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Wait until you learn what Umino did to make eight ladies (and two cats) do this.
Moments that made us laugh the hardest.

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In general (throughout the franchise)

  • Any time Usagi/Serena cries like a baby, falls over or embarrasses herself.
    • In some of the Final Fight-style Beat 'em Up video games based on the original anime, Sailor Moon's crying is actually used as an attack. And just like in episode 1 of the anime, it's a pretty powerful one.
  • Ami's Brutal Honesty, especially when she's trying to be supportive. Especially in the first English dub, which made the Sailor Scouts as a whole much harsher toward Serena than the Sailor Senshi were to Usagi.
  • Any time Usagi and Rei bicker over trivial things.note 
  • In the DiC dub, anytime Darien [Mamoru] refers to Serena's [Usagi] "meatball head" because of her hairstyle.
    • In the Viz Media dub, Mamoru calls Usagi "bun head" (closer to the Japanese version's "dumpling head").
  • Rei's utter lack of self-awareness, as well as when she refers to herself in Third-Person Person as "Rei-chan." There's also her ability to spontaneously pop up at Juuban High School in the Stars season even though she attends a different school, which always freaks out the other Senshi. And then we find out that Rei's school is at least half the city away from Juuban which means she runs like a madwoman every time. The scene of Rei responding to the infamous "whistle scene" gives a good picture of this process.
  • Any time Ami's being a Covert Pervert, like when she realizes where Fiore's feelings lie in the R movie. Another moment was in Sailor Stars when the girls see a towel-clad Seiya, they all gawk. When Chibi-Chibi then steals the towel, all the girls cover their eyes, except Ami who is blatantly peaking through her fingers.
  • Random handsome men (AND Haruka) making Makoto say, "He looks just like my sempai." The ultimate example is when she used the expression on a dog. Rei's shocked reaction is what really sold it.
  • The Viz Dub finding any way to mock Mamoru's green jacket/lavender trousers outfit.
  • Minako's butchered metaphors, as well as her bad puns. Sometimes they didn't translate well to English but sometimes the dubs got creative with them.
    Mina: [Cloverway dub] When it rains... it SNORES!
  • Usagi and Chibi-Usa continually fighting for Mamoru's attention, even after their family relationship was revealed. Taken to an extreme in an episode of Super S when Mamoru asks them both to stop being so clingy.
  • Michiru trolling the hell out of everyone on six different levels just by going "Oh?" Which is mostly followed by Haruka being too dense to know what's really going on.
  • Rei's Suspiciously Specific Denial by demanding to know the date, time, and what the weather was like when she did what she'd been accused of. Especially that time Usagi answered.
  • Mamoru's Large Ham speeches when he's Tuxedo Mask. While some were intentionally meant to be funny, some were just so over-the-top they were hilarious whether or not they were supposed to be.
    • One example was when Tuxedo Mask used his speech to hint at an enemy's weakness without blatantly stating it. Not getting the hint, Sailor Moon simply said, "That sounded nice, but I don't really get it."
    • Even better, an episode of SuperS hilariously played with Tuxedo's speech by having the monster of the day interrupt it. With his iconic rose smashed to boot!
  • Yaten being a glorious Drama Queen who is consistently done with everybody and everything. Yaten's been described by fans "As if Rei and Michiru had a child and didn't love it enough."
  • Ami Thinking Out Loud (usually about romance) and her friends smugly reacting to it.
  • The safety-conscious Daimons from the third season.
  • Eudial's car coming out of increasingly improbable locations, such as through a wall or through a zoo.
  • The "Witches 5" door initially says "Witches 5", but when one of them dies, a piece of paper is put over it saying "Witches 4", and "Witches 3". We don’t get to see it beyond this point as (1) the rest are eliminated in successive episodes, and (2) it stops being so funny.
  • Haruna's Old Maid problems all manifesting as sexual frustration and jealousy of her students.
  • Sailor Iron Mouse's refusal to follow standard hero/villain protocol by walking out whenever the Senshi give their introductions.
  • Haruka and Michiru being unable to say anything to the other that isn't a sex joke in the last season.
    • As well as Michiru saying Haruka doesn't like Seiya because she doesn't like popular men, much to Haruka's annoyance.
  • Michiru's increasingly garish wardrobe. Odd, considering her wealth.
  • Whenever someone mentions Usagi's inability to write with legible kanji, or as the dubs put it, how horrible her handwriting is.note 
    Mina [Cloverway dub]: [reading a letter from Queen Serenity in the future] I read this with my imagination!
    Minako [Viz dub]: [the same scene as above] It looks like a child wrote it!
    Artemis [Viz dub]: [reading the same letter] I think part of this is in Hebrew!
  • Some of the lines in the old dub are unintentionally funny, like Oh no, NOT the ducks! and BWAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAH III AM SO TIIIIIRED
    • Arguably the hilarity of the original English voice casting reaches its peak with the Amazon Trio and Zirconia, all of whom sound to some degree like Muppets (though only Zirconia and Fish's Eye actually sound exactly like any known Muppets. Or rather, Muppet parodies).
  • A number of the Word Salad attacks are like this.


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     Sailor Moon Season 1 (AKA The Dark Kingdom/Negaverse story arc) 
  • In the teaser clip of the Viz dub of Queen Serenity's death, the first second of the video unexpectedly flashes up the text, "20 YEAR OLD SPOILERS!"
  • The Viz dub gave us this: "Stupid jerk and his purple-pleated pants..."
    • Now evolved into a running gag.
  • Supposedly, crying does help a lot...
    • Sub version:
    Tuxedo Kamen: Crying won't do you any help, Sailor Moon.
    Sailor Moon: BUT I...WAAAAHHH!! *turns out the cry gets weaponized and causes things to fall apart for Morga*
    Morga: STOP CRYING!!
    • Viz dub:
    Tuxedo Mask: Sailor Moon, you have to remember that crying isn't going to solve any of your problems.
    Sailor Moon: Yeah, maybe not; but I can't help it! *wails loudly, then the cry gets weaponized and causes things to fall apart for Morga*
    Morga: THE HORROR!!
  • In the DiC version Luna sums things up just perfectly as she spies on Serena after she met Darien for the first time.
    Luna: I don't believe it. This crybaby, she's the one!?
  • Probably the funniest part of DiC's dub of the first episode features Serena and Molly's dual reaction to how cheap Molly's mom is supposedly charging for a diamond ring and the riot it instigates.
    Serena and Molly: Twenty karats ten dollars?!
    Large woman: [barges in out of nowhere] MINE!
  • Trying to take Usagi's mind off a failed test, Naru mentions a new article about another robbery foiled by Sailor V. Usagi comments on how cool that is...then asks who Sailor V is. Naru doesn't take it lightly.
  • From this clip of the first episode (cut from the first dub): Usagi doing a "Sailor V Kick" against Shingo after he insults her, only to end up kicking the front door when he closes it just in time. Her facial expression is priceless.
  • The Viz dub has this gem for when Luna first appears in Usagi's home.
    Usagi "Ahh! The cat with the bald spot!"
    Luna "Uh, it's not a bald spot. Don't be rude."
  • In a nice prelude to Azumanga Daioh's shoe fortune scene, Episode 2 of the Japanese version and the Viz dub, has Usagi deciding to toss her shoe to determine where to go read her fortune. It lands right-side up...onto Mamoru's head. The look on his face is just priceless. Also that her shoe ends up on his head more than once.
    • A more subtle joke from the same episode. Umino is one of those under the Dark Kingdom's influence. His first blatant act of rebelion is to not come to school in his uniform, but instead wears a suit. (Granted, his actions get increasingly worse, throwing rocks through school windows, flipping Miss Haruna's skirt, and nearly forcing a kiss on Usagi.)
  • In episode 3 (original and Viz dub), Jadeite did on-air love letter readings and came up with the most clever pseudonym ever: J. Daito.
  • The end of episode 3 (Episode 2 in the original DiC dub) where Serena is writing a love letter to Tuxedo Mask and tells Molly that it's homework. Miss Haruna arrives in the room just as she says this and chases the two of them around the room.
    "You? Did homework? This is an event. Give it to me, I'll read it out loud to the class"
    • The Japanese/Viz dub is arguably funnier. Ms. Haruna knows it's a love letter, but is just as excited to read it.
  • In episode 3 of the DiC English dub, Sam pranking Serena by replacing the bathroom scale with a pizza box that looked like said scale.
  • Usagi/Serena and Naru/Molly practicing their dance routine in "Usagi Learns a Lesson: The Road to Stardom Is Tough" aka "So You Want to Be a Superstar" in the DIC dub. The part where Shingo/Sammy barges in on them and yells at them to shut up is arguably funnier in the DIC dub than in the original or the Viz dub:
    Serena and Molly: [singing the English theme song... very badly]
    Sammy: Hey, are you trying to torture me?!
    Serena: You're ruining our practice!
    Molly: But we could use him as a backup dancer.
    Sammy: [laughs nervously] ...Gotta run! [slams door]
    Molly: Ha! I knew that'd get rid of him.
    • Sailor Moon also breaks the fourth wall in episode 4 of the DiC dub (episode 7 in the original/sub/Viz dub), turning to the camera in the middle of fighting the youma and saying, "If you see Luna, tell her I could use her help right now!"
  • In the Viz dub of episode 7, Umino imitates Molly (Brooklyn accent and all) when crossdressing.
    • In the same episode Umino describes the internet as a "series of tubes"note .
  • From Ami/Mercury's intro episode, Usagi and Luna freaking out when Mamoru gets suspicious about Luna talking. The two run a short distance and when they see Mamoru still standing behind them, they high tail it for several blocks.
    • Just after that, Luna wants to check a disk Ami dropped. Usagi reminds her she doesn't know how to use a computer. Gilligan Cut to a few minutes later when Luna shows she (a cat) is perfectly capable of using a computer and notes that Usagi needs to get with the times.
    • This DiC dub has this great exchange when the monster attacks Amy.
      Sailor Moon: This means that Amy wasn't working for the Negaverse! So now what do I do, Felinestein?
      Luna: Wing it?
    • And when Serena attempts to wing it, Luna does not hesitate to express her exasperation.
  • One of the best examples of decent editing, timing, and writing in the DiC dub occurs in Mercury's debut. While Serena and Luna discuss Amy's possible connection to the Negaverse, Serena, holding Amy's floppy desk, says "Oh right, she's an undercover agent and these are all her secrets. Luna I think you're going totally wacko on me." The delivery of the voice actress and the way it syncs perfectly with the animation goes to show that when the dub staff put the effort into it, they really did make something funnier than the original.
  • In another Viz example, the dub of episode 8 (Sailor Mercury's intro episode), Ami's IQ is rumored to be OVER 9000!note 
    • Garoben, the episode's Monster of the Week, asking test questions to Sailor Moon and her getting them completely wrong are a good moment later on, with the crowner being Sailor Moon's, "Wha?! No way! I don't wanna be an academic zombie!" when the brainwashed students start converging on her.
  • Episode 9 (DIC Episode 6) is the first instance of Usagi having Ami put the books down and just have fun for one as they browse stores. The montage ends at a bookstore where Ami proposes they each show what the other likes to read. But when they do, Usagi's face takes on puzzlement and disgust ("Ack! There's no pictures!") while Ami's shows considerable shock ("It's ALL PICTURES! note "). The DiC version has its own exchange:
    Serena: Oh I don't understand any of this stuff!
    Amy: Serena is going to rot her brain on these comics!
  • From the DiC dubbed episode of Rei/Raye's first appearance, Serena and Amy notice all the girls who have Cherry Hill charms look really tired and out of it.
    Serena: I want the same kind of charm they have!
    Amy: Why Serena? No offense but you're already naturally kind of out of it.
    Serena: Aw Amy I'm not out of it I'm daydreaming.
    • in both versions, when Rei accidentally uses one of her "Akuryou Taisan" ofuda on Usagi, as well as Usagi's face afterwards.
    • Rei quickly realizes her mistake and has her rest in her room. But when Naru mentions the cute guy outside, Usagi snaps awake, flinging Luna (who'd been lying on top of her) several feet ("That was a quick recovery...").
  • During episode 6 of the 90s dub, someone adds in a random bystander commenting "He's making good time" during the scene of the insane bus driver plowing through the streets.
    • From the same episode (episode 9 going by Japanese airing order and preserved in both dubs), Haruna announces she's cancelling classes because she has four dates tonight. It is entirely possible that was just Haruna being Haruna and not a result of Jadeite's energy stealing scheme.
  • This Breaking the Fourth Wall moment in Episode 6 of the sub version:
    Usagi/Sailor Moon: I won't allow you to use music for evil. Even the father of music Haydn is mad, you know!
    Luna: The father of music is Bach!
    Usagi/Sailor Moon: If you hadn't said anything, they wouldn't have noticed.
    • Viz dub:
    Usagi/Sailor Moon: I won't let you to use beautiful music for your evil plot. I bet even Haydn, the father of music, would be really mad, too!
    Luna: But Bach's the father of music.
    Usagi/Sailor Moon: Don't be a know-it-all, you're making me look bad!
  • In Episode 11 (Episode 8 in the original DiC dub), Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars were caught in a hallucination. They're dreaming that they were riding a merry go round with Tuxedo Mask. Cue the scene going back into reality and you'll see Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars riding on brooms instead!
    • A classic scene in the DIC rendition, Usagi/Serena's and Rei/Raye's first squabble in the amusement park, caught in a tug of war pulling the poor boy on and off the bear ride.
    Rei/Raye: Stop it! You shouldn't be riding that bear!
    Dream Princess: It's alright. Its run by remote control, remember?
    Raye: Get him off that!
    Dream Princess: (taking the boy off of the ride) Very well, we'll let you ride a little later, hm?
    Usagi/Serena: (putting him back on the ride) That's not fair! He should ride right now!
    Raye: SERENA!
    Serena: Leave him alone!
    Raye: I will not! It's dangerous! He gets off now!
    Serena: YOU'RE MENTAL! We're going for a nice ride on the big bear right now!
    • Then the kid's mother arrives, and is understandably not amused.
    Lady: KINDLY TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY SON! Strange girls...!
    • Luna's lines during this scene are pretty funny, especially in the Viz dub. Michelle Ruff's delivery really sells it! Luna's facial expression only adds to the humor.
    Luna: Hold on a second! It's a trap! COME ON! Are you listening?! This is just what the enemy wants you to do!
    • In the DiC dub:
    Dream Dolly: Hello, I'm your Dream Dolly. Do you want to play?
    Sailor Moon: She's so cute!!!
    Sailor Mars: [aside] She's evil!
    Sailor Moon: [snapping out of it] Oh yeah...
  • Serena (Usagi) running into Jadeite in the episode "Cruise Blues". Serena snuck into the cruise ship in the disguise of a photographer and Jadeite was currently disguised as the ships captain. Jadeite catches Serena in the hold and the pair start to chat, much to poor Jadeite's confusion.
    Serena: I got separated from my friends and I took a wrong turn.
    Jadeite: I guess that makes sense. There is a big crowd on board.
    Serena: (sporting puppy-dog eyes) Oh please, will you help me look for them?
    Jadeite: (looking really awkward) Yes, I will. (Thinking) Wait a minute, why am I being so nice?
    • The Viz dub is also funny
    Usagi: I got separated from my crew when I got on board and got lost.
    Jadeite: Oh, I see. You've got a bit of a problem, huh?
    Usagi: (sporting puppy-dog eyes) I know, we can go look for my friends together!
    Jadeite: (looking really awkward and nervous) Uh, okay? (Thinking) Something about this woman bothers me.
  • In episode twelve, after Rei and Usagi get into another argument at the end, Ami just pulls a book out of nowhere and begins reading, which is funnier considering they're on a wrecked ship in the middle of nowhere.
    • When Sailor Moon makes her grand entrance, she gets in a truly epic trolling shot at Rei for earlier in the episode.
      Sailor Moon: How dare you only attack couples! What about those poor girls who don't have boyfriends?
      Rei: What?!
  • The ending to episode 12 of the DiC dub. Serena becomes jealous of Raye and Darien continuing their date in the park, then Melvin shows up...
    Melvin: I thought we'd go for a boat ride out on the lake. It'll be so romantic.
