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A list of Fanfic Archives. Since There Is no Such Thing as Notability, just about any website that exists and archives fanfiction can be listed here.

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  • Antifanfiction is a small board that, despite the name, is very pro fanfiction with a horde of members, RPs, fanfiction and original fiction.
  • Asianfanfics is mostly about Asian characters, and topics that often revolve around Asian culture.
  • Deviant Hearts: A Femslash archive. Closed in 2014, but a mirror has been provided by Nullroute.
  • FicWad Like FanFiction.Net, but much, much smaller.
  • Lunaescence Archives a moderated Anime, Manga, and Gaming Fan Fiction archive dedicated to quality, with a large volume of second-person ("you") fanfiction.
  •, anime fanfiction and fanart.
  • Mibba is a bit like a Myspace-style writing site. They cover pretty much any fandom, you just have to search (although bandfic reigns supreme), and original fiction is available there too.
  • Open Scrolls Archive is a het-only archive that rejects Slash Fic and Self-Insert Fic. The majority of stories are set in Tolkien's Middle Earth, but the archive includes several other fandoms and a few original stories.
  • Passion & Perfection the Femmeslash fanfiction archive.
  • Questionable Questing A questing, story, and Play-by-Post forum created in response to the moderation of spacebattles restricting the posting of adult material, its stated goal is to allow quests that spacebattles would either ban, or would consider watching closely, in order to allow for more creative freedom.
  • Rockfic A fanfiction site dedicated to stories of various rock and heavy metal bands. Unlike other music RPF sites, Bandom isn't all that huge there; you're more likely to get fiction of bands like Metallica, Guns N' Roses and Megadeth there. You'll need an account to read most of the fiction, which usually contains a lot of slash.
  • Shoujo-Ai Archive for Girls' Love fanfiction. After the founder died in 2007, the domain expired years later and is now unreachable, but a mirror has been recovered courtesy of Nullroute.
  • Superstories covers all superhero/heroine works, including original characters and settings. Once the premier NSFW superhero archive in the late 90's and early 2000's (the vast majority is porn), it went through several permutations and domain ownership/management changes, sometime "loosing" previous stories and features, or replacing them with new ones; it now seems on the verge of abandonment, with little forum activity, hosted sites/subdomains that vanished with all their content, and inaccessible story archives. The Gamebook / Round Robin feature called "Superstories Addventure" is the only part of the site still reasonably active.
  • Twisting the Hellmouth for crossovers with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (although it has branched out somewhat in recent years)
  • TFF Archive: An archive of fics that are available only on 'The Fanfiction Forum'. The Fanfiction Forum closed all new memberships, so all works exclusive to it were unavailable to anyone new, until someone who was still a member began to archive them off site. This was the birth of TFF Archive. It has recently expanded to include any other hard to locate stories.


Battlestar Galactica (2003)

Blake's 7



  • Civfanatics has forum sections for stories and lets plays of each game.

Doctor Who

Good Omens


Harry Potter

  • A site dedicated to high quality Harry Potter fanfiction of all kinds. Usually leans towards darker stories, as the name suggests, but it's not exclusively devoted to that genre.
  • Fire and Ice Archive: An archive exclusively for Draco/Ginny fanfiction.
  • Ginny Mostly Harry/Ginny, but hosts other Harry Potter fanfiction.
  • The oldest and biggest Harry Potter fanfiction archive.
  • The Hex Files: A Harry/Draco slash and gen archive. Other pairings/couples/etc are allowed, but the focus has to be Harry/Draco.
  • Lumos: A quality fandom archive with sub-archives for various HP characters.
  • An archive for canon pairings, mainly Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione.
  • The Quidditch Pitch: A general fanfic archive.
  • Sink Into Your Eyes: Again, mostly Harry/Ginny.
  • The Unknowable Room: A general fanfic archive created and populated mainly by James/Lily writers.


Jackie Chan Adventures

Katawa Shoujo

Lois & Clark


My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic



Once Upon a Time

The Order of the Stick

Phineas and Ferb


  • AGNPH Fiction: Site is NSFW, be warned.
  • The Road You Choose: written by Skylight Sparkle on, an incredible series of well written stories implementing Aura, aging, and Misty.


Repo! The Genetic Opera


  • Area 52: A huge Stargate slash archive, for SG-1 and Atlantis. Mostly Jack/Daniel and John/Rodeny.

Star Trek

Star Wars

Super Mario Bros.

  • Lemmy's Land: A fanfiction archive (which also features Fan Art and Webcomics), all about the Mario world.
  • SMW Central: An archive of all types of Mario fanwork, especially ROM Hacks. Unique in that it has strict quality control standards. However, some fanworks that were rejected can still be downloaded from SMWC, including Hammer Brother.

Team Fortress 2

Tolkien's Legendarium (including The Lord of the Rings)

Total Drama

Touhou Project



The West Wing

The X-Files

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