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Something's up with Gintoki's right arm.
He almost never wears anything on it, and craddles it a lot. He keeps it covered while in disguise or costume yes, but he's quick to pull them off again. In the changing warderobe arc, he rips of the right sleeve in the store in front of his Family of Choice who he knows will yell at him for doing that. He's also quick to break it when refusing to carry the coffin. It's probably because it was the arm that killed Shoyo, and maybe he was given his blood in it that might even be hurting him physically as well as mentally. It can also explain that even though it has been hurt a lot, there's no scars, unlike his back that was covered in scars (it has been seen scar-less in the anime, but only in filler episodes).
The universe keeps trouncing on Madao because of karma relating to something he did in his previous life.
He was Gendo and Akainu
The story will end with everyone being arrested.
In the very first episode, Shinpachi says he was arrested for the murder of the ambassador (which Gin committed). There's no mention of acquittal, so it's likely that he's still wanted. In addition, he got into a gang fight at least once, as well as going into a Love Hotel when he was still underage. Gin probably has a thousand counts of murder, assault, kidnapping, and fraud under his belt by now,
and he illegally used a metal sword during the Benizakura arc. Kagura is an illegal immigrant, was in with Yakuza, and is also guilty of theft. They've only evaded pursuit all this time by their friendship with the Shinsengumi and entertaining the Shogun on occasion. The final episode will end with all of them being arrested by the cop whose auto Gin totaled in the first episode, who has been pursuing them all this time. At 400+ chapters, it will be the longest Brick Joke in history.

The story ends with the Fourth Wall so broken, the Gintama cast ends up in our world.
If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Already, Gintoki and co. broke the fourth wall so many times, that there will be nothing left of it by the end.

Tsukuyo and Matako are siblings

Elizabeth eats people.
All one-time characters, such as Catherine's gang, the hosts, and Appo's family, are actually eaten by Elizabeth promptly after their story finishes. (He only pretended to like that nurse so he could lure her into the woods to eat her.) He knows he can get away with this because everyone in Katsura's group ignores him and Gin's memory is too bad for him to remember all these people.

Assault of the shogun's castle arc
For some reason, probably the kiheitai, the shogun and his family will be in danger and Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura, Sadaharu and some of their friends will go to the rescue, and Kagura will re-encounter with her friend. Gintoki and Hijikata will fight together against a common enemy.
  • Parts of this ended up true with the Courtesan of a Nation arc, namely Kagura and Soyo meeting again and the Yorozuya being involved in the Shogun's castle, but the Shogun and his family were not the ones in danger and the Kiheitai was not involved.
  • Already confirmed with the Shogun Assassination arc, which, after a long-fought battle against Kiheitai, still ended up with Shigeshige's death and spiraled the plot of Farewell, Shinsengumi Arc where Shinsengumi, Yorozuya, Jouishishi and Mimawarigumi team up against Bakufu.

Benizakura was, in fact, a prototype
Benizakura was powerful but not perfect, I think that it was a prototype and Takasugi's plan is a more powerful weapon, maybe not a katana, but become the entire body in a powerful weapon.

The Shiroyasha OVA is canon
  • And the one who slashed Takasugi's eye is one of the Tendoshu, as seen by his hat and cloak.
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  • Jossed

Mutsu is a yato member
It was never mentioned if she is human or amanto, and her clothes fits with the yato tribe's habit to cover from sun.
  • Confirmed in chapter 479.

In the manga, Elizabeth is a yato member
Not the renho Elizabeth, the one from Benizakura. Come on, Gintoki, Sakamoto and Takasugi each have yato allies.

Yoshida Shouyou, was the most powerful Samurai in Japan before his death.
Think about it for a moment. Only skilled Master Samurai are able to teach students like Gintoki, Katsura, and Takasugi, boys totally different from one another and guided all of them under a common Bushido Code. We know nothing about his past other than the fact that he taught these kids to be the most powerful Samurai in the Edo. If he taught them the way of the Sword, then imagine what he would be like in his Prime! Even now, many years after his death, his beloved pupils still have high respect for him. Katsura told Takasugi during the Benizakura Arc that Gintoki took Shouyou-Sensei's death the hardest. His death changed everything about what they believed in and altered their Bushido Code to fit their own personal beliefs.
  • Confirmed, and how. He's almost as strong as the rest of the cast combined-and possibly stronger, if they didn't have Altana weapons.

Yoshida Shouyou was part of the Naraku.
Both Oboro and Nobume knew him very well. Oboro refered to him by his first name, without honorific, so they were most likely friends. Oboro also mentioned there being "3 feathers" of the Naraku. One of them was Nobume, the Oboro was likely one too, and Yoshida Shouyou could have been the third.
  • Not sure if this is already a confirmation, but Nobume mentioned that Utsuro is "both, that man and not that man", and that the one that Gintoki 'killed' was none other than Utsuro.

Gintoki will use Tatsugoro's jutte in every "serious arc"
Jossed, considering the fact that there's been "serious arcs" without the jutte.

