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Heartwarming / Battleship

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  • I'm sure I wasn't the only one whose heart warmed-up, wiping a Single Tear as the old warriors who once served the USS Missouri gathered as one before Alex, to bravely sail out protecting their country once more.
    • My dad, a naval veteran, choked up a bit at that scene. You're not the only one—it's far and away the best scene of the movie.
    • Even though the younger sailors were consistently surly, wisecracking and sarcastic smartasses throughout the film, the sheer warmth, affection and respect that they treat said old-warriors with resembles the type little-kids have for their favorite grandpas, and is very endearing to watch.
      • There is also the very nice moment when a vet speaks to Cora Raikes and welcomes her on duty, not as a woman in "his navy," but as a destroyer crew member ready to perform with a battleship.
    • In the novelization, it goes into detail about why the veterans agreed to help Stone by saying they had seen the horrors of war and vowed "never again."
    • In addition to the veterans that have served on the Missouri, some of the vets' caps shows that they have served on other ships, one in particular the USS North Carolina.
  • Also watching Canales who has literally admitted that he believes himself to be half a man and has "no will to live" slowly regain his posture and decorum as a warrior and then go head to head with an advanced alien as a double amputee. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment and a Moment of Awesome . By far, my favorite character and plotline of the entire movie. Watching him get his medal first choked me up a bit.
  • This movie achieved a trifecta of heartwarming tributes: to elderly retired veterans, to disabled veterans of modern wars, and to the spirit of international cooperation. Impressive!
  • One for the aliens. It may have been partially pragmatic and caused a lot of damage to our heroes, but the aliens launch what amounts to a commando raid to rescue one of their own captured by the humans. Aliens may be bastards, but not to their own.
  • Alex accepting the award on Stone's behalf after the latter's death. Made even better when you think how Stone would've been so proud of his little brother.