cash cards.

Episode 4

  • Mikoto, after being led to believe that the Level 6 Shift was stopped, starts acting unnervingly cheerful, actually paying for her drink and not getting mad when Kuroko falls onto her chest. Kuroko is disturbed by this, so she tries to provoke Mikoto by telling her what kind of underwear she's wearing today. Mikoto instantly drops the facade and without hesitation shocks Kuroko.

Episode 5

  • Misaka first meeting 9982, whose first words are "Myah". Misaka is appropriately puzzled.
  • Mikoto's interactions with 9982; the argument getting interrupted by the ice-cream truck man, and 9982 stealing Mikoto's ice cream, then narrating her Blatant Lies about not eating it and the narration of her talking Mikoto into getting them tea, then Mikoto putting the Gekoto badge on 9982 and the slap fight when she wants it back after the clone says her taste sucks that devolves into Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs.

Episode 10

  • Misaka using a melt-reinforced doll as a battering ram, and the sheer "thunk" of the doll hitting Meltdowner in the face as she's taken by surprise.

Episode 15

  • Accelerator is very confused as to why he's looking at the moon. It takes him a minute to understand that he's been knocked flat on his back.

Episode 17

  • Kuroko gets freaked out when Mitsuko buys mice to feed to her pet boa.
  • Kuroko and Frenda get into a childish argument about whether Mikoto or Mugino is the best, leading to the former two groping the latter two's breasts and getting beaten up.
  • Kuroko bought turtle blood due to its fabled aphrodisiac properties. Naturally, Mikoto fries her.
  • The entire cookies incident.
    • First, after Touma gets hosptialized, Mikoto goes to visit him and brings some fancy store-bought cookies as thanks for his help. Touma then remarks that he would have expected her to bring home-made cookies and insults her baking skills in the process, resulting in her blasting him with lighting.
    • Then Mikoto goes to Saten to bake homemade cookies, explaining that she can't use the dorm kitchen because of all the people who would wonder who she was baking them for
      Mikoto: (thinking) Especially Kuroko, and Kuroko, and Kuroko.
    • Saten then begins teasing Mikoto relentlessly about having a boyfriend, to her flustered denials
    • Finally, when Mikoto goes to give them to Touma, she meets him unexpectedly and starts blushing and stammering while trying to explain that she made the cookies as thanks, leading Touma to think she's talking about ants and says he'll leave her to her research assignment. He does not get the cookies.

     Silent Party Arc 
Episode 20
  • Kuroko tries to join the others in the bathhouse, but runs into the Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor, who forces her to massage her feet.

Episode 23

  • Kuroko makes a Sleeping Dummy for herself and Mikoto so they can sneak out of their dorm, but puts the two dummies in one bed. Mikoto smacks her.

Episode 24

  • The Judgement Army uses Kuroko's Catchphrase as their rallying cry.
    Judgment: Judgement desu no!
    Kuroko: What!?
  • Saten names an attack after Uiharu's panties. Uiharu is understandably upset.
  • Mikoto tries to end the episode the same way as the first season, by saying, "There's never a dull moment in Academy City." Her friends interrupt her to her great frustration.
    Everyone: Not when you're around, Misaka/Oneesama
    Mikoto: Just what do you mean by that!?

     Daihaseisai Festival Arc 
Episode 1Episode 2
  • In the opening ceremony of Daihaseisai, Gunha forgets the speech in the middle of it, so he decides to improvise and ends up doing a ridiculous speech in which he inserts the word Guts! everywhere he can. Misaki gets confused by this.
  • Misaki was stunned and speechless when her handbag is confiscated by Konori Mii (originally by Fukiyose in the manga).
  • Saten on Mikoto's mother:
    Saten: But... if I look at it part by part, you're like a duplicate of Misaka... apart from the chest.
    Mikoto: Alright, Saten-san, lets have a talk later. Alone.
    • Later, when Mikoto accidentally mentions Touma, her mother becomes interested and begins to ask Saten and Uiharu everything they know about the unknown boy who's been helping Mikoto lately, while Mikoto stays to a side, completely in shock.
Episode 7Episode 8Episode 10Episode 11
  • Touma and Gunha's reactions to each other effortlessly dispelling and deflecting Angel!Mikoto's beams and their thoughts.
    Touma: He punched down the electricity?
    Gunha: He negated the electricity?
    Both: Who is this guy?
  • Touma's reaction to Gunha's idea of getting him close to Mikoto: Fastball Special!
    Touma: No, what? Wait! Wait!!! Waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaiiiii——aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!
Episode 14
  • Remember at the beginning of Index Volume 11 (Index II Episode 14 in the anime), Touma mentioned he was forced to dance with Mikoto and was kicked by Kuroko? This episode explains how it happens. When Mikoto is away to buy drinks, Touma, by coincidence, meets up with Saten (whom he met back in Episode 9). When Mikoto returns, her awkward reaction towards Touma makes them realize who he is, so the two come up with a plan to get Touma to dance with Mikoto. First, Saten asks Touma for a dance in return for her lending him her lucky charm. When he leaves, she feigns a grave injury and asks Mikoto to take her place. Mikoto tries to come up with an excuse, but Saten essentially browbeats her into grabbing Touma to the bonfire.
    • Then, during the dance, while Mikoto explains some of her actions, Touma gently teases her about how important he seems to be for her, causing her to grow a might blush.
    • During this whole time, Uiharu has been holding Kuroko, to the point that she pretty much tapes her mouth shut. In the end, though, Kuroko breaks free and drop kicks Touma, ending their dance.