Gintoki is actually a time lord
The anime isn't actually running on Sazae-san time, it's just that Gintoki caused some sort of weird timey wimey effect on the people around him. And possibly the whole of Japan.
  • Or the whole of the world.

Yoshida Shouyou and Madao ex-wife are related/the same person/reincarnation
My point? They're the only two characters with no face shown above the nose.
  • Except Shouyou has now had his face fully shown.

The Terminal will be the site of the final battle
Mainly because it's the largest structure in Edo and it'd make a kickass location for Gintoki and Takasugi to duke it out, just as shown in the episode featuring the fake ending scenes. In addition, part of Takasugi's plan will be to use all the energy accumulated in the Terminal and blow Edo sky high.
  • Well, jossed for Gintoki vs Takasugi's part at least
  • Most likely completely jossed, since the final arc takes place in Planet Rakuyou: Harusame's base of operations, Kagura's home, and Takasugi's hideout.
    • Or not, seeing as the the final arc really is the three-way war between Tendoushuu, the Liberation Army, and Gintoki's group on Earth. And the Terminal is revealed to be situated at the root of the Altana, so it's most likely inevitable
  • Confirmed, albeit at the ruins of the Terminal, rather than the Terminal itself, which was destroyed.

The Gintama Movie will end with Gintoki meeting his future self, who will reveal that the plot of the entire movie was just a prank pulled by the future cast
Since when has Gintama ever taken itself this seriously?
  • Jossed, maybe next time.

There will be self insert arc
Gintama had makes fun of a lot of fanfic tropes : Age-change arc, Genderbender arc, and now bodyswap arc. There will be a self insert arc, complete with Mary Sue OC who will fall in love with a Draco in Leather Pants character. Maybe Takasugi. Also, there will be shipping wars included.
  • One might argue that the Gintoki/Kintoki silver and gold arc was already the Mary Sue OC arc, though that took place before either the Genderbender or bodyswap arc.

The baby in the infant strife is actually Gintoki
The movie revealed the time machine indeed exist. The baby looked like Gintoki himself. For some reason the baby (or the toddler, having grown up) would ended up travelling to the past, where he would grow as an orphan named Gintoki and adopted by Shoyo.

The speculation of the last chapter
Gintoki would hit someone again with this scooter and this time, he is using the time machine to reverse the damage.

Gintoki and Oboro are related
I'd bet on brothers, as they look around the same age. Basing this mostly on their similar looks and combat ability: they both have white hair, (though Oboro's seems more wavy compared to Gintoki's curly), and they seem to have similar tactics, like using pieces of their broken weapons to attack the enemy. Both of them have also recovered from wounds that really should have killed them, too...

During his life, Yoshida Shouyou was a troll
  • Just look at his students. Even Takasugi is a bit silly in the flashback during the war. Plus, this is Gintama, everyone is bound to be a bit silly. He's probably acted like Katsura and Gintoki in the prison, criticizing fashion sense before he was executed.
  • Alternatively, his personality is like Katsura. Their appearance looked similar after all.
  • Jossed. He's actually more like Tae so far.

WMG about Saitou from Shinsengumi
  • He is actually a Renho. Thus explains his difficulty to talk and preferrence of writing method. Actually, all he had to do is to use a signboard. Renho can use both their hands to swap the board and writing quickly. Saitou just prefers to use swords instead.
  • Alternatively, he is a Yato. Just look at his clothing, he covered all his body minus his head. His bright hair color is similar to other Yato. His afro hair is to protect him from the sun above.
  • Another alternative : he's half yato AND renho.

Kamui will die
...but not because of a fight, he died protecting Kagura instead.
  • I just realized Sorachi plays the trope of good father, evil brother and good sister twice now, in Benizakura arc and Shinigami arc. At the end of both arc, both evil brother pull a Heel–Face Turn and dying saving their sister. Umibozu, Kamui and Kagura fits the role. Plus that during flashback in Shinigami arc, Asaemon protected her brother after he killed the prisoners by standing between him and her father. This is very similar with Kagura stopping Umibozu's fight with Kamui.
    • Considering the real backstory of his fight with his father, there is a high chance of this happening in the later chapters. Although we might see a bit of subversion in that Kamui will die saving Umibozu instead.

Zura will appear in the Shogun Asassination arc
In the current timeline, I mean.
  • Jossed

Gintoki is a yato/amanto
He was found on a battlefield, nothing is known of his life before he ended up on the battlefield Shouyo-sensei found him on. It'll be an interesting shout-out to both Superman and Dragon Ball, and would explain his extreme strength. Maybe he was different (tolerating sunlight), so his parents sent him to earth in hope of living happily. His hair bleached and curled due to the change in climate, but otherwise he ended up okay.
  • It would explain how he fought Hosen so well, how he cuts metal with a wooden sword, and how he pulled a helicopter out of the air by brute force. And given Gintoki's determination, he could build up a resistance to sunlight by repeatedly exposing himself to it, especially since Yato, given Kagura's bullet wound healing in about a day at most in Benizakura, heal over 100 times as fast as humans-which explains, as well, how he's able to fight insane opponents after being horribly injured.

