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It's really perfect.
This page, in a way, is somewhat redundant, since Gintama is a gag series. Nonetheless, there are many highlights:

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     In General 
  • Running Gags:
    • Any of the moments that are frightening enough to make Gintoki release his iconic scream of horror.
    • Any moment of whatever the characters assume or talk about ending up being true by appearing in front of them.
    • Any moment in the anime that plays the jingle "Nani Shiten no Kono Nin Tachi". There are plenty, and they're all hilarious.
    • Any time the Yorozuya talk/argue (typically breaking the fourth-wall while doing so) with only the picture of the Yorozuya place showing, usually just to act as filler.
    • The character poll rankings where Shinpachi is concerned. Without fail, for the first four, he'd get eighth place. And whenever it got mentioned, such as the Character Poll arc, he was understandably pissed about it. Cue the last popularity poll of the series, where he's just managed to eke out one rank higher, and he's left confused and asking himself what to feel with this news.
    • Pretty much any time Kondo shows his censored penis (which starts happening more often after the Kabukicho Stray Cats Arc).
    • Any time Shinpachi and Hasegawa's glasses is identified as them instead of their physical bodies.
    • Just about any moment of Matsudaira only counting to 1, which cases his victims to question this before he says his usual phrase.
    • Any time Sa-chan's stalker antics end up backfiring on her.
    • Any time Prince Hata appears and is referred to by other characters as Prince Baka (Prince Idiot).
    • The Running Gag of people (mostly Gintoki) yelling "Shogun ka yo!" ("It's the Shogun!") whenever Shige Shige shows up.
  • The Hilarious in Hindsight moment (especially with Takasugi constantly getting Gag Dub'd by Prince Hata in recap episodes) of the voice actor of Gintoki doing the voice of Shinsaku Takasugi in Urakata Hakuouki.
  • Subtle example from the 12th opening, "Sakura Mitsutsuki": at one point, the lyrics translate to "We're still chasing" but the pronunciation is "mada oikaketeru." When "mada o" is pronounced, Hasegawa appears on screen.

Anime & Manga Specific

     Non Arc-Specific Episodes 
  • Episode 1:
    • While Katsura's character intro claims that he will get rid of the Amantos, and the screen pans to the right, showing his right-hand man/pet amanto Elizabeth. The narrator expresses confusion to the Amanto.
      Narrator: "Elizabeth. What the hell is this?"
  • While Shinpachi recovers in the hospital, Gintoki tries to act all unnecessarily philosophical, to Shinpachi's chagrin. Kagura does the same, but in a random rap. Afterward, she throws a skateboard at Shinpachi's head for no particular reason.
  • From the episode when Gintoki gets amnesia:
    Shinpachi: "Gin-san! Is Gin-san okay?!"
    Kagura: "YOU TOO, YOU OLD FART!"

  • Episode 29/Lesson 47: Gintoki spending an entire episode trying to correct Kagura & Shinpachi's misreading of "help me".
    • "Health me!" "It's 'help me', got it?"
    • "Shape! Shape up now!" "It's 'help me', got it?"
    • "Pulp! Pulp Fiction!" "It's 'help me', got it?"
    • "Herpes! Herpes me!"
  • In an early episode when Katsura is hiding with Ikumatsu and Elizabeth is looking for him, it is wearing a Katsura wig. When somebody approaches it and says that nobody out there looks like Katsura, Elizabeth shoots lasers from his eyes and hurts the poor guy.
  • Episode 37: Gintoki and Santa Claus troll Kagura in her sleep, by drawing on her and farting in her face. Unfortunately for them, she pays them back double and beats them to a pulp (while still asleep).
  • Episode 38: The entire Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon episode. Combine some Innocent Innuendo said by Gintoki, and you get such hilarity that you need to be careful not to break a rib.
  • Episode 48: One assassin tries to assassinate Hijikata on his day off, but then gets sandwiched between him and Gintoki arguing over whose favorite dish is better -- Gintoki's red beans platter or Hijikata's mayonnaise platter. The assassin is forced to be the judge of those horrific foods while Gintoki and Hijikata pester him with "Right, old man/buddy?" as if that's his actual name.
    Gintoki: How's that, Right-Old-Man/Buddy? Mine's better, right? Huh? Right-Old-Man/Buddy?
    Hijikata: RIGHT-OLD-MAN/BUDDY!!!!
  • Episode 50, where the characters suggest improvements to the show. Cue tons of Shout Outs and parodies.
  • Episode 65. Yup, another episode where the Yorozuya and the Shinsengumi duke it out. Over beetles.
    • Okita wearing a beetle costume.
    • Followed by him getting beaten up by the Yorozuya after he falls off a tree.
    • Kondo and Hijikata's epic Big "WHAT?!" reactions when Kagura finds the Shogun's golden shining beetle that the former were looking for.
    • In the end, Gintoki accidentally steps on the golden beetle. When Matsudaira asks Hijikata if they managed to find the beetle, he replied that the beetle evolved. Then Kondo is shown, covered in honey with beetle ears.
  • Episode 73: Why you should never drink from a river.
  • The first recap episode at episode 75, except being Gintama, it doesn't follow the usual format of other recaps.
    • The usual opening music plays as usual, but the footage gets replaced by scenes of Prince Hata, who decided to join in out of nowhere.
    • The scene of Kagura meeting Takasugi is revisited... except Prince Hata randomly decides to dub Takasugi's lines. Finding this hilarious, Kagura and Gintoki make him dub some more Takasugi lines before an enraged Shinpachi kicks him out.
  • The mixer episode.
    • The Yorozuya looks for people to join in their mixer. Toujou, who was the one who begged them to help him in the first place (the mixer is for Kyuubei), gets distracted by prostitutes instead.
    • Katsura's practising his Joui campaign, which is a rap song for no apparent reason. Cue Gratuitous Rapping from Katsura and an enraged Gintoki kicking him in the face.
  • Episode 165/Lesson 246:
    • Katsura as Ill Smith, and then having a "Yes, we can!" as his quote. Everyone but Shinpachi turns into Ill Smith and says the same thing.
    • "Can you celebrate?"
    • A meta example but according to Tomokazu Sugita, when Akira Ishida said the line (during recording, the black bars didn't cover the character's eyes), he bursts out laughing and then immediately apologizes.note 
  • "DONDAKE!"
  • Episode 171:

