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I'll always be with you LLENN-chan!
  • Let's say this again; chibi girl wearing pink combat suit and bunny-ears helmet, armed with a P90 sub-machine gun...
  • Team Battle Royale gamemode was just introduced into Bullet of Bullets at the start of the storyline. Pitohui explained that someone, apparently a novelist who is also a gun-nut, wrote to the game developer Zasker to have the gamemode included in the tournament. Considering that the author is so into guns their penname is partly based on a gun manufacturer, it's safe to say it's a Self-Insert.
    Pitohui: "Well, a gun maniac alone is unusual enough, but a novelist is even more so. What the heck is with such a combination? If you see such a guy walking around town, you’d better arrest him."
  • Episode 1:
    • When LLENN is told by M to move out from the forest, she later finds out that he's taking advantage of her position as squad leader since she's the one who gets detected by scan sweeps during Squad Jam games. M doesn't see a reason why LLENN is pissed, which makes her pissed even more.
    • Seeing LLENN run so fast she blitzes down the highway is both funny and awesome!
    • When LLENN takes out an entire elite squad, the final survivor asks in shock "Are you human?!" as the bullet prediction line beams onto his head and LLENN sprays him with bullets.
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    • Jack, the last survivor of his team, yells out to his teammates instead of checking their status, resulting in an enemy pretending to be a teammate long enough to get Jack out of cover and riddle him with bullets. As the gunman smugly notes how stupid Jack is, he then observes how he's the last one on his team before getting Killed Mid-Sentence by an enemy he hadn't noticed.
  • Episode 2:
    • When Karen goes to buy a copy of ALO, the store clerk is intimidated by the height of this girl.
    • Karen's attempts at converting between games leads to some hilarious results. In one game she's an overweight pilot, in another game she's a Frieza-like alien wearing a bikini, an Amazonian warrior, an orc, and a mermaid. The shock of her still being tall and sometimes ugly causes the Amusphere to register her high heart rate and log her out, which eventually leads her to fall out of the bed onto the ground.
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    • Upon finally finding GGO, LLENN is overjoyed she's now an adorable little girl, looking at her reflection and pinching her cheeks in joy, before prancing about saying "kawaii!" much to the confusion of onlookers.
    • LLENN trying out the GGO tutorial has her being yelled at by an NPC Drill Sergeant Nasty, who calls her a dung beetle, orders her to answer with "Yes, ma'am!" and leaves her constantly terrified.
    • When the NPC asks why LLENN came to this world, LLENN answers "to be cute", which the NPC angrily corrects her with "TO SURVIVE!"
    • The drill sergeant starts with calling LLENN a "dung beetle" as an insult, and doesn't let up during LLENN's training.
      "Excellent, dung beetle! Never pick up a sniper rifle again."
    • Pitohui explains she has tattoos on her cheeks to keep male players from hitting on her. She suggests LLENN try it out too, though LLENN is less than keen about this idea.
    • After LLENN buys and names P-chan, Pitohui gives a lecture that makes it sound like P-chan is a pet, telling LLENN she needs to "feed P-chan plenty of enemy blood."
  • Episode 3:
    • When Pitohui asks LLENN if she's ever heard of Squad Jam, LLENN mistakes it for "squid jam", as in jam made from squid. Pitohui has to explain to her what the individual English words mean.
    • While Pitohui tries to get LLENN to feel excited for Squad Jam and convince her to sign up, LLENN sarcastically asks if Pito expected her to go "Yay! Let's do it!"
    • After LLENN agrees to partaking in the Squad Jam, Pitohui starts excitedly patting her on the shoulders so hard that it hurts her.
    • M and LLENN meeting for the first time. LLENN is immediately intimidated by his size and his serious expression, to the point him so much making a move or uttering a word will startle her.
    • During M's assessment of LLENN's abilities, he tells her to tumble down a slope, which causes her to become dizzy and gain spiral eyesnote . She then recovers and notices M's MK-14 EBR rifle, during which M explains in detail the weapons he carries. After his explanation LLENN is still lying on the ground looking up at him from an upside down position.
    • Just before Squad Jam begins, M gives LLENN a very vivid and graphical lesson on how to use a knife to kill an enemy, highlighting in great detail all of the weak points of the human anatomy where the knife should be aimed at. Even holding the knife to LLENN's throat to demonstrate, leading a wide eyed LLENN to wonder who M is in real life. After the explanation LLENN answers with a "Ohhhhh."
  • Episode 4:
  • Episode 5:
    • Team SHINC are heard chanting a campfire-style song about hunting the tasty rabbit, with the rabbit being LLENN.