    Serena: Uh... we're not on a date, you big dork!
    Melvin: But we shared that prune milkshake! And then took that lovely walk in the woods!
    Darien: Sounds like a date to me.
    Serena: YOU stay out of it! I am NOT on a date with Melvin, okay?
    Raye, Darien, Amy and Baxter: Looks like one to me!
    Serena: (groans)
    • Earlier, this exchange:
    Amy: Did you see anything weird? Animals acting strange?
    Serena: You mean besides Melvin?
  • In episode 13, after Mamoru insults Motoki, Usagi cries loud enough to cause a scene and embarrasses Mamoru. He gets criticized by some people for making a girl cry and quickly runs away.
    "I'm sorry. I have some urgent business to take care of. Here, you can have your shoe back. Well bye."
    • In that scene not only did Usagi manage to accidentally hit Mamoru's head with her shoe again ("Again?! Did you aim for me on purpose?"), but he tells her that a guy would have to be a loser to like her. It's also the first time Mamoru comes out second best in an argument with Usagi. Looks like he touched a nerve there.
    • Earlier, in school, Usagi's classmates wonder if they should go, Ms. Haruna says they shouldn't be out so late, and Usagi, in trying to keep her classmates out of the fight, agrees with her and says they should study instead. Everyone suddenly looks at her in shock, and even Ms. Haruna wonders if Usagi's ill.
  • Also from episode 13 (DiC 10), Usagi and Rei argue over which one of them is prettier in the middle of a fight against Jadeite.
    Rei/Mars: And what exactly about you is beautiful?
    Usagi/Sailor Moon: Just look! You can't deny that I'm more beautiful than you are.
    Rei/Mars: Okay, I'll humor you 'cause you're dumb.
    Usagi/Sailor Moon: Well, my nose is clearly more beautiful than yours!
    Rei/Mars: (laughs) What nose? It looks like somebody put a thumb tack on your face.
    Usagi/Sailor Moon: (tears up) That is so mean!
    • It's just as funny in the sub and original DIC version, where Sailor Mars says "I've seen gorillas at the zoo who're prettier than you are!" Sailor Moon responds "Oh, how dare you!"
    • Also in the same episode (DIC), Jadeite has taken control of some planes and sent them rolling after the girls on the runway. Mercury comes up with a genius plan: Running for it.
    Sailor Moon: Oh no! What do we do?
    Sailor Mercury: There's only one way!
    Sailor Moon & Mars: How?
    Sailor Mercury: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
    • Then in the DiC version:
    Sailor Moon: (running from the plane) How totally embarrassing! How will I ever explain to my friends why I have tire tracks down my back?
  • Episode 17 (or DiC 14), when Usagi is looking through her drawers in search of a swimsuit to wear and the only one she can find is moth-eaten. The skull-and-crossbones visual over her head adds to the humor.
    Serena (DiC dub): I forgot the mothballs! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!
    • In the DiC version, Usagi's (Serena's) mom (after Serena asks if she can be a model after her brother tells her why she can't) telling Usagi/Serena that she can be whatever she wants to long as she doesn't borrow her mom's clothes. While not an accurate translation of the original dialogue, it's arguably funnier.
      Serena (DiC dub): Gee, thanks so much for your support. WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!
    • The episode's victim, Kijin Shinokawa (or Peter Fisher in the first dub), goes insane almost immediately after Nephrite infects his camera with a youma. Kijin barely had any screentime by himself before he was corrupted, and the first scene of him after Nephrite puts a youma in his camera, Kijin's maniacally laughing about taking photos of girls.
  • In episode 16 of the Viz redub, we get this gem:
    Umino (referring to their teacher being proposed to:) It's not the ideal situation, but as long as they love each other...
    Usagi: Give me the ideal or nothing! I believe in impossibly high standards!
  • Again from the wedding dress episode (Episode 16), Rei attempts to butter up to Usagi's mother upon remembering Ikuko is a housewife and thinks she could help her make a dress for the contest. Rei is all smiles and ass kissing, but when she finally asks for Ikuko's help in sewing a wedding dress, Ikuko and Usagi can hardly believe she asked that. Then the two start laughing their asses off because Ikuko is a horrible seamstress. The idea of her sewing is so alien Usagi never expected that was the reason Rei came over. All the while, Rei has a big grin plastered on her face with only an increasing sense that things have Gone Horribly Wrong.
  • Haruna in episode 19/DiC episode 16:
    • When all the girls in class get love letters from Tuxedo Mask (really Nephrite), Haruna tells them the letters could be from someone dangerous and they shouldn't do as they say. Perfectly sensible advice... except Haruna's secretly pissed off she didn't get a letter.
    • In the dub (DiC, not Viz Media), Haruna double checks to see who received letters, and explains she's chaperoning a trip to the MS mall to meet Tuxedo Mask. The minute her back is turned, she internally complains about wasting her evening babysitting her students. There is no way in hell anyone asked Haruna to supervise the girls meeting Tuxedo Mask, and was most likely bullshitting in order to meet him since she didn't get a letter.
    • A bewildered and depressed Usagi arrives at the Game Center where she meets Motoki and Mamoru. Mamoru figures that it's because she didn't get a letter from Tuxedo Mask. She then tells them it's because Tuxedo Mask sent a letter to many girls. Mamoru and Motoki limps over face down. Yes, even Motoki doesn't have anything to say to comfort her like he usually does.
  • In the anime studio episode (17 in the DiC dub), Raye shows up in pink overalls and Amy asks if she had skipped school just to change. This exchange is what happens next:
    Raye: "No. It just so happens that I took a change of clothes this morning, my uniform is in the bag."
  • In "Worth A Princess' Ransom" (DIC Episode 18), the girls hear of an upcoming swanky party in town and suspecting it involves the Moon Princess, are thinking of ways to get in.
    Usagi/Serena: Anyway, none of us even has an invitation, they're not going to let us in the building.
    Rei/Raye: What? You got noodles inside that head of yours to go with the meatballs? We're the Sailor Scouts! We'll figure out some way to get in there!
    Serena: (On the verge of crying) Why are you always yelling at me, Raye? You're so meeaaan!
    Serena: Waaaaaaaaaaah!
    • The Viz dub is also funny with Rei shouting "WILL YOU JUST GROW UP?!" when Usagi is crying.
  • Zoisite's little temper-tantrum when Beryl assigns Nephrite to search for the Silver Crystal, which starts a lengthy snark war between them.
  • In one episode, Nephrite, while luring one of his targets, dramatically poses with some silk fabric said target wants to buy.note 
  • Mamoru/Darien (disguised as Tuxedo Mask) gets a minor one in the first English dub (Episode 23) when he gets a rainbow crystal.
    Zoycite: Hey, that's mine!
    Tuxedo Mask: Sorry, I don't see your name on it anywhere, loser!
    Cue him running away.
  • In DiC Episode 21 "An Artful Attack" has Mamoru/Darien criticizing art. Usagi/Serena spots a particularly impressive piece of art and shows it to him.
    Darien: Popularity and romance are way overrated.
    Serena: What do YOU know, Darien? Hey what's this bag, it's lovely! Take a look, "Mister Minus Zero" and tell me this painting doesn't do something to you inside.
    (Darien gasps in shock)
    Serena: Don't have a cow!
  • Episode 25, the debut of Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter. We soon see one of Mako's funniest quirks: she falls in love too easily. First there was Joe the Crane Troll, which left her so spaced out she wouldn't respond to Usagi ("What's gotten into her?"). Here, the old DiC dub had a little fun and made a completely appropriate joke... which the Viz dub decided to adopt as well when Usagi calls out, "Hello? Earth to Mako!"note  And then, at the end, she sees Motoki and is instantly smitten over him. Usagi lampshades her fickleness, but she doesn't care. Usagi and Luna complain ("Good grief, Mako!" "Strange girl...")
    • When Usagi introduces Mako to Ami and Rei, Usagi flatly describes Rei as the mean one. Twice Rei demands she repeat that and she does, so she finally goes, "So tell me what year, month, week, day, hour, minute, and second I was ever been mean to you!" Usagi basically fires back, "You don't think that you're being mean to me right now?!". What's even funnier is that Mako takes the whole thing in stride and sees them as Vitriolic Best Buds. The two of them can't believe it!
      • Not nearly as funny in the DiC dub, where the dialogue is changed to Rei yelling at Serena for missing a study date (which makes little sense as Rei and Usagi go to different schools). Lita's observation on the nature of their relationship is the same, though.
      • However, the DIC dub did have this exchange:
      Serena: She transferred to our school today. She's so sweet.
      Lita: [throwing tantrum over losing at video game] NO WAY! THIS IS RIGGED!
  • The Viz English dub has a brief hilarious moment in Makoto's debut. At lunchtime in school, Umino and Usagi spy on Mako eating alone, and Mako allows Usagi to sit next to her. Usagi agress to after seeing her food, and this happens:
    Usagi: Uh well actually, I'm not really a Big Eater...
    Umino: ...What?
    Usagi: ...but since you offered— (tries one of Mako's rice balls)
  • Usagi using the Moon Stick that Luna gave her in the previous episode to smash open her piggy bank.
    • Notably, this happens while the other Senshi and Luna are discussing in voiceover if she's worthy of wielding it due to being irresponsible, and how even she wouldn't use it as a hammer.
  • The DiC dub episode "Grandpa's Follies", while completely rewritten from the original, has some funny moments. Especially Serena's posing as a fortuneteller to try to play matchmaker for Rei and Chad, complete with an accent that sounds an awful lot like The Count on Sesame Street. Rei, of course, isn't fooled.
    Serena: [in a strange accent] You see how these sticks are crossed in my hands now means only one thing - time for a leetle keesy-face.
    [Luna Face Faults as Chad appears embarrassed and horrified]
    Serena: Come on! Vat are you vaiting for?
    Rei: This ditz is outta control. Let's go, Chad.
    Serena: No keesy-face? [lowers head in disappointment]
    Rei: [moving up close to Serena, very angry] What do we owe you for the fortune?
    Serena: Ten bucks'd be nice, young lady...
    Rei: [so angry we see a vein bulging] Yeah, ten bucks'd sure buy a heap of Sailor V comic books, wouldn't it? BUT YOU'RE NOT GETTING MY MONEY! GET LOST, SERENA, AND STAY LOST!
    Serena: [back to normal voice, surprised] YOU KNOW IT'S ME?!!!
    Luna: She knows about disguise power, remember?
    Rei: Hmph! [walks away]
    Serena: Raye, wait! Waaaaaaaaaahhhh!
    • In the same episode (DiC version) there's the classic scene where Rei pushes Usagi to the ground, and the latter baws her eyes out.
    Rei/Raye: You've got meatballs outside of your head to go with the spaghetti inside!
    (Pushes Serena to the ground.)
    Usagi/Serena: (crying) Waaaahhh did you see that? Raye hurt me! Waaaahhhhhh!
    Makoto/Lita: Get a life, Raye. You can't go shoving people around like that.
    Serena: (crying) Yeah, you big bully!
    Ami/Amy: Lita's right, Raye. Apologize right now and she'll stop that awful crying!
    (Raye looks away and hmphs)
    Amy: Fine! Be that way. Brat! I'm sick of having to break up your pre-adolescent fights. Grow up! Get a life! (leaves)
    Lita: Yeah, give us a call when you get out of diapers! (leaves, Serena stops crying)
  • "Too Many Girlfriends" (DIC Episode 25) has a classic moment where Makoto/Lita is caught in the rain.
    Radio: Hi-di-ho folks out there, its Wally the Weatherman. I always get it right! Sunny and clear today, people! It's gonna be a beauty!
    (Starts to rain)
    Makoto/Lita: Great! This is just great! I'm gonna be totally soaked! That stupid weatherman NEVER gets it right!
    Motoki/Andrew: Sorry, Lita...
    Lita: SORRY ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH BUDDY! (realizes its Andrew) That sounds like Andrew! I'm so sorry Andrew...
  • In Episode 26, "Restore Naru's Smile: Usagi's Friendship", there's at least one easter egg in the scene in the graveyard where Usagi stands on an interesting grave. The epitaph reads "Colour-Black"—either there was some poor soul running around Tokyo whose parents had the audacity to name them Colour Black/Black Colour, or the design team was really lazy.
  • Episode 29, we find out early that Motoki has a girlfriend, leading up to a little comical Dramatic Irony. Makoto comes to Motoki's apartment hoping to woo him with her household skills. But then she finds the picture of him and his girl. Finding out Motoki's taken cues a hilarious "downward spiral" animation. Later, in school, Usagi finds her moping and tries to cheer her up, but when she learns about Motoki's girlfriend, Usagi suffers the "downward spiral".
  • Episode 31 is titled "Loved and Chased: Luna's Worst Day Ever". It certainly starts that way. We open with Luna being chased by hundreds of stray cats and one tiny cat firmly chewing on the end of her tail. So who comes to her rescue? A cat version of Tuxedo Mask who saves Luna. Instead of a rose, he throws a fishbone, and they even play Tuxedo Mask's theme when he shows up. BTW, did we mention this cat is FAT? Still, one meow and all the cats back off...even the tiny one, eventually, but not before flashing More Teeth than the Osmond Family first. Then the big cat starts hitting on her. Remember, this is a cat who makes Garfield look thin by comparison, so Luna is feeling Squicked now. It takes the whole episode for Luna to at least respect his feelings even if she can't return them.
    • The actual title of the episode notes that this was a bad day for Luna. In truth, though, the one who really got the bad day was Zoisite. First, he tries to attack the girl who's the cat's owner, only to realize she's not responding. It's only then he realizes he made a mistake; the youma wasn't the girl but the cat. Thing was, in rescuing Luna, the cat fell into the sewers. So down he goes into the stink. And soon enough, the bishounen slips up and gets dirty. Then we have the funniest part of the bad day; he crawls through a tunnel only to discover hundreds of rats are with him inside. His face goes Blue with Shock, and then we hear the most epically girly scream imaginable (regardless of language). The original Japanese gets a slight nod due to him sounding more panicked running out of the tunnel (due to having more syllables to say in the same moment). Eventually the rats catch up and he vanishes in the mass of rodents. And when Zoisite finally gets control of the rats and his hands on the rainbow crystal, it gets taken by Tuxedo Mask (only the second time it happened).
    • Of course, some of you probably remember that episode for Moon, Mercury and Jupiter attempting to squeeze awkwardly into a narrow alleyway to fight Zoisite...and failing. Hard. But that's not the best part: Mercury tries for a bubble spray, only to trip over Moon and fall flat on her face, giving Jupiter a good look up her skirt. There's been at least one canon instance of Ship Tease between Mercury and Jupiter since then.note  Even better, despite the editing of the show for US screens removing other similar shots, this entire scene made it to the Di C dub uncut Jupiter blushing and all. Along with an epic scream from Mercury's voice actress, Karen Bernstein, as Mercury trips and struggles to stay upright.
  • In episode 32, Umino decides to try to impress Naru by pretending to be Tuxedo Mask. He just keeps humiliating himself. One prime example: he tried to block the way to the arcade by laying in front of the door, and Naru and Usagi step on him to get in. Also, Zoisite keeps watch for his plan to go through... while riding on a merry-go-round.
  • In episode 33 one of the voices cheering on the fake Sailor Moon is Minako's. Then Minako is seen watching a whining Usagi, her face saying: "If that is Sailor Moon, ''who did I just cheer?".
    • Later in the episode, Usagi declares that nobody can use the name of Sailor Moon without her permission, and wants to find the fake and make her pay the royalties.
      • Gets funnier on a meta level: this is Minako's debut episode, and in its manga counterpart, did just that, sort of: she told everyone she was the Moon Princess.
      • And in the S season, Minako not only shows up disguised as Sailor Moon without permission (and without paying royalties), but she used Usagi's Transformation Pen for it, and declared that someone like Usagi could never be Sailor Moon to her face. Usagi's face was part shock, part disgust. Of course she knew right away who it was, as Minako is the only other Senshi who's blonde and blue-eyed.
  • Episode 34 of the DiC dub has Sailor Moon's deadpan reaction to Mamoru revealing his identity: "*gasps* He is Tuxedo Mask, I don't believe it."
