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  • An impudent new inmate asks for Makina's cup-size. She answers nonchalantly, freaking the inmates out.
  • "Did she just kick a robot?"
  • The original Toonami broadcast of the dub had an almost comical amount of censoring for the first few episodes due to not having enough time to create an alternate voice track to Bowdlerize the language. This would lead to this gem from the second episode:
  • Unlike others Minatsuki will not take being insulted.
    • Let's not kid ourselves here, tropers. Minatsuki is a walking CMOF.
  • Episode 6 starts with a hefty Brick Joke, showing the guard that had confiscated cast-point cards from Yoh using them to get something from the snack machine... only to find out just how much he'd actually stolen, and realizing how much trouble he'd be in with his bosses if they find out.
    G-Block Guard 4B: How in the hell does some douchey kid with bangs like a Shih-tzu rack up so much cast!?
  • There's something inexplicably funny about a "You gotta be kidding me" face Crow shows when he's told that the two guys he killed in two blows are "probably the strongest here". He then stands for several seconds motionless, before deciding on finishing the rest of the Undertakers anyway.
    • The set-up is nothing to sneeze at either: the two Undertakers get several pages worth of backstory, setting them up as both powerful and psychotic... then Crow appears and in the span of one panel the two are sashimi.
  • While on the topic of Crow, the way he insanely blushes and tries covering her up when seeing Shiro's assets for the first time is both funny and adorable.
  • Rokuro's behavior in episode ten becomes so over the top that it's hilarious. At one point in the episode he seriously looks like he came right out Higurashi in terms of narm and animation.
    • To top it all off he says this: "DON'T MESS WITH THE HUMAN CALCULATOR!"
      • It's even funnier in the uncensored version. Right when he enters the room he says "WHICH OF YOU! FUCKHEADS! SHAT ON! MY GODDAMN BOMB?!". "DON'T MESS WITH THE HUMAN CALCULATOR!" is now "DON'T FUCK WITH THE HUMAN CALCULATOR!"
      • Okay, pretty much everything he said was worth a chuckle.
  • The beginning of episode eight has Genkaku blocking the entrance to a room that has no other way out. What does Yoh tell Ganta to do? Run away.
  • Let's face it; whenever Genkaku isn't killing, he's just being freaking hilarious. Hell, even when he's killing people he still is.
    "How the hell have you not figured out that I'm a jealous psychopath?"

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