  • Gintoki's perfect scream in episode 153.
  • Gintoki and Hijikata desperately need to take a crap, but they're handcuffed together. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Another memorable recap episode at Episode 176, with the Yorozuya parodying Count Down TV (including being animated in CGI) while looking at the top 10 lines. Prince Hata comes in yet again for another Gag Dub and voices all of the characters' top 10 epic lines.
  • After finally defeating the Red Spider Arc's villain, how does everyone in Yoshiwara get Tsukuyo and Gintoki to relax? By secretly setting up a date the only way a red-light district can. It gets more hilarious when it's revealed that Tsukuyo Can't Hold Her Liquor... at all.
  • Hijikata enters a mayonnaise factory and has a pretty wild and weird Imagine Spot about how it's made and packed... but then faces the harsh, boring-ass reality.
  • Lesson 294/Episode 204 (First Half):
    • Every moment of Gintoki & Shinpachi's unamused or angry reactions to the postcards.
    • Tatsuma's postcard about him appearing in the Taiga Drama. (The Kihetai is also "Taiga'd" as well.)
      • Mutsu telling Gintoki not to bother ripping off the card.
    • Sarutobi and Kondo's somewhat sloppy edits about them being married.
    • Kyubei's postcards after she heard about Otae and Kondou's "marriage": I'll kill the gorilla. I'll kill the gorilla. I WILL KILL KONDO!
    • Katsura: "I was on standby the whole time."
    • Yamazaki's card is nothing but full of Madness Mantra.
    • The Yorozuya receiving a card from a person called "Mamyudapao". It turns out of be Hasegawa who attempted suicide by drowning himself but ended up in a tribal island. And due to... circumstances, Kondo and Sarutobi is here as well.
  • Pretty much the whole first half of Episode 205 with Yamazaki going through a Sanity Slippage by eating nothing but Anpan in the past 30 days.
    • Yamazaki "sparking" all of his anpan at various people. One of them being Hijikata. Unsurprisingly, Yamazaki is in a beaten up state when he's next conscious.
    • Day 30 of living on Anpan:

  • Episode 216. Everything involving the Patriot.
  • Episode 219. The whole Running Gag of the cast borrowing games from a guy named Takeshi and not returning them.
    • When the boxer received a compensation from Yamazaki in forms of paper, well... ANPANANPANANPANANPANANPANANPANANPAN
    • The appearance of the Hedoro gang near the end of the episode, which completely scares Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kondo and Hijikata.
  • Episode 220. The secret Biraja spring that increases sex drive, among other things.
    • Well, everytime in the episode when Gintoki and the others try to make the Hedoro gang feel relaxed Edo-style, only to royally screw up.
    • When Hedoro suggests to treat Gintoki and co. in Edo-fashion after the latter made it up to cover their mistakes, Okita immediately tries to run away only to slip and crash into the pile of bins.
  • Episode 223. Katsura's Poop and Ice Cream Radar.
  • Episode 224. "There are jellyfish on your shoulders." "That's fashion!"
  • After doing the same opening sequence for 22 times in the first opening of the 2011 season of Gintama, the following one (the 23rd one) ended to be an Epic Fail. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Both crossover specials with Sket Dance:
    • The gags referring to characters from both series sharing the same voice actors.
      • In the Gintama version, Bossun asks why Gintoki is talking to "himself" (Switch), and Shinpachi responds by going Otsuu-Club-Leader Mode on him and treats him like Taka-chin (only to get flustered when Bossun randomly brings in Teppei). Himeko attempts to calm everyone down but goes into a Pose of Supplication when she's reminded that she shares the same voice as Jugem Jugem aka Kyuubei's monkey.
      • In the Sket Dance version, Gintoki and Kagura are shocked that Switch "sounds like Gin-san" (leading Bossun to retort that they haven't watched their anime at all). In the manga version, the two introduce themselves and refer to each other as Tomokazu Sugita. Later, Teppei interrupts their meeting and is horrified along with Shinpachi when they realize they have the same voice.
    • Bossun and Gintoki battle to find the Pizazz-Pizazz Fruit in a One-Piece/Toriko setting rip-off, and the fruit supposedly turns one's crotch into a hammer. Even though they eventually give the fruit up to an elderly man in need, it turns out they still got sprays of juice in their mouths... cue their teams leaving them in silence unimpressed as the two protagonists' crotches turn into hammers.
  • Episode 231 contains many funny moments:
    • As said from the manual... Gintoki and Hijikata are afraid of the owner's ghost (which somehow only the two of them can see). Even better, the ghost transforms into a Super Saiyan and steals the souls of Kagura, Shinpachi (soul with glasses,) Sougo and Kondo which greatly scares Gintoki and Hijikata.
    • Kagura, Sougo and Kondo 'paying respects' to the dead owner.
    • The monk inside of the owner's tomb and the owner's wife uses the monk's schlong as a hammer for his coffin.
    • Somehow the owner's body is thrown into a truck. The story takes it to extremes regarding the dick jokes. It gets wackier when the owner's penis multiplies within the truck!
    • In the end, they ate their food as a sign of paying respect to the dead owner with penises in the soup.
  • Originally there was mass confusion as Sunrise announced the second Gintama anime was going to end. Cue episode 252 wherein the "on the next episode" preview shows the start of the Kintama arc which would have taken more than one episode. Meaning it couldn't be finishing, right? Episode 252 starts and it's the entire cast saying "We're sorry for all the offensive things we've done!" in even more ridiculous and over the top ways. Fans still weren't sure whether to believe the show was finished or not for a few days after that.
  • The first episode of the anime's third revival has Gin apologizing for reviving Gintama in the similar way that assemblyman Ryūtarou Nonomura apologized for misappropriating funds - by bawling like a little baby.
  • Episode 333:
    • Lesson 444/Episode 333A: Hasegawa spends the entire half of the episode trying to kill himself but cannot due to the two Assassins' compassion.
    • Lesson 435/Episode 333B: the main Shinsengumi (Kondo, Hijikata & Sougo) and the Mimawarigumi members (Nobume, Isaburo) trying to solve a case consisting of Momotaro's murder, with Kondou acting as a straight man of the case:
      • Sougo and Isaburo giving obvious-yet-stupid answers, and Nobume ultimately writes off as a pain. Cue unnecessarily (Isaburo & Hijikata) and genuinely (the latter two plus Sougo) shocked faces.
      • In the end of the case; Matsudaira reveals Momotaro's true identity as the demon himself, who suffers from brain tumor while attempting to row to the land to eat the villagers. Cue extremely unamused faces from the 5 people.