  • This burn from Sailor Mercury in the DiC dub, when confronted by Malachite:
    Malachite: Step aside, Mercury. It's not you I'm after.
  • Usagi's Epic Fail at training to be a proper princess/lady in Episode 37 ("Aim to be a Princess? Usagi's Weird Training"), with her slurping her soup, flubbing her words when offering coffee (changed to hot cocoa in the DiC dub, though it's still funny), and even falling asleep during the lesson. The crowner has got to be when the rest of the girls crash the dance class and everyone passes, including Ami and Makoto - except for Usagi (as expected), and interestingly, Rei and Minako (a gorgeous, elegant shrine maiden, and a self-proclaimed Goddess of Love and aspiring idol). Rei violently flings her partner around, and Minako utterly lacks a sense of rhythm. And all three step on their partners' feet! They don't get turned to wax, which happens to those who passed. Then the youma notes that she specifically anticipated Sailor Moon failing the tests, and therefore one of them has to be Sailor Moon (And she's right. Rei and Minako note the youma had a pretty clever strategy...with Usagi standing right there.) Usagi then protests loudly, thus exposing herself as Sailor Moon. The DiC dub is just as funny, with the youma even harsher in her criticism of Sailor Moon and Venus and Mars making half-hearted semi-attempts to defend Moon.
    • Kunzite and Tuxedo Mask (who at this point is working for Queen Beryl) are arguing about whether or not Sailor Moon should be killed or the silver crystal taken. The youma sighs and says she has a headache because of the conflicting orders. And Sailor Moon offers her a cup of tea (again, changed to cocoa by DiC). And it proves to be the opening she needs to restore her.
    • A very funny context near the beginning. Luna is reporting in at the arcade as usual, but the machine that's her comm link suffers a blackout and the next thing she Artemis. He just looks sheepish before Luna tees off about him bossing her around the whole time, especially since this is four episodes after they reunited in person. He basically blabbers back, "But you never asked!" The DiC dub features this exchange:
      Artemis: [sheepishly] Uh... this is kind of embarrassing. So, how's it shakin', Luna?
      Luna: [furious] YOU'RE the one that's going to be shaking, Artemis! Why didn't you tell me you were Central Control?!
      Artemis: Well, uh...
      Luna: That's NOT an answer!
      Artemis: Because... I guess ya never asked... I guess.
      Luna: Oh, give me a break.
  • The Viz dub of episode 37 gives Kunzite another chance to mock Tuxedo Mask's costume.
    Shouldn't you be off serving appetizers somewhere?
  • Episode 43 Usagi Abandoned: The Fallout Of the Sailor Guardians (DiC Episode 39 "Fractious Friends") begins with the Guardians/Scouts "attacking" Sailor Moon. The girls surround Moon and tell her to give up the wand. Mars grows impatient and shoots Fire Soul/Mars Fire setting the ground on fire around the girls (Now dancing around in the flames).
    Mars: Guess I overdid it.
    Jupiter: Smooth move, ya pyro! You nearly melted my boots!
    Mars: Oops! (chuckles)
    • The team is staging another 'attack' on Sailor Moon. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter all go in for the assault before Mars kicks her. Venus and Jupiter make regular attacks that Usagi dodges. Mercury?
    Sailor Mercury: (holding an open textbook as she jumps at Usagi) "What's the square root of two?!"
    • Too bad the DiC dub cut that line out, which gave Mercury no dialogue at all here.
    • Moon Animate Make-Up, a fan animation compilation based on the DIC episode, is pretty funny. Some highlights:
      • In the opening scene where the Sailor Scouts surround Moon, Jupiter's torso falls to the ground while her limbs re-assembles back into place, while Mars face plants on the ground.
  • Perhaps unintentional, but in episode 44 when Kunzite sends the senshi into another dimension so he can obtain the Silver Crystal, the Moon Stick comes out of Sailor Moon's hand. Just as he reaches for the Silver Crystal mounted on it the Moon Stick flips around and smacks him on the hand with it's handle as if to tell him for sure he won't be getting his hands on it anytime soon.

     Sailor Moon R (Season 2) (The Makai/Doom Tree & Black Moon/Negamoon Arcs) 
  • Usagi confronting the youma attacking Naru in the first episode of the season and, without having transformed into Sailor Moon, somehow remembering the phrase "I'll punish you!" and the accompanying hand gesture, then pausing for a second and wondering why that seems so familiar. The DiC dub is particularly funny:
    Serena: It's a nightmare, right? This isn't happening!
    Luna: Run, Serena! Run for your life!
    Serena: Now my cat is talking!! Reality check... talking cat, yucky flower monster - it's gotta be that third piece of rhubarb pie! This is a dream! I can take control of it!
    Luna: Uh-oh...
    Serena: [to youma] Hey you, Ms. Flower Power! Keep your icky petals to yourself, because if you don't, I will punish you! [pauses] "Punish you"? Hey, why does that sound so familiar??
  • Also in the first episode of the season: "Natsumi" (An) shows up in Ms. Haruna's class and seems at first to be fluent in English since she's able to respond "Yes" in perfect English to one student's question, but then, when asked to speak more English, responds with gibberish. Both the dubs change the Japanese vs. English conflict to English vs. French and are just as funny.
    • And in Episode 57 (original dub 51), after Usagi/Serena gets detention for eating in class, Ms. Haruna calls on An to translate a passage (or read a poem in the DiC dub), and An, who is unable to think straight because her energy is running out, replies with more gibberish. This earns An a detention since Ms. Haruna (who is already in a very bad mood since her hot date for that night was cancelled) thinks she is being insolent.note 
      Anne (DiC dub): [asked to read poem] Bamda-bing bamda-bing zois-bab-mo.
      [Everyone sweatdrops]
    • Haruna's delivery in the DiC dub when scolding Serena for eating in class, and then Anne for "mouthing off", is so overdramatic that it's hilarious:
      Haruna: [to Serena] *GASP* You DARE to eat in my classroom, young lady?! OHHHH, you're in big trouble!
      Haruna: [to Anne] You INSOLENT GIRL! Anne, you just got yourself DETENTION NUMBER TWO!!!!
  • The ingeniously hammy and over the top portrayal of An (Anne) in the DiC dub.
    Anne: This is perfect. Now I just have to lure (Serena) into the roooom with the treeee.
    Anne: I don't believe this. He's actually GIGGLING.
    Anne (to Lita): Big mistake calling me sleaze! You've baked your last cookie!
    Anne (to Alan): Energy?! WHO CARES ABOUT ENERGY?!
    Anne: If I can't have Darien NOBODY CAN!
  • Episode 43 in the DiC run (49 in the original/sub/Viz) has some hilarious Large Hammery from Serena and Anne just in the first few minutes.
    Serena: [first dialogue of the episode] MAJOR BUMSVILLE! Oh, I'm so late!
    • After inviting Darien to a laser disco and being brushed off by being told that discos are "so last season," Anne suggests karaoke instead, and demonstrates her singing talent by launching into, of all things, "Home on the Range," prompting this response from Serena:
      Serena: STOP THAT! Noise police, citizen's arrest!
    • Darien's simple "Hey, Meatball Head, glad to see ya!" is taken by Serena as a cue to try to jog his memory by retelling the story of Princess Serena (Serenity) and Prince Darien (Endymion), complete with childlike illustrations and pauses for dramatic effect. Anne's reaction:
      Anne: Give me a break! Preschool's across the street!
  • Episode 51 (DiC 45). Dogged Nice Guy Umino saved the Senshi, Naru, Ms. Haruna, and even Natsumi a spot for the hanami (sakura-viewing) festival by staying since last night. Finding this out produces the picture shown above: an Eye Take and Big "WHAT?!" from all present (including Luna and Artemis in the Eye Take). Ami asks, "Weren't you cold?", but he came prepared with his 'secret weapon' - a warm sleeping bag that zips up over his head. Cheerful music starts playing. Besides, it's for everyone and especially Naru. Naru, seemingly touched, reaches out towards Umino... there's a Beat... the music stops as she casually zips the bag up over his face, then turns back and invites everyone to sit down to lunch. And EVERYONE sits down to eat, completely ignoring poor Umino. Naru apologizes later; the whole scene had just gotten too embarrassing.
    • The picnic scene immediately following, with Usagi and Rei's constant bickering. Rei disses Usagi for having her rice balls look like they were dropped on the floor. Usagi counters that at least she made them herself, unlike Rei who opted to bring takeout (a Bland-Name Product takeoff on McDonald's). Rei zings Usagi again, and Usagi counters by offering Rei half a sandwich...that she'd spiked with super spicy mustard. After commenting on how such generosity is unlike Usagi and taking a bite of the sandwich, followed by a lengthy Beat, Rei delivers this line: "FIIIIRE...Soul." When Usagi laughs at her, Rei attacks her. As the girls brawl, Ms. Haruna tries to stay calm and offers a free period, and Usagi has to remind her they're not in school today.
    • Not that Usagi actually eats her own rice balls, since she spends most of her time bumming food off Mako, Ami and Minako. She also notices that Natsumi doesn't have a lunch, and Natsumi almost blows her own cover by responding that she doesn't need food, just energy.
    • DIC, sadly, excised almost all of the humor, editing out Molly's zipping Melvin up into his sleeping bag and almost all of the picnic scene. Some of the cut scenes did end up in the Sailor Says segment (not Rei's breathing fire, unfortunately).
  • A good chunk of the beginning of episode 52 (DiC 46) was set up to (in a humorous way) deconstruct some of Sailor Venus's larger-than-life persona and bring her back down to a girl more fitting with the rest of the team: in other words, one with her own quirks. It starts when she gets up late (And the proof she's late? She ends up chasing Usagi for a ways). Then there's the kindergarten girl who basically blackmails her into taking her to the bus stop, in spite of Minako being short on time (and Artemis chimes in, "This is one of her better days."). This is also the start of her Running Gag mangling proverbs. Basically, by the end of the episode, she fits in much better and is seen much more often (and often comically).
    • One thing about Minako being late: she lives in a different part of Minato Ward (Usagi lives and studies in Azabu-Juban, while Minako lives and studies in Shibakoen, the two districts being over two kilometers away). That must've been one heck of a detour that girl sent her...
    • In the DIC version, when Serena(Usagi) uses the Disguise Pen to become a substitute teacher and approaches the bus, introducing herself in a very hackneyed British accent. Mina(ko) instantly recognizes her and she drops the act.
    Usagi/Serena: (In a british accent) Hey stop the bus! Sorry I'm Late! I'm the new substitute teacher! Can I get a ride with you?
    Minako/Mina: What's this? Is that you, Serena?
    Serena: Mina what are you doing here?
    • Also in the DIC version, After confronting the monster of the week, Serena is attacked by the monster and staggers back up...
    Serena: This "getting bashed around" is no fun...Sailor Moon time!
  • The second half of episode 53 (DiC 47) has Usagi helping Mamoru babysit (the baby's mother was a Cardian victim). Then the other girls had to go and Troll. When Minako, then Ami, tease about Usagi having Mamoru's baby, they make Usagi go all red and blurt out that they're crazy.note  Even Mamoru had to give them a weird look. And then later, Ami catches the two of them holding hands and Trolls again: "Am I interrupting you two?"note  Of course, this is all pretty ironic given what's discovered later during the main arc of R (see below).
  • Episode 55 (DiC Episode 49), where Makoto tries to woo Seijuro with lunch when Natsumi shows up jealous as usual, telling her he's off limits. When Makoto fires back over what on the surface looks like an incestuous relationship (probably why it had to be edited in the old DiC dub), Seijuro, in a moment of shock, starts choking. Meanwhile, Makoto and Natsumi are so worked up they just glare at each other while Seijuro is struggling so much he's suffering periodic Glamour Failure which the girls fail to notice. Oh, and when the idea hit Mako to try wooing him with food, she got so pumped up she slapped Ami on the back so hard she knocked her to the floor and left a distinct impression on Ami's back.
    • Meanwhile, Usagi forgot her lunch (again) and is desperate for something to eat while she's barely conscious. Worse yet, her usual recourse (bum some off Mako) is not available due to the above. She tries to bum off Ami but arrives just after she finishes her lunch. She promptly faints and Ami has to shake her and tell her to get a grip. When Luna finally catches up to Usagi (at the end of the school day), Usagi is so famished she eats like there's no tomorrow and Ami has to hold up her handkerchief to avoid getting sprayed with rice. She ends up eating even faster when she learns Mako is "dating" Seijuro.
    • Usagi's expression when she sees Ami has just finished her lunch, and Terri Hawkes' delivery of the line in the DiC dub, is classic.
    Serena: [crying] YOU DIDN'T EVEN LEAVE ME A CRUMB! OH!!! [faints]
    • In the DIC version, Mars frees Sailor Moon and Mercury from a trap by shooting Mars Fire at them, burning them up but freeing them from the trap, where they fall into a fountain.
    Sailor Moon: Hey, thanks a lot, pyro!
    Sailor Venus: Be thankful there was some water for you to fall in!
  • When the girls argue over who should play Snow White in the school play, Makoto claims it should be her because her bust is the biggest (it's also pretty funny in context when the new Viz dub is particularly frank with the dialogue at this point). Rei's face is hilarious when Makoto gives her "Want to compare/Want to take measurements? *wink*" and throws her bust in her face. This is even better in the DiC dub, which attempted to censor it by making her claim she had the "most acting experience and talent"... without taking out the "WTH" look on Rei's face, or the gesture that made it very clear what sort of "talent" she had the most of. Memetic Mutation ensued.
    • Ami's reason to play Snow White was just ridiculous (because the character has less lines for her to memorize so would give her more time to study for school). The others give her weirded out looks.
    • In the same eposide, the DiC dub give Sammy a good line to Serena, "Hey, the ham belongs in the fridge!"
  • An example of unintentional comedy from the DiC dub, when Ail tells a monster to attack Mamoru/Darien, the monster instead goes after some ducks in the lake - he actually looks quite happy for the monster disobeying his order like that.
    "Oh no NOT THE DUCKS!"
    • The situation is funny either way - in the Viz redub, Ail orders the monster to get energy from anywhere. The monster then goes right for the ducks rather than the girl in front of him, prompting Ail to go "What is wrong with you?!"
  • Episode 60, Chibi-Usa/Rini's debut episode:
    • We have the scene where Usagi returns home, slowly walks towards her room disappointed that her perfect date was ruined. 5 seconds of silence later... she rushes downstairs in Tranquil Fury and then earthquakingly yells, "SHINGO!!!!" And you can hardly blame her, either: her bedroom's torn to shreds. Sadly, the old dub's description of "Ground Zero" has become Harsher in Hindsight due to later real-life events.
    • Serena finds Rini inexplicably in all of her family's photos. Finally losing it after the day she's had, she bellows to the sky "Is it the world that's going crazy or is it me!?". Her mother calmly replies "it's you, dear."
    • An early scene has the Senshi at Usagi's house, investigating Chibi-Usa's sudden appearance in all of Usagi's photos. It's fairly serious as Rei uses her powers to search for any evil spiritual energy.
      Rei: This is bad...
      Ami: So Usagi was right?'''
      Usagi: You picked up an evil aura around that photo?
      Rei: Usagi? The kimono you're wearing in this picture... makes your butt look fat.
      [Cue mass Face Fault from the other Senshi]
      • In the DiC dub:
      Amy: The fire gave you nothing?
      Serena: But really, I'm not totally wacko, am I, Rei?
      Rei: Oh, I don't know about *you*, Serena. The fire can only tell me so much.
      [Cue mass Face Fault from the other Scouts]
  • While Sailor Moon gives one of her typically hammy speeches, Koan at least in the Viz dub reacts with complete disinterest:
    Sailor Moon: Stop right there!
    Koan: Well now, who are you?
    Koan: Well, can't say I'm impressed...
    Sailor Moon: You're an evil villainous that has threatened to take a young girl's life. So now In the Name of the Moon, I'll punish you!
    Koan: Yeah, whatever...
    • In the original dub, Koan's (or Catzi's as she is called in that dub) first episode where she gets into a fight with Sailor Moon.
    "You'll pay for that! No one but me touches my face!"
    • Equally as funny was Catzi's first reaction to Sailor Moon. "Who are you? And who does your hair?"
