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Nightmare Fuel / Battle Royale

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  • As shown in the page image, the Cold Open of the movie shows a girl who managed to win the Battle Royale she was placed in, sporting an absolutely bone-chilling Slasher Smile.
  • In general, even the novel is filled with huge amounts of Gorn.
  • The fact that every student in Battle Royale's Japan lives in a world where they could get placed in The Program no matter how nice they are.
  • When you learn that the kids are only in 9th grade it makes it even creepier that the government forces them to kill one another for what's implied to be For the Evulz.
  • Since other students won The Program shows how many people were willing to slaughter their classmates.
  • Your best friend might kill you, or will you kill him/her?
    • The horrifying part is this happened in the movie, and it's easily missed: the two girls who pledged to be friends forever? They're announced dead at the same time, in the same clip, during one of the updates. They killed each other.
      • Either that, or they formed a suicide pact, which isn't much better.
      • Or they were killed cowering together. Or fleeing together. Speculate all day, all we know is they both died around the same time.
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  • The constant fear that anyone in your class may turn on you is very creepy.
  • Kazuo Kiriyama finds killing his classmates the same as playing an instrument and the scary part is how much he's a virtuoso in both.
    • Just about any scene with Kazuo Kiriyama attacking someone turns nightmarish with many wondering if he's even human.
  • In the film, you have to wonder what kind of person would sign up for The Program for fun. That person is Kiriyama.
  • When Sho gets Out-Gambitted by Kiriyama he can do nothing but scream as his head is about to explode.
  • The Slasher Smile Mitsuko gives in the film is...terrifying.
    • Also Kiriyama's.
  • Anyone that resists going into The Program is killed.
  • In the manga, there are lots of flashbacks with most characters being happy-go-lucky....but they're the exact opposite now.
  • The remnants of Mitsuko's corpse are anything but pretty. In the manga, she dies completely naked.
  • The opening scene of the manga shows a girl smiling, yet she doesn't even look human anymore.
  • Even at the end of the book, Shuya and Noriko fail to completely stop the The Program from existing, meaning kids are still being killed while they're be hunted as fugitives.
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  • The crotch stabbing scene.
  • Also in the manga there's a good deal of eye screams.
    • A manga scene where Kiriyama casually pokes out the eye of the class' former PE teacher, grabs the hanging eyeball and squeezes it definitely takes the cake. The whole scene is exhibited with rather elaborate, graphic panels and Kiriyama's disturbingly calm remarks.
    "It's like egg whites"
    • There is a particularly disturbing eye scream in Battle Royale II where one girl's eyes are shot out by a sniper and she flails about wildly screaming for her best friend, who is in a nearby naval boat screaming for her - then the blind girl's boat explodes.
  • There is a particularly disturbing scene in the manga involving Mitsuko and Yuichiro. Yuichiro is dying of a bullet wound, and Mitsuko, who is somewhat deranged at this point after killing Tadakatsu and has regressed to her fucked-up childhood, decides to make him raping him. Yuichiro begs for her to stop, as she is hurting him, and Mitsuko responds by stabbing the poor little guy in the neck with her sickle, seeing his cries of pain as a betrayal. As he dies, she is shown as a giant, damaged version of the doll her father gave her, asking, "How do you like my eyes now?"
  • It's very unsettling to see how quickly classmates (and even friends) start killing each other. (And without even counting the likes of Kazuo Kiriyama or Mitsuko Souma.)
  • In the movie, Kiriyama's eyes after he's blinded by Shinji's bomb.

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