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  • Kuroda is generally the generator of CMoFs on the field but the Osaka Gunners game (in the anime) deserves a special mention. Among the gems are:
    • Episode 20: Kuroda overhearing the ETU supporters' concerns over his matchup with Hauer and yelling back at them.
      Supporter 1: "Telling his fans to shut up..."
      Supporter 2: "How could he hear us from there?"
    • Also in Episode 20, Kuroda and Hauer insulting each other over their hair (or in Kuroda's case, lack of).
      Kuroda: "That transcended the language barrier!"
  • Episode 13: Tsubaki's encounters with the Brazilian trio of Nagoya after play has finished. They mean well and encourage him but thanks to the language barrier he has no idea what they're saying, nor their intentions.
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  • Whenever he's not being a Magnificent Bastard, Tatsumi's antics both on and off the pitch are this.


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