    • Back to the Viz dub, we have the glorious return of the script making fun of Mamoru's outfit in episode 60.
    Rubeus What? Did you say, Sailor Moon?
    Koan: Yes. And this stupidly dressed guy she refers to as Tuxedo Mask.
    • This gets even funnier when knowing in the DiC dub that Bertie asked Catzi if Tuxedo Mask was a sharp dresser. After twenty years she finally got her answer.
  • Episode 61, Luna is incredibly offended when Shingo/Sammy makes a comment about Rini floating ball.
    Sam: That ball looks a lot like Luna.
    Luna: It. Does. NOT!!!
    • Viz dub:
      Shingo: It even has a crescent-shaped bald spot. See?
      Luna: Oh NOOOOOO!
  • Episode 63 has Usagi spanking Chibi-Usa (after she busts her again trying to steal the Silver Crystal), but that's not the funny part. No, the funny part was when Chibi-Usa, later in the episode, had a daydream where the situations were reversed and she was spanking Usagi. Sadly, for reasons of decency at the time, all instances of spanking in the series were cut out of the original dub.
    • Meanwhile, after getting stung by an exposé about his Dirty Old Man habits note , Grandpa Hino stops being a Shinto priest and instead (with Yuichiro) starts a weird exercise/self-defense class. When asked to join, Usagi rushes off...and then rushes back to pick up a protesting Chibi-Usa (she was interested because of the above) before she can get drawn into it. Later on, while Grandpa is having trouble recruiting women for the course, he's forced to consider Chibi-Usa's offer until he's saved by Yuichiro, who had no trouble in his recruitment drive. This creates a scene the following day when Rei vents her frustration and Usagi Trolls her by recognizing she's jealous (since Rei will never admit she has feelings for Yuichiro).
  • Episode 64 (DiC episode 58), first when Rei and Minako happen upon Ami and Makoto in a department store. Ami notes that since she's here she'd pick up on her studies (noting a very long list of subjects). The other girls Sweat Drop and Makoto then ices the joke when she sheppishly notes she just came for a shake (what's nice is that this joke actually got preserved in both dubs). Then later, when Chibi-Usa tries to open the gate to the future and instead turns the inside of a restaurant into zero-gravity. The girls start floating and Rei's head floats up Minako's skirt.
    DiC dub:
    Raye: (head under Mina's skirt) What a totally weird feeling.
    Mina: Uh, do you MIND?!
    Viz dub, closer to the original:
    Rei: (head under Mina's skirt) How weird! I can't see!
    Minako: Rei, what are you doing?!
    • After dealing with the monster, Tuxedo Mask bids the ladies farewell and tries to leave, but steps on a soda can and falls over.
  • Episode 65: By the time Usagi finally gets Chibi-Usa to safety and changes into Sailor Moon, the monster has trapped all of the other Sailor Guardians. Sailor Mars tells Sailor Moon to defeat the monster ASAP. As Sailor Moon charges up her Finishing Move, she gripes about failing to find enough time to deliver an In the Name of the Moon speech.
  • In episode 66, Usagi tries to learn about making curry, and (in uncut releases) goes to Makoto for help. Makoto demonstrates dicing the vegetables. Minako says she wants to try. Minako is much worse and sloppier at dicing than Makoto, and she warns Minako not to cut herself. Minako laughs it off because she’s having fun. Then she gasps, holds up her hand and goes silent for a few seconds, and whimpers, “I cut myself.” Usagi, panicking says that Minako cut her finger off. Now Minako’s in panic mode, and screams for someone to call an ambulance. Even Ami and Rei are panicking. Makoto says they’ll probably have to reattach the stub of Minako’s finger, but then realizes it’s only a diced carrot stub. They ask if Minako’s bleeding. It turns out she only nicked herself. Usagi laughs at Minako for making a big deal over nothing, until Luna reminds Usagi that she was the first to panic.
    • In the grocery store, Petz (Prisma) and Calaberas (Avery), disguised as civilians, have set up a display selling "Dark Fruits" which fills people with Dark Energy after eating it. Petz's initial sales pitch: Dark Fruit is perfect for depressed people because it's black, which is the color of depression. This understandably freaks out the nearby shoppers, including a small child whose mother quickly yanks him away.
    • When Usagi finally gets around to making the curry, it doesn't look promising at first - she makes a shambles of Mamoru's kitchen, cries uncontrollably while slicing the onions, and drops a huge pan on her foot. To everyone's surprise, the curry, despite looking supremely unappetizing, is delicious. The DiC dub ends with a funny moment that wasn't in the original: an impressed Rini squeals, "Can you make this every night?"
  • Episode 68: Usagi dreams about her marrying Mamoru. Once she realizes she's just dreaming, she looked up on her bed to find that Chibi-Usa wets the bed that she and Usagi sleeps with on the night. Even funnier is that initially, Usagi thinks she did it, followed by a hilarious reaction from Luna with a great Largeham moment for Keiko Han.
    • In the DiC dub, after Rini is cornered by Bertie and Catzi.
    Bertie: Careful Catzi your shoe's untied.
    Catzi: Nice try I'm wearing my four inch pumps.
  • Episode 70 (DiC episode 63), in a continuation of the love trouble they had in episode 65 (59), Makoto and Minako are moping about not having boyfriends. Their only company are Artemis and Luna (who's with them while Usagi's at Rei's).
    Minako: (Sighs) The sight of two teen girls having parfait snacks with cats...
    Makoto: pretty pathetic.
    And then Artemis had to go and rub it in...
    Artemis: We're the only ones with nothing to do! You're stuck with cats! (Laughs out loud)
    (The following only gets seen in uncut versions)
    Makoto & Minako: Quit laughing or we'll get out the flea comb! (Flicks his nose, thus why he's holding it laternote . Mina and Mako sigh again).
    • Later in the same episode, Koan visits Rei and Usagi posing as a cosmetics dealer, with Usagi confessing that she and Mamoru are taking a break from each other (with Usagi hoping he'll patch things up with her and Rei telling her that she and Mamoru are over). During the conversation, Koan goes into a monologue about how love is all about keeping oneself beautiful so guys will notice you. Not only does this draw Sweat Drops from Rei and Usagi, but she then goes into this adorable expression of shock when she realizes she'd been distracting herself from her mission to find Chibi-Usa.
  • The start of episode 72. The girls, Chibi-Usa, Koan and Berthier (at this point Heel Face Turned) are sweeping up leaves at the Hikawa Shrine. Chibi-Usa plays in the leaves in spite of protests from Usagi, which Chibi-Usa counters by noting Usagi only came for the yam bake afterwardsnote  Later, during said yam bake, Chibi-Usa happily chows down on a yam Usagi claims is too big for her and then in a final insult burps in Usagi's face. Usagi eventually starts chowing down on them, and the others say she should slow down. Minako in particular warns overindulging on yams causes flatulence. Usagi doesn't care...until Minako's words become prophetic.
    (Viz dub) All present: Ew, that was really gross.
    • The DIC dub got rid of the flatulence joke by changing the yams to "Chad's [Yuiichiro's] weight-gain bars," which Rei calmly informs Serena have 1,000 calories each. Different reason, same horrified reactions from all present.
  • A lot of Usagi's romantic fantasies in the first season and first arc of R fall under this. One of the most notable ones is when she imagines she's flying hand-in-hand with both Tuxedo Mask and the Moonlight Knight when, in reality, Mamoru and Shingo are just trying to get her to keep moving inside a virtual reality game.
  • Episode 76, with Green Esmeraude's first time walking amongst 20th century people. She scoffs at the "primitive" people, only to be Not So Above It All when she walks into a bakery and makes a complete fool of herself pigging out on cake. Alongside Usagi, who is also stuffing her face like a maniac.
    • In the DiC dub, Emerald briefly assumes this is some plot to get to her.
    • Later, Esmeraude starts flirting with Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask's reaction? He backs away slowly.
    Esmeraude: Oh, you're a hotie
    Tuxedo Mask: Er...farewell.
    • After Emerald’s first encounter with the group in the dub, Lita notes that he Annoying Laugh will make her easy to spot.
  • This gem from episode 77. In the beginning, Umino and Naru explains to Usagi that they are making 'promise rings' but Usagi mishears it as 'pro wrestling'. Cue Imagine Spot of Naru giving Umino the suplex.
    Usagi: Kinky ('ecchi' in japanese).
    Umino and Naru: She's clueless.
  • The Entirety of Episode 78. (DiC Episode 71). To explain it, all of the Senshi are down with a virus except for Minako, so she tries to treat them. It goes... badly. And then at the end, the tables are turned...when Minako and Artemis get sick. Enter Usagi, and cue the horror on Minako's face when she realizes karma's about to bite back.
    • At the beginning, when Minako's trying to help Rei, the moments pile up. First, in her enthusiasm, she's shaking the basket she's brought with her, forgetting that Artemis was in the basket! When we finally see him, he has several bumps on his head. Next, Minako tries to serve porridgenote , but when she says it'll be fine this time, Rei's immediately suspicious (BTW, the Viz dub actually adds on the humor by creating a Noodle Incident: "...and the chipped toothnote  was really unfortunate..."). Sure enough, Minako messes up again, but it doesn't end there. She spills the porridge on Rei, then in trying to clean the sheets, dumps Rei out of her bed. Rei put it best when she said if Minako weren't doing this out of ditziness, she'd be more evil than Esmeraude. The topper is her trying to play some music (a "sounds of the sea" tape in the first dub) only to first produce extremely loud rock music (credit to DiC for leaving it in) and then finally blowin up the boom box. Gets funnier when you remember her passion for music, thus that she's supposed to be proficient with cassette players and the like... And even better when the manga reveals that she's actually the second most tech-savvy of the Sailor Soldiers, topped only by Ami. Rei finally reaches her Rage Breaking Point. Earlier versions just had her scream, but Viz refines it into a fantastic "Get Out!!", followed quickly by Minako shouting a quick, "Sorry!" as she gets. Rei even calls up Usagi, begging her to lock her doors and barricade herself in, anything to keep Minako out.note 
    • And now to Usagi's place. With a side of Chibi-Usa for good measure. She takes Usagi's temperature, but the battery-powered thermometer dies on her. As she's shaking it, she accidentally flings it through the bedroom window! At least Usagi turns down the rice porridge and Artemis stops her from touching the CD player. But then (following a cute one-off scene transition with Luna opening her mouth—again, credit to DiC for leaving it in), she and Chibi-Usa try to clean things up downstairs (after falling down the stairs). The resulting montage shows the disaster that follows. Poor Ikuko...
    • In the DiC dub, after Serena faints, she has an Imagine Spot about having a birthday dinner date with Darien. When the other Sailors appear to try and wake her, Amy asks, "Why am I floating around in your dream?", in a manner that suggests she means to ask, "What do you mean,it wasn't made on drugs?"
    • When Sailor Venus first stumbles upon the bad guys trying to attack Chibi-Usa, they assume Venus discovered the hospital was a Negative Point and found out their plan to spread the infection. And they ask her how she found out about their plan to create and spread the infection. Without missing a beat Venus says their plan was so obvious. Chibi-Usa thinks Venus is a good actress and should do improv.
    • During the fight in the hospital, Sailor Venus gets pinned to the wall by giant syringes. After Sailor Moon defeats the Droid, Venus has to call out to the others and beg them to get her down from the wall. The original Japanese was pretty straightforward, but the two dubs each made the moment a bit funnier:
    DiC Dub: Hate to break up the nice "Aren't We The Best" session but...GET ME OFF OF HERE!
    Viz Dub: Would one of you guys mind helping me get free from this wall? I have to pee!
  • Speaking of pee. The following episode (79/72) where Esmeraude targets an animal shelter. Several funny ones here. First, Ami is with Makoto and wonders if memorizing 100 English words a day is too few. Then there is a bit of a running gag when a dog pees on Esmeraude's leg..twice! Sadly, this only became apparent in uncut releases. The first time was always cut from the original dub while the second may or may not have been seen depending on the specific cut being shown.
    • This episode also features a hilarious montage of Minako telling Luna about all the horrible things (being eaten by alligators, hungry snakes, or tigers) that could happen to Artemis (who has gone off on his own), as she tries to get Luna to go apologize to him, capping it off by saying if they don't hurry, Artemis may end up a ghost (and looks the part, too—twice). Her talking is intercut with Artemis screaming. He screams many times in the episode due to his being the Butt-Monkey of the Weeknote , and Johnny Yong Bosch's screams in the Viz dub are truly glorious. Especially the last one at the very end, which follows another moment where Chibi-Usa goes full Bratty Half-Pint and is running around in a tantrum (in the tantrum, she accidentally throws her bag and it lands right on Artemis, triggering that final scream).
    • Esmeraude and Dogba taking her over the Animal Kingdom shelter, the whole scene is plain silly. Dogbar takes control of cute little animals which causes their eyes glow red, then commands them to do a handstand. Esmeraude's signature laugh causes them to tip over. Even Dogbar calls her out for it. Mind you it that this scene was playing the incredibly intimidating Black Moon theme.
  • Episode 80 slips in one funny moment in the middle of the fight with the Monster of the Week. Giwak, who is able to exploit people's insecurities by projecting condescending illusions into people's heads (and has been doing so against Ami/Sailor Mercury), tries to do the same to Sailor Moon. Moon grimaces for a moment...and then mouths off that she's heard all the insults before and stands firm instead. The funny moment is Giwak reacting to the Insult Backfire:
    DiC dub:
    Droid: This kid's actually proud to be a flake?!
    Sailor Moon: Yes, I like being unique.
    Viz dub, closer to the original Japanese:
    Giwak: Giwak, that is some twisted personality.
    Sailor Moon: I'm just gonna take that as a compliment.
  • In the original dub when Serena finds out that she is Neo Queen Serenity. Her delivery is priceless.
    "You mean I'm going to be Queen of an entire city? And my first-grade teacher said I won't even get out of grade school."
  • In both the DiC dub and the Japanese sub, Usagi and Mamoru finding out that Chibi-Usa is their daughter.
    From the DiC dub
    Serena: Me a parent?! Oh, no wonder the little brat annoys me so much! She takes after YOU, doncha think?
    Serena/Darien: (glance at each other; Luminescent Blush, as dramatic music plays)
    • Rei's comment about this in the sub is golden: "What year, month and day did that happen?!?!"; this is a Call-Back Joke to a similar line in episode 25. Cristina Vee's delivery of the line in the Viz dub is golden.
  • Luna and Artemis's exchange from the DiC dub episode 80 (87 in the original order) had to have been an intentional example of this:
    Luna: I hope they'll (the Sailor Scouts) be OK
    Artemis: Don't worry. With the power of cheesecake they'll win this fight.
  • Episode 83: Tuxedo Mask shows up in the nick of time to save Usagi from Prince Demande's hypnotic control, and calls Demande out. Demande's response in the Viz dub is hilarious, mainly because of how abruptly profane it is.
    Demande: Silence, you self-righteous PRICK!

     Sailor Moon S (Season 3) (The Infinity/Heart Snatchers Arc) 
  • In the dubbed first episode of the season, Raye says that one of her dreams is to get married, but says she's too embarrassed to admit that out loud. Serena, in an utterly deadpan tone, replies "You said it though, didn't you."
    • Speaking of the first episode, when Usagi asks what Rei wants to be, she lists a singer, songwriter, voice actress and a model as possibilities, which makes it all the more hilarious that her Viz voice actress, Cristina Valenzuela is already everything that Rei listed out.
  • In episode 91, Mamoru invites Usagi to an abandoned house after nothing she's in a bad mood. She closes her eyes, thinking he's going to kiss her. . . only for him to hold up an adorable kitten that licks her face. Usage's reaction is what really sells it.
  • The Game Center part of episode 92 brings a lot of funny moments:
    • Usagi and co. are about to study for entrance exams at Rei's house. As Usagi walks in front of Game Center, she told to herself to resist the urge of playing games before exam and everyone must do their best in the test. Just after she walks away from the screen, she suddenly pops up back to the screen, screaming "NANI?/WHAT THE?!" as she realizes something is wrong. Turns out, Minako was having a nice talk with Motoki inside Game Center. Usagi then goes inside, and after a few moments (including having her face inflating and turning red in anger), she let out her anger to Minako for not studying properly for the exams.
