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Sorted to be as spoiler-free as possible.

Chosen Card Battlers

Toppa Bashin
Voiced by: Mutsumi Tamura

The protagonist. A huge Battle Spirits enthusiast with a straightforward personality. He’s always cheerful and friendly. His father left him at a young age, which left him rather shy, but after being introduced to Battle Spirits, he was able to open up. He prefers the red attribute.

  • Ascended Fanboy: To J. He ends up getting to hang with J, when he becomes a chosen card battler as well.
  • Big Eater: Eating doesn't come up constantly with him, but he'll shovel down food if put in front of him.
  • The Determinator: What were you expecting? He's a shounen protagonist.
  • Disappeared Dad: His father left when he was very young.
  • The Hero: He is the leader of Team Shomen Toppa, and the one to ultimately save the world.
  • Hot-Blooded: Along with everyone else in the show, but especially him.
  • Idiot Hero: The idiot part is taken to painful levels, but it usually results in a Funny Moment.
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  • Keet: He is a never-ending fountain of energy and loudness. Not particularly feminine in the anime version, but in the manga, he crossdresses as a nurse.
  • Last-Name Basis: It's rare for anyone but his mother to use his first name, and even she calls him Bashin at times.
  • Magnetic Hero: Everyone is drawn to him.
  • Oblivious to Love: Poor Meganeko
  • Playing with Fire: He uses red
  • Shonen Hair: Well, he apparently does nothing to it.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: To his father.

Juli “J” Sawaragi/ Jack Knight/Number Eleven
Voiced by: Kaya Miyake

Bashin’s rival. Somewhat cold and distant, and takes Battle Spirits from an almost studious perspective. He was the world champion for two years in a row, despite only being an elementary schooler, and thus became very famous. In order to be accepted by his father, he later joins Thousand Spirits Group, hoping to at least be able to serve as a knight to him. He prefers the white attribute.


Kakeru “Striker” Nohara
Voiced by: Ryousuke Sakamaki

A soccer player with a very distinctive haircut, who attends the same school as Bashin. He has four younger brothers, and ultimately learns Battle Spirits in order to be a hero to them. His strength is his loyalty to his friends. He prefers the green attribute.

Suiren/My Sunshine
Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki

A popular idol who disguises herself as a masked card battler in order to play Battle Spirits. As Suiren, she has somewhat of a domineering personality, whereas My Sunshine is girly and sweet. She prefers the purple attribute.

Thousand Spirits Group

King Uchuuchouten/Touha Bashin
Voiced by: Tomoyuki Shimura

The mysterious leader of Thousand Spirits Group. He is actually Bashin’s father, Touha.

Michael Elliott/Number Two
Voiced by: Chafurin

The game designer of Battle Spirits (both in the anime and real life). He came from America, where he also is opening a Battle Spirits school. He later quits Thousand Spirits Group, after losing a battle with Striker and coming to a realization.

  • Affably Evil: Aside from the fact that he's a member of Numbers Elite, he's quite a fun guy.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Perhaps the fact that his job is game designer has something to do with his weird, childish behavior. But even after becoming a school principal as well, he's seen building card houses in his office with Battle Spirits cards.
  • Informed Ability: Not only did he make the game, but he's on a team composed of the best players in the world. He's the only player (excluding some who battled only once) who never wins a single match.
  • Two First Names: Note that he goes by a Last-Name Basis, so Elliott could easily be mistaken as his first name.
  • Gratuitous English: He speaks quite a lot of it for a show that's in Japanese.

S. Kiano Sawaragi/Number Three
Voiced by: Hirohiko Kakegawa

J’s father. He is a rich, Finnish businessman, who designed the Battle Spirits battle system. He appears to be very distant toward J. In truth, he cares about J, but becomes very upset towards him when he joins Thousand Spirits Group.

  • Affably Evil: He's actually a pretty nice guy, despite what he's doing with Numbers Elite.
  • The Evil Genius: Well, evil is a stretch, but he's the one who builds all the battle systems.
  • Knight In Sour Armor: Starts off this way, but he does get better.
  • The Rival: He used to be this with Bashin's father.

Smile/Number Four
Voiced by: Kozo Mito

A card battler who defeated J during the Gunslinger round of a championship. He has a rather creepy appearance and mannerisms. Smile was originally a pupil of Card Sensei. It was through this intense physical training that he grew into a harsher person. Smile came to resent Sensei for being too gentle. After meeting J, Smile takes an interest in him, later inviting him to join Thousand Spirits Group. He prefers the yellow attribute.

  • Coat Cape: He wears his jacket like this, probably as a sign of delinquency.
  • The Dragon: He's the strongest and most threatening in battle of the regular Numbers.
  • Dragon with an Agenda: All he really wants by the end is to prove he and J make a better team than Bashin and J.
  • Four Is Death: Especially in the manga, where he's the Big Bad.
  • Jerkass: And he can be just as obnoxious to the other Numbers as he is to Bashin and his friends.
  • Light Is Not Good: His attribute is yellow.
  • No Name Given: Smile probably isn't his real name
    • Only One Name: Even if it is, he still doesn't have a last name.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: His hair always covers one eye.
  • Verbal Tic: Kekeke

Nanao “Seven-sempai” Watanabe/Galaxy Seven
Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio

Bashin’s sempai in middle school, and president of the Battle Spirits club. Normally, very quiet and easily frightened, until becoming his alternate persona, Galaxy Seven, who is narcissistic and egotistical. He prefers the blue attribute.

He is modeled after Galaxy Watanabe, the card game’s mascot, though may or may not actually be the same character.