     Dream Ranker Arc 
  • "Indian Poker" (Chapter 71.2): Junko gives an Indian Poker card to Mikoto in order to bond Mikoto and Misaki. As soon Mikoto uses it at night, she have a wonderful dream even commenting she likes it...that is until it shifted to her being Queen Misaki's maid. She finally snapped/wakes up when Misaki tells her to be her maid for the rest of her life waking up while Mikoto yelled "That's the last thing I want!!!". The best part is Kuroko tries to confess her love towards the sleeping Mikoto and caught on the worst timing when she finish her confession and hearing Mikoto's line; shattering her dreams...again.
  • "Blau"(Chapter 72) It is hinted that Misaki has the same dream as Mikoto but in reverse.
    Junko : I didn't really get that, but I heard your names really are the representative espers of our-
    Mikoto:[slams the table and scares Junko , sparking and utterly pissed-tone] I need to visit the next shop over.
    Junko : She looks like she's going to kill them. Queen, you have to stop-
    Misaki: [Showing killer aura] Today, I'll do you the favor of altering the witnesses' memory. You handle the security cameras.
    Junko : Oh, No. Together these two can easily pull off the perfect crime...
    • Later Junko, who probably because of the slang under the "beeeep"-ed words completely missed why Mikoto and Misaki got so angry with "Blau", asks them whether they ever before dreamed about "a gentleman [they] like" in an effort to be conversational. The body language of their sheepish non-answers is priceless.
      • With New Testament 11 out, what makes this scene more hilarious is that they're both probably thinking of Touma.
  • Chapter 73.5: It turns out GROUP's accusation that Awaki is a shotacon is true.
  • Chapter 77: When Kuroko hears the Precog Boy's cute scream and laughs about it... somehow Uiharu forgot to tell him it's a secret:
    Precog Boy: Shut up, you pervert!
    Kuroko: Say what?!
    Precog Boy: Uiharu told me to stay away from you because you're a pervert!
    (Uiharu runs)
    Kuroko: (Sitting on Uiharu's back) Did you really think you could outrun a teleporter?
    Uiharu: I think we must always keep trying and never give up.
    • Immediately after, Uiharu (while still pinned down by Kuroko) spends a page talking about how amazing it is that everything worked out fine and no one is seriously injured when suddenly Kuroko preforms a pro-wrestling move on her:
      Kuroko: Yeah, it's really amazing (pulling Uiharu's head back) that you think you can escape by changing the subject like that!
  • Chapter 78 & 79: The entire Bust Upper Indian Poker card incident that both Misaka Mikoto and Kinuhata Saiai wanted to get. During their confrontation they accidentally drop the Bust Upper card among the Indian Poker cards that the vendor's selling. So to settle this, they decide to buy all the Indian Poker cards and try them out. After multiple fail tries and relocated to a hotel swimming pool (after getting kicked out of their first location for making too much noise), a crow takes that Bust Upper Indian Poker and somehow it ended up with a girl who happens to buy the cards earlier... and it works, much to Mikoto and Saiai's displeasure.
  • Chapter 84: After the above incident and a prank from Misaki by making Kana (who Mikoto happens to met) say something she shouldn't be saying, knowing that Mikoto's trying to get that Bust Upper Indian Poker card by reading the trader from the above, Misaki says something that Mikoto did something for the first time in the entire series:
    Misaki: Pff... After fighting so desperately for it, you haven't changed at all. Is it so bad that you have to rely on urban legends? Did they actually grow by a few microns? Or is it because that your flat chest ability is so powerful that the card didn't work?
    Mikoto: (Snapped and groping Misaki boobs) SHUT UP!!! WHO NEEDS THESE USELESS HUNK OF FLES--
    Misaki: Mikoto-san! What wrong with you?
    Misaki: Could you not assault someone and then sink into despair?!
    • In the following chapter, when Misaki briefs her the real reason she meets her, Mikoto's... still not over it:
      Mikoto: (muttering) It's more than I ever imagined... That weight pressing down on my hands. They felt so soft even through the clothing yet they also had such great resilience pressing back at me. I was the one holding them yet they seemed to be absorbing and enveloping my hands...
      Misaki: (Gets up and smack Mikoto's head) ENOUGH ABOUT MY BOOBS ABILITY!!
  • Chapter 97.5: Taking place after Index Volume 16, Saten and Uiharu find Mikoto being flustered and in a daze.note  When questioned, she talks about a friend (herself) baffling about a certain someone (Touma) who keep getting himself in other people's affair and the friend realizing her feelings for the boy. Saten and Uiharu immediately know that Mikoto is talking about Touma and in their minds, silently says "Finally". When Saten asks what are the boy's preference, Mikoto replies symbols of motherhood, even mentioning the incident of Touma falling face first into Itsuwa's breasts, courtesy of the Amakusa.


