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Ho Yay / Battle Royale

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  • In Battle Royale, there is more than a little Ho Yay. There's Yumiko and Yukiko, Kawada and Shuya, Mimura and Yutaka, Shuya and Nobu. Not to mention Shuya's always going on about how Mimura will find a way out once they find him and finding his body is nearly enough to make him call it quits and it's only finding Mimura's message to him (which uses Shuya's first name, mind you) that gives him the strength to keep going.
    • Mitsuko and Chigusa. In the novel, there's a confrontation between the two after Chigusa's fight with Niida in which Mitsuko claims that she's really into girls like Chigusa and, "maybe [she's] a bit of a dyke."
    • There's also a bit between Mitsuko and Megumi, with them embracing rather passionately and intimately before Mitsuko slits Megumi's throat.
  • One sided between Kiriyama and Mitsuru.
  • In the novel, Shuya apparently stared at Shogo's body in the locker room.
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  • Kiriyama in the manga seems to have a strange fixation on Sugimura that could almost qualify as a warped sort of Villainous Crush (as much of one a villain that can literally feel no emotion could have), which may have spawned from Sugimura being the closest thing he has to a Worthy Opponent. It's during their final fight that Kiriyama speaks for the first since the beginning of the game, seeing fit to break Hiroki by talking.