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Heartwarming / A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

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Unmarked spoilers below.

  • The kids on the New York subway singing "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" to Mr. Rogers, joined by the other adults in the car. This was based on a real incident and is one of the most beautiful moments of the whole film.
  • Mr. Rogers in general. He was a Nice Guy on and off camera, a Friend to All Children, personally wrote responses to fan mail, and as this movie shows, helps the main character repair his strained relationship with his father. Tom Hanks does a great job of embodying a person of great warmth and sincerity.
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  • The way that Mr. Rogers just helps Lloyd in general. He doesn't see Lloyd as the bitter, cynical mess that he is, but as a good person who is suffering, but can heal and become better. He reaches out to Lloyd, treats him as a fellow human being worthy of respect, and tries to encourage him to mend his wounds and let go of his bitterness. And the best thing? It works. It really shows just how much good Mr. Rogers put into the world.
  • Mr. Rogers coming over and spending time with Lloyd's family.
  • Arguably the most powerful moment in the film is when Lloyd's dream version of his dead mother helps him finally begin to mend fences with his father: By gently and lovingly telling her son that she is gone and in the next life, she has no need for him holding on to his anger. He just clings to her hand and smiles tearfully.
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  • After Lloyd passes out on the set of the show, Mr. Rogers and his wife Joanne take him back to their house and let him stay there until he wakes up.