    • While LLENN is analyzing her past victories and planning her next move, she suddenly hears a voice encouraging her to keep moving forward and win. When LLENN looks for the source of the voice, P-chan sprouts eyes and is revealed to be the one talking to her. LLENN freaks out!
    • After LLENN decided to face her enemies head on, noting she was most effective at close range, Team SHINC find her casually sitting on a rock waiting for them and asks "looking for me?", Eva shoots at her and LLENN ducks backwards using a Bullet Time, all the while keeping a sweet smile on her face.
    • When LLENN sees M has fallen after his Mexican Standoff shootdown, she rushes over to see if he's alright. She finds M with his head facing the same way as his space battleship armor shell, causing LLENN to freak, believing his head has twisted around. Then when M sits up, she freaks again thinking he's a ghost! Turns out M was wearing his backpack from the frontside to keep him from getting hit.
    • The moment is equally Heartwarming, but the fact that the badass Amazon Brigade that LLENN struggled against for the past episode-and-a-half is IRL the group of adorable schoolgirls she passes by every day.
  • Episode 5.5
    • Pito's Blood Knight laughter at LLENN taking people out.
    • Pitohui telling M she didn't care about what he did during the Squad Jam at all and to rush over his parts.
    • The entirety of the post-credits short scenes, where allegedly the SJ sponsor had taken footage and edited in silly lines of dialogue and sound effects which are more akin to bloopers:
      • LLENN and M being teleported into the forest, has them repeatedly trying to reset but continuously being teleported back into the woods after 108 times.
      • LLENN giving a completely incoherent string of words to describe the enemies.
      M: All right, I completely understand.
      LLENN: You're impressive.
      • When Team ZEMAL have ambushed LLENN and continuously shoot at her, the opening theme starts playing for them. To which LLENN complains about them playing cool music at a time like this since she was the main character. Then M remarks they looked tough and since he didn't want to die he was going to join their team. LLENN calls him a traitor.
      • When LLENN and M are getting shot at from hovercrafts, the Bullet Prediction Lines get replaced by LLENN making "pew pew" sound effects.
  • Episode 6:
    • LLENN is delighted to find a second P90 in store and buys it to replace the original. She contemplates naming it "P-chan II" or "P-chan the second" before settling on just P-chan. She then starts singing sweetly about her new gun and describing what firing it is like before running into Eva.
    • The real life Team SHINC gushing over LLENN and excitedly asking Karen how she killed them. Said line would have very different interpretations anywhere else.
    • Goshi appears to have No Sense of Personal Space with quite a few instances of him getting too close for comfort to Karen.
    • Goshi performs a Wall Pin of Love next to Karen. But turns out it's Goshi confessing his love for Pito. Karen seems torn between relieved that she's not being crushed on by someone weird and disappointed that she's second fiddle to someone else's love.
    • Goshi hates black coffee as it makes his stomach churn, but Pito loves it so he drinks it too (though not with a straight face). Karen is amazed at what love can make someone do.
  • Episode 7:
    • Fukaziroh quite liked her short, cute GGO avatar, but is disappointed it's lacking in the chest department.
    • It seems that guy from SAO who tried to buy Kirito's avatar likes hanging around near windows while new players are looking at their reflection. When Fuka is checking herself out, he proclaims she had a rare F9000 avatar and tries to buy it off her. While Fuka is confused at how to respond LLENN immediately drags her away.
    • Fuka decides to make a game out of seeing how many guys would hit on her. Just as she leaves the cafe, LLENN leans too far back on her chair and falls over.
      • Fuka ended up racking up 43 players trying to talk to her. She then considers the possibility of a reverse harem.
    • When Fuka gets given 10,000,000 free credits left by M, she cautiously asks LLENN if her organs were going to get harvested or if she would be contracted to work on a fishing boat. When LLENN tells her probably not, Fuka instead requests seeing M in person so she could marry him!
    • Fuka has the same mentality in buying weapons as LLENN, picking her gun based on how cute it is. Ironically LLENN thinks the grenade launcher she chose is hideous. The light novel goes into her inner monologue on exactly why she finds it so ugly:
      "The gun looks like a crossbreed between a revolver and submachine gun that had a mistake in size adjustment and thus ended up growing a belly."
    • When LLENN worries about how expensive the grenade launchers are and how eager Fuka is of spending money, Fuka keeps answering with "don't worry, we got a sugar daddy."
    • Fuka hams it up big when she goes ballistic with her grenade launchers.
