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    Original Manga, spin-offs and other media 

  • Ryo's introduction.
  • In the Sirene The Demon Bird OVA, Miki tells Tare to pick up a ringing phone. When he excuses himself by playing a game, Miki Dope Slaps him on the head and snatches his half-eaten cookie while it's in the air with her mouth.
  • Near the end of the Amon OVA, Akira falls from the sky and lands, naked, in the middle of a giant, Amon-shaped hole in the ground. Given how serious the rest of the OVA is, this is hilarious.
  • In the first volume, when Ryo tells Akira to put on the demon mask.
    Ryo: Put it on.
    Akira: (beat) I-I'd rather not.
    Ryo: (annoyed) Put it on.
    Akira: Maybe next time?
    Ryo: Put it on!
  • Before they enter the demonic rave club, Ryo is seen smoking a butt.
    Ryo: Oh this? Its laced with drugs.
  • In Shin Devilman, Ryou and Akira are slipping around the timestream. While they're in ancient Greece, they apparently enlisted as sailors. Their ship is under attack, so they jump overboard. Ryou, not having Akira's demonic strength, can barely stay afloat and tells Akira to take his heavy armor off. Then he gets flustered when Akira tries to take his skirt off. Doubly hilarious when as Satan, Ryou goes butt-naked all the time.
  • The English Dub of the first two OVAs provides some gems given the ridiculous amount of profanity. Special note goes to a scene in the second OVA:
    Ryo: Perhaps it's the natural order that demons exist to kill people?
    (Akira grabs Ryo)
    Akira: (Furious) Now listen here, Ryo! If you ever say that again, I'll rip your fucking head off and shit down your neck, OKAY?!
    • The final battle between Sirene and Devilman in the second OVA has the voice acting evolve to Saturday Morning Cartoon-levels of Hamminess. Both Devilman and Sirene's voice actors pretty much become Large Hams, and the scene where Kaim sacrifices himself becomes unintentionally amusing as a result of said voice acting.
  • In Grimoire, after Amon answers Miki's questions at her request and goes to sleep, her parents call out to her to take a bath. Akira then wakes up demanding he'd go first.
  • While Miki thinks of the idea of being a Devilman, she immediately thinks herself as dumb but beautiful. The Evine the goat demon stalking her actually agrees on the dumb part.
  • In the Amon OVA Ryo wears a fancy white coat with a black cross necklace. When you keep in mind Ryo's opinion on God, where he's overly cynical compared to the likes of Miki, it's funny to see him wear that. His true identity as Satan just makes it fall into Refuge in Audacity territory, since he's wearing the symbol of his arch enemy. God is probably aghast at the sheer nerve of his rebellious son wearing that as freely as he does.
  • The Live-Action Adaptation covers the mass panic and paranoia from having demons secretly among humans - one "test" that the rioters come up with to determine if someone is human is having three sumo wrestlers hogpile on him. Literally Witch Hunt mentality.
     1972 anime 

  • Much of the comedy in the second half of the series is courtesy of the original character Lala. In fact, Lala was introduced specifically to inject some comic relief into the series, since viewers had requested some humor to lighten the mood of what was a very dark and foreboding show. Lala's appeal is that she's almost Too Dumb to Live. (She actually takes this literally in one episode after Akira tells her that "only death can cure a fool," and begins seeking out ways to die - mind you, this is Played for Laughs. Even after her death, she comes back to Devilman in a vision, excited that since she's now dead, her stupidity is cured.)
  • In a form of Black Comedy, a Spider demon possesses many people that causes them to go on a rampaging frenzy until the host dies. One of them however is a girl setting a building on fire ''with a gasoline pump" while firemen are attempting to put out the fire.
    • Tare is unlucky enough to become a host to the spiders, and tries to attack his teacher, Milk. Fortunately, despite her seemingly genteel demeanour, Milk is surprisingly strong for a human, and manages to get Tare to return to normal by performing a pile driver on him.
    • Akira transforming into Devilman just so he can pluck a swarm of spiders off an unconscious Miki, and then transforming back into Akira.
  • A serious conversation at the beginning of episode three has a somewhat humorous ending: Akira and the Makimuras are watching a TV news report about the mysterious disappearance of a bullet train with 3,000 people aboard, and Akira shocks Miki with his coldness and lack of concern. She yells at him, "You're not human! Akira, you're a demon!" Akira is so startled at this that he loses his balance, crashes into a coffee table and sends a vase crashing to the floor in pieces.
  • In the anime, after everyone, including Zenon himself calls Lala a fool, she cries her eyes out, forcing him to backpedal his insult.
  • When the demon Phizele unlocks human darkness, which causes people to go on a riot, a couple of firemen sets some wood on fire, only to cook a potato
    Fireman: This is as bad as we can get.


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