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For a gag series, Gintama has a lot of heartwarming moments.
  • Anytime Gintoki sheds his lazy, apathetic loser persona to say some good ol' shonen lines to his friends/extras of the week.
  • Episode 12 gives us a flashback to when Gintoki and Otose first met while she was carrying a food offering to place at her husband's grave. Gin was there in the cemetery, about to expire from hunger, and asked for some of the food, but Otose told him he'd have to ask her husband's permission first. What followed afterward was Gin declaring that, in gratitude for having been fed, he'd watch over Otose on her husband's behalf. Say what you will about their cantankerous landlady-tenant relationship, but at the heart of it all, they really do care for each other's well-being.
    Gin: I won't ever forget this debt. After all, you're an old lady. Probably going to kick the bucket soon. (to her husband's grave) But until that happens, I'll watch over her for you.
    Otose: You're going to watch over me? Let's see what you can do, then.
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  • Gintoki bonds with the abandoned baby in the Infant Strife arc. He can be a good father, when he steps up to nurturing someone he comes to care for.
  • Episode 45, where Sadaharu grows big and then has his Superpowered Evil Side unlocked after being fed strawberry milk by Kagura. After the miko sisters, Sadaharu's previous owners, help the protagonists turn him back to normal, they offer to take him off Gintoki's hands if he's feeling apprehensive about keeping the large dog after everything that's happened...but, of course, the protagonists keep him. Sadaharu's thoughts on the whole thing get expressed in one short bark at the end of the episode, translated for the viewers' benefit by a dog-translation device Gintoki got earlier in the episode (and subsequently tossed in the trash):
    Sadaharu: Arf!
    Gintoki: Don't bark at me. You sure caused us a lot of trouble.
    Translator device: (translating the bark) Thank you.
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  • Episode 59, where Otae gives Gintoki her favorite umbrella. The accompanying background music certainly helps.
  • Chapter 131/Episode 87: Hijikata went alone to deal with Touma Kuraba because if word got out that Okita's sister's fiancee was involved with weapons trading, Okita could be dismissed from the Shinsengumi. And when Hijikata was surrounded and badly injured, he tells Kuraba what he truly thinks of Mitsuba.
    Hijikata: I just ... want the woman I am in love with to be happy.
  • In episode 97, the members of Catherine's old thief gang try to get her to rejoin them, despite her promise to Otose that she wouldn't return to her old ways. After a flashback shows how Otose took Catherine in after her release from prison, Catherine refuses to break her vow to the old woman, even though she knows her former comrades will likely kill her if she refuses. She ultimately offers up her own life but begs the thieves not to hurt Otose, showing how much she's truly changed since her introductory episode. Luckily, Gintoki intervenes and saves Catherine before she can be killed.
  • After the events of the Shinsengumi Mutiny arc, Kondou has this to say about Hijikata when he had returned and was surrounded by cheering officers.
    Kondou: Toushi, you said I was the soul of the Shinsengumi. But to them, you are an irreplaceable soul too.
  • The half-episode There's Almost a 100% Chance You’ll Forget Your Umbrella and Hate Yourself For It, in which Kagura gets an umbrella from Gintoki, ruins it, fixes it, gives it away to a pair of homeless kids stuck out in the rain. She picks up another broken umbrella, and Gintoki and Shinpachi comment on how beautiful it is.
    "You know, Independence Day isn't that bad, is it?"
  • From the Barber Arc (Lesson 232/Episode 152), the Shogun reforms the entire Barber shop with government money and hires various barbers across Japan, which eventually made that barber shop a no.1 in Edo.
  • From the Yoshiwara Arc, we have Seita reuniting with his mother, then he carrying her on his back because she's been crippled by Hosen while declaring his happiness at having to carry his mother's burden.
    • Then all of Hyakka and Tsukuyo shows up and ask him carry their burdens at the same time, because all of them took part in protecting him, thus are acting as his mothers all alone, after said group is almost all half dead from fighting before.
    • The revelation that many of the Hyakka are actually former prostitutes who Tsukuyo rescued after they'd been marked for death. Despite her cold exterior, Tsukuyo was able to save their lives by hiding them within the Hyakka, something they make sure to let her know they're grateful for.