    • Usagi's Epic Fail moment on the racing game arcade inside Game Center. Not only she got lapped by Minako, she proceeds to spin out of control and flips the car.
    • Haruka's debut. She goes inside Game Center and asks Usagi and Minako to let her drive in one of the cabinets. Because Usagi and Minako hasn't realized that Haruka is a female just yet, the words "He's HOT!" pops up on the screen as they're amazed by her graciousness.
    • Also Michiru’s debut. She goes inside Game Center to meet up with Haruka. Due to her grace and poise, Usagi and Minako suddenly felt inadequate and intimidated by Michiru’s elegance as the words “Oh my, so beautiful...” pops up on the screen.
    • Oh it gets better. Soon afterwards, Minako pushes Usagi to the point that she fell down to the floor. Haruka then asks Usagi if she can hold her bag. Minako's reaction? "Please, let her hold as many as you can!". Cue a sweat drop from Usagi soon afterwards.
    • The speed difference between Minako and Haruka when they're racing each other. Notice how the top speed in Minako's screen never changed (it stays at 312 kph), whilst Haruka's speed keeps gaining and gaining (all the way to 375 kph). Oh, and Haruka for a moment let Minako have a head start before catching and lapping her, just to further show how badass of a driver she is.
    • There's just something funny that the Monster of the Week is basically a Formula One car (big slick tires, steering wheel, rear wings...), except for a woman that acts as the body and chassis of the "car". Yeah.
    • The girls finding out that Haruka is, indeed, a woman. Made doubly funny after the fact that Usagi and Minako had been stalking her the entire episode.
    • Even better, earlier Minako and Usagi had demanded a "yes or no" answer from Michiru if Haruka was her boyfriend. Michiru assures them "no".
  • Ami gives a backhanded, and hilarious, compliment to Usagi when Minako insults her cooking. Minako hopes Mamoru will be okay after eating Usagi's cooking, and Ami comments that Usagi cooked her food for so long, there was no way harmful bacteria could be on them.
  • The ending of Episode 94 has Usagi pressuring Mamoru into remembering the first time they kissed, and Mamoru trying to change the subject. The Viz dub has Mamoru's VA trying making up that monsters are attacking the city.
  • The continued attempts of the original dub to insist that Amara/Haruka and Michelle/Michiru are cousins. Really, totally cousins, and totally not lesbians. But they keep a lot of the imagery that shows that they're supposed to be lovers in the original Japanese version, such as the pastel artwork, the roses, and a lot of touching that cousins don't do. But they're totally cousins as they remind you rather often.
  • In one bizarre scene in Episode 96 where Makoto is targeted for her pure heart, after the girls discuss their suspicions that Makoto is going on a date with Haruka, a masculine female, Usagi pulls out an idol group's photo book of Rei's showing a similar person and says, "You're one to judge, isn't this ''yours'', Rei?" Rei's angry reaction is priceless.note 
    Rei: [Viz dub] AAAAAHHH! Get your grubby hands off my first edition, Sailor Judas!!!
    • In the same episode, Makoto asks Haruka how is she able to drive at sixteen (two years earlier than she's supposed to be allowed to try for a licence under Japanese law). Caught by surprise, Haruka quickly claims she got her licence abroad... And Michiru calmly adds "So she says".
      • Even better in the Italian dub, where Michiru casts even doubts on the legitimity of Haruka's licence by issuing a veiled Mafia-style threat to not investigate any further, always with a sweet and calm voice.
    • Mercury and Moon chase after the Daimon, which leapt into the air. Sailors Moon and Mercury wonder if it can fly. The Daimon falls, running away from the two while cackling and holding her cape over her face. Moon and Mercury were left utterly confused.
  • Episode 97, Usagi overhears a teacher wondering if Ami's slipping because she's helping the others, so she tries to talk Ami out of helping them while seemingly going gung-ho about studying. Rei sees this as a sign and tries to take advantage, but as Ami takes it badly (claiming she forgot something—almost unheard of), Usagi decides to go and apologize to her, stopping the enthusiasm cold and causing a Big "WHAT?!" and Group Face Fault.
    Original Japanese: What Is Going On?
    Cloverway Dub: Too late...
    Viz Dub: Her motivation just flew out the door...
    • Ami's first focus episode of the season- and the one where she's targeted for her pure heart crystal- has her depressed about an issue and she discusses it with Mamoru. At the end, Tuxedo Mask asks her if she's solved her problem and she confirms it. Sailor Moon gets a little jealous of the "good atmosphere" and reminds Ami that Tuxedo Mask is hers. Ami proceeds to repeatedly say, "I won't give up!" and hugs Tuxedo Mask's arm as Sailor Moon chases her around. It's a very rare moment in the series where Ami is intentionally a Troll and it's hilariously adorable.
  • In a most likely unintentional moment Sailor Moon used her Moon Tiara Boomerang to both save Sailor Neptune and fend off Kaorinite. Kaorinite's reaction to the sparkly glowing tiara is a scream of absolute horror.
  • Yuichiro in episode 99, admiring Rei from a distance, when Usagi catches him and just mocks the hell out of the poor guy.
    Yuichiro: Rei must be very tired.
    Usagi: "Rei must be very tired," Yuichiro said, as he silently watched over the figure of Rei as she left. To be continued...
  • Episode 101. Usagi gets heartbroken when she thinks Mamoru forgot her birthday...until she realized that not only did she not tell him when her birthday was, but she didn't know when HIS birthday was!
    • In the beginning of the episode Usagi tells her friends about her birthday but they don't really seem interested. The scene's not much of a big deal in the original Japanese version, but the ViZ dub changed Minako's line and it was hilarious.
      Minako: Oh, you're having a birthday? That means you're one step closer to death.
  • From the S series, Usagi's secret looks to be about to be revealed to the bad guys and the Outer Scouts when the other Scouts arrive... with Sailor Venus masquerading as Sailor Moon, down to the hair buns.
    • Doubles as Mythology Gag, as, in both manga and live action, Minako had faked to be the Moon Princess for a while.
    • Minako then almost immediately blows it:
      Kaolinite: There's something different about you...
      Sailor Venus: What? How dare you doubt my perfect disg-
      Sailor Mars and Jupiter: SHE'S THE REAL DEAL!
      Sailor Mercury (''while Luna and Artemis hold up signs saying "The real Sailor Moon"): Absolutely!
    • When asked who Usagi is then:
      Sailor Venus: I don't know, maybe she's a fan of mine or something?
      Sailor Jupiter: WHAT SHE SAID!
    • Sailor Kick and Loveme Moon Chain are directly copied from the Sailor Moon arcade game animations. That's right, in a meta sense, Minako was treating and acting out the whole disguise situation like in a video game!
    • From the Cloverway dub: "And remember, I'm Sailor Moon!". Serena deadpans in response "I think she might be overdoing it a little."
    • Gets funnier when you realize the implications of Sailor Venus explaining Usagi's Cosmic Heart Compact as merchandise.
    • Watch it here in all its glory.
    • Once Sailor Moon comes into the fight, she asks Venus to please drop the disguise as it was embarrassing to her.
      Sailor Moon: Uh, Venus-Chan...
      Sailor Venus: Huh?
      Sailor Moon: (crying in embarrassment) Please... get rid of that disguise...
    • Kaolinite in the Cloverway dub calling Serena "Serena moonface girl."
    • In that same episode, the daimon freaks out when her hand breaks off before she remembers she has an insurance warranty for a replacement. It was taped to her skirt the whole freaking time she was on screen. In the Cloverway dub, when she gets killed her last words are "I HAVE NO INSURANCE FOR THIIIIIIIS!"note 
  • Chiba-Usa's first attempt at her Pink Sugar Heart Attack. Emphasis on "attempt". By the way, she tries it again, and this times gets something to come out. It doesn't seem like much, but it's still funny to see Soiya, the Daimon she's trying to attack, essentially get a spanking.
    • Even her first appearance as Chibi Moon prompts Moon and Mars to stare in utter disbelief as Moon croaks out a, "Chibi-Usa..." Is her tone because of the Epic Fail or because she realizes what Chibi-Usa's return will mean for her home life.
    • Early in the same episode, Rei is talking to Maya, a friend of hers and a Taiko drummer, trying to convince her to perform at a festival. Thing is, the other girls are trying to eavesdrop on the conversation. Rei is suspicious of this and keeps turning around only to find no one behind her. This is because the girls are somehow always managing to keep to her back even as she turns around a couple times before a mishap reveals them. Rei then gets hot coffee dumped on her head.
  • Episode 104, The ShinChan parody (the boy with the suspicious-looking Chin-chan toy who strips down to show "his elephant"). No words can say how funny this is; what's more they enlisted Akiko Yajima (the original voice of Shin-chan) for the role. Viz does a reasonable facsimile of Funimation's voicing of the character. Even better? The kid is a very pretty young lad, enough to make Chibi-Usa swoon… before he opens his mouth.
    • Given that Akiko Yajima plays the target of the week, also a young boy (and a very feminine looking one, enough that he became a case of She's a Man in Japan in the original dub), and Miki Narahashi, who plays Shin-Chan's mother, as the Daimon of that episode, it seems like the writing staff couldn't pass up adding a parody if they had the actors of both characters.
    • The episode opens with Chibi-Usa formally re-introducing herself to the gang. The next thing we see (following the episode title) are Sweat Drops as it's now their turn to go Here We Go Again!. And as it turns out, Chibi-Usa brought a letter from her mother Neo-Queen Serenity. Minako reads it and notes it to be rather terse. Luna is quick to note the reason (Neo-Queen Serenity is the future Usagi), and Minako immediately concurs… because the letter has no kanji in it (the original dub changed this of “it’s nothing but symbols” and has Mina reading it with her imagination. This is already funny in the original, but the Viz dub (which changed it to just being VERY poorly written) managed to make it simply hilarious:
      Minako: I must say you do have a point, Luna. (Showing the letter) It looks like a child wrote it!
      (Everyone shows a shocked reaction, then the other girls and cats gather around the letter)
      Makoto: Look at that, she's right!
      Minako: See there?
      Ami: Oh my gosh, her participle's dangling!
      Artemis: I think part of this is in Hebrew!
      Rei: She spelt "daughter" with a "q"!
      (Minako finds a postscript)
      Minako: Dear Usagi of the 20th Century: Looking back on my life, I realize now that I should've studied much harder while I was still in school. Tee hee, my bad.
      Mina, Mako, & Ami: Yup, definitely Usagi.
      Usagi: But I HATE studying!
      • What makes this even funnier is, instead of correcting herself in the future, Neo Queen Serenity is trying to change the timeline by getting her past self to study harder instead!
      • And it does get Brick Joked in the final episode of S, only the circumstances meant it wasn't as amusing:
        Minako: Did it still read like a five-year-old wrote it?
        Mako, Ami, & Rei: Minako!!
    • Following the exchange above, Chibi-Usa then comments on how Future!Mars was always telling her stories about how stupid Usagi was. Usagi then decides to take her rage and revenge on Present!Mars. The look on Rei's face the instant Usagi grabs her is absolutely priceless! Usagi is thinking ahead since Rei will be bad mouthing her to Chibiusa in the future.
    • The tea ceremony scene. For the record, since it's a traditional tea ceremony, you're supposed to basically kneel and sit on your feet. Tricky if you don't know how, so to demonstrate, there's a pan of the view of these legs from behind. Haruka and Michiru's positions show how it should be done, then it jumps to Chibi-Usa's feet squirming and a note showing her feet are a bit numb. Then we see Usagi's aching feet and the note they're very numb.note  Finally we see Mamo's feet which are noted to be just fine.
    • Chibi Moon is the first Senshi to show up on the scene and goes into her In the Name of the Moon speech... and Eudial takes this time to deploy the Daemohn and even has to ask Chibi-Usa to repeat the last bit because she wasn't listening.
    • Chibi Moon's second attempt at her Pink Sugar Heart Attack is even funnier than the first: It again takes her two tries to even get it to activate, only to see it fall short of hitting Chagarma. Chagarma sits back and enjoys a cup of tea while Chibi Moon slowly inches forward to let the attack start smacking it in the face. After that, there are cuts of Moon and Chibi Moon dodging Chagarma's attacks while the PSHA is still going and Chibi Moon manages to land a few more hits.
    • The final scene of the episode has Tamasaburo show off his makeshift sailor uniform to Usagi and Chibi and performing a In the Name of the Moon speech to boot. In response, the girls decide to leave.
  • Episode 105 where Makoto loses her confidence and goes to train at a mountain temple has a few:
    • Usagi tells the girls she carefully explained to Chibi-Usa why she couldn't come with them to see Makoto... except she just ditched Chibi-Usa while she was going to the bathroom. Chibi-Usa throws her Luna-P ball down in frustration and the scene transition shows Usagi getting hit in the face.
    • A brief one that illustrates the girls' personalities perfectly at the same time: After a pillow fight, they all fall asleep in the same room and, while Makoto slips out, the camera shows a shot of the rest of them sleeping. Rei has lost half her blanket, Minako has lost all of her blanket, Usagi is halfway inside Minako's futon, and Ami is just peacefully resting without having moved at all during the night. Seen here.
    • Minako reveals she brought a swimsuit because of a nearby resort hotel. One by one, the other girls (sans Makoto, who's already out training) reveal that they brought theirs, too. Luna and Artemis mope about Ami being the only diligent one of the group...until Ami sheepishly reveals she brought one, too.
    • Makoto attempting to meditate with the monk Kakusui under a freezing waterfall. She asks him for advice and he remains quiet for several seconds. When she begins to wonder if she really isn't cut out for the rigor, he sneezes and reveals that he was so cold and numb that he couldn't even talk.
  • The Running Gag wherein Eudial's car would appear out of increasingly absurd places. One of the more humorous ones? When she crashed a party to steal her target's pure heart... and called the car through the wall, before driving away from the property damage. The few times later we see Mimete walk out, she also pops out of some unusual places.
  • In episode 106 we see Eudial jumping on her car to attack the victim of the week. Then we have a cut to a zoo, with a monkey in a cage, an hippopotamus in a pond, an elephant that is walking in a building... Then stops, steps back in a hurry and barely avoids being ran over by Eudial's car.
  • Episode 107, when the senshi are chowing down on an apple pie, not realizing that Chibi-Usa baked it for Masanori and thinking Usagi's mom made it. The Cloverway dub includes this exchange:
    Rei: Well, I'm glad to know your mom made it. Then we know it's safe. [Lita sweatdrops]
    Amy: Right. The last thing we need is to come down with food poisoning before the big exam. [Mina nods]
    Serena: [brandishing the knife she's using to slice the pie] HEY! Now what's that supposed to mean?!
    • Cloverway replaced Minako's untranslatable Japanese pun about the pie with their own:
      Mina: This apple pie's really good! It's great! It has real apples in it. [Amy sweatdrops]
      Lita: Well, Mina, I guess Serena's mom was all out of the *fake* ones. [Rei nods]
  • In episode 108, Usagi went to meet with some foreign exchange students and her Gratuitous English (changed to Gratuitous French in the Cloverway dub) after getting drunk must be heard to be believed. Mamoru's face when he and Ami realize she's drunk sums it up perfectly.
    • Usagi somehow managing to accidentally knock Mamoru unconscious when she realizes that the foreign students can speak Japanese after all, and tries to strike up a conversation.
      Usagi: [Viz dub] As long as you're here why don't we talk about international relations! How does *BONK* that sound?!?
    • "Nice to meet you! Cream stew!" or "Nice tawh meetchoo, cream-oo seetchoooo."
    • “See you again! I’m not getting you anything!”
      • Or Serena's Gratuitous French in the Cloverway dub (which changed the Japanese vs. English Language Barrier to English vs. French): "Merci, bonjour, bonjour, sweet souffle omelet! ... Au revoir! More revoir!"
      • "—if you forget the whipped cream, you're no good as a woman."
    • Usagi suffering the resulting hangover after the drunken debacle from before that she nearly barfs over the balcony.
