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  • The Educational Video's Genki Girl explaining in cheery tones how to survive the island, all while decked out in over-the-top makeup, hair decs, and a pseudo-military outfit.
  • The chubby, crossbow-wielding student firing at Nanahara and getting beaned in the face with a thrown flashlight.
    • That same student falling on his ass, cursing and panicked. He drops his crossbow, and a fellow student casually walks up, picks up his crossbow, and says "Hey, what's going on? Is this yours?"
  • Oki chasing the hero couple while wielding an axe, falling down a hill, and ending up with his own axe sticking out of his head. "I'm okay, I'm okay!"
    • Oki is also hit in the face with a bookbag by Nanahara, master of the thrown Improvised Weapon.
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    • And when the axe is sticking out of his head Shuya is actually stupid enough to ask Oki if he's okay. There are not enough facepalms in the world. Admittedly, it could be shock.
  • The hacker student's program running and disrupting the collar control system, all the while showing a cartoon animation of himself scoring a slam dunk.
    • Quickly followed by, while the military is freaking out, Kitano calmly walking over and shutting off the system.
  • In the film, after Motobuchi unsuccessfully shoots at Nanahara and Noriko for the first time, he says this line despite being somewhat...unfitting given the scenario he's in:
    X = -b over 2a...No, b squared minus 4ac.
  • While trying to hide from Kazuo in the clinic, Kawada tells Noriko and Shuuya to get down. Shuuya, Idiot Hero that he is, immediately pokes his head up in full view of the window to try and get a better view of what's going on. Kawada's response is to put his hand on top of Shuuya's head and shove him back out of sight. No particular attention is paid to the motion and, over all, it is a very tense scene but plenty of viewers still notice and get a chuckle out of the interaction.
  • For that matter, Kitano's death scene. Calmly getting up to answer, then throw, then shoot his cell phone before eating the last of Noriko's cookies.
    "Damn good cookie."
    • Kawada, while laying on the floor bleeding out from his injuries, awkwardly scooches away from Kitano when the man stands back up and comes near. Considering he's spent the entire film generally unflappable and calm, it's a pretty funny reaction.
  • Add to that during his death scene when he gets up to answer the phone, his bratty daughter is on the line and he curses her out before throwing down and shooting the cell phone.
    • Mixed with a Tear Jerker is the fact that, mere seconds ago, he had 'forced' Nanahara to kill him by faking him and Noriko out with what turned out to be a water pistol. As comedic as his dying moment is, the fact that he seemingly wanted to avoid even accidentally shooting any of the surviving students in retaliation says a lot about Kitano's personality.
  • The reveal of Kitano's painted death mural shrine to Noriko is bound to get a few awkward chuckles out of viewers. For one, the gruesome subject matter of children killing each other is depicted in a almost cartoonish style. For another, the art is just... not very good. Over all, it is just so bizarre that even the usually stoic Kawada can only look on in silent confusion.
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  • From the book, almost every death scene is narrated with a tragic or somber tone, with a notable exception being all of chapter 70, which narrates Mizuho Inada's death through her...unique inner monologue:
    Mizuho calmed her breathing. It was cold, and she was tired, but she didn't really mind. After all, she was about to execute her most important mission... a space warrior.
  • Kawada spends a good portion of the film impressing Shuya and Noriko with his skills, claiming to have gotten them from his father. First when he performs first aid ("My dad's a doctor.", which was true in the novel and manga), then when he cooks ("My dad's a chef."). Finally, as he's driving the boat off the island he claims his dad's a fisherman and laughs.