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Heartwarming / Battle Royale

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  • Kawada's final moments in the film. He dies peacefully with his new friends at his side, finally having solved the mystery of why his girlfriend smiled at him as she died. Also counts as a Tearjerker.
    • It's a little hard to see, but Shuuya is holding Kawada's hand while he dies.
  • Kawada saving and taking Shuuya and Noriko under his protection is heartwarming in general, the pair are an Idiot Hero and The Load for most of the story. It benefits him in no way, and can actually hinder Kawada's plans and own survival to continue protecting them. But Kawada does all the same. It goes without saying, the only reason they're alive is because of him.
    • It is especially heartwarming when you consider Shuuya's earlier negative thoughts on Kawada, mainly that he was probably a dangerous thug who'd jump at the chance to play the game and kill people.
    • This is doubly so in the film, where Kawada only really met Shuya and Norika after shaving them from another student. He tries to get the pair to come with him but, unlike the novel and manga, Shuya rejects and insults Kawada, berating him for being a, as he sees it, heartless murder. Despite this, Kawada still shelters the pair when they show up at the clinic, treating Noriko's injuries and feeding them both.
  • Takako Chigusa's death scene, in Hiroki's arms. Despite having brutally murdered a guy moments beforehand (admittedly, in self defence), she's the object of nothing but sympathy from the audience in her final moments as she begs God for just a few more moments in the world with her best friend and true love. In the manga, it's especially heartbreaking since she has flashbacks from the time when she and Hiroki were kids together.
    • Shinji and Yutaka's reconciliation in the manga had a healthy dose of this, until Kiriyama dropped by.
    • All of the manga's flashbacks with Shuuya. Especially the one in volume five.
  • Doubles as a Tearjerker: In the manga, after the lighthouse massacre, Shuuya arranges all the girls' bodies so they are holding hands and revisits the good memories he had of them. This is followed by a panel of Shuuya kneeling next to their bodies and vowing to continue on.
  • Although there are very few, this one stood out to me. "Once again, 2 students remaining. But now they are among you."
  • Yuuichiro's attempt to be-friend Mitsuko and understand her. Also counts as a Moment of Awesome, since he's the only person who comes close to getting through to her.
  • Near the end of the movie, Kitano tells Noriko to shoot him. She fails to do so, so Kitano starts to shoot. Shuya ends up killing him before anything happens to Noriko. Noriko wouldn't have died anyway, because Kitano's gun was filled with water...He never meant to hurt Noriko in any way. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • In the Manga, any moment between Mimura and Yutaka. To say Mimura has the patience of a saint is a huge understatement.
    • Among the biggest ones being when Shinji accidentally kills one of their classmates. Yutaka snaps, calling him out on it and damn near losing his trust in Shinji. In the end, though, he decides to forgive Shinji and stick with him, due to how patient Shinji had been with him, despite all of his screw-ups. This display of faith was enough to bring Shinji to tears. Sadly, this is almost immediately followed by Yutaka's death, which came completely out of nowhere.
  • There's a flashback scene in the manga where Shinji is visiting Shuuya and Yoshitoki at the orphanage and is on the floor playing with some of the younger kids. Doubly heartwarming when you remember that in an earlier panel, Yoshitoki was embarrassed to admit he lived in an orphanage.
  • In the ending of the manga, when Shuuya and Naoko are on a ship heading to the United States after escaping, the ship's captain mentions to the first mate in passing that the bounty for their capture would set up any one of their crew for life...then makes it clear there's no way in hell that his crew will turn them in.