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Funny / World Conquest Zvezda Plot

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  • Basically, any time Kate opens her mouth. Even if she can back up every one of her grandiose words, there's still something hilarious about an ageless being thousands of years old looking like a pre-teen that talks like Iskander.
  • The entirety of the Zvezda organization messing up Asuta's name.
  • Yasu's absolute failure at trying to look cool in front of the new kid. Including making ridiculous boasts, and smoking a cigarette that isn't lit.
    • Even funnier when Yasu actually lights a cigarette. The room he's in is propelled out of the house. Then a bucket of water is dumped on him. Followed by the bucket.
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    • And he only lit the cigarette after tossing out the old one he was chewing, as if he'd already smoked it.
  • White Robin trying and failing to pretend she doesn't know (the unconscious) Asuta. She's just not very good at the whole "secret identity" thing.
  • In episode 3, Kate's "Transformation Sequence" is actually her being dressed by her minions.

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