     Infant Strife Arc 
  • The characters assuming the baby found at the door of Yorozuya Gin-Chan to be Gintoki's son due to their similar hairstyle.

     Benizakura Arc 
  • Matako and Kagura have a spitting contest.
  • Episode 62: Yamazaki is made to investigate Gintoki's involvement in the Kiheitai's incident.
  • The Shimura's home security system made by Otae, complete with Stalker Obliterating Laser.
  • When Yamazaki tries to infiltrate it, he sees that Kondou and Sarutobi got trapped with it.
  • The last victim of the home security system? Gintoki, who is recovering yet from the last episode's injuries, aggravates it by getting trapped by bamboo skewers with Otae, Kagura, Sa-chan and Kondou. Cue movements in slow-motion and an epic scream made by Gintoki.

     Yagyu Arc 

     Hard Boiled Arc 
  • Gintoki, Shinpachi, Heiji and Haji are running in pursuit of Firefox Chougorou, only to run at the conveyor belt.
  • Heiji's throwing the coin to save their asses only to get tangled by means of Bondage.
  • Gintoki and others are forced to carry Granny, Gramps, their greedy son and his son from the wall spikes, because none of them have the heart to leave them to their doom. Hilarity Ensues.

     Bentendo Owee Arc 
  • As everyone is waiting in line for the Bentendo Owee, Musashi mentions that he waited in line for it for three years.
  • Another waiting in line moment with the Yorozuya and the Shinsengumi, including but not limited to; Katsura thinking he's getting a Famicom, Yamazaki playing Kabaddi, the riot inside the store, Katsura dressed as Mario er—Katsuo and Elizabeth as Luigi, Hijikata falling for the disguise as he declares himself to be a Bentendo fan and berates Okita who is a Zega fan as well as Kondo who is a Zony fan with this hilarious quote. And that's just episode 98.
    Hijikata: You Zega fans should be quiet and play your Creamcast, stupid. Keep waiting for your sequel to Shenmue, stupid.
    Okita: I'll keep on waiting no matter what anyone says. I'm sure it will come back.note 
    Kondo: Both of you stop it.
    Hijikata: Keep quiet, you Zony lover.
  • The Dating Sim game: one way to win is to bonk the heroine first with choices that result in getting the player killed or even dating the heroine's mother. Turns out, bonking means knocking the heroine off the cliff. Then there's pixelated vomit Tetris game. Kondo and Shinpachi had to resort in Button Mashing which breaks the laws of game physics to win their respective games but still lose anyway.
  • The Dragon Quest parody game that had bugs which affect Hijikata who is named Chi*bleep*kasu by Okita (meaning penis scum), starting with only 3 HP and Gintoki Gintoki being poisoned. Then there's this scene:
    Hijikata: (seeing Gintoki poisoned]) How pathetic. We'll be moving ahead in this game while you're fooling around. (Walks away and stubs his toe into a sign) Ow. (Dies and becomes a coffin.) WHAT THE—?!
    • Gintoki uses the elder as a weapon who becomes a corpse and splits it with Hijikata to fight the bandits. Okita came in with a king that shoots lightning and then Kagura came with the Demon King. The in the end, Gintoki takes off his virtual headset to reveal he was beating up Shinpachi while the others were beating up everyone else.

     Shinsengumi Crisis Arc 
  • Due to having bought the cursed sword Muramasha which contains the soul of an otaku, Hijikata is often taken over by the otaku and acts like a coward because of it, and Okita takes advantage of the situation.

