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  • Hideki trying to find Chii's ON switch, as well as the said switch's location.
  • Hideki hopping on a cow and shouting "I'm gonna go to Tokyo!" at the beginning of the first episode.
  • The whole sequence where Chi and Sumomo are wandering around the city trying to buy underwear. Those two are comedy gold together.
    • Chii's singsong "Underpants, underpants..."
      • In the original Japanese, it's even funnier. She just keeps walking, saying, "Pantsu...pantsu..." in a tone that is an interesting mix of a chant, a mantra, and a marching theme. Absolutely hilarious.
    • Chii mistaking a lingerie ad and the panties of a couple of schoolgirls for her goal.
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    • Chii picking up Sumomo like a dog just did.
    • Chii returning home from her task with underwear for Hideki, with the phrase "good job" on the front.
    • Hideki finally getting the courage to enter the lingerie shop, and the only thing that can come out of his mouth is an Ironic Echo of what he told Chii to say:
    Underpants thank you please!" * ka-ching!* DAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!
  • "Pervert! Hideki is a pervert!" "Chi, you don't have to learn that!!"
    • In the English dub: "Average size! Hideki is average!"
  • When Hideki is first trying to teach Chi to talk, he starts with his name, pointing at himself and saying "Hideki." Then she also points at him and says "Hideki," and for a moment he thinks the lesson has been successful... until she starts pointing at random objects around the room while saying "Hideki! Hideki! Hideki! Hideki!"
    • Funniest one may be when she calls his landlady "Hideki".
  • From the manga: "Can Chi do this job?" Bonus points for the Call-Back.
    • The anime makes it even funnier. Chi shows him the ad in question and Hideki's response is just a massive Jaw Drop.
  • Sumomo's leading Hideki and Chii through "wakey wakey exercises" and the two of them are taking part in said exercises. Afterwards however, Hideki does a Double Take and his reaction is hilarious.
    • Later on, after Kotoko joins the Motosuwa household, her declaring that everyone living in Hideaki's place is crazy.
  • The Running Gags involving Hideki, be it about him being a girlfriend-less Nice Guy, his poverty, or his Hopeless with Tech tendencies. Meta-wise, it's even funnier as you realise that he's the most average protagonist in a CLAMP series, ever.
  • During the episode where Chii is learning how to cook from Miss Hibiya, Sumomo decides that she wants to pulling a Big Freaking Sword (proportional to her size anyway) and announcing that she will now prepare the potatoes! Poor thing gets the knife taken away from her and a suggestion made that she should do something more Sumomo-sized. The poor android looks disappointed.

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