  • In episode 154, the Yorozuya, Otae, Hasegawa and Katsura all attend Kyubei's lavish birthday party. It predictably turns into a disaster, with the heroes constantly embarrassing themselves until everything falls apart and Tojo has to kick out the numerous wealthy guests who'd been in attendance. Despite this, the final scene shows Kyubei and the others enjoying themselves over a simple board game, with Kyubei genuinely smiling and thanking them for the wonderful birthday.
  • In the Red Spider Arc, there's Gintoki's speech to Tsukuyo after he rescues her, about how she doesn't need to act on her own and always carry a burden alone, because she has friends she can and should rely on now.
    • He then follows up on it at the end of the arc, after Tsukuyo has sobered up from her drunken rampage, where he tells her to not be ashamed of the path she chose, and that her face is not ugly so long as her soul remains unscarred.
  • In the second half of episode 189, Kagura keeps up her radio exercises for months because of a promise she made to a friend. She tries to do so even in the rain, but she can't get her radio to work, and breaks it in frustration. Just as she's about to start crying, Gintoki steps in to help her continue... And by help her continue, we mean 1) memorizing the entire routine to recite to Kagura; 2) roping in nearly everyone in the cast to join hernote ; and 3) seemingly helping out in conducting it as well, to the extent that children eventually began flocking back in droves. It's curious how you get both a Heartwarming and Awesome moment in such a simple episode.
  • The way Tae treats Kagura as a little sister and clearly loves her despite the two of them not actually being related. In episode 204, she even gives Kagura some Valentine's Day chocolate, prompting Kagura to hug her.
    • The entire second half of 204 counts. Kagura wants to give some chocolate to Gintoki and Shinpachi to show them how much they mean to her, but is too nervous. She eventually throws her chocolate in the river, but agrees to deliver the chocolates that Tae, Sacchan and Tsukuyo bought the guys. When Gintoki and Shinpachi open the three packages, it's revealed that Tae, Tsukuyo and Sacchan each falsely signed Kagura's name so that she could give the guys chocolate without feeling embarrassed.
  • How Madao/Hasegawa-san gave up his chance at a job in order to mend a broken family in Chapter 274.
  • During the Four Devas Arc, after Otose has seemingly been fatally wounded and all of Kabukicho is flaring up for war, all the past characters who Gin and the others have helped gather together to protect the supposedly disbanded and broken Yorozuya and Otose's bar. A truly awesome and joyful moment for the supporting cast of Gintama to be The Cavalry for the Yorozuya. And afterwards, they all have a party!
  • Jirocho retiring as a Deva of Kabukicho, and returning home with Pirako at the end of the Four Devas Arc.
  • In Episode 226, when the old prisoner revealed that he knew the letters he was receiving were all written by the prison warden, his "nasty but dedicated son".
  • The Kintama Arc has both Tama and Sadaharu remembering Gintoki even if everyone else has forgotten about him. The voice acting deliver in 253 really sold it.
  • Even if the mood is spoiled in the end, the very slight Ship Tease when Tama and Yamazaki are forced into an arranged marriage meeting (specifically the scene where they talk outside) was really sweet.
  • The resolution of episode 278, where Seita realizes that the embarrassingly extravagant lunches Hinowa makes him are a sign of her motherly love, and then decides to share his food with his classmates.
  • Chapter 528 has Gintoki about to be led away to be imprisoned and executed while Hijikata and Otae watch helplessly. Meanwhile, Gintoki's expression seems to indicate that he really doesn't mind that he's about to die, suggesting he's either resigned to the fact or too exhausted to care. Then Katsura shows up, and we see the first honest emotion on Gintoki since Shige Shige died. By the end of the chapter, both he and Hijikata are looking more like themselves.
  • Chapter 529: Hijikata returns to the Shinsengumi HQ and finds that ALL his comrades are there waiting for his order. Even Okita is there waiting for him. Then he puts on his Shinsengumi uniform and goes with the others to rescue Kondo.
  • The end of the Farewell Shisengumi Arc (Chapter 550 and 551) brings some moments despite the massive tearjerker factor:
    • Despite the BIG sacrifices, Kondo is saved and despite the Shinsengumi disbanding, their members are still united.
    • Tae no longer rejects Kondo and accepts him. Even Shinpachi accepts him too, despite the short moments they were.