     Ryugujo Arc 
  • After Shinpachi gets stranded on a deserted island, he thinks he's all alone, so he tries to make the best of the situation by embracing it, letting loose, and running naked on the beach... before he encounters Hasegawa, who was doing the exact same thing. Embarrassed, they decide to ignore it and sympathize over it. It doesn't stop there, as they encounter more characters doing similarly embarrassing things: Gintoki trying to fire a Kamehameha, Otae singing "Taiyo no Komachi Angel" (A song by Japanese band B'z) at the top of her lungs, Kyubei drawing an ice cream cone in the sand before a wave comes and erases the bottom part, making it look like poop, Kagura seeing a huge cloud in the sky and wondering if the castle of Laputa is up there, and finally Katsura writing "SOS" on the sand... with his piss. Each time, the embarrassed character Face Palms as the others try to comfort them, until Gintoki loses his cool at seeing Katsura's antics.
  • Gintoki and Katsura's absolute hopelessness as old men. Also Gintoki:
    "In the end you played with the Mega Drive too."

     Ghost Ryokan Arc 
  • Gintoki singing "The Thousand Winds".
  • It gets funnier due to the fact that the mother of Gintoki's seiyuu reprimanded him to sing seriously in a "Teach me Ginpachi-Sensei" segment.
  • The Running Gag of Gintoki screaming in fear whenever he sees a ghost.

     Yoshiwara Arc 
  • In the second episode there is the entire exchange that occurs after Gintoki's attempted Big Damn Heroes moment, which ended up being an Epic Fail because he gets a kunai stuck in his head. And he denies it.
    Gintoki: (removes kunai from his head) What are you talking about? I didn't get hit at all.

  • During the aforementioned moment one of the kunai deflected by Gintoki somehow hit Seita in the head.

     Otsu Arc 
  • Gintoki not wanting to deal with Shinpachi's goal to making his Otsu Fan Club official to the point that he tried to end the episode/chapter short while making the next one about his own personal wish in getting silky hair. Shinpachi was not amused.
    • If that wasn't enough, he tries to end the series just to not deal with the Arc!
    Shinpachi (punching Gintoki to stop him from ending the series) "Ending the serialization, are we?!"
  • Takachin gets hit by a taxi that was ridden by Okita who's obviously in the 10km race to the point he requires ER, so Gintoki and Shinpachi tries to cover it up from Yamazaki to not get disqualified while it gets harder to cover it up for him.
  • Takatin and his French Bread. That is all.

     Kabukicho Stray Cat Arc 
  • Gintoki & Katsura have been turned into cats by peeing (Gintoki) & taking a crap (Katsura) on the old lady's grave.
  • As for Kondo, he got bitten by gorilla and turned into one.
  • The three attempted to find or beg food from other people (Sougo and Hijikata).
    • One is Otae, who finds gorilla!Kondo adorable and shows affection. Kondo forgets about the mission to get food altogether, leading Gintoki to retort, "Did you escape from a mental zoo?!"
  • Gorilla!Kondo attempted to face off the cat using his Gigantic Penis, w Force. Gintoki calls it a "dirty hose" instead.

     Onmyoji Arc 
  • Shinpachi's reaction to the Pandemonium.
  • In the tag team match, a fight of epic proportions is held using... Gintoki's balls. It has to be seen to be believed (or understood at all for that matter).

     Timeskip Arc 
  • The next season of Gintama begins with a Time Skip of all things, but it turns out to be fake thanks to characters being taken over by warts during the break.
    • Shinpachi's disgusted reaction to Kondo and Otae getting together.
    • Okita not opposed to being called Jerkaiser (bakaiser in Japanese) by the Shinsengumi.
    • Not to mention that Shinpachi literally ran through a VERY long route (from Edo to a stadium to a Jungle) to the end of the edge of the cliff just to scream his disgust out.

     Kabukicho Four Devas Arc 
  • Episode 210. Pirako being named Birabirabirabirako Man.
    • Gintoki fakes getting hurt by patting on the shoulder and even spews blood. Kagura does the same thing too for no reason.

     Jugem Arc 
  • Episode 221 and 222. The monkey's Overly Long Name: "Jugem-Jugem Shit-Tossing The Life Of Shin-chan's Two-Day-Old Underwear Balmung Fezalion Isaac Schneider 1/3True Love 2/3 Hangnail Anxiety Betrayal Knows My Name Or Does It Really Ignore Calls Squid Dogfish Halibut Trout-Cod Dogfish This Is a Different Dogfish, I'm Talking About The Dogfish Shark Kaluga Angler Ray Yuuteimiyaoukimukou Pepepepepepepepepepepepe All's Well That Ends Well Runny Diarrhea".
  • The characters getting the name wrong. That's all.

     Love Choriss Arc 
  • Gintoki getting stuck with the absolute worst choice out of all the heroines in the game, Pinko. At one point, he accidentally kills her son and she proceeds to haunt him in real life.
  • Kyubei appears... but it's only Tojo's Pinko dressed as them.
  • The satire of the "indirect kiss."
  • Kondo as the judge based on the "hard-on factor".
    Gintoki: Gorilla! You just have a permanent hard-on!
  • Okita wins his round by having all of the Sayaka obey him.
  • Gintoki being rallied by Kondo ala Tomorrow's Joe.
  • The otaku's overreactions to pretty much everything.
  • Tojo's round only for him to lose in a Street Fighter minigame by a Shin Shoryuken from the Manager.
  • Okita wins Kondo's Sayaka by doing absolutely nothing. All he did was ask Kondo if he was entering the Love Choris contest. Sayaka welcomes him back as her master, kneels in front of Okita, and lets him leash her with a chain. Gintoki and Kondo are horrified into silence.
    Kondo: Are you also participating in the tournament?
    Okita: Huh? So, are you?
    Kondo: Of course! Don't you see my Sayaka-chan here?
    Kondo's Sayaka: ''Welcome back, master''.
    Okita: How did it feel, serving a master you can't stand?
    Kondo's Sayaka: It was very painful. But when I realized I was being my master's loyal slave, I began to feel happy deep down.
    Okita: Heh. Bitch.
    Kondo's Sayaka, who is now Okita's Sayaka: Please don't send me away again, Master!
    • Sa-chan's round with the game hacked in a Dragon Quest style gameplay.
  • Okita gets a taste of his own medicine when Sayaka enforces a role reversal!
  • The final part of the tournament: Tenchoris!
  • When Kondo loses Sayaka, this happens.
    Kondo: Sakata-kun—
    Gintoki: I'm not trading girlfriends with you.
  • The ending. Everyone including Kondo, Okita, and Shinpachi snap out of it from the sight of Gintoki losing his boxers after winning the game while Sa-chan is busy taking pics much to her glee.
    Okita: Most people wouldn't take their underwear...
    —->Kondo: We are on the verge of becoming him? We need to wake up.

