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  • There was this scene:
    Some Dude (panting): "Sengoku, come quick!"
    *cue running*
    Sengoku (horrified): "Guys, why didn't you tell me sooner? It might already be too late..."
    *cue guys peeping on some girls bathing in the river*
  • Yarai asking for the girls' weight, and then carrying Kurusu-sensei, Rion and Yuki at the same time on his shoulder: "This is definitely more than 120 kilograms."
  • Again from Yarai: his disbelief over Kurusu-sensei being a better swimmer than he is.
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  • Yarai laughing at the Megaladapis Edwardsi attacking Akira. Even the Edwardsi looks surprised.
  • Chapter 115: Saki Segawa, jealous over Yarai and Kurusu's closeness, picks up a turtle and proclaims that it will be their dinner. Throughout the entire conversation, the turtle (apparently understanding what's being said) has an increasingly panicked look on its face, finally speeding away as fast as it can once Saki releases it... Only for later chapters to reveal that Saki has actually kept it. On a leash.
  • Segawa is questioning (read: yelling at) the real Miina. What does the other the fake one do to make her stop? Gropes her!
  • Chapter 112: after a misunderstanding, Rion asks Akira if he wants to see her breasts. When he hesitently says 'yes' she starts to roll up her shirt, in an effort to not see since he believes he's not ready to see her yet, he jabs himself in the eyes!
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  • Segawa's fantasy of how they would escape the island on a boat. The raft's sail has a huge picture of her face.

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