Shinsengumi parallels with Shoyo's student
  • Shoyo is represented by both Matsudaira and and Kondo, being the respected figure taken away by authority. Katsura is as weird as Kondou.
  • Contrary to what most people thinking, Okita is actually representing Gintoki, because he is actually admired him, just like Kagura.
  • Meanwhile, Hijikata - who had so much parallel with Gintoki - would actually representing Takasugi. This is because Takasugi and Gin is actually very similar, like two sides of coin. Hijikata and Gin relationship had the same vibe.
  • This WMG makes a guess that if Kondou were executed, it's Hijikata who would actually pull a Face-Heel Turn, instead of Okita
    • Seems jossed so far.

Kurokono Tasuke is actually future Shinpachi.
He got stuck in the past at the end of the second movie. That's also explain why everybody constantly forget about him, it's because he lost his glasses.

Utsuro is Yoshida Shouyo
  • or at least related to him.
  • This is the first thought of many fans after his initial appearance. Mostly because of the hair. There's not many evidence to support this theory though. So far, beside his hair, the only evidence point to this is Gin's shocked expression upon seeing him (this could also be because of the cannon), his badassery and the fact that his Battle Aura was so powerful that it instilled fear upon Okita (Shouyo did something similar to the bullies who was bullying his students).
    • At the very least, He very much looks like Shouyou, as revealed in the latest chapters. So either his body was hijacked, someone impersonated him to rile up Gintoki, or he's in Naraku all along. Also, Nobume mentioned that Utsuro is "both, that man and not that man", and that the one that Gintoki 'killed' was none other than Utsuro. With Utsuro's fast regeneration from Gintoki's attacks, 'Shouyou's' recovery from his beheading might not be far-fetched at all.
  • Confirmed.

Utsuro is a yato, but it's more complicated than that
He identified Kagura really quickly, hides well from the sun and is insanely strong. With all this talk about this Russian guy who is going to be transplanted onto another body and in much popular culture is it near impossible that Sorachi-sensei hasn't noticed. So what if... I hate to say this... he's a yato with Shouyo-sensei's head transplanted onto him..! sounds weird yes, but it is a possibility.

Gintama will end at the beginning of the Meiji Restoration Period
It's a known fact that Gintama was based on the Edo period and the current arc (Farewell, Shinsengumi) is based on the earlier parts of the Boshin War which was a war to topple the corrupt Tokugawa Shogunate and restore power back to the Emperor. The Boshin War ended with Yoshinobu's (who Nobu Nobu was based on) surrender and also led to the renegotiation of unfair treaties with the foreigners (or aliens). Gintama pretty much have the same problems with the threatening Amantos with their unfair treaties and how they corrupt the Bakufu so ending it the same way it did with its historical counterpart would make sense.
  • If we followed history, Zura will take a role in government.

There will be shipping in canon.
  • By the end of the series, there will be Okita x Kagura plus several other pairings : Otae x Kondou, Sa chan x Zenzou etc. It will be canon, if even for a moment before it revealed to be a joke or something. This is Gintama afterall.

There will be an arc about Japanese Christians that, despite the gags, will be surprisingly well researched.
The priesthood will be mercilessly mocked, but the individual believers will be shown in a very sympathetic light. It ends on a gag of one or more or the cast becoming/replacing a saint, Christ, or even the Virgin Mary.

Gintama will end with Troll Ending.
Because nothing else will suit Gintama. After all the seriousness, happy ending and story conclusion....there will be an extra pages (or chapter) where it all revealed all the dead characters came back alive, it was all just an act since they all know it was just a fiction, fourth wall completely demolished and nothing changed at all. Gintama will be back to its status as gags manga with Sazae time.

Zura's personality is a mix between Cloudcuckoolander and Obfuscating Stupidity

He was portrayed as quite intellegent as a kid. But then he realized since he is a character in gag manga, it's in his best interest to be a gag character. It would ensure his chance of survival.

Shoyo's four students are marked by Chaos.
Takasugi wants bloodshed and destruction. Katsura makes crazy plans. Gintoki is lazy but he never gives in to despair. Sakamoto just wants to make money and enjoy life.

Gintoki is related to Jirocho, and Hijikata is related to Tatsugoro.
Jirocho and Tatsugoro in the past were basically Gintoki and Hijikata, at least in terms of their relationship, but also in a love triangle. They even resemble their present counterparts. So what if they're related? Hijikata could even be Tatsugoro and Otose's secret son somehow. And Jirocho's hair in the past IS Gintoki's hair. Their strength is even about the same, with Gintoki being able to pull down a helicopter and Jirocho's ability to punch someone through multiple solid stone tombstones. That takes strength! The timeline might not work out for Gintoki to be Jirocho's secret son, but he might be his nephew or something.

It's not Katsura, it's Zura!

One of Gintoki's parent must be...
A Frilled Shark. Because he has fish eyes.

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