     Vacation Arc 
  • Matsudaira forces the Shinsengumi to go on a vacation... to be the escorts of the Shogun.

     Scandal Arc 
  • Otose, Otae, Kyubei, Tsukuyo and Sacchan (with Zenzo's help) decide to get Gintoki to quit drinking by making him believe that he slept with all of them.
  • In the end, Gintoki finds out about the whole thing and his facial expression after this is simply priceless.
  • When it's revealed that Hasegawa was not part of the plan and it's possible Gintoki actually slept with him... He quickly runs away to drink to forget what happened.

     Host Club Arc (Lessons 362 - 364/Episodes 241-242) 
  • Episodes 241 and 242]] * The many instances of Shout-Out (especially to Dragon Ball.)
  • Other wacky instances are a drunk Tsukuyo doing her usual drunkard shenanigans, Saigo's kamakko club barging in and much more.
  • All the girls getting drunk.
  • Okita and Hijikata became hosts. And then, the wholesale Actor Allusion of Hijikata's VA begins with full throttle hilarity. See here.
    Hijikata: We've got hot and cool party here...
    Hijikata: (riding a loincloth-wearing Kondo on all four who somehow has motorbikes attached to his head) HERE WE GO!! LET'S PARTY!!!
    The rest: OKAY!!
    Hijikata: HELL NO!! (shoots bazooka at the rest and Kondo) Why the hell are we partying!? When did Kondo turn into Harley Gorillason!?!?

     Baragaki Arc 
  • The rap battle between Gintoki and Tetsunosuke in episode 244.
  • Tetsunosuke was caught by the Check-It-Out gang (and Gintoki somehow became a part of that gang. Hijikata tells him to kill Tetsu, and Gintoki pushes the latter off the building.

     Kintama Arc 
  • Gintoki's reaction after he finds out that Kintoki is a robot is epicly priceless.
  • At the start of Chapter 378/Episode 256, Tsukuyo, Sacchan, and Kyubei all regain their memories of Gintoki and tries to defend him from the mob that Kintoki riled up. Gintoki gets embarrassed and compares it to him getting bullied in class and girls taking pity on him. They beat him up for it. Later, when Katsura and Hasegawa also regains their memories, Gintoki once again compares it to people who are trying to pretend they were close friends with him at a class reunion. Gintoki gets beaten up again.

     Courtesan of a Nation Arc 
  • The formerly legendary courtesan Suzuran proudly proclaims herself to still be working and boasts of her technique being as good as the younger girls. She then ends up spitting her false teeth straight at Gintoki's crotch.
    "What kind of technique is this?!"
  • The Yorozuya play kick the can with Princess Soyo as an excuse to spy around the castle. Just as Gintoki performs the most epic can-kicking, the shogun appears and immediately gets nailed in the head. More specifically, it slowly grinds against his head, before exploding in the style of a Final Flash beam, to the point of being visible from outer space. Gintoki understandably realizes he's doomed.
  • Gintoki freaking out over knocking out the shogun, and Nobume actually joining him. Gintoki tries to hide in a pot, and Nobume behind a tapestry. When it fails, they try to run away, both of them with completely serious looks on their faces. It becomes twice as hilarious when you remember that Tomokazu Sugita also voiced Young Joseph Joestar and his running pose is almost similar to Joseph's "Nigerundayo" running pose.
  • Okita teases Nobume and Kagura too much and nearly gets castrated due to this. Doubles as Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Tsukuyo asks the others to make a promise that they'll survive, and pulls a few strands of hair to make them keep the promise. Kagura and Shinpachi do the same, but Gintoki does it with his nose hair, and immediately gets a kunai to his head courtesy of Tsukuyo.

     Beam Sword Style Arc 

     Patriot Reunion Party Arc 
  • All the Kuroko's Basketball-related jokes that appear because of the phantom fifth man Kurokono Tasuke, a blatant parody of the protagonist Kuroko Tetsuya. He even shares the same voice actor as him!
  • Takasugi's apparent obsession with Yakulk.
  • Gintoki singing the Doraemon Theme with absolute terror, as his fear of ghosts gets to him.