    • It was also hilarious when Mamoru told the girls about meeting the students, and Usagi couldn't decide whether to feel excited about going to a fancy party with Mamoru or feel nervous about all the foreign conversations awaiting them. She spends so much time obsessing over it
    • Professor Tomoe's waltz, "Hope For The Future."
      Eudial: I-I don't think this is a waltz at all.
    • Usagi’s Hypocritical Humor when she tried to deny Michiru from dancing with Mamoru since he’s her boyfriend. When Haruka offers to dance with Usagi, she happily accepts.
    • Then when the rest of the girls and guys at the party are crowded around Haruka dancing with Usagi. Rei, Minako and Makoto start playing rock-paper-scissors to be the next one Haruka dances with, with Ami sidling away in embarrasment. By the time the second dance is over though and Usagi comes back over, we see they are still playing rock paper scissors and now Ami has joined in.
    • The Daimon Chikuonnote . First, Eudial summons her car through the wall, smoke comes out of her car's backdoor, then... nothing. Eudial angrily demands her daimon to show up, but she ends up tripping while coming out of the car.
  • Dr. Tomoe of the anime was by far the most entertaining Big Bad of Sailor Moon, from his evil laughs to running on treadmills while on the phone. Oh, and there's the time Mimete messed with the Daimon Oven, created a space warp, and locked Tomoe out of his own house. Tomoe may be a genius Mad Scientist, but his help...needs improving.
  • Minako was a little too happy to learn that she really did have a pure heart in episode 109.
    • And Eudial and Usagi's reactions when she didn't fall in exhaustion but laughed in happiness. Eudial was frozen in shock, and took a few seconds to give chase when Minako ran away. Usagi? A sweatdrop and a Not Again face and calmly trying to prevent her from escalating.
    • At the start of the episode, Tomoe and Eudial were talking at the phone when Tomoe, ranting about the need to recover the Grail before the Sailor Senshi, accidentally crushed the handset.note  And Eudial informed him the repair cost would be taken off his next paycheck.
      • It's also rather humorous in the dub as well - Eudial says "By the way, it sounds as if you've damaged the phone. I'm afraid we'll have to charge you for that!"
      • In the Viz dub her response is a hilariously deadpan, "You broke the receiver again, didn't you?" It's her use of the word 'again' that really sells it.
      • He Then follows up by saying that he’ll make the Sailor Scouts pay for it.
    • Later when Eudial says she's located a target, we see Tomoe attempting to fit an entire door inside his machine in his fervour, before he gets out a saw and slices off just the handle.
    • Minako moping on not being targeted by Daimons for her Pure Heart and Usagi and the cats' attempts at preventing her from baiting the Daimons:
      • Minako moping about it, and her terrifying Death Glare when Artemis dares to suggest she doesn't have a pure heart.
      • Minako is working her frustration with volleyball... And then realizes she hit a visiting Usagi.note  Each dub adds on to the humor a bit. The Cloverway dub fills in some silence with a painfil "Ow... ow... ow..." before revealing Usagi. Meanwhile, the Viz dub has Usagi speak with a lisp (to reflect the fact she had a tooth knocked out at the time).
      • Minako is frustrated by both the lack of attacks and her problems at the crane game when Usagi realizes Minako wants to bait the Daimons. Cue Usagi grabbing Minako's shoulders and shaking her while begging to not do that...accidentally capturing all the dolls in the crane game in the process.
      • Luna explains that the Daimons could have simply got it wrong, and brings as example that Usagi, already targeted by them, purely loved Mamoru, purely hates homework, is purely lazy, is purely glutton, and thus was thought to have a Pure Heart.
      "But if you're saying THAT is a pure heart, then you have to realize that she's just an idiot!"
      • In the end Minako turns and, with a serious face and a subdued tone, asks Usagi if she wants some of the dolls from the crane game.
    • Minako meets Haruka and Michiru in the same bookshop with the "Tarisman" books, and they suggest her she could show her pure heart by helping people, and maybe give blood. She runs to do it, and the girls praise her pure heart... Cue Minako running back and giving them a doll from the crane game each.
      • The series of five books titled "Tarisman" have the authors listed as "Haruka & Michiru".
      • Note that this is the only time in the series where Haruka and Michiru are seen sweatdropping.
      • It is also the only time Haruka and Michiru's typical pastel-rendered exit scene complete with music is interrupted, with the final pastel scene instead being Haruka and Michiru's hands holding dolls - "I... don't want this."
    • The Daimon Eudial releases, Doorknobder, has to be coached by her on how to fight since she's more skilled in sealing passageways.
      Doorknobder: [Viz dub] Reluctantly attacking!
    • Doorknobder also suggests cutting off Sailor Moon's hair, thinking that would stop the inevitable Moon Spiral Heart Attack. Although it's also likely she was telling Sailor Moon to cut Eudial's hair off for the sake of mercy.
    • After Doorknobder was destroyed and Minako re-hearted, Eudial was about to roast the entire Sailor team plus Uranus and Neptune... Cue Minako hitting her with the dolls from the crane game. And then she transforms into Sailor Venus! Eudial's reaction at that? "You too?!" She suddenly has that panicked look of, "Senshi, Senshi everywhere!" so when she leaves, her tone is pure Screw This, I'm Outta Here, and the Cloverway dub does a nice one where she cries out she needs to take a day off. After she leaves, Sailor Moon fires back she should take at least a month.
      • And when Eudial leaves, she reverses her car so suddenly and erratically that the Inners and cats have to jump out of the way, screaming. Then and only then does Eudial say "Backing up!"
      • There's also Doorknobder's death. Like her predecessors, she gets hit by Moon Spiral Heart Attack... except that Sailor Moon is actually engaging Eudial in a Beam-O-War, and the daimon gets killed because some of Sailor Moon's attack spills over from the stand-off!
  • In episode 110, Eudial speaks on Haruka and Michiru's answering machine. The message ends mid-sentence, and Eudial has to call again to continue. The first thing she says is a complaint about the length of the recordings.
    • What really sells it is Haruka and Michiru don't move the entire time, even when the message cuts off, the phone rings again, and the message starts back up.
  • In Episode 117, Usagi finds out that Hotaru wrote a fan letter to an athlete she admires and decides she'll take her and Chibi-Usa to deliver it in person. At the stadium Chibi-Usa meets up with Setsuma, Haruka, and Michiru and when asked why she was there alone, Chibi-Usa comments she didn't come alone. Cue whistling from down near the field and Usagi bolting out of a tunnel onto the field, dragging Hotaru after her and with three officials chasing them.
    • And said officials never communicate in anything but the whistles.
    • When Mimete shows up and sees the "off limits" sign, she tears it off and crumples it before one of the officials pops his head out a door. Without saying a single word, just staring at her and smiling, he makes Mimete uncrumple the sign and put it back up.note 
    • The rather disturbing scene of Mimete playing Twister with the rest of the Witches 5 (or 4 if you want to get technical), complete with Professor Tomoe watching them from slightly open door. As Mimete's chanting "do it" and trying to bend her leg at a ninety degree angle, the camera keeps zooming to and from Tomoe as he quietly giggles. The Cloverway dub somehow adds to this with Catherine Disher's portrayal of Mimete and her slightly erotic moaning.
    • And then, after she leaves on her assignment, Professor Tomoe joins in for a game. "Okay, my turn."
  • In episode 118, Mimete thinks Prof. Tomoe is getting soft just putting a large playing card in the Daimon Oven, so she coaxes Tomoe to go out for snacks...and while he's away decides to put a bunch more games in the Oven, not realizing more isn't necessarily better with that thing. There's Stuff Blowing Up...and suddenly the Tomoe house/secret lab gets thrown into another dimension. Next thing Tomoe knows, he can't open his front door, even going so far as to drop the groceries and shoulder-ram the door to no effect.
    • At that moment, the Senshi show up (called by Chibi-Usa), and Sailor Moon does her usual greeting to Professor Tomoe. That is, she says she'll punish him, earning her a smack upside the head from Mars telling her "You don't go to peoples' houses and say that to them!"
    • In The Cloverway version, as Moon and Mars are squabbling with each other, Tomoe stares in disbelief and starts to think what everyone else is likely thinking about the Scouts/Guardians and their general competence:
    Dr. Tomoe:(thinking)These are the twits who foiled my plans? They're insane!
    • In the same scene, as Mercury is explaining what's happened to Hotaru's house, Mars gleefully starts saying to Moon "You see? You see? The problem with you is that you don't bother to listen to people while they're talking!" All while ignoring and talking over Mercury.
    • After the Senshi's Sailor Teleport themselves to go inside his house, Dr. Tomoe lampshades the Irony of having to rely on his enemies to save Hotaru from being trapped in said another dimension.
    • While the Senshi go inside the house to try and save Chibi-Usa and Hotaru Dr. Tomoe decides to kill time by eating the snacks he bought. Bonus points for him having his Face Framed in Shadow routine while he is doing so.
    • When Venus and Moon are battling Daimon U-Ikasaman, they challenge her to a game of God Driving (the same game that's used to introduce Haruka's driving skills). U-Ikasaman rigs the game so Venus' and Moon's vehicles go in reverse before crashing into one another and making the screens explode. U-Ikasaman chides them for automatically assuming what direction the cars would go in.
    • Mercury wins in her chess match against U-Ikasaman, but she'd also placed her piece on a "trap" square, causing a small explosion that leaves her face comically charred.
    • This episode also contains another moment of Chibi Moon's Running Gag of Pink Sugar Heart Attack Epic Fail wherein she looks down the figurative "barrel" of her rod and nearly gets blasted in the face by her own attack. Her expression sells it. Not only that, when it finally did go off, it not only barely missed her, it almost hit Sailor Moon as well. The only saving grace here was that, in near-missing her, the attack actually freed her. Though, given the constant snark between them, the first thing Moon says is, "Watch where you're shooting!" before Chibi Moon reminds her, "Hey, at least you're out!"
  • An example of Black Comedy in that someone keeps leaving flowers in Eudial's memory after her death around the Death Busters headquarters.
    • Even funnier is the second time it's shown, there's a framed memorial photo of Eudial hung on her work locker. While Mimete ( Eudial's murderer who is considering leaving the Death Busters) stands behind said locker and says with complete sincerity "And besides, I'm really a good girl who hasn't done anything truly evil to begin with!"
  • The Cloverway dub has a tendency to make even the most terrifying scenes sound hilarious, thanks to the rushed script and questionable voice performances. One particular example has Doctor Tomoe speaking to the Sovereign of Silence, who's eerily speaking about wanting pure hearts over their failures, he claims he'll gather as many as she wants, and she sarcastically replies with "Do you think it will be some time in this millennium?!"
  • The final episode of S is mostly Tear Jerker as Chibi-Usa supposedly returns to the future, and she and Usagi figure out how to finally express their sentiments before she goes. But then there's one last gasp from the remnants of Death Busters, the Daimon Rangy, and the Senshi are called back to action. But just then, who happens to fall from the sky in a classic Call-Back...but Chibi Moon! She falls right on top of everyone, and then her Pink Sugar Heart Attack kicks in, slapping Rangy in the face!

     Sailor Moon Super S (Season 4) (The Dream Arc) 
  • In episode 128 (the beginning of the season), Chibi-Usa gives a surprisingly thoughtful speech about love to Usagi and Unazuki. Unazuki is weirded out. Usagi says "You've been reading mama's mature novels without her permission again, haven't you?" AGAIN.
    • Early in the episode, Chibi-Usa is blushing because of the strange dream she had last night. Unazuki catches her spacing out and immediately prods her. What makes it funny is the Irony of her words. First, she wonders if Chibi-Usa had had a "fateful encounter".note  Then Unazuki teases that she shouldn't be doing things her parents don't approve, of course not aware of her relationship to Mamoru and Usagi, who are right next to her exchanging confused looks. Then, the whole thing gets put aside when Motoki turns the tables and asks what Unazuki's been doing late at night, meaning it's her turn to get all the curious looks.
  • In episode 130, Usagi runs away from home because Chibi-Usa ate her lemon pie and Usagi's mom refused to scold her. She promptly goes back into her house to grab an Umbrella, then leaves again. The Viz dub also adds the following:
    Usagi: Mom, you're spoiling Chibi-Usa way too much. You probably don't know this, but spoiling and pampering a child too much can put a real strain on your marriage. I read about it in a magazine!
    Ikuko: Don't lie to me, Usagi. You never read!
  • Diana's debut episode (#133). It starts off amusing enough, seeing as how she has to use the same time portal Chibi-Usa uses, which means a rough landing. Then she locates Artemis and immediately calls him "Daddy". In front of Luna. She immediately takes it the wrong way (Jill Frappier lets out an incredibly high-pitched yell in the Cloverway dub) and gives him a Claw Swipe! He can't even get peace at Minako's house as Usagi calls her to spill the beans. As Artemis wails, "I'M INNOCENT!!" we transition to the Hikawa Shrine where the girls set up Comfort Food for Luna. It's only towards the end that Diana reveals that Luna's her mom. Luna immediately mellows.
    • This exchange at the end of the episode is golden:
      Artemis: Mamoru, I think I finally understand what you're going through.
      Mamoru: You're in for a rough time. Let's go drinking tonight.
      Usagi & Chibi-Usa: MAMO-CHAN!
    • To take out the drinking reference, the Cloverway dub made a different joke:
      Artemis: I'm beginning to see how you feel, Darien. You got any pointers?
      Darien: Agree with whatever they say, Artemis...even when they're wrong.
      Serena & Rini: DARIEN!
    • Also from the same episode is the scene where Artemis returns home to Minako and assumes her Tranquil Fury is over some things that he damaged without telling her. She insists that she doesn’t care “though at least I can stop wondering how all that happened.”
    • In the Cloverway version, she outright compares Artemis to Benedict Arnold, calling him “Benedict Artemis”. Tiger’s Eye just ignores this and starts a name calling session.
  • Chibi-Usa dressed for art class.
  • Episode 136: When Rei went to take a bath and saw Mamoru naked. When Usagi eventually forced a confession out of Rei, she's understandably teed off.
    • Let's also note why Mamoru is staying for the duration at the Hikawa Shrine. While Usagi starts a bit of an argument with the girls in his apartment (at this point, he's tutoring them), Diana happens to notice smoke coming from outside his balcony, which then makes the girls think there's a fire and starts a hilarious panic sequence, topped off by Rei accidentally setting off the apartment's fire extinguisher and covering everything in dry chemical. The frustration factor is best depicted by Mamoru silently closing his laptop and kicking up a puff of dust.
    • two words: ninja Usagi. Yep, the klutziest character in the series as a ninja. What Could Possibly Go Wrong??
      Usagi the Red Ninja, Protector of Love: I am a spider, I can climb...I am a spider, I can climb...
  • Every time Fish's Eye has a Freak Out at the sight of Diana. Later, the reason for the ailurophobia becomes apparent, but it's still odd to see one of the Amazon Trio go into a panic over the sight of a tiny little kitten.
  • Episode 138 deals with a widow (Natsumi) whose dream is to repair a classic car, as it was the dream of her husband and herself before he passed away. The beginning of the episode has several moments. First, Ami sees Natsumi hand keys to Mamoru and thought Mamo is cheating on Usagi. But then we Gilligan Cut past the episode title and we see Ami working with the same Natsumi...and then we see the girls wondering what made Ami suddenly turn Wrench Wench. Not to mention hearing the story of Mamo supposedly cheating making Usagi Spit Take on him.note  When she is hospitalised Ami rallies the other girls to help her continue the repairs, while Hawk-Eye is trying to seduce her away from her dream. Eventually Natsumi is kidnapped outside the repair shop by Hawk-Eye and in a Funny Background Event, as the Sailor team reacts to this poor Minako ends up cracking her head against the car's roof.
    • Earlier Natsumi is still in the hospital and Hawk Eye attempts to persuade her to give up her dream then attack, only for Chibi-Usa to interrupt him and tell her not to give up. When he tries to get her to leave (and almost blows his cover), both English dubs have Chibi-Usa/Rini snap at him to shut up...and he does.
      Rini [Cloverway dub]: Tell someone who cares!
      Chibi-Usa [Viz dub]: Back off ascot!
  • A Lemures in SuperS traps Sailor Moon in a magic tutu that forces her to endlessly perform ballet moves. She ends up breaking out of it because it's too small for her.