    • Target practice with Fuka! LLENN wants to see the Bullet Prediction Line for Fuka's grenade launchers, but once they're aimed at her Fuka decides to let LLENN practice dodging. LLENN has to run at top speed to avoid being blown up, while screaming in terror. Fuka nonchalantly praises LLENN for being fast, while LLENN just gets angry at such praise following her nearly being killed.
    • Team ZEMAL watch LLENN's registration into Squad Jam 2 and declare this time they would kill her, only for it to be revealed they're in the field where monsters spawn, with them promptly getting attacked by a giant worm monster.
    • After seeing LLENN's dour expression at worrying over Pito, Fuka assumes LLENN needs to go to the bathroom and offers to go with her if she's scared.
    • Just before the start of Squad Jam 2, Miyu binges on ice cream and gets an upset stomach. Texting LLENN, Miyu explains in great detail on how she's wiping her butt and run out of toilet paper.
      • As a result, Team LF only manage to make it just on time. Fuka wonders if they'll get time to have a drink, to which LLENN points out she'll just upset her stomach again. But Fuka reassures her that she already emptied her bowels.
    • Fuka named her twin grenade launchers "Migita"note  and "Hidariko"note . When LLENN asks how Fuka tells them apart, she says the names are assigned to whichever one she's holding in her right or left hand.
  • Episode 8:
    • Fuka had a serious case of Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! throughout the episode, getting distracted at everything. When she sees a bigger town, she suggests going there to buy clothes during the tournament.
    • When LLENN gets despaired at Team PM being as far as possible from her, Fuka puts on a deep voice to give her a Rousing Speech.
    • LLENN takes out the first team with ease much like she did with Team Narrows, with one of the guys she beat by slashing his crotch with her knife. Back in Glocken, two guys watching the live feed grab their crotches and say they can feel it too.
    • There's one guy who keeps claiming LLENN and Fuka as "my LLENN and her partner", before his friends tells him neither of them belonged to him.
    • After Fuka's legs grow back after they were blasted off by a booby trap, she excitedly dances and sings in celebration, before LLENN reminds her of more potential traps that could be waist or head height.
    • When Eva Trash Talks another team for running away, saying they had no balls, Sophie reminds her that role playing too much in-game would transfer to real life. So Eva repeats the insult elegantly in a lady-like manner.
  • Episode 9:
    • Pito's massacre of the allied teams manages to be simultaneously tick all the boxes for Funny, Awesome, and Nightmare Fuel. The thrill she gets from the carnage she causes is so over the top it can be just as hilarious as it is disturbing.
    • After Pito had butchered the entire teams sent to take the mountain, she's seen idly standing next to the final two survivors on the ground. When M asks what she's doing, she answers she's waiting for one of them to draw his weapon she would feel guilt for attacking someone defenseless.
    • The fact that the seven team leaders that Pitohui snipes are anime versions of The Expendables.
    • While LLENN is slaughtering the teams trying to ambush her in the dome, she holds one guy at gunpoint and orders him to tell his friends "I killed Pink", when he asks what would happen if he refused, she promptly shoots him dead and continues her massacre.
    • As Fuka watches LLENN slaughter several teams trying to ambush them in the dome, Fuka gives a Thousand-Yard Stare and vows to never gets in a fight with Karen in the real world.
    • One guy tries to sneak attack Fuka from behind, however Fuka draws a pistol on him as he's crouched on the ground. She proceeds to empty the entire barrel at him... and not a single bullet hits. The guy then gets up and tells Fuka since corpses remain as Immortal Objects, he could do whatever he wanted to her body without the Harassment Code coming up. Cue, Fuka picks up his assault rifle and bashes his head in with it.
    • The entire scene with Clarence. LLENN forcibly takes all of Clarence's magazines, to which Clarence agrees in exchange for a kiss from LLENN. While disgusted, LLENN complies to Clarence's request, resulting in Clarence getting visibly aroused. Then Clarence reveals he's actually a girl with an androgynous avatar and she's into both guys and girls. Clarence then proposes meeting LLENN and Fuka for tea after the tournament for a girl's hangout. LLENN and Fuka can only gives Blank Stares.
  • Episode 10:
  • Episode 11:
    • The fact that LLENN was Locked Out of the Loop regarding Pito's activities earlier in the tournament. LLENN is shocked that Pito took out all six of Team MMTM on her own, unaware that a few episodes ago Pitohui had just killed twenty of them.
    • When Fuka decided to join Team SHINC in attacking Pito, LLENN tries to stop her, however she trips over due to Fuka having tied LLENN's shoe laces to one of her grenade launchers. Fuka adds that whoever could undo such a knot deserved to be King of the World. It takes LLENN a while before she figures out it's a reference to the Gordian Knot.
