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Junjou Romantica is the series that is best known for many humorous and ridiculous situations that happen (quite) a lot.

  • The very first episode opens with Misaki returning home only to find his brother being "harassed" by his obviously gay friend Usagi. Misaki immediately turns into a glacier.
    Usagi(mocking): So you are Takahiro's brother? You don't look like him at all.
  • " the floor. * sliiide* "
  • Miyagi explaining to his male lover Shinobu why it's impossible for there to be anything between him and Hiroki:
    Miyagi: Shinobu, there's nothing to worry about! Kamijou is GAAAAAAY.
    Shinobu: So you two are doing it!
    Miyagi: What?! I'm not gay!
  • When Nowaki tries to get Hiroki to take a bath with him:
    Nowaki: Trust me, it'll be fun!
    Hiroki: It won't be fun.
    Nowaki: Yes, it will.
    Hiroki: No, it won't!!
    Hiroki (to himself afterwards, looking completely bitter): It was fun...
  • Anytime Misaki freaks out, or lays on the ground in defeat.
    • Especially the scene in which Usagi tells Takahiro that Misaki wants to live with him (rather than moving away to live with his brother). He basically makes Misaki out to be the most overly dramatic uke cliche possible without actually revealing that Usagi and Misaki are together. Meanwhile, in another room, Misaki can hear everything he's say, and falls to the floor- and when Takahiro overhears the THUD, Usagi claims he's looking after a neighbor's Pomeranian.
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  • [Reading one of Usagi's BL novels as homework]
    Misaki: Oh, pssht! So this is what Usagi wants me to do? This is all? This is it? Ha ha ha! I'm in college now, of course I... WOULD NEVER FUCKING DO THIS!!!! (launches the book out the window)
    Usagi: My housemate hasn't spoken a word to me for a week. What could be the problem?
    Hiroki: Whatever it is, I know it's 100% your fault.
  • Miyagi starts asking Hiroki about a hypothetical kid who might have a hypothetical obsession with him. Hiroki plays along until Miyagi admits this hypothetical kid is a guy. Hiroki thinks he's talking about him and Nowaki:
    Hiroki: What has this whole thing been about? If you've got a problem with me, why don't you say it to my face! What would you know, professor?!
    Miyagi: Don't get into a panic all by yourself!
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  • Shinobu cooking. That is all. It's even more hilarious in the OVA where he makes a giant horrid-looking hamburger.
  • Hiroki asking how tall Nowaki is.
    Nowaki: 186 cm.
    Hiroki: You piss me off!
  • Misaki guessing Usami's family background by thinking of stereotypical cliches that Japanese people think about rich people. He actually gets it right.
  • When Takahiro brings his wife and their son Mahiro to visit Misaki and Usagi. The adorable Mahiro wants to hug Usagi however:
    Mahiro: "Hug! Hug"
    'Usagi Omnious aura
    Mahiro scared
    Misaki (Trying to salvage the situation): Mahiro! Misaki-oniisama will play with you!
  • Shinobu chopping a pumpkin, that's all.
    • Miyagi realizes that their previous "dating places" (Library, Second-hand Bookstore, Matsuo Basho Cafe and Museum, and Antique Store) are all so weird even for his taste.
  • In helping Misaki try and get a job, Usagi's mock interview includes his Junai Romantica books as part of the questions. Misaki is not pleased and displays this with his Slasher Smile.
    • Later during the interview, Isaka indeed uses the Junai Romanitca books as one of the questions for Misaki. Fortunately, since he is prepared he answers the question perfectly.
    • And when they had to watch over Mahiro for a few days...
    Mahiro: Misaki! Uu! (Attempts to pronouce Usagi's name)
    'Misaki: Oh, you met him before right? Did you remember his name.
    Mahiro: Unagi! {cue Color Failure)
  • Isaka imagining various scenarios of Kaoru having an affair.
    • After the problem is cleared, Isaka finds out the one of the meanings of pink rose is "you're with a baby".
  • Season 3 Episode 8, Misaki is unable to wake up from bed because of Usagi and Suzukis.
    • Shortly after, Usagi refuses to complete his manuscript for his lastest novel. Unfortunately for him as Aikawa is behind the door and she proceeds to break hell loose.
  • Misaki totally freaks out when he runs into Hiroki outside the university.

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