     Dekobokko Arc 
  • Ginko voiced by Haruka Tomatsu is quite impressive. Especially some may remember her voice as a certain human alien when Ginko dressed and acted like a schoolgirl. Ginko doesn't want people to call her by her name. Just call her Vagin-*THWACK*
  • Almost everyone in Kabukicho (with the exception of Otae) changes gender. What's Shinpachi's case? His glasses changes its color to pink, that's it. Ginko, Jyubei and Kagura Dun react with horror over how they got to Shinpachi as well.
  • The ending credits during these episodes also reflect the gender changes of the cast. Katsura and Sakamoto, who both don't appear in the arc, also appear exactly the same, just like Shinpachi. The only difference is they have bows in their hair (through, given their characterizations, it could just be that they didn't change but wanted to fit in with the others).
  • Kondou Isao as a hot babe. Otae STILL hates 'her', due to the fact she's prettier and has bigger boobs than she does. Speaking of which...
  • After Otae sees that female Gintoki, Kondo and Okita have bigger breasts she tries to rip them off.
    Otae: (To female Okita) Your breasts are my enemies!!
  • Hijikata turned into a Gonk. Female Okita says it happened due to Hijikata eating too much mayonnaise.
  • As a result, everytime Female Hijikata becomes the center of the joke. It gets funnier because female Hijikata avoids getting her breast ripped due to her gonkness and gets a thank you by Otae for being ugly as a female.
    Female Hijikata: WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY "THANK YOU"?!?!?!
  • "No girls act like this!"
  • Apparently Kagura Dun chopped off and ate his own dick.
  • Female Hijikata charges to the Dekobokko base (which is underground) only to get stuck inside a manhole. Ginko was really displeased.

     Shinigami Arc (Lessons 463-469/Episodes 279/281) 
  • Asaemon constantly asking Gintoki to kill her is Played for Laughs.
  • The Running Gag of Asaemon cutting off or reattaching Gintoki's nipple.

     Soul Switch Arc 
  • The Soul Switch Arc is hilarious due to Gintoki and Hijikata swapping bodies and the consequences that follow, especially the Rurouni Kenshin parody.
  • Even more characters swap bodies. For example, Yamazaki goes into Hasegawa's glasses, Hasegawa himself seemingly gets into Sadaharu's body only to instead end up being Sadaharu's poop, Sa-chan gets into Kondo's body and Kondo into Shinpachi's, Katsura and Elizabeth into Kagura and Okita's body and the reverse, and so on.
  • In the end while Gintoki and Hijikata are the ones who go back to normal, the rest of the cast literally becomes piles of shit with arms and legs.

     Afro Arc 
  • Katsura nearly gave away his identity due to his catch phrase, "It's not Zura, it's Katsura!" Even he can't believe he almost screwed up because of it.
  • Shimaru easily dozes off and speaks with a Verbal Tic by ending his sentences with "Z"... which comes back to bite the Shinsengumi at the end of the arc.
  • Shimaru attempts to socialize with Katsura who attempts to poison him with intoxicated tea by being Adorkable... only to scare him off by giving him a Slasher Smile and breaking the glass with the poison in it just to look clumsy, only to look even scarier by making himself bleed!
  • The Yorozuya trio helps Shimaru by being his voice since Katsura is using his quiet personality against him and is making him look like the traitor... by voicing him in numerous characters, like being a foreigner and such.
  • When they attempt to out Hashira as Katsura who's the real traitor, Okita corrects him on saying Hashira wrong instead of Katsura.
    Gintoki as Shimaru's voice: "Oh, f*** you!"
  • Shimaru then tries to use the reports he wrote to reveal which Shinsengumi members violated rules at night, one being Hijikata who was at the fridge sucking a mayonaise bottle while Shimaru pretends he never saw that. Hijikata is frightened to the point he sets his afro on fire while trying to light his lighter and tries to end the case, claiming that Shimaru was doing his job well. When Shimaru reads another log, Hijikata (thinking the log is about him) tries to get him to stop.
  • Shimaru begins the next report by talking Hijikata having diarrhea (making it obvious to Kondo that he was the one who broke rules in the previous report), and laments he should have brought fresh ones instead... because Okita poisoned his stash, but claims that he saw nothing. Okita deduces that he's involved in the report and says Shimaru's innocent, much to Hijikata's anger.
  • Shimaru then reports about Kondo on what he was doing at the kitchen with the konjac and it frightens Kondo enough to dismiss the case much to his embarrassment and the Shinsengumi's disgust and horror. Additionally, he doesn't even bother to cover up for him like he did with Okita and Hijikata! Kondo might have tried to use the konjac for pleasuring himself (which is actually a real life method).
    One of the Shinsengumi men: What the hell did you do to the konjac, Chief?!"

     Feigned Illness Arc (Lessons 457-459/Episodes 296-297) 
  • Kagura decides to fake getting an illness due to being exposed for too long to the sun in order to test the Yorozuya's love for her.
  • After being informed of the situation, Princess Soyo immediately assumes Kagura is dead and asks her which type of funeral she wants.
  • Of all people, it's Okita who figured out Kagura's plan. She even thinks he is the one person who shouldn't have found out about it.
  • Kagura's funeral which includes her in the coffin being brought via a conveyor belt to a crematory.
  • After the cast finds out that Kagura is not actually dead, they tie up the three Yorozuya and put them on the conveyor belt.

     Excalibur Arc 
  • The sword Kusanagi (an Amanto) is looking for his wife (a scabbard), so until he finds her, he decides to use Gintoki's ass as a scabbard. Hilarity Ensues.

     The Guardian Spirits arc (Chapter 499-501/Episode 340-341) 
  • Despite helping Gintoki doing his early morning routines, his Guardian Spirit also took (a petty) revenge on him by making his toilet paper disappear while he's taking a bathroom break.
    • Gintoki also became his own Guardian Spirit: the TP (Toilet Paper) Knight, which wanders for toilet paper while taking Sadaharu out for a walk as well.
    • Kondou's Spirit: Vajra 10,000 Ball Bodhisattva. That's all.
      • To make things better, Otae and her Guardian Spirit literally ripped off Kondou's testicles (and his Spirit) and tossed both of them to the basket.
    • While Asraman and Alchu tries to merge into one spirit, Their combination is unknowingly intervened by Hasegawa's Guardian Spirit.
    • When MA.DA.O decides to help Gintoki and Kagura to finish the three-legged race, he decides to walk...with his whole face.
    • Although MA.DA.O. finally gets his energy back to help Shinpachi win the bread-snatching game, his target is his bread instead of the other opponents'.

