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Seeing how this is a series packed with silly or ridiculous moments, one could probably write an essay for this trope. A warning that while most of these events aren't spoilery to the plot, reading might spoil the scenes from being as funny.

  • Only Card Sensei can turn a parent/teacher conference into an attempt at getting a date.
  • Bashin's first encounter with Suiren. She practically tells him she's really My Sunshine and he's still too dense to figure it out.
    • This identity confusion is particularly hilarious a couple episodes later, where Bashin and Striker are trying to track down My Sunshine and Suiren respectively, not realizing they're looking for the same person.
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  • Bashin and Striker get locked out of a play. The reason... they tried to push a pull door.
  • Santa Smile. Enough said.
  • The entirety of episode 16. Saying any reason why would be spoiling too much.
  • Elliott holds a tournament where the winners can go to his school in America. When his offer is declined, he reacts in trauma, complete with tears and a blue screen of death.
  • Bashin getting bombarded with chocolate from the sky on Valentines Day, leading to a ridiculous argument over it between J and Striker.
  • Meganeko dressing up as a yellow Suiren, as well as Card Sensei wearing all yellow and a Suiren mask.
  • The rap curse. Words can not describe the brain-bleach required after seeing episode 27.
  • Bashin single-handedly wrecking a hallway full of armor in J's castle.
  • Suiren battling with her My Sunshine-themed deck.
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  • The priest at training camp mentioning seeing Masako together with Card Sensei in the past, and her reaction to that.
  • Bashin and Smile taking the midterm test. They look so pathetic.
  • Any scene with Pseudo-J in it is a CMOF.
  • Masako attempting to hide her double identity from Striker.
  • Kyouka vs. Number Nine. Even though it's basically an off-screen fight, the speed of it and Nine's expression at the end says a lot.
  • Bashin's "death" eating wasabi filled manjuu.
  • Card Sensei vs. Masako. It's more like a lovers quarrel than a game of Battle Spirits.
  • The entirety of episode 44. Just like 16, it must be seen to believed.
  • Meganeko's declaration that she'll become Bashin's bride, and her reaction when realizing what she just said.

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