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Funny / The Garden of Sinners

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  • Shiki's face right before she bursts into laughter at Tomoe's confession.
  • Tomoe's first encounter with Shiki, as he's yelling dramatically and she's completely unimpressed. Especially when he tells her he's a murderer.
  • "You don't know what a rocket pencil is?!"
  • The exchange at the end of Overlooking View is pretty funny, and a little bit Heartwarming, given the context:
    Shiki: [rolling around her bed like a cat] Strawberry.
    Mikiya: Huh?
    Shiki: The strawberry Haagen-Dazs. Yours is still in there. Eat the damn thing.
  • When Azaka uses an adorable Super-Deformed Shiki-plushie as an "effigy" for "target practice" with her magical fire.
    • "Don't burn. Be Moe!!"
  • Azaka attempting to sock Shiki in the face, played completely for laughs. "Paanchi!"
  • At the end of Remaining Sense of Pain, Shiki tells Mikiya that she now harbors a "small murderous intent" towards him. Translated to a human language, that would go something like "I just wanna smack you silly."

Alternative Title(s): Kara No Kyoukai


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