     Farewell Shinsengumi Arc 
  • Despite being a serious arc and the follow-up to one of the biggest Wham Episodes in the series, this arc still finds time to insert some humor.
    • The escape from jail include some much needed light-hearted moments, one of them being when Katsura throws a sleeping pill to Matsudaira, only for it to rebound back into his mouth.
    • When Kondo, Matsudaira and Katsura are taking a lighthouse, they attempt to silence the guards, only for them to end up trying to suffocate each other by accident (since they're all wearing the prison guard uniform).
    • While Hijikata is struggling to get his boat to the island (since Elizabeth is too busy beating Saitou up), several people pass him by, including Okita, whose boat is being pulled by a shark.
    • When the Yorozuya-Shinsengumi-Patriot alliance is faced with a very tall and steep cliff, Kagura has the best idea ever: tying a rope to Shinsengumi members and throwing them at the cliff to climb up. Okita and Hijikata are the unfortunate victims of her plan. Gintoki expands on that idea, by using the Shinsengumi as stepping stones.

     Rakuyou Arc 
  • The arc starts with a Mood Whiplash involving Gintoki: he has a nightmare of Utsuro about to kill him only to wake up with his head lodged on Elizabeth's testicles!
    • Katsura disguises as Gintoki as a terrorist for his wanted poster, only with a cake, knife and a frightful look... and said poster only caught the frightful look and knife.
    • Gintoki calls Matako M**ko and Nobume following suit by calling her C***ko.note  Matako does not react well to either.
    • Kagura settling with the Kiheitai by casually eating their food with her usual appetite. Takechi serves her food just as casually, nonchalantly nagging her to eat her vegetables.
    • According to Gintoki, Rakuyou is no different from Kabukichou as all of them (even this mangaka) are gorillas.
    • Whenever Bansai points the temple to where Takasugi is, it explodes like Dodonpa.
    • Tatsuma, Mutsu and Kaientai's exchange with Hankai who first turns into Zaku then into Gundam then back to Zaku.
    • Tatsuma and some wacky Doraemon moments that piss off the Shogun... until he too joins in the shenanigans. A pissed off Mutsu eventually kicks some sense into them.
    • Gintama Chapter 569 delivers two solid moments of silver: the classic 300 yen joke is back and Gintoki and Batou totally targeted the wrong enemy. Yeah, while Gintoki found an ugly knockoff of Batou who had a mole in the forehead and asked 300 yen, on the other side Batou found Pakuyasa! which means Night Under the Midnight Sun Crotch. Oh yeah, that's an Epic Fail from both sides.
    • The anime takes the Pakuyasa joke and rolls with it. The opening after his debut replaces Gintoki with Pakuyasa during the Joui War sequence; and, as The Stinger, three scenes of Gintoki with each other member of the Joui 4 are redone with Pakuyasa replacing him. Gintoki eventually loses it, lashing out at the end and demanding why the anime staff is messing with what was otherwise a really cool ending to the episode (the Joui 4 reunion).
    • The reunion of the Joui 4, as epic as it is, is ruined Gintama-style as the group begin to squabble with one another.
      • After Gintoki drops a 'F*ck you man' on Sakamoto as a message to pass on to Takasugi, Sakamoto mistranslates the message and tells Takasugi that Gintoki wants "to f*ck [him]". An outraged Gintoki kicks him in response.
      • Gintoki, Katsura and even Takasugi spit on Sakamoto and gang-kick him in expense of uniting the Joui 4. Sakamoto, who's trying his best to get along with everyone (and surprisingly acting like the Only Sane Man in this scene) finally cracks it and reminds them that they still have to fight the enemy.
    • Flashbacks of Umibozu meeting Kouka and their family life with Kagura and Kamui have some funny moments among all the heartwarming and depressing scenes.
      • Umibozu's attempts at flirting with Kouka are hilarious. One such line is asking her to stop suppressing the orochi she's taming and suppress the "orochi" in his pants — Kouka responds by firing her umbrella at him.
      • For lords know why, Umibozu at one point runs away from a furious Kouka with a young Kamui clinging to his back for dear life. Kouka throws all sorts of kitchen tools at them, with the father and son duo barely dodging them all. Kamui even has to push his dad's head out of the way of an incoming kitchen knife!
      • As Kamui looks down on the bullies he beat up and greets his dad, baby Kagura (who is strapped to his back) has deadpan eyes the whole time and looks utterly unimpressed.
    • Umibouzu gets a body upgrade thanks to Mutsu by replacing both arms with cannons and blasts up Gintoki and Shinpachi.