    • The return of P-Chan, now with winking animation.
    • Pitohui and M chase after LLENN in a military Humvee with Pitohui on the roof. She uses her foot to step on M's head to prompt him to go faster.
    • Fukarizoh role-playing again as if she was an action movie hero, picking up LLENN with a really corny pick-up line. It involves not going home that night and love hotels.
      • Also on that note, Fuka even being able to drive the Hummer.
    • The end of the episode, where Pitohui is admiring LLEN's carnage and intention to beat her... while she has a bootprint shaped like an exclamation point on her face and a nosebleed that makes her look like a pervert.
  • Epsode 12:
    • As soon as LLENN kills Pitohui, Team T-S shows up on the scene and abruptly guns down both LLENN and Fukaziroh, becoming the winners of the Squad Jam 2 tournament. Back in Glocken, however, the crowd watching the livestream is outraged that a team which had spent the entire tournament camping out on the boundary wall and barely engaged in any combat whatsoever (they only killed Team ZEMAL) turned out to be the champions. Guys in the lobby are booing and giving them middle fingers and thumbs downs. The light novel mentions that the T-S players had to log out immediately and didn't dare show their faces in town for fear of being lynched.
    • Miyu wasn't joking when she said she wanted to marry M a few episodes earlier. When she meets the real life Goushi, her jaw drops at how handsome he is and she immediately starts checking him out, telling him she would like to marry him, and asks if he's available. Of course, he's not.
    • While Goushi gushes over how beautiful Pitohui is in his story, Miyu tells him to turn around, to which he says both Miyu and Karen were lovely but didn't hold a candle to Pito.
    • Goushi describes what seems to be a romantic story of how he met Pitohui, only to abruptly reveal he had been stalking Pitohui. When she found him out, she invited him into her home, then held him captive and physically abused him while using threats to make him serve her. He states he lost all his freedom, ending up being her servant and pandering to her every whim, and that those were the best moments of his life. Miyu and Karen can only stare on in shock.
    • When Goushi gets to the part of his story where he's describing him "following around" Pitohui, Miyu raises a hand and blurts out "Officer!"
    • After hearing Goshi's story on how he met Pitohui, Karen decides that "M stands for masochist."
    • The fact that LLENN and Pitohui have Swapped Roles in regards to their physical appearances in real life. Karen is extremely tall in real life while short and cute in-game, while Elza Kanzaki is tiny and pretty in real life while she's tall and menacing in-game. Though doesn't stop Elza from still treating Karen like a little girl, referring to her as Karen-chan and asking her to kneel down to properly so her like something a mother would say to her growing daughter.
    • When they meet in real life, Elza kisses Karen on the lips. Miyu's reaction along with Goshi's lack of a reaction make it even more hilarious.
  • In the first volume of the light novel, Pito describes killing a dog-like monster in a ruined church and finding a wedding dress and a tuxedo hanging inside.
    Pito: That actually got me a little misty-eyed. You felt the love between them, the idea that an extinction-level war might be imminent and they wanted to get married anyway. And it was like the doggy was doing his best to protect them.
    LLENN: That's a nice story.
    Pito: So I blasted both those outfits with my shotgun.
    LLENN: No longer a nicce story!
  • In the second light novel, one of the guys playing in Squad Jam 2 is trying to treat the tournament as a Let's Play by constantly commentating on the chaos going on around him. Unfortunately for him, he has to stop using his radio to do the commentary which puts him in radio silence from the rest of his squad. The whole team gets taken out by MMTM, and when he is the last man standing, he gets down and lays still to avoid detection, and says the most stream-of-consciousness last words before he's taken out.
    "To all the people... watching this video... right now... I am no longer able to move. All of my comrades have been killed. I’m probably done for too. I’ll probably get hit by a bullet and die. I’ll probably freeze in the snow. The fact that the ice cream I bought on my way home from primary school is what comes to mind at a time like this… is ironic. It was tasty… But, I haven’t been hit a single time yet… So maybe, I might not get hit this time either!"
  • The third light novel has Karen and Miyu's reactions to Goshi/M's story.
    Miyu: Um, have you sold the movie rights yet? Because I could direct this.
    Karen: (thinking)So this is how Pito and M came to be. I guess the M definitely doesn't stand for map.
  • After Goshi reveals that he lost weight because he was so busy following Pito's orders, Miyu suggests that he write a book called "The Henchman Diet."

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