Masako Inogashira/Number Eight
Voiced by: Michiko Neya

The sole female member of Numbers Elite. Somewhat proud, as well as careless, and constantly gets lost. She used to date Card Sensei, and they were very close. She took his betrayal of the organization personally, and remains very loyal to Thousand Spirits Group in order to not become like him. She later becomes Bashin’s music teacher, when he starts middle school.

Kyuusaku Kujou/Number Nine
Voiced by: Taiten Kusunoki

The first member of Numbers Elite to challenge Bashin, who gave Siegfried to him as a reward for winning. Always well dressed, he seems very gentlemanly. Separate from King Uchuuchouten, he has his own ambitions concerning the stones. He stages a coup d’état before the final tournament to carry out his plan. He prefers the red attribute.


Voiced by: Rie Nakagawa

Bashin’s pet mouse. He can be somewhat strict, and often lectures or scolds Bashin. He usually follows Bashin to school, even though he’s not allowed to. He loves mushrooms.

Voiced by: Akiko Kimura

J’s cat. Tends to be arrogant, and thinks very highly of J as well. She joins Thousand Spirits Group along with J, calling herself Queen.

  • Cats Are Mean: She can be pretty snotty even early on, and later joins Thousand Spirits Group with J, effectively becoming a villain for a short time.
  • Non-Human Sidekick: To J.
  • Parrot Pet Position: Tends to ride on J's shoulders.
  • Talking Animal: Thanks to a mystical stone. Her ability to talk is lost in the finale, but it may have been restored.
  • Team Pet: One of several.

Voiced by: Takayuki Sasada

Striker’s parrot. Tends to help him come up with new battle strategies.

Voiced by: Cho

Suiren’s chameleon. Is often stressed with having to handle the high-maintenance Suiren.

Voiced by: Misato Fukuen

Meganeko’s dog. Has a somewhat haughty personality.

Voiced by: Michiko Neya

Card Sensei’s turtle. He’s extremely knowledgeable about Battle Spirits.

  • Non-Human Sidekick: To Card Sensei
  • Talking Animal: Thanks to a mystical stone. His ability to talk is lost in the finale, but it may have been restored.
  • Team Pet: Less often than the others though, because he's usually with Card Sensei
  • Turtle Power: Of the wise turtle variety. He teaches Battle Spirits to humans (albeit with ridiculous methods).


Fumiko “Meganeko” Otonashi
Voiced by: Akemi Kanda

Bashin’s childhood friend. She often feels neglected, because Bashin spends more times with his Battle Spirits friends than her. She later learns Battle Spirits from Card Sensei, and awakens as a chosen card battler. She prefers the yellow attribute.

Kyouka Sawaragi
Voiced by: Maya Nishimura

J’s twin sister, and the younger of the two. She cares about her brother very much, but also tends to tease him. When J joins Thousand Spirits Group, she was devastated, so Card Sensei gives her his blue stone so she can fight with Bashin and the others. Still, she’s not very skilled at Battle Spirits.

Kyouji “Card Sensei” Kawatou/ Number Five
Voiced by: Riki Kitazawa

Bashin’s elementary school teacher. Has a hot-blooded personality, and seems to like pretty women, especially Bashin’s mother. He is later revealed to be Number Five, and secretly spying on Bashin. He permanently resigns from the organization in order to keep Bashin, Meganeko and the others out of danger, and goes to live in the wilderness.

  • Alliterative Name
  • Badass Teacher: He's definitely protective of his students. Fortunate that he's an ex-Number who's had some pretty amazing feats in the past,
  • Becoming the Mask: His mission was to watch the chosen card battlers. He ended up becoming very protective of them for real, enough that he quit Thousand Spirits Group for their sake.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He's really an impressive card battler, and used to have super-human strength on top of that.
  • Demoted to Extra: In the manga
  • Hot-Blooded: Along with everyone else in the show, but especially him.
  • Official Couple: With Number Eight
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: With Number Eight. She was shown in one episode to have a pink version of his outfit. His eyes are gray-ish blue and hers are pink

Hayami Bashin

Bashin’s single mother. A taxi driver, who often works to take care of Bashin. She worries about him a lot, wanting him to concentrate more on his studies than Battle Spirits. She was once a masked card battler known as The Speed Star. She battled with her husband, Touha Bashin, against their rivals, J’s father and aunt.

  • Badass Driver: Particularly interesting, because the car she drives is a taxi.
  • Battle Couple: She used to be one with her husband.
  • Demoted to Extra: In the manga
  • Education Mama: She's always concerned about Bashin putting things before his schoolwork. Justifiable, because she's afraid of him turning out like his father.

Setsuko Kirishima

Voiced by: Misato Fukuen

The student council president at Tonari Middle School. Very strict and devoted to the rules.

Manabu Miyagawa

Voiced by: Wataru Hatano

Setsuko’s 2nd in command, but more laid back. He’s a fan of Kyouka.

Kitan Otonashi/ Number Ten

Voiced by: Toshihide Tsuchiya

Meganeko’s grandfather, who raises her in her parents’ absence. He is actually Number Ten, and though he retired from Numbers Elite, is very trusted by Uchuuchouten.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: Though he seems pretty unimportant for most the series, he was actually Number Ten.

Miyako Sawaragi

Voiced by: Naomi Shindo

J and Kyouka's mother. At first she doesn't approve of J's devotion to Battle Spirits, out of worry for him.

Female Announcer and Commentator-san

Voiced by: Reiko Takagi and Cho

The two announcers at all tournaments (and sometimes other matches if they're in the right place). They also have a talk show on Battle Spirits TV.

  • Combat Commentator: They play this role at all the tournaments, and if they see a battle going on elsewhere, they'll make sure to cover it too.
  • No Name Given: It's fair enough, because they aren't that important to the story.

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