    • Kagura and Okita fighting. It was heartwarming for three reasons: Kagura showing that she was managing to control her emotions and strength on a combat against Okita who was giving everything during the fight. Then the promise they made, giving more Ship Tease. And the last one despite the ending (a draw), both were happy, meaning into a significant improvement on their relationship.
    • Gintoki and Hijikata sharing their food... and sporting a brotherly laugh! It was so heartwarming since they are no longer seeing as rivals and now seeing themselves as brotherly friends.
  • Chapter 555 delivers a good surprise: After they received the news that Kagura left the Yorozuya in order to go after Kamui (her brother) and Umibozu (her father), Gintoki, Shinpachi and Sadaharu decides to left the Yorozuya... only to get her back!
  • Chapter 572: Matako crying because Takasugi seemingly falls to his death. no matter how evil the Kiheitai are, they still have a heart.
  • Homeless Arc:
    • The minor recurring character Musashi is revealed to be Ikumatsu's father, Nishiki Matsugoro. Despite the fact that he suffers from memory impairment, he jumps into the water to save Ikumatsu after she fell from a bridge due to being attacked. Although he seemingly drowns, he turns out to be alive at the end of the arc when Katsura exits Ikumatsu's ramen shop.
    • Also the fact that despite his memory impairment, Matsugoro remembered Ikumatsu and the moments when he would share his bowl of ramen with her and her husband.
  • In Chapter 620, Tsukuyo leaving Yoshiwara in order to help Gin, and admitting that she loves him. Heck, the whole speech about dying side by side with the people you care about counts.
  • Chapter 634: Kamui and his Yato fighters have returned to Earth to aid Kagura against the Liberation Army's Yato squad. With Kamui even upholding the promise he made along with Kagura to come back home as a family.
  • Chapter 636: This chapter is one-third Funny, Awesome, and Heartwarming. The heartwarming part comes from Kagura and Kamui bonding as siblings even in the middle of their own sibling quarrel against their enemy and the latter giving Kagura advice on how to control her Yato blood.
  • During the Correspondence Arc, Sougo Okita and Urara enjoy trolling Urara’s sister Kirara. But when Kirara is overwhelmed and runs off, they cut the jokes and go looking for her, Okita bringing in Kondo and Hijikata for help.
  • The Yorozuya helping out a random mother who is looking for her son Hashiro.
    • They eventually find him as the member of a host club, who has changed his identity/image to a prettier look for success. The son isn't happy about having changed the face his mother gave him, but in the end the mother is able to recognize him and is just glad he is doing okay.
  • Silver Soul Arc:
    • The coins that Hasegawa picked the whole time are entirely saved (that includes burying his other coin banks into the hole) for requesting a job to the Yorozuya to save Edo.
    • Before Tama is about to give all her energy alongside Kintoki for the Gengai Cannon to stop the Altana Liberation Army's ships, she thanks everyone for being her friends.
    • Chapter 697: After Kagura and Shinpachi decide to help Gintoki with his mission related to Utsuro, outside they are joined by... The whole Kabuki District characters who mention that they will be their Yorozuya.
    • Chapter 698: Several other characters joins as well, such as Zenzo, Nobume, Soyo with the rest of the Shinsengumi, Matsudaira and even Kamui.
      • Otsu appears as well to encourage the others through her singing.
    • Chapter 701: Sadaharu bursts out from the small ball he was sealed in two years ago.
  • The cover of the final collected edition is a recreation of the first cover...except this time, rather than being alone, Gintoki is surrounded by the friends he made during the course of the series.
  • In a hindsight way, Sorachi's decision to do portraits of the Demon Slayer cast. While it may at first glance seem like a cheeky reference to capitalize on that manga's then-explosive popularity, series creator Gotouge once mentioned that they were encouraged to start publishing manga because of Gintama. These images, as a result, come off as Sorachi throwing a bone to such a big name fan.

Movie 2: Kanketsu-hen - Yorozuya Yo Eien Nare

  • After the final fight, everyone is about to return to their timeline and it is unknown whether it will have any changes. Kagura asks to look at Gintoki, Shinpachi and Sadaharu one last time just in case. Gintoki reassures her by pulling them all into a Group Hug.
    Gintoki: Take a good, long look, then. So that we can come together again and so we can always look for each other, no matter how far apart we get, take a good, long look at these mugs ... I'll always and forever be waiting in Kabuki District with the Odd Jobs sign hanging outside my door.

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