     Silver Soul Arc 
  • Episode 342: Hasegawa attempts to get a coin underneath the vending machine... while being rescued by some bystanders who believe that he's stuck.
  • After Hasegawa successfully gets the coin, he eventually despairs when he found out that the coin was actually fake money, much to Otose's chagrin. Catherine snarks at the thought of him being the real "final boss" of this arc.
    Hasegawa: "Go to hell, world!"
    Otose: (slaps Hasegawa) "IT REALLY WILL!"
  • The Amantos attempt to make fun of Hasegawa by giving him money... then spit on it. However he doesn't care, picks them up and cleans them up with his robe. Hasegawa later keeps his coins... in a single piggy bank. The next scene turns out that he has buried his entire savings here and uses them as a job request for the Yorozuya.
  • Episode 343: Nobunobu gets a three-day stomachache due to Kagura mixing mayonnaise with chilli sauce on his croquette.
  • It gets better when he's negotiating with the Liberation Army, and he only responds with going to the toilet.
  • Any time any sort of Toilet Humor is mentioned during the negotiations.
    Katsura and Sakamoto: "No, it's poop."
  • The second negotiation gets even better: Nobunobu tries to keep a straight face, and then he reminds them that he'll "launch his weapons" on them.
  • As Katsura and Tatsuma tell the Liberation Army that Nobunobu wants to actually go to the bathroom, both of them slap the shogun's back, which triggers his limit, only to let him literally shits inside the room offscreen.
  • At the end of the episode, the extremely unamused Shinpachi responds to Tatsuma and Katsura's attempted "negotiation" as "poop" (translation: shitty), and angrily crushes the communicator.
  • The major characters attack the seeming intruders in the Kabuki District with catapults launching large stones but the "intruders" turn out to be Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura. Gintoki gets a large stone thrown in his left eye and after Otae tells the others to stop the attack she says she is glad that they are all right. Well... Gintoki clearly isn't. After he complains about Otae's violent ways, he gets another large stone thrown... right in his crotch.
  • The entire fight between Kagura, Kamui and the Elder Yato, more specifically any time Kagura and Kamui hit each other either on purpose or accidentally or kick the Elder's ass.
  • Okita and Kamui meet again. After a brief argument, Okita tells Kamui that his sister Kagura is ugly. Kamui agrees, only for Kagura to overhear them and beat them up with a rock.
  • The reason Kamui saved Gintoki? Utsuro stole Kamui's prey before (Umibozu), so he tried to repay the favor... By kicking Gintoki's ass out of Utsuro's way (this way stealing Utsuro's prey). Gintoki says afterwards that it would have been better if he was engulfed in the Altana explosion. Shinpachi's reaction sums up the whole moment:
    Shinpachi: "You just tried to kill him before Utsuro could!"
  • Immediately after Umibozu sees Kamui he starts attacking him. Kagura stops their fight when they close up by putting a large pole between them. Umibozu suffers a Groin Attack and Kamui is hit in the face.
  • Some scenes two years after the fight against Utsuro:
    • Chapter 669: The now-adult Shinpachi attempts to do the same thing that Gintoki did in the cafe years ago, and attempts to encourage the owner's son to become a strong person... only to get beaten and kicked out by the owner of this cafe along with the Chatorans, and once again calls Shinpachi a "Glassesian". To make things better, Shinpachi ends up making enemies with the feline Amanto.
    • Chapter 670: The fact that Kondo and Otae seemingly became a family (with Otae being pregnant) turns out to be a Bait-and-Switch, as Kondo was ''already'' married to Princess Bubbles, and they even had a Baby Gorilla too!
    • Japan finally has a Prime Minister. His first word? IT'S NOT DONALD ZURUMP, IT'S KATSURA! Followed by Shinpachi's unamused reaction:
    Shinpachi: "This country is done for."

    • Mutsu is revealed to have gone into black market trade because of Sakamoto wasting the money needed for the Kaientai to repair their ships which they lost during the war. She brings Shinpachi a weapon who is revealed to be a young girl named Kanna, who is Kagura's daughter who was born Namek-style when Kagura puked due to eating too many bananas. She is brought in a capsule, and when Shinpachi looks inside it, Kanna immediately punches him.
    • Okita, who was believed to have committed seppuku, appears and starts attacking Shinpachi and Kanna. He fights Shinpachi first, then he fights Kanna, and both of them beat Shinpachi up at the same time.
    • It turns out that Kanna is actually Kagura, who somehow can alter her body to look either young or old. She turns into an old woman and requests Shinpachi to call her Granny Kagura. She starts having a pointless flashback of about 30 years ago when she went on a journey to turn her dog named Rogers back to normal. Then she named the dog Bolognese. Then... She falls asleep.
    • Chapter 686/Episode 367: Otae, Sacchan, Kyubei and Tsukuyo find Takasugi (actually Gintoki in disguise) and comically torture him to get him to say where Gintoki is. Although they are not aware of the disguise, it's like they actually know that the one they are torturing is Gintoki.
    • Chapter 691: After Katsura appears in front of Gintoki and Takasugi after having seemingly been killed, he steals Utsuro's heart from them and tells Gintoki to be take care of important things as someone can launch a surprise attack on him that thing away at any moment. Shortly after, Katsura accidentally drops the heart.
    • Chapter 698: After Otsu appears and starts singing a song from the mangaka of The Prince of Tennis, Gintoki complains that the manga is not the final chapter of the mentioned series, and Katsura says that they should make the audience think the chapter is indeed the final one.
    • The cover for Chapter 699 has Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura, the main Shinsengumi trio and Utsuro drawn Dragon Ball style, Kondo is an Oozaru, and the title is Silver Ball instead of Gintama.
    • Chapter 701: After Sadaharu bursts out of the ball it was sealed in for two years, what is the first thing it does upon seeing Gintoki again? It bites his head just like it used to do in the past. Then it almost swallows Gintoki whole.

Gintama The Movie: Be Forever Yorozuya

  • Gintoki beating up the guy with the camera head with a paper fan for recording a movie within a movie theater. However, a few moments later, both the camera guy and Gintoki are recording the movie, only for Kagura and Shinpachi to beat him up.
  • Gintoki's reactions when he sees the future Kagura and Shinpachi.
  • Gintoki is "disguised" so that the others don't know he's alive — and his resulting new look gives the word "dickhead" a whole new meaning.

Gintama 2017 Live Action

  • The Shinsengumi and Yorozuya go on a big epic chase for the shogun's gold pet beetle. It's all for nought when said beetle gets eaten by a giant fish right at the end.


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