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    Season 1 
  • The episode previews all have these in the form of character dialogues note .
  • The cleaning robots, whenever they appear.
    "You Hillbilly Samurai!".
  • Misaki Yata's theme song. WE ARE TRYING TO SAVE THE WHALES!
  • Whenever Neko, in her cat form, starts yowling. She's just the tiniest little kitten trying her hardest to look intimidating.
  • Episode 2:
    • Yashiro's nonsense-spouting in an effort not to be killed.
      Yashiro: But I'm innocent!
      Kuroh: *points him to the video showing him clearly guilty*
      Yashiro: W-Well, maybe I don't look innocent... but you know what they say, right? Don't judge a book by its cover! It's what's on the inside that counts!
    • Kuroh and Shiro's reactions upon seeing Neko in her birthday suit.
    • At the end, when Kuroh closes his eyes in his usual cool and composed manner, the viewer realizes that Neko has drawn eyes onto his eyelids, making him look ridiculous. The background music even stops abruptly for comedic effect.
    • Kuroh running through the wall Neko created only to crash into a real one.
  • Episode 3: When Misaki and Rikio crash into Izumo's bar get in a fight and promptly get their skulls crushed by said bartender. After Misaki explains what he and Rikio were fighting about, he resumes fighting while dangling in midair. It's only when Rikio and Misaki apologize to the bar that Izumo clears up the misunderstanding.
    • Kuroh taking a break from trying to kill Shiro... and eating a meal with him and Neko.
    Kuroh: *sips drink* Okay, time to kill you.
  • Episode 4:
    • When Yashiro's cleaning robot gets buggy and first mistakes his bag as trash, and when Yashiro tries to retrieve it, it recognizes him as trash and tries to throw him away too. This, however, turns out to have actual plot significance...
    • Neko jumping on the cleaning robot to defend Shiro.
    • During the preparations for the school festival, one lovestruck kid stole the school fireworks and set all of them off at the top of a clocktower while screaming a love-confession to the school. While watching this, one of the bystanders on the ground accidentally holds his torch a little too close to a stand and sets the whole thing on fire. Then, another student who for some reason has a horse loses control of that horse and it goes on a rampage. Then a sprinkler breaks and a toilet overflows. And then Shiro free-fell hundreds of feet and crash landed through the roof of the gym.
    • Yashiro explaining things he got from Kuroh as being from "his wife", with Kuroh threatening to cut out his tongue.
    • The President of the Student Council berating the trio for walking around dressed in their costumes ( which she describes as " outrageous ", even mistaking Kuroh's sword for one of the festival's props. Kuroh's indignation, and Neko bursting into gales of laughter before she runs away with the former at her heels is pretty funny.
    • Neko in a traditional costume riding another cleaning robot outdoors while Shiro and Kuroh are speaking with some students on campus.
    • Yata and Kamamoto dramatically prepare to enter Ashinaka High School to find Yashiro - only to be stopped comically at the gate because they don't have passes.
  • Episode 5: Kamamoto unintentionally scaring a couple of high school girls that he wants to question before getting smacked by Yata who is blushing furiously as he scolds him; when the said girls run away in fright after he apologizes, Yata smacks Kamamoto again while reminding him never to threaten/scare women.
  • Episode 7: After Shiroh comes back for Kuroh, the latter asks him why he and Neko haven't left, only to be cut off by Reisi casually striking the back of his head with his sheathed sword to silence him, resulting in him falling flat on his face once again.
  • Episode 8: Seri drowns a traditional Japanese sweet with disgusting-looking red bean paste, making it look disgusting. She then serves it to Munakata, who doesn't want to eat it, but being the polite guy he is instead of out-right rejecting it he sets it aside when Seri's not looking. When Fushimi arrives Seri asks him to come sit next to them. Once Fushimi sees Seri's surprise dish he replies that he's fine standing where he is.
  • Episode 11: After locating, and saving Kukuri, the group is ambushed by Mikoto. Despite how serious the scene is, one can't help but laugh at how Neko snarls menacingly at the Red King, making it almost hilarious; when Kuroh gets tossed aside like a sack of potatoes, her hair stands on end as she uses her powers to distract Mikoto so that she, Shiro, and Kukuri can make their way to Kuroh. When Mikoto asks her if she's the one who created the illusion around him, her guilty/cat is out of the bag look is priceless.
    • Munakata carrying Eric (the Homra member who stabbed him while possessed) unconscious, over his shoulder, and then just dumping him on the ground.
  • Episode 12: Shiro, Neko, and Seri flying through the window that Anna opened for them, and making a crash landing. Neko and Seri's reactions after that, along with Anna's bug - eyed stare are absolutely hilarious.
    • The Gold King calls all of the phones, and when Kusanagi picks up, he says, "There should be a man standing somewhere near you with a silly look on his face. Put him on the line, would you?" Cut to Shiro, with a silly look on his face.
  • Episode 13: during the opening scene, although Munakata seems to be wearing down, and Mikoto's hand is charred, when the latter asks Munakata why he is holding back, and points out that he can do better, Munakata shows that he has a sense of humor by pointing out that it's because he's got no glasses on. When Mikoto asks him if he's taking their fight seriously, Munakata answers that one can never take a fight lightly when facing the Red King himself, resulting in an annoyed Mikoto asking him why he can't speak normally.
    • The fact that, at the very end, only Saruhiko and Misaki are left on the island - outside of the Kings and Kuroh - because they are idiots who refuse to stop fighting. Then Kamamoto comes in and casually picks up both of them and gets them off the island, carrying them over his shoulders, despite Misaki's fussing and flailing.

