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  • Episode 2: The Lamp House cafe where Marika and Mami work suddenly finds itself turned into a Bad-Guy Bar, especially the Sickeningly Sweethearts couple in matching t-shirts that step in, look around and leave very quickly.
  • Episode 8: The shell-shocked looks on Marika and Gruier's faces after Misa's high-speed driving. Plus their stunned comments. Plus their hair. Plus the flashback.
  • Episode 9: Marika glomping Chiaki, who was really not amused. She also wasn't happy to see Marika again. She's just there to do some research and get some things for her father, r-really.
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  • Also in Episode 9: During a tense scene, an alarm goes off on the bridge, and Schnitzer stands up and intones dramatically, "It's time..." There's then an immediate cut to Marika and Gruier being unceremoniously thrown off the bridge by Misa, who tells them to get some dinner and go to bed. See, they're both underage, and working more than eight hours a day is against the child labor laws, even for pirates!
  • Chiaki posing as Marika, right down to the wearing the distinctive costume. It's clearly obvious that she's totally enjoying every second of it.
  • The bridge crew of the Bentenmaru, while quarantined on a hospital space station, race against time to write a user manual before the Yacht Club succeed in blowing up the ship, while hilariously freaking out.
    Coorie: Speeeed Up!
    • The various reactions to Haramaki accidentally firing off a full spread from the Bentenmaru's main cannons.
    • And then they complete the manual, and breath a sigh of relief, and then Marika orders a practice FTL jump, which isn't in the manual.
  • Episode 18: The start of the raid on the private ship of Jenny's would-be husband, apparently stress and Chiaki-sama are a very bad combination.
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  • Marika and Gruier turn Chiaki's gravitas-filled mentions of the Legendary Chef... into a drinking game.
  • At the end of Episode 25, the chef broadcasts a message with the time and place for the battle between the pirates and the Grand Cross. It is accompanied by a recording of Marika and Chiaki singing along to the pirate song from two episodes earlier. Kenjo likes it and has it played across the Barbarossa. Cut to Chiaki hiding under her blankets in embarrassment.
    Chiaki: Dad... I'll kill you!
  • While out on a training EVA, Chiaki tells Marika she needs to drop the ditz act. Marika's expression of blank confusion is priceless.
  • During the tournament, everyone is cowering in fear of the Yacht Club because of an unspecified prior incident that got them banned from the race for five years. Lynn is confused, and the other girls mention she would have been in middle school at the time. That rings a bell...

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