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Yukinari is the ancestor of Simon
Think About It.They both have blue hair.They are both Woobies.

Kirie is the cause of Yukinari's allergy
It's obvious that she is. Kirie had be Yukinari's "friend" when they were little. but judging by all the horrible things she had done to him, It's no wonder that Yukinari is afraid of women. Nice Job Ruining Yukinari, Kojima
  • The girls in Yukinari's school are no better than Kirie. When he accidentally walks into the girls' locker room, you'd expect them to just yell him to get out (or punch him away at worst). Instead, they drag him in, layeth the smacketh down on him and then throw him out, leaving him on the ground.
Kanako Miyamae and Yukinari Sasaki are each other's opposite gender counterpart/equivalent
Kanako Miyamae is the protagonist of Maria†Holic and shares many similarities with Yukinari.
  • They both have allergy to their opposite gender due to being bullied by boys/girls.
  • They both get mocked for their height (He gets called "Chibinari" because he's small, while she is nicknamed "Eiffel Tower" because she's tall)
  • They are both Butt Monkeys and have Keitaro-esque resiliance/immortality. Proof below:
  • They are both treated badly by the person they live with (Kirie for Yukinari, Mariya for Kanako)
The girls themselves from the other world are why there's so few men.
  • Think about it: when Yukinari first shows up, he's told that "only one in ten are born males". Despite the fact that that's not really SO bad a percentage, the second he's first made public he ends up with a MAD STAMPEDE OF FEMALES chasing after him, apparently encompassing most of the city's population. Add that to the fact that other males are almost never seen (when you should see them as, literally, every tenth person), and you're left with two conclusions. ONE: the males of this world are actually FAR less than one in ten, forced out (either genetically or literally) by the insanely competitive and possessive women; or TWO: the men are looked at as little more than possessions, with each woman desperately trying to get one or more all to herself in a harem-like situation after which they hardly see the light of day again.
The male-female imbalance on Seiren was caused by a Gendercide plague.
This was either a "conventional" plague that killed the men or a more "indirect" plague that altered the birthrates of men from 50% to 10%.
Seiren-natives Are Incapable Of Giving Birth To Boys
  • Instead, testosterone exposure in the womb determines whether or not the newborn girl will have a Star Mark
Fukuyama is the ancestor of Zapp Brannigan
  • Both of them are blonde morons whose main goal in life is to get laid, which they often fail at. Not to mention both of them wear rather non-masculine clothing quite often.

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