    K: Missing Kings 
  • The sheer concept that Rikio apparently seasonally alternates between being Gonk and being Bishōnen. It takes Kuroh a moment to recognize him.
  • One of the Green Clansmen is a masked man who can manipulate surroundings; this includes walking through walls.
    • Fushimi looping the footage of the Green clansman walking through the wall, over and over.
    • Fushimi and Munakata actually getting into some kind of petty struggle over the proper terminology. Munakata continues to call it a ninja just to annoy Fushimi.
    Munakata: Just like a ninja passing through walls. (challenging-glasses-sparkle)
    Fushimi: (challenge-accepted-glasses-sparkle) This masked man—
    Munakata: This ninja—
    Fushimi: (clears throat) This masked clansman is probably as highly skilled as Mishakuji.
    Munakata: No, this is ninjutsu—
    Fushimi: In any case!
    • Followed by Munakata's disgruntled little scoff in response to Fushimi's "Stop Having Fun" Guys.
    • On a similar note, other characters make fun of the Green ninja clansman as well. One character even calls him a "cosplay ninja".
    • And then, it turns out the ninja is a woman at the end. Yata's reaction is priceless.
  • While casing out the Green Clan's headquarters, Kuroh shoots down Neko's suggestion to just break in through the front and states that only an idiot would do such a thing. Cue Yata.
  • Yata skateboarding and kicking ass inside the Gold King's tower... until he runs into a lingerie ad. He is so flustered he loses his balance and falls off his skateboard.
  • After he runs into Kuroh, Yata calls him another type of dog, and Kuroh reacts, and he eggs him on. Only, instead of slugging it out, both boys decide to hit the surrounding JUNGLE mooks, and after they're done, Neko cuts in, shoving them away from each other by their faces.
  • After Yata grudgingly asks Kuroh if Neko will be alright, he ends up hearing how Neko is having a blast. Kuroh then tries to encourage Yata by playing out one of Ichigen's quoted poems... complete with a Bishie Sparkle and, for plus points, smiling at him. Yata called it creepy just like Shiro. To say that Kuroh is upset is an Understatement.
  • Neko fighting with Kotosaka the parrot.
  • When the trio of Anna, Misaki, and Kusanagi approach their counterparts in Scepter 4.


    K: Return of Kings 
  • Season 2, Episode 2. When Benzai asks where Neko is, and Kuroh reveals that she ran away because she didn't want to come, Benzai's reaction is pretty funny.
    • After Munakata's offer of protection is refused by Kuroh, Reisi decides to have little fun and let his childish side out; he backs Kuroh into a wall, expressing disappointment, and saying that he thought that they'd had a good chemistry together; the flustered, somewhat terrified look on Kuroh's face at Munakata's teasing is priceless.
  • Season 2, Episode 3. Neko forgot something at HOMRA's HQ, so Anna decided to go out to return it personally. Yata stops her and responsibly reminds her that as the Red King (and one that isn't at Suoh's level yet), she shouldn't be out doing errands by herself. After having done a small speech about wanting to become someone she can rely on, he naturally offers to do it for her. She accepts, and cheerfully hands over the item in question: Neko's panties. Cue Yata's predictable reaction. Bonus points for:
    Kusanagi: "You'll get arrested."
    • The short story where the cleaning robots catch him with the panties, and Saruhiko has to get him out of it, while a crowd gathers. They continue trying to push the panties on each other to give them back to Neko until Awashima comes along. They make her return the panties.
  • Episode 4: Neko using Kuroh's back as a springboard as she leaps at Shiro in an ecstatic greeting, leaving an annoyed Kuroh seething as she hogs Shiro's attention.
    • Shiro calls a meeting between the Silver, Blue and Red his dorm room at Ashinaka.
      • Misaki complains that they can't have a round table meeting at a coffee table that isn't even round since it's RECTANGULAR.
    • Munakata calmly, but sarcastically cuts through Neko's declaration that she's not letting Shiro out of her sight by saying that they had better proceed with their " Coffee table Conference. " Although Munakata is all business, it's obvious that he doesn't lack a sense of humor.
    • If you look closely, Neko is seen twirling around her retrieved panties and accidentally flinging them at Kuroh off screen (you can hear him go "umph" as they hit him); they later fall off his head as the meeting takes place.
  • Episode 5 : Neko giving her own version of the fight between Munakata and Kuroh in Season 1, Episode 7; her choice of words, and the way she describes it, along with Kuroh's reaction is hilarious.
    Neko: Bitch Slap!
  • Episode 6: At the beginning of the episode, Hisui begins to explain the situation at hands and his plans to his fellow clansmen, but once in a while, he pauses as he notices that the others do not appear to be listening. And in those instances, the background music also stops. In addition, the other J-rankers coming up with various excuses as to why to they are not listening to their King.
  • Episode 10: Reisi Munakata and Mikoto Suoh's dialogue as they are fighting; their constantly repeating each other's lines is really funny despite the fact that they are fighting. Both men even seem to be enjoying themselves as well.
    Munakata: Honestly, you...
    Mikoto: "Make me sick?"
    Munakata: Yes, precisely. ( smiling )
    Mikoto: Well then we agree on that. The title " King of Order " suits you well since you constantly try to meddle in people's lives with your long, and boring lectures. Seriously, you...
    Munakata: "Make me sick?"
    Mikoto: Yeah, exactly. ( smiling )
  • Episode 12: After Fushimi wonders why he ever bothered accepting the mission Munakata gave him, Yata calls out to him, cussing at him at the same time. Sukuna seems a bit bewildered at Yata's choice of words, and Fushimi smiles, stating that he can't believe that the idiot ( Yata ) came looking for him after everything that happened between them.
    Yata: Saruhiko!
    Fushimi: Misaki..?
    Yata: You bastard! Where the hell are you, Saruhiko?!
    • Even better is this little exchange, which is also a CMOH and CMOA. Sukuna isn't really sure how to deal with it, mostly because they make it sound cool:
    Yata: Red Clansman, Yata Misaki and...! (Beat) Say it!
    Fushimi: (grumbling) Blue Clansman, Fushimi Saruhiko!
    Both: (suddenly enthusiastic) Will take you on!
  • Episode 13: After the Slates are destroyed, meaning Munakata isn't in danger of a Damocles Down anymore Seri decides to give Munakata an Armor-Piercing Slap. The next time we see Munakata, his cheek is still red where Seri slapped him.

