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Funny / Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai

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  • Poor Ash can't count.
    Ash: A hundred years? That's like ten years times...
    Dawn: Times ten.
    Ash: (embarrassed) You're right.
  • The group's first trip up the tower, and Ash decided to challenge the others to a race to the top. He gets the lead, only to find that everyone used a balloon as a shortcut, much to his distress.
    • Then when he finally gets up to the top, he's quite literally exhausted (as is Pikachu), saying "FINALLY!" slowly and with much exasperation. It's the way he says it, and the look on his face that helps.
  • Baron Alberto running to save a falling Alice, only to trip and fall flat on his face. Way to be a hero, Baron...
    • His Lickilicky manages to catch Alice briefly, but its tongue loses his grip in time for Tonio to grab her instead. After hugging Tonio, she turns to the Lickilicky and thanks it as well, mistaking it for Alberto. He is clearly annoyed. "I'm over here."
      • Team Rocket makes the same mistake during the credits.
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    • Another fail by Baron, is when he's a Lickilicky and tries to do his first battle against Darkrai. He ends up losing, miserably, after he wraps his tongue around Darkrai and is hurled by him through the air, then crashes into Team Rocket, and flies into a tree while landing on top of Team Rocket.
  • Baron Alberto's transformation, or rather, Team Rocket's reaction to it.
    Meowth: The camera really does add a few extra pounds!
    • Even better? The reason Baron turned into Lickilicky is simply because Lickilicky's worst nightmare is turning into Baron. Best implied burn ever.
      "Baron Lickilicky!"
  • "This kind of blasting-off we don't need!"
  • Tonio's Face Plant onto a tree (no pun intended) after being shot by Baron's Lickilicky.
    Baron: (sees some bushes rustling) Darkrai. Lickilicky I choose you! (sends out Lickilicky) Lickilicky use Hyper Beam!
    (Lickilicky fires at the bushes. An audible scream is heard)
    Alice: Tonio?
    Tonio: (comes stumbling out) Now what did you do that for? (Face Plant)
    • Later on, Tonio delves into his research following Ash's nightmare, and bumps into a wall without looking as a Chansey looks on. He ain't Lucky today.
  • Team Rocket being blasted with Gust by a herd of Drifloon and a Drifblim after they tried to capture them in their air balloon.
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  • The fight between Piplup and Shinx because they couldn't share one berry.


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