     Jailbreak Trial Arc 
  • While the main cast are heading to the juvenile hall for the jailbreak trial, Kuroko is staring disapprovingly at Mikoto from behind. It turns out that Mikoto originally didn't plan on participating, but when the hall's director claims that his facility could even hold a Level 5, Mikoto couldn't stop herself rising to the bait.
  • Saten reveals that the prize for winning the jailbreak trial is a billion yen, then comments that it must be considered pocket change for Tokiwadai students. Mikoto retorts that it's a fortune for most Tokiwadai students too, though mentally concedes that some (i.e. Mitsuko) do casually spend that much.
  • Saten's preparations for the jailbreak trial turning out to be useless:
    • She bought a pair of gloves that let her climb walls gecko-style. The gloves are goofy on their own, looking like giant animal paws. It then turns out that other people had the exact same idea, causing Saten to complain that they ripped off her idea (and Uiharu to retort that they both came up with the same idea). Finally, the other people get taken out, showing that her idea wouldn't have worked in the first place.
    • She also bought an Indian Poker card to give herself Youth Olympics-level long jump skills. She anticipates using this to jump over a pitfall, only for Kuroko to teleport her and the others across.
  • Ayame is participating in the trial as well... for the prize money. It turns out that buying entire trucks to support her power has left her deep in debt.
  • When Uiharu wins the challenge and prize money, she decides to donate it to the Child Errors in Asunaro Park. Saten is beside herself with grief that she didn't even keep a little bit of it for herself (and Saten herself, of course). Uiharu tries to laugh it off that if she really wanted to get that much money, she could just use her hacking skills and rob an electronic bank. Cue Saten walking away warily and Kuroko idly observing a pair of cuffs.

  • The OVA consists of Mikoto being stalked by a mysterious feeling of always being watched and the others trying to track down the cause and finally resolving it. Then Uiharu begins praising Kuroko and in the process reveals that most of it was actually Kuroko teleport-stalking Mikoto.
  • In a Railgun omake chapter, the male researchers from the Level 6 Shift project need the clones as close to the original as possible, so they try to figure out what kind of panties Mikoto wears under her shorts. A request for Tree Diagram to calculate a simulation is immediately denied ("Don't use me for stupid things"), so they send in the Hound Dogs, a black-ops mercenary squad. They break into the Tokiwadai dorm in the middle of the day in full gear...and are immediately slaughtered by the dorm supervisor. Just as the researchers are declaring that they'll have to take to the field themselves, the female researchers reveal that they just went out and bought 20,000 pairs of cheap panties.
  • In one of the non-canon Railgun omake chapters, Mikoto is talking to a newly amnesiac Touma about their fights. However, the way she says it sounds like something else altogether ("Every night, you chase me around and do This and That!"). Touma comes to the horrified conclusion that he's been raping a middle-school girl on a regular he immediately asks her to marry him.

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