  • Radio Drama 2:
    (At an arcade)
    Yata: Which one do you want to play, Anna?
    Anna: Which one... is red?
    Yata: How about that one zombie game? There will be 'red' coming out once you shoot them!
    Anna: I'll play that.

    Totsuka: Anna's clothes have really complicated designs... Can I take a look?
    Anna: Uh-huh.
    Totsuka: O-OUCH!!! Yata, why did you hit me?!
    Yata: Weren't you peeking under her SKIRT?! Are you a lolicon?!
    Totsuka: I wasn't peeking! What a terrible thing to say about other people! I was just picking up the frills on the top! Don't imagine such weird things... Aren't you the one who's a lolicon?!
    Anna: You can take a peek...
    All: NO!!!
  • In the Boys Hot Spring Radio Drama: Kuroh goes on his usual 'Ichigen is awesome' rant until Fushimi interrupts it by calling Kuroh creepy. Kuroh however unconsciously replies that he doesn't like being called creepy by Fushimi of all people.
  • The beginning of Fushimi and Yata's Drama CD - Fushimi was the interviewer and Yata was the interviewee, but the former ended up answering most of the questions for the latter, many of which even the latter did not know himself (e.g. his current height).
    • In fact, every time they interact without fighting is just hilarious. Special mention goes to Saruhiko signing up for the hero show Misaki works at because he is bored. He then blows the show and bickers with Misaki about how HOMRA doesn't pay taxes, SCEPTER 4 is a bunch of weirdos, the importance of drinking milk, eating vegetables and that Misaki's monster costume has a "height limit". Except for the end, it's hysterical.
  • K: Days of Blue: Reisi Munakata finds a Strain baby outside of Scepter 4 headquarters, and sends his men into an uproar when they see him carrying the infant around; they even speculate if the child is his. When the baby starts crying after he hands him to Kamo, resulting in the windows and computer screens cracking, he belatedly informs his men that the baby is a Strain. After Reisi leaves the baby in their care so he can attend to business, everyone ( except Fushimi who is minding his own business ) goofs up until Kamo takes charge, and feeds the baby, before putting him to sleep. Seri even orders everyone into battle formation, only to have Fushimi snark that the baby is hungry; Seri's reaction to that observation is priceless.
  • K: Memories of Red: Tatara and the others decide to go fishing, and leave Anna in Mikoto's care - with Tatara's camera. Anna follows Mikoto around with the camera, and he has to throw her out when she innocently tries to film him in the shower. They spend the day together, going places, ending up at the library at one point where they run into Reisi Munakata who is surprised by their presence. When Anna tells him that she and Mikoto are on a date, the embarrassed Red King lifts her by the collar like a kitten, and leaves. An amused, but ever polite Reisi teasingly apologizes for interrupting the duo, and Mikoto mutters at him to shut up as they leave. The rest is so hilariously heartwarming that you'd forget how badass HOMRA really is.


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