  • Minako dramatically lamenting that "It's such a be so beautiful!" The others would be rolling their eyes in indifference if it weren't for the fact she had just mentioned her two-timing (causing Ami to keep stammering, "T-T-T-T-T-") and the thought one of the dates might want to model her...nude.
    • Minako ends up going on a Two-Timer Date and desperately tries to keep up with the Human Yo-Yo routine, only to collapse in a heap. And then, it gets funnier when the "hot guys" she had been "cheating" with reveal themselves to be Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye:
      • Later Sailor Venus shows up pissed at them and opens a can of whoopass on them after her In The Name Of Venus Speech mentioned them breaking her heart. They and their Lemures are frantically dodging while wondering out loud what the hell she's talking about.
    • Diana asking what 'two-timing' means. Artemis insists she's too young to know about such stuff, but when the gang uncover Tiger and Hawk going after Minako's Dream Mirror, Diana assumes that was what the term meant.
    • When Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye looked in Minako's Dream Mirror: not only their reaction about her 'amazing dream' implies her life dream is not safe for work (based on the stares and the sweatdrops they have when they emerge and the hint she dropped about modeling nude earlier), but, differently from anyone else, she was apparently excited by the experience.
      Tiger's Eye [Japanese]: This girl is too much!
      Tiger's Eye [Viz dub]: I feel like I need a shower.
    • There's also a scene where Fish's Eye overhears his/her partners arguing over their "crushes" and assumes that the two are arguing over him. When Fish's Eye sees the two are arguing over Minako, it gets a comment about the two having horrible taste.
  • Zirconia's bad Yoda impression sounds more like Cookie Monster or Trekkie Monster, where Fish's eye's voice spends a lot of time being almost indistinguishable from Kate Monster's. It gets slightly more uncomfortable when you realize these two voices were also gender-swapped in the Cloverway dub (to get Fish's Eye on North American TV, they had to use She's a Man in Japan to get around the problem that Fish's is otherwise gay—it helped that Fish's also tended to crossdress). That's why episode 140 was the most mangled when it aired: it was probably the one time Fish didn't crossdress and it (uncut) had a Shirtless Scene showing very little doubt Fish's is actually a guy.
  • In episode 140, Usagi spends almost an hour running around a clothing store and loudly gushing over how cute everything is, while Mamoru and an exasperated sales girl stand aside. Now the thing is, Usagi did not plan on buying anything and was perfectly content to just look at the clothes. Mamoru, in a desperate attempt to get Usagi to stop, offers to buy her something. Usagi reacts as if this is some grand declaration of Mamoru's love. Although it turns into a Heartwarming Moment when Usagi clarifies that she really is grateful for Mamoru's gift.
    • In the Cloverway dub, they add in the sales girl telling Darien "My sanity and I thank you." The Viz dub makes a different joke: "Why hurry? It's only been six hours."
    • Usagi meets the Victim of the Week, a fashion designer suffering from creative block, and has the balls to ask him to design a wedding dress just for her. Of course, when Usagi (being Usagi) somehow manages to get the guy to remember why he loves designing clothes, he decides he's going to make the dress for her. Usagi's response makes it clear she's not looking a gift horse in the mouth.
      Usagi: Okay! I don't know what's going on but that makes me happy!
  • In the Cloverway dub of Episode 151, Sailor Mini-Moon roasts Besu Besu's revealing outfit.
    Besu Besu: What a bunch of tacky outfits. Did you make them yourselves?
    Sailor Moon: Us?!
  • The majority of episode 152 and the girls stewing in jealousy over Rei being interviewed in a magazine.
    • Usagi getting so mad when she sees Rei on the magazine one of her odangos popped off her head.
    • Rei imagining that her popularity will increase the financial success of the shrine, somehow turning the shrine bigger and bigger until it's made of gold... and somehow leading into Rei getting a recording contract.
    • When Rei proudly declares she wishes to have an "INTERNATIONAL LIFE OF SUCCESS" there's a Imagine Spot of Rei being applauded by her adoring masses... and then Usagi lifts the fucking scene up and demands to know if Rei is still serious about it.
      • From the Cloverway dub:
        Serena: But Raye you said your dream was to be a career woman!
        Raye: Hey listen I got lots of dreams don't start dogging me.
    • "Oh poor, poor Rei-chan is in so much trouble!" Said by Rei as the girls glare at her.
    • Victim of the Week Nanakonote  shows up asking to see the "mysterious and calm" Rei while Usagi and Rei are beating each other up. Rei turns to Nanako and immediately puts the charm back on. Literally, there was no transition animation from "raspberry blowing, annoyed Rei," to "adorable Rei."
      Rei: Look up to? Oh no, I'm in trouble again!
    • The girls showing off how they can be total assholes to each other without actually being mean.
      Ami: But do Hikawa Shrine's love charms really work?
      (Usagi, Minako, and Makoto look at Ami as if they mean to say "What the fuck?" before they burst out laughing while Ami gets embarrassed)
      Minako: Oh come on!
      Usagi: If that were true, than Rei-chan over there...
      Chibi-Usa: [deadpan] She seems pretty popular right now.
      (Everyone stops laughing and stares again.)
    • A good-looking man approaches the above four to ask them a question. Usagi, Makoto, and Minako quickly decide they should all date him at once rather than compete. When they turn around, he's walking away and Ami explains he was just asking for directions, which she already gave and sent him on his way.
    • Rei being told Nanako expects her to live a life of celibacy as a shrine maiden causes Rei to react as if she's having a heart attack.
    • Mako and Minako teasing Rei by mimicking Nanako's earlier gushing, and Ami visibly getting annoyed about it.
    • VesVes manhandling poor Nanako when Nanako says she doesn't have any dreams.
    • The appearance of Lemure ManeMane, a monkey girl who mimics the appearance and powers of the girls whenever they attack. When she takes on Jupiter's form and starts acting like an idiot, Mercury exclaims "They're identical!" It then cuts to Jupiter looking pissed off and on the verge of knocking the shit out of Mercury for the declaration. Then, it looks like Mercury is going to attack. The girls hastily tell her not to, for Mercury to seriously respond "Just kidding."
  • Cloverway's dub of episode 153, when Rini learns she has cavities and Serena and Mina do their best to scare her by telling her that cavities result in a person no longer being able to eat and subsequently starving to death (the script rewrite invokes Never Say "Die", but the visuals of an angel halo with wings weren't censored, making it clear what they were really talking about). Serena then gets a bit of Laser-Guided Karma when Amy examines her wide-open mouth and notes that Serena also has cavities. Serena's response: "I don't want to have have cavities! I don't want to go to the torture clinic! Tooth Fairy, HELP ME!"
    • And there's also Raye's Deadpan Snarker reaction: "So, Darien, you gonna dump her if she needs dentures?"
    • Call-Back of Funny: Remember the time in the very first episode when Moon made a monster cry for mercy with her wailing? When Moon and Chibi Moon face a dentist-themed Lemures, they both scream in terror...and make it cry for mercy, too!
  • In the Cloverway dub of episode 154, where Jupiter and Venus get their new powers, Serena continues to ask if Lita is still mad at Mina for the mess she made the other day. Serena's continual prodding and reminders of everything Mina did causes Lita's anger to increase, leading into her screaming "I told you I'm not angry I'M IN MY HAPPY PLACE!" Raye, scared shitless, tells Serena "Way to go, meatball head," while Lita mangles a metal spatula as if it was a piece of paper.
  • A Remless/Lemures named TogeToge Jo is summoned...and while it's arguing with CereCere and is forced to eat a dream mirror (She thinks it's icky), Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Usa avert the Talking Is a Free Action and attack her. The original dub actually makes this quite humorous with her last words.
    "I haven't even done anything!"
  • The special episode wherein the guardians fight against a vampire and Mars declares they have to fight using their "special technique." Mercury declares it a Dangerous Forbidden Technique but Jupiter and Venus tell her not to worry and they unleash it. Said special technique? The "Sailor Special Garlic Attack!" They had all eaten a feast of Korean BBQ loaded with garlic the night before (and made poor Mamoru foot the bill). Can be seen in all its glory here.
  • Episode 158 finds PallaPalla/Parapara trying to steal Dream Mirrors when Moon and Chibi Moon intervene...but then they get into another argument, this one about how each finds the other's age more fun, so Parapara casts a spell that isn't quite a "Freaky Friday" Flip, switching their ages. Stuck in such an awkward situation, there's only one person they can confide while they try to get it fixed: Mamoru. His first reaction upon seeing the youthened Usagi and the grown-up Chibi-Usa? Ask if there's a hidden camera somewhere.note 
  • In episode 159, the girls are suspicious why Chibi-Usa is so lovey-dovey and figure she has a boyfriendnote  One by one the girls have some one-on-one time with her to try to learn the mystery while awkwardly trying not to be too obvious. Finally, Mamoru goes to a very fancy restaurant with Chibi-Usa. Usagi and the others follow. Hilarity Ensues.
    • When the waiter asks the girls what they want to order, they say in unison: "ice water". Only Ami timidly orders apple juice.
    • Then, Chibi-Usa gets the feeling that someone is eavesdropping on her and Mamoru. Sure enough, when the camera pans out, you can see the girls surrounding their table, hiding behind various items they've moved closer: a flower pot, a painting, a statue, and a PIANO. Chibi-Usa eventually busts the whole gang. Finally, the waiter appears. The Cloverway dub actually handles it pretty well:
      Waiter: Four ice waters...
      Amy: And one apple juice to go, turbo speed.
      • What makes this even funnier is that it's Makoto who's moving the piano! Just how strong is this girl?!
      • There're also implications that Ami's insistence on "apple juice" is actually her code for trying to get the girls to dial it down.
    • The entire thing does bear fruit as the girls believe the victim of the week is the one Chibi-Usa had been pining for and, per Ami and Minako's discussion, he is a horse-faced man.
    • The Visual Pun Running Gag throughout the episode where nearly every time someone brings up Chibi-Usa's crush a fish ends up on camera.note 
    • The girls have different ideas as to what's going on with Chibi-Usa. Makoto thinks she's found a new senpai (the Viz dub then kicks it up a notch and translates that to her being in love with an older man), while Minako insists she's two-timing.
      Sailor Moon: Who do you think you are to meddle with my daughter's love?!
      Sailor Mars: To meddle with an innocent young girl's first love?!
      Sailor Jupiter: To meddle with her love for a super-attractive old man?!
      Sailor Venus: To meddle with her first shot at two-timing?!
      Chibi-Usa: Wait a minute... Who are you guys talking about?
  • The So Bad, It's Good dubbing of Nehellenia using words like "Hunkster" and "Twerp."
  • The ridiculousness of the family of Ball Lemures (Puko, Gum Mario, and Elephanko), and the general idea that the monsters have family relations.note  Moreso, while Gum Mario isn't happy about the Sailors killing Puko, Elephanko thanks them for killing Gum Mario and goes into a gossipy ramble about why she never liked her brother-in-law.

     Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Season 5) (Stars Arc) 
  • When a young Hotaru disappeared in episode 168, the rest of the Outers basically searched the entire house from top to bottom... but left her room for last, apparently thinking there was no way she'd be there. But guess what? She was.
  • In episode 171, Mars and Neptune are paired up against Nehellenia, and Mars is amazed by Neptune's intuition as a Senshi. Neptune says that Mars herself is pretty amazing, and Mars then freaks out wondering if Neptune can read minds. A confused Neptune tells Mars that she was talking out loud.
  • In Episode 174, Ami joins the computer and is shown printing a page on aerospace engineering. However actually reading the page's text reveals the lyrics to Kenny Loggins' 'Danger Zone'.
  • Episode 176 has a truly spectacular moment between the girls and the Three Lights. Seiya manages to get a test score even worse than Usagi and Minako, so Rei appears out of nowhere (as she's been doing for the last few episodes) and grandly declares the Three Lights have to join their study group. Which leads to the following:
    • Rei bullshits how she and the rest of the girls struggled and anguished together in order to pass all their entrance exams like it was some sort of epic adventure, melodramatically grasping Usagi's hands while her smiling face is surrounded by sparkles. Usagi, Ami, Mako, and Minako have no idea what the hell Rei is doing, and all Usagi can do is stare at her's and Rei's hand holding.
    • Minako is the first to snap out of her confusion, reminding Rei that she didn't have entrance exams and causing Rei to break character and stomp on her foot to make her shut up. Even though getting the Three Lights is something Minako's wanted since she became their fan, that's not enough to stop her from screwing with Rei when the opportunity appears.
      • In the Exam Battles of the manga Minako was somewhat irritated by Rei not having entrance exams for high school yet partecipated in the others' study group to kill time, and considered enrolling there to not have exams ever again.
    • Rei quickly tries to recompose herself and very, very awkwardly tries what she thinks is flirting with the Three Lights. Their response? To slowly back up before running away.
    • Rei is then slowly ditched one by one as the girls decide to follow the Three Lights to their musical rehearsal, once again leaving Rei in the dust with the her Epic Fail. First it's Usagi and Minako, followed by Mako, who point blankly tells Rei her plan failed. When it's just Ami and Rei, Ami offers to lend her books for Rei's studying group... then ditches her in the middle of Rei's angry response like a true Troll.
      Ami: Rei, would you like to borrow my reference books?
      Ami: I guess should go see it as well...
  • All of the Inners reveal themselves to be members of the Three Lights Fan Club (with Ami of all people having the lowest number of the group). What do they do when they meet the #1 fan in episode 187? They bow down to her!
  • From 179, Taiki invited Makoto onto a live cooking show taping because he needed to bring a friend with him. Throughout most of the broadcast Mako is a frazzled mess who can't get a single coherent sentence out, while Usagi is suffering from the worst case of secondhand embarrassment and finally marches onto the set to help her. You can guess how it goes, being Usagi.
    • The girls are watching the show at Rei's place, and when they find out the recipe of the day is going to be strawberry shortcake, Rei and Minako are outraged because they're using the fresh strawberries Mako promised to use for their cake. When Usagi comes on screen:
      Rei (completely deadpan): Usagi. Why is Usagi there.
      Minako (in subdued anger): How do you describe it without using the word "cheating"?
  • * The Inner Senshi try and fail with increasing frustration to get tickets to a Three Lights' concert and music festival in episode 180. Minako freaks out like a five year old when they learn the festival is sold out, unaware that Haruka and Michiru were right behind them the whole time. Michiru greets them with an entirely innocent "Hello, how are you?" And she then whips out five tickets to the exact same festival.
    • Rei and Minako kissing their tickets in unison.
    • Usagi insinuates that Michiru did some kind of back door deal to get the tickets because she's a closeted Three Lights fan.
    • It gets better: When Usagi doesn't make it to the concert, Rei remarks that she probably got on the wrong bus. Cut to Usagi getting off at the wrong stop and, by the time she makes it to the venue, the concert is long over. She, of course, cries Ocular Gushers once Haruka tells her she missed the whole thing, until Haruka also tells her that she can take her backstage, causing Usagi to glomp her.
    • Seiya attempts to get friendly with Michiru to learn more about her. All Michiru does is return a compliment, and she somehow managed to flip the entire scenario towards her favor.
    • Usagi losing her balance at the top of the stairs and knocking Karajan in the head with her own. My is Usagi limber.
    • Funny in retrospect: Poor Sailor Iron Mouse. She looks around forlornly, wondering who could possibly have a star seed. She turns around to see a poster that announces a concert. It shows five people, namely Karajan, Michiru and the Three Lights. Guess who has a true star seed, and guess whom Sailor Iron Mouse chooses.
  • Seiya's innocent innuendo as he takes her out dancing. Poor Usagi...
  • Episode 181. Iron Mouse knows Galaxia is going to kill her soon, and finds herself being stalked on a train by the rotary phone she carried around with her. She's too scared to answer the phone but the ringing is incessant, and the phone has followed her on top of the guy she's holding onto. The funeral march plays in the background, she picks up the phone, then hangs up on Galaxia mid sentence only to freak upon realizing what she just did. Then, after all that, she sees a poster for the Three Lights and FINALLY realizes she should've targeted them from the beginning. She begins laughing maniacally out of relief while A: she accidentally chokes the poor bystander she crawled onto, and B: Ode To Joy starts playing in the background.
