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Don't worry, he's a professional

  • The entire series is just one Sustained Misunderstanding. Every chapter is a gag in itself.
  • Cid's previous life. He wanted to achieve his childhood dream and he tried to do it by training his mind and body to its peak. The end result? A very buff high school boy. The other students at that school must had one heck of an experience.
    • Speaking of students. Cid/Minoru's classmate, Akane has a love-hate relationship with our boy with the huge emphasis on hate. It was bad enough that she has meet this weirdo at the school gate every day but she has to hear him mistake her name and has been doing this for months.
  • After some careful thinking, Minoru decides to fulfill his dream on becoming the Eminence in Shadow by learning magic. Of course, magic doesn't exist in the world but that doesn't stop him from trying. List of activities he did includes: Zazen, Buddhism, Yoga, attaching himself to a cross and pray to god and strip himself naked and banged his head against a tree. The Web Novel is even better as he did all the aforementioned things while buck naked. Oh and he ran through the field buck naked.
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  • When Cid attacks a group of bandits, he looks deranged demanding if they wish to live to hand over their valuables. Below this image the manga tells us that this is the Protagonist as if it needed to remind us after seeing that. It repeats this again after he starts slaughtering the bandits with manic glee. Then again when he sees a victim of a curse and is happy at the idea of using her for his experiments.
  • Anytime Cid interacts with his Seven Shadows will lead to several worthwhile, hilarious antics.
  • After learning of his sister's kidnapping and witnessing his parents' response (his dad, Baldy decides to give up and his mother beating him up for it.), Cid heads back to his room and meets up with Beta. She quickly informs him on possible sites where Claire could be kept until Cid threw a knife at a particular spot which Beta realizes it's the most likely where Claire is at. She wonders how did her master know. Except he didn't. He already gave up searching for Claire like his old man and was merely entertaining his subordinate.
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  • The Seven Shadows corner their target but he escapes underground. The Seven believes that they didn't need to follow cause their all-knowing master has anticipated this and is awaiting down there to ambush their prey. Cut to Cid who says that he's lost. And he founds the target by accident.
  • Cid's plan to get rejected by Alexia backfires and the two are now dating. He eventually realizes he's being used and confronts the princess, wanting out. Alexia reveals her true colors and offers money to maintain the facade. What happens next is this.
    Cid: Do I look like a guy who can be swayed by money?
    Alexia: You are.
    Cid: Damn straight. *Collecting the cash*
  • While Cid slashes the corrupt knights to pieces, Beta is hiding from the side lines, excitedly recording all of this in her book about her beloved Shadow.
  • By the end of the second arc, Alexia who despite only had a Fake Relationship with Cid now starts to have some feelings for him and asks him to continue it with her just a little longer. Cid answers this by Flipping the Bird and Alexia answers back by trying to slice him to bits.
  • Alexia wants to be part of Iris's team to find out more about Shadow and she did this by blackmailing her older sister about her secret underwear. Iris complies but not before showing a dirty look.
    • Iris returns the favor by having Alexia detained after she gets injured by the Shadow Garden impostors.
  • The Running Gag of Gamma and High Heels.
    • This actually saves her life as when she fight off some assassins, she accidentally trips and kills the assassin that is charging towards her. Not wanting to look foolish, she tries to bluff her way by saying that she was using a technique. Like Master, Like Servant.
  • After sensing a battle is going on, Cid attempts to get his friends to leave him and check it out. His trick is the funniest part:
  • Cid and his friends' plan to get chicks by offering them chocolate. The results are as follows:
    • Hyoro walks up to his interest only to encounter the girl's very jealous fiancee.
    • Jaga's turn and he starts stating all the facts about the girl like social circles, room number, favorite food, three sizes and color of panties, but unbeknownst to him she actually noticed him stalking her, it goes as well as you expect.
    • Cid is the least interested and offers the chocolate to the closest girl who also happens to be the new girl of the week. He WINS.
  • Nu's entire conversation with Cid at school. She thinks to herself that her master didn't need to learn the other important bits because it's basic knowledge and he probably already knows. All the while Cid sounds intrigued but truthfully, he didn't understand a dang thing at all.
    Story: He is certainly not aware of anything.
  • When Sherry and Alexia are having a cup of coffee, Sherry finds it too bitter. She fixes this by dumping the entire jar of sugar into her cup to the point her cup is now just filled with sugar.
    • The next best part is that Alexia learns that Cid gave chocolate to Sherry and although she tries to brush this off but after Sherry thanks the princess for telling her that she and Cid are not dating and leaves in bliss, Alexia smashes her cup in anger.
  • At the Senbatsu tournament, Cid intentionally takes all the hits from Rose's attacks to increase his reputation as a mob character. All the while he is sent flying in an overly dramatic fashion, spewing lots of blood from the packet he carries around. Apparently, this is one of 48 forms of Mob-Fu and it's called "Tailspin Parry Bloody Tornado".
