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Funny / Jungle King Tar-Chan

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Funny moments in Jungle King Tar-chan. Considering the manga was originally a Gag Series, these appear in droves.

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     32 Western Clans Arc 
  • Tar-chan's preliminary fights. His method of knocking out fighters consists of scrubbing their crotches with soap and impersonating pandas.

    Corgan Arc 
  • Alibaba attempting to fix Lisa's car, only to completely wreck it. He then proceeds to flirt with Lisa, only for Lisa to reveal that she is actually Tar-chan's step sister.
  • Alexander having a total panic attack when he learns that the Queen of Arabia is pregnant with his child.
  • Michael showing Tar-chan his 80kg gold-plated armour, only for Tar-chan to begin eating it (apparently to give it to Jane, who refuses anyways).
  • Alibaba's entire costume could be this. Red skintight spandex suit with black thong and a giant X on the head. Alibaba even adds a testicle attachment to tease Ryo-shihan.
  • Tar-chan planting a tree beside Michael's grave, then peeing on it.

  • Everytime Tar-chan imitates a flying squirrel by stretching his scrotum between his feet and legs. He never fails to embarrass someone with it. Even funnier is that this is actually one of Tar-chan's best moves that is rarely defeated, with him being able to fly for one minute.

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