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Most of the Gintama's opening and ending themes sound amazing and fit the series very well, not to mention the highly-praised original soundtracks.

Main opening and ending themes
  • Any song made by DOES or Spyair is held in high regards by the fandom, and for good reason.
    • "Shura" by DOES (Ending 5) is the perfect theme for the Benizakura arc, the first truly epic major story of the entire series.
    • "Donten" by DOES (Opening 5) is an edgy song that suits Gintama's darker moments. The climactic chorus playing during the Joui War sequence (where the Joui 4 members go all out on their enemies) is especially fitting.
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    • "Know Know Know" by DOES (Opening 17/Gintama° Opening 4) is another great song that is played during the latter parts of the Shogun Assassination and Farewell Shisengumi Arcs.
    • "Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!)" by Spyair (Ending 17/Gintama' Ending 1) is acknowledged by the fandom as one of the best, if not the best ending for its catchy tunes, the amazing visuals and that it focuses on Gintoki and Jirochou. Paired with "Tougenkyou Alien" and you have one of the best OP and ED combos in the series.
    • "Sakura Mitsuki" by Spyair (Opening 13/Gintama': Enchousen Opening 2) is another one for Spyair, and it's a melancholic piece fittingly played at the Courtesian of a Nation arc.
    • "I Wanna Be..." by Spyair (Opening 21/Gintama.: Silver Soul Opening 2) is as heartbreaking as it is awesome, appropriate for (what was meant to be) the opening song to send the anime off to its final conclusion.
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  • "Speed of Flow" by The Rodeo Carburettor (Ending 8) is another great one that is mostly remembered as the one where Elizabeth rides a motorcycle, and the insert song for Umiboozu's Hair Shampoo Commercial.
  • "Tougenkyou Alien" by serial TV drama (Opening 9/Gintama' Opening 1) is unashamedly wacky, over-the-top, and catchy. Often acknowledged by the fandom as the opening that represents the series' dynamic the most.
  • "Dilemma" by Ecosystem (Opening 10/Gintama' Opening 2) is a slightly dark song that is used after the catchy "Tougenkyou Alien", but nonetheless a great opening, with awesome visuals of Edo at night and how it turns everyone into looking very badass.
  • "Pride Kakumei" by CHiCO with HoneyWorks (Opening 15/ Gintama° Opening 2) is a slightly melancholic song that turns upbeat in the later parts, which is fitting for the Shinigami Arc.
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  • "Glorious Days" by Three Lights Down Kings is another banger of a song which is shown before and during the Shogun Assasination Arc. Along with its cool visuals and some focus on Gintoki's past, it ends with him and Takasugi duking it out.
  • "SILVER" by RIZE (Ending 27/ Gintama. ending) is the total badass theme not just for reuniting the four Joui Warriors but for Gintoki and Takasugi as well.
  • "Katte ni My Soul" by DISH (Opening 20/ Gintama.: Silver Soul Opening 1) is an upbeat and catchy song fitting for the start of the Silver Soul Arc and how it shows everyone preparing for war with the Amanto.

Yorinuki, Yorinuke and movie themes

  • "Bakuchi Dancer" by DOES in the Benizakura movie (also used as the first Yorinuki opening) plays while Gintoki and Katsura slay all of the Alien Pirates of Harusame (with the former switching weapons!) in a killing spree right before pointing their swords at Takasugi. The song really helps to hype up the moment.
  • "Bokutatchi no Kisetsu" by DOES in the Benizakura movie (also used as the first Yorinuki ending) is a calm song that lets the viewers take a breather after the high action ending of the movie.
  • "Genjou Destruction" by Spyair is the insert song played in Be Forever Yorozuya. It hypes the the fights between the Amanto and the whole cast and how they help the Yorozuya Trio to help take down the boss.

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