    • Also, due to him being so focused on wanted to go through all of his mob techniques, he comes off more as the Determinator and therefore becomes more noticed by everyone.
    • Even better is that after the event, Sherry and Rose are now attracted to him.
  • In the manga version when the terrorist attack by the Shadow Garden impostors happens, while the student body, including Cid, face the terrorists, Hyoro and Jaga are the only ones who turn away, squatting down and covering their ears. Or more obviously, the two are immediately surrendering themselves.
  • As Cid is observing the terrorist attack, he notices Sherry running away and wonders how she hasn't been noticed. Only to find out that she has been noticed and there is a small army of terrorist right behind her.
  • Cid's reaction to Beta's plagiarism.
    Cid: Holy Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976.
  • How did Epsilon learn how real breast look and feel to make her fake ones as real as possible? She grabbed Beta's breast to her confusion.
    • Not to mention that how much alike Epsilon is towards her master. There's even a panel in the manga where she did the exact kind of training her master did prior to his reincarnation.
  • Alexia and Beta. If there is a contest for Cat Fights, this would surely get the trophy. We have the Tsundere Princess who dated the protagonist and the Secret Agent Elf who hates the princess for dating the protagonist. It goes well as you expect.
  • Epsilon's time with Shadow and her friends. Being second to everybody did a bit of a number on the poor girl, especially when breasts are involved.
    • The first thing she did after evading death is ask anyone if they saw ''it''.
  • Whenever Delta ever goes under her "Wild Side", Alpha can shut it down by threatening the former; taking away her snacks. This immediately pacifies her.
    • And after the Holy Ground is destroyed, Delta is seen munching on what could be a bone.
  • Jimina (Cid in disguise) vs Goldoh. The latter is furious that Jimina didn't take the chance to attack him when his guard was down. Not that Goldoh wants Jimina to attack him but he is bugged that Jimina didn't think he was that much of a threat. He calls upon a golden dragon to finish off Jimina who defeats that attack by sneezing. You heard me! Cid beat a dragon shaped attack with just a sneeze!
  • The entire chapter of Annerose and Quinton discussing about Jimina, who he is, where he came from etc. After the discussion gets so ludicrous that Quinton just gives up and decides to fight Jimina to prove that he's a fraud. A chapter later, he gets knocked out.
  • Annerose acting the Comically Serious.
  • Turns out Rose actually met Cid as children when he saves her from bandits. Rose remembers his nickname, Stylish Bandit Slayer.
    • This actually happened before in his past life when Cid/Minoru calls himself the Stylish Bad Guy Slayer. Unlike Rose, Akane thinks the nickname is lame.
  • Beta makes her usual reports to Cid but when the latter smells something, she gets nervous. Then, Cid explains that he smells blood and Beta sighs in relief that it wasn't her.
  • The antagonists from the Red Moon arc suffer some humiliating defeats.
    • The Watchdog at least knows that he's no match against the two Monarchs. But when he sees Shadow, he jumps right in only to be killed off seconds later.
    • Watchdog's master's is even worse. When he sees Shadow, Crimson goes on a speech about how vampires are superior and humans are inferior. Shadow, on the other hand, just didn't care and casually just cuts Crimson up, mid-way during his speech and does it again whenever he regenerates. It got so bad that Crimson starts to grovel and tries to bargain to be spared. Who is the superior species now?
  • Cid's whole plan was to team up with Yukime and steal the riches from two corporations, one of them being his own company (which he doesn't know he owns). There is just one flaw to that plan: Him shooting himself in the foot. He had handed Beta a secret coded message that revealed his agenda and Beta and the Seven Shadows believe he is handing them over the treasures he and Yukime gathered. When he arrives at the hideout, he's horrified to see that all the gold is gone and he doesn't know that Shadow Garden took them. Whether Shadow's the idiot or Shadow Garden's the idiots or both but one thing sure, looks like another of Shadow's schemes has flushed down the drain.
  • The Epilogue to the Corporate Warfare arc. Cid and Delta tried to dig under snow to get the gold that was allegedly stolen by Gettan. Cid thought it was there because Gettan pointed at the snow but he was referring to Yukime due to part of her name. Obviously, Cid would not have make that conclusion. What's ironic is that his own organization took the gold because they thought he was given it to them.
  • Arriving at the Oriana Kingdom, Cid is trying so hard to get arrested. He had to go through (kill) ten groups of thick-headed soldiers before the eleventh has at least the brain power to decide to just take him to prison.
  • Cid using Zack as his assistant and Butt-Monkey.
  • Epsilon's being a Large Ham.
  • Cid's partner up with Aurora's finger. Because of this, suddenly the Isekai/Comedy series now becomes a Buddy Cop Show with Aurora's finger curbing Cid's chuunibyou tendencies.
  • The chapter with an almost brain-dead Doem after Cid Mind Rape him.
  • Cid's dismay at realizing that Eta has replicated modern Japanese office buildings. Even worse, Christina's such a fan of the architecture that she refuses to break down the door even while they are in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. Even Cid thinks this is nuts.


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