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Heartwarming / Battle of the Sexes

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  • Bobby's scenes with his young son Bobby Jr where they are playing "the floor is lava" and betting on the peppercorns, the Old Hustler has a spot heart for his little boy.
  • A small detail, but Marilyn has this co-worker (with an afro) who glowingly beams after the tennis players left (and after Marilyn was slightly flirting with Billie Jean). Later when Marilyn leaves her work just to leave for Houston to support Billie Jean, the co-worker takes over Marilyn's unfinished hair preparation and replies in a supportive manner regarding her co-worker's motivations. It's nice to know, that even in the Homophobic 1970s, that there were some very supportive allies that recognized same-sex attraction as attraction.
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  • The fact that Ted directly (but secretly) addresses Billie Jean on what he knew about her sexuality, warning her to be careful, and after the match, he embraces her and tells her to enjoy the moment and that the future will be better.
    Times change. You should know you just changed them. Someday we will be free to be who we are and love who we love. But now... It's time to join the dance.

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