  • In the anime, Usagi first meeting Chibi-Chibi. She asks her her name, and only gets a "chibi" as a response. She tries asking her where she's from, same response, and where her family is same response, and, you get the idea.
  • Episode 182. The episode where Setsuna pulls out her "appearing from out of nowhere" technique. The first time she did this, the Inners are gathering around to discuss about Galaxia (Setsuna also produces an ice cream from nowhere at the end of the scene, which is made hilarious with her ever-serious face). The second time, the Inners are watching Chibi-Chibi shopping with Usagi's mom from outside the shop whilst wondering about Chibi-Chibi's identity when Setsuna suddenly appears on the window, surprising Usagi and Minako due to her appearing from seemingly nowhere. The third time she did this, Usagi was inside the police station after finding Chibi-Chibi when she realized that the other Inners are still searching for her. Three guesses as to who she encounter just outside the door.
    • After running into Setsuna, she informs Usagi that the rest of the girls had gone to look for Chibi-Chibi at a nearby Three Lights parade. Usagi quickly realizes they abandoned the search, but the kicker is that Setsuna failed to grasp the implication until explaining it to Usagi. Upon realizing this, she's immediately embarrassed.
  • Minako decides to invite Taiki to the movies... and gets uncerimoniously denied, complete with flushing sound effect. And then, when Usagi and Makoto ask her what movie they were going to see, she replies Adult Love XX. Minako planned to take a romantic interest to a porn movie.
  • Seiya getting knocked on top of Usagi. Cue Usagi throwing Seiya. "It was an accident!"
  • The entirety of episode 184, in which 12 Sailor Soldiers (Inners, Outers, Starlights, Villains) are crammed into Usagi's living room.
    • The "Chibi-Chibi cake/towel conundrum"
    • Speaking of the towel situation, watch closely to the reaction of the girls. Whilst Usagi did a double facepalm and the others are screaming in shock and embarrassment, Ami (of all people) can be seen peeking through her hands at Seiya even though he only wears a towel.
    • How everyone ended up in Usagi's house:
      • Usagi's going to be home alone that evening. Because of the recent crimes happening in the area where Usagi lives, Seiya offers to be Usagi's bodyguard just for that night.
      • After Chibi-Chibi causes the cake conundrum, the other Inners (along with Artemis) arrived, explaining that they did not think it was a good idea to leave Usagi alone with Seiya... which was followed by the aforementioned towel situation.
      • Taiki and Yaten appears just after everyone inside having a little problem with a flying cockroach on the kitchen.
      • Haruka and Michiru were driving around when the fan belt on Haruka's 2000GT breaks. As Haruka calls for repairs, Michiru noticed that the place where they stop just happened to be near Usagi's house, so they ended up to visit her to kill some time before the mechanics arrive... which lead to some uncomfortable situation between Haruka and the Three Lights, not helped by Michiru going troll mode to Haruka yet again (see below for the season's Running Gag for the two of them).
    • Sailor Moon uses the Moon Tiara Action... With a frozen pizza, as her outfit didn't have a tiara anymore!
    • You know how Sailor Uranus and Neptune's introduction is usually preceded by cherry blossom petals flying into the screen? Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow notice this too. While Lead Crow is concerned about their new foes, Siren is happily unaware admiring the petals.
      Sailor Aluminum Siren: (Smiling) Such beautiful petals!
    • Haruka and Michiru are completely taken by surprise (Luminescent Blush included) as Aluminium Siren whines about how they're standing atop the dining table; and when Eternal Sailor Moon's wings start knocking off things as she walks down the hall, forcing her to lean against the wall. While she makes her usual speech, you can hear dishes breaking in the background. Nothing like the show when it starts parodying itself. Then, when Sailor Star Maker tries to attack, everybody grabs her to stop her from doing so, completely ignoring the Monster of the Week, who receives an Offhand Backhand from Fighter when he tries to get her attention.
    • Once the Starlights show up and all were gathered in the same room, Haruka wonders to Usagi if there's enough room for all of them altogether.
    • After the Monster of the Week is defeated, Starlights, Haruka, and Michiru quickly leave Usagi's house, leaving Usagi to demand who's staying with her to clean up all of the mess that they created.
  • The girls decide to follow Chibi-Chibi in episode 186 to see what she does during the day. The following occurs:
    • The girls and the cats get chased around by an angry bull dog and have to scamper up an electrical pole. The entire sequence feels like something out of an episode Looney Tunes. And even funnier, when Minako exclaims the dog doesn't like them, Rei asks "Who did you say it doesn't like?!"
    • Usagi thinks Chibi-Chibi's getting her candy from some world of sweets. When Seiya hears this, they're confused. Minako hears it, and it doesn't even register at this point in her relationship with Usagi.
    • It turns out Chibi-Chibi is friends with Jotaro Kiriyama, a significantly wealthy older man and collector of antiquities whom even the Three Lights know of. While everybody is watching Chibi-Chibi from outside Jotaro's home, Rei notices a carving put on display. Yaten explains the carving's modern art and worth millions, but Rei just gets pissed off because she clearly can't see how it's worth that much. She then falls face first into the carving and almost wrecks it, causing Yaten, Rei, and Usagi to freak out and desperately try to stop the carving from breaking. Bonus for Seiya clutching Taiki's shoulders with a look of unbridled horror on their face as the others scramble.
    • The usually aloof Yaten seems very keen on making a good impression with Jotaro Kiriyama, and is just a little frustrated that he has no idea who the Three Lights are (despite being one of their sponsors).
    • After Jotaro is attacked by Sailor Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow:
      Eternal Sailor Moon: I won't forgive you for disturbing an old man's love for a small child!
    • The battle against the old art collector in episode 186 is hilarious, especially when he tries to get a power up... and his pose is a Shout-Out to Chibi-Usa's usual invocation of Pegasus in the much maligned Super S season. Refuge in Audacity at its finest!
    • Throughout this episode, Chibi-Chibi is carrying an antique porcelain doll. Usagi learns the doll is worth money and is worrying about Chibi-Chibi breaking it. After beating the episode's Phage, Usagi congratulates Chibi-Chibi on keeping the doll safe. She then throws it on the floor for no reason.
  • The entire relationship between Siren and Lead Crow and the ungodly amount of parallels between them and Usagi and Rei.
    • In their official introduction episode, Siren points out Lead Crow didn't have to follow her to Earth since she wasn't reassigned. Lead Crow gets increasingly flustered before she starts screaming "I came here because I was worried about you, my rival!" Crow then tells Siren to just go and find the target that Crow herself picked for Siren... only for Siren to pull out her huge lunchbox and ask if Crow would like to join her.
    • When Siren and Crow head to the police station where their target is, Crow is at first smirking as said target heads their way... and walks completely by them with Siren doing nothing and Crow wondering what just happened. Siren asks if now is the time for her to exchange her business card.
    • When their target at Usagi's house turned out to be a blank, Siren reminds Crow that everything they did up to that point had been Crow's doing, and that Siren hadn't done anything before Crow dragged her out of her house.
      Sailor Lead Crow: You know, I'm working very hard to get you credit for this and you haven't even done anything!
      Sailor Aluminum Siren: Wow! Thank you so much for your consideration.
    • When they attack the antique dealer without formally introducing themselves:
      Sailor Aluminum Siren: Is it okay? We haven't even introduced ourselves!
      Sailor Lead Crow: That's not what we need to worry about!
    • Crow gets angry at Siren when she starts eating chips while Crow is explaining who their next target is. Siren responds to Crow's annoyance by asking if she wanted some... by offering the chip she just took a bite out of.
  • Sonoko Ijuuin, the Victim of the Week from episode 187, and everything about her ludicrous existence. Fans think of her as if someone attempted to make a clone of Mamoru and Michiru's DNA that had Gone Horribly Wrong, or as a refuge from a generic shoujo series or from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Highlights include:
    • Her first appearance in the episode has her holding a long stemmed red rose for no particular reason while the cheesy background music sometimes used for Haruka and Michiru plays.
    • The moment she appears before the Inner Senshi, Ami, Rei, Mako, and Minako recognize her as the #1 member and president of the Three Lights Fan Club and immediately bow to her. Minako also grabs Chibi-Chibi and starts smothering her when the child doesn't follow suit.
    • Her random cameo in episode 193, once again with a rose and once again for no reason other than because.
  • The Senshi are in full protective mode of Usagi now that they know that Galaxia's minions (well, minion, since the other members of the season's Quirky Mini Boss Squad have been killed off) know who she is and that she has the Star Seed they're looking for. Among the supplies they give her (which are hilarious on their own, since they include a gas mask and a TAZER) is a whistle. Usagi being Usagi, she picks it up and before the others can stop her, blows it. Cut to an exterior shot of the city and a sudden rumbling, a cloud of dust being kicked up. And then Rei throws open the classroom door, to the others' stunned shock.
    Rei: Did you call?
    Usagi: R, Rei-chan...
    Rei: You did, didn't you?!
    • And she brought her book bag with her.
    • While walking Usagi to school, Rei and Minako point out how the enemy could be disguised as any of the random bystanders around them, pointing to various citizens and freaking them out. When Minako exclaims it could also be the engineer working on the nearby electrical pole, Rei tells Minako to stop being silly. Except the technician is Tin Nyanko. Later in the day, Minako says the enemy could be posing as a student. The person she points to? Tin Nyanko again.
  • The Inners need to speak with Taiki and the best opportunity to do so is when he presents the prize at a video game tournament. All of Rei, Makoto, and Minako go up against a little boy who they think will be an easy opponent. Cue a Curb-Stomp Battle against all three. And Mako didn't even move her character when it was her turn!
    • Right beforehand, Minako, Rei, and Makoto dress up in costumes and want Ami to do the same. She's so embarrassed by the idea that she has an out-of-character moment by shaking her head and repeatedly shouting, "No!"
      Rei, Mako, and Minako: AMI MIZUNO, PREPARE YOURSELF!
    • Ami whips out a costume of her own after the girls get defeated by the kid, for the sake of avenging them. When Ami wins, Minako sheds tears of joy because Ami's "Finally taking this seriously."

     Movies and Specials 
  • The first scene after the title in the Sailor Moon R movie starts out all lovey-dovey then starts piling on the funny. First, confirming Mamo's suspicions, the girls and Chibi-Usa are trying to peek in on Mamo and Usagi. As they bicker, they shake the shelf they're hiding behind and alert Mamo who slips away. All the while, Usagi has been standing there with her eyes closed, waiting for Mamo to kiss her. So, after a minute or so wondering what's going on, she finally opens her eyes...and looks right at a caterpiller being dangled by Chibi-Usa on Rei's shoulders! Cue Freak Out as Usagi crashes to the floor and crabwalks to the end of the aisle, drawing laughs from the girls.
  • From the Sailor Moon S movie, Luna has fallen in love with a human who happened to find and take care of her while she was ill. After a conversation with Usagi about romance and potpourri, she slips onto her vanity in the middle of the night and tries to open the potpourri jar to sprinkle some on herself. As she struggles with the top, Usagi and Chibi-Usa both murmur Mamo's name in their sleep, unnerving Luna just enough that, when the top finally pops open, she stumbles and falls off the vanity. Being a cat, she lands on her feet. The funny part comes when the jar rolls on the vanity, sprinkling the potpourri all over her...before the jar itself falls off and lands on her head!
  • The short movie "Ami's First Love":
  • This Ford commercial, where Usagi gushes in her typical fantasies about wanting to own a Ford Fusion, and Luna shills the car while reminding her she's too young to drive. Points for getting the official dub actors instead of sound-alikes.

     From the manga 
  • In the manga after Chibi-Usa returns to the 30th century at the end of the Black Moon arc, Mamoru and Usagi proceed to kiss but are suddenly interrupted by their future daughter falling on their heads again with a letter from Neo Queen Serenity showing us that after 1000 years, Usagi never changes.
  • In the "Exam Battle Stories" mini-series, Ami is determined to not let anything interrupt the group's study sessions. When she calls Makoto out on her escapism, there's this exchange:
    Makoto: [falls over]
    Rei: Oh no, she's dead!
    Ami: There's no time to waste on dying! Let's tackle these problems head-on and solve them!
    • There's also Ami trying to encourage everyone by quoting Henry V, to which Rei responds with a counter quote from Sir Francis Bacon that opposes the idea, making Usagi and Minako wonder if Rei meant "Bacon" like the cooked meat.
    • At the end of the story, she was drinking what she claimed was tea but was in fact sake, and passed out in a drunken sleep, much to the shock of Rei who found her cup still smelling of alcohol. Minako speculates that the alcohol breath K Oed one of the villains.
  • Near the end of S, the Inners are caught and pulled into a Lotus-Eater Machine by the Witches 5. As she blacks out, Mercury begins to think, "...It's true! I'd actually rather study a lot more! I want more data! If I don't study more, I'll never get into medical school! But, because of Sailor Moon, here I am taking electric shocks, all the while ignoring my studies."
  • In the manga of Super S, after Chibi-Usa and Usagi get their ages swapped, the other senshi arrive at the hospital where Mamoru is. Upon seeing the aged Chibi-Usa, they all instantly accuse her of being Black Lady.
  • How the Three Lights in the manga earned the enmity of Ami, Haruka and Michiru: Taiki beat Ami's score in a test (by one point), Seiya became more popular than Haruka with girls (something Michiru said in the anime just for trolling sake), and Yaten criticized Michiru's choice of lipstick and stole her spot as the school's make-up expert. Bonus point for Michiru having just told Haruka there was no need to become so hostile toward them before Yaten made his comment and turned Michiru homicidal.
  • In the Parallel Sailor Moon story, the Inners all getting miffed at Usagi when they learn she has so much more money to spend than they do as they and their husbands are all either deeply in debt or living in Perpetual Poverty.
    • Made even better because Ami and Rei are actually rich as teenagers.
  • During the final battle with Galaxia, Sailor Moon declares that Chibi-Usa's presence means she's fated to win, as she's still going to have a daughter from Mamoru... And Galaxia immediately punts Mamoru in the Cauldron to make it impossible for him to be revived, making Chibi-Usa disappear into thin air.
  • In one of the English translation notes for the manga, it explains what VHS tapes and video rental stores were to readers too young to have used them. The notes jokingly says they were made "long, long ago" and describes them being played in "an ancient machine called a VCR".

     Meta Regarding Sailor Moon Crystal 
  • The preview of the 2014 reboot had people worrying that Usagi was going to be less of a klutz and less of a comical character.note  Turns out, with the release of the first episode, that this is NOT the case. Like the original, it starts with Usagi sleeping in and being late for school - but in addition, she ends up falling down the stairs and landing on her butt.

     Sailor Moon Drops 
  • After Usagi hears Mamoru's tragic backstory.
    Usagi: I used to think you were the most despicable thing I'd ever seen.
    Usagi: But now…
    Usagi: You're maybe Number 2.
    Mamoru: (smiles) Thank you.

  • Sailor Moon on ice by Evgenia Medvedeva.
  • During Florida Supercon 2015, one of the men in the con said that his friends make fun of him because he is watching Sailor Moon. Stephanie Sheh (Usagi's voice actress in the Viz dub) responds: "Real men watch Sailor Moon!"
  • Rika Fukami singing a cover of Venus (based on the Shocking Blue original) shouldn't be this... Except she's Sailor Venus' voice actress, and that's exactly the kind of prank she'd do. And in fact, in another continuity her idol counterpart's best known song blatantly takes advantage of the fact Japanese pronounce "c'est la vie" and "Sailor V" the same way...
  • In the scene where Mamoru was forced to transform into Tuxedo Mask in front of Sailor Moon and Zoicite, apparently in one of the takes, Mamoru's seiyuu chanted, "Tuxedo Power, Make Up!" which made everyone crack up laughing.
  • This video of the dub actresses ad-libbing a conversation using drawings.
  • Stephanie Morgenstern's Twitter account states that she's a "lapsed Sailor Scout".note 
  • One of the cover designs for the Season 1 Pioneer DVD boxes features Sailor Moon, as well as Queen Beryl. The Queen is hogging up the cover, while Moon stands behind her, having a look of disappointment and just shaking her head.