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  • They made Peter a happy-go-lucky, Friend to All Children scientist who's working with Tony and the gang. That being said, he's often shown to be a Beleaguered Assistant, with both Tony Stark and Dr. Akatsuki running him through the wringer and having him get into accidents.
  • In the first episode, we have Hulk. At a social function. Just standing around, slowly munching on an armful of fruit.
    Wasp: Hulk, you sure your getting enough there? Or should I find you a waiter to eat?
    • When Akira and Hikaru meet Pepper for the first time. She reveals that Tony sent her to pick them up and get them on a private jet, at 4:00 in the morning.
    Hikaru: (smiles sheepishly) Well, he is one of the busiest men in the world, I guess.
    Pepper: And a pain in the you-know-what.
    Tony: I don't actually, what am I a pain in?
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  • In episode 2, Spider-Man rather handedly dispatching Crimson Dynamo.
    Spider-Man: Huh, I wonder if he has insurance on that armor?
  • Episode 3, Akira tries to summon Iron Man, but doesn't know about the time limit. He starts the huge summon sequence, we get lots of sparkles, he throws it on the ground... and nothing.
    • Before that, as Chris attempts to help Akira and the other kids fight off King Cobra. Driving a forklift in what would otherwise be a Big Damn Heroes moment, until he notes:
  • Episode 4, as Spider-Man contemplates what to do with the DISK's he's already managed to find. Even lampshading the fact that the very technology, is something right out of a kids game.
    Spider-Man: What do we do with these... Collect them, and trade em with our friends?
    • With SHIELD on lockdown and being prevented from mobilizing thanks to Senator Winters actually Loki. Tony and Akira decide to go after the Lizard on their own. For her part, Agent Maria Hill stays straight faced as Winters seethes.
    Agent Hill: Don't look at me, I didn't clear it.
  • Episode 5:
    • Akira wonders if he could trade Iron Man for Thor after he and Tony once again drive each other to annoyance.
    Akira: I wonder if Hikaru would be willing to trade his DISKs with me, I'll ask him latter.
    Tony: Hey!
    • Tim coming to Rosetta's rescue riding M.O.D.O.K., whom he refers to as a "pumpkin carriage" which the latter objects to.
    M.O.D.O.K.: I am not a pumpkin, I am M.O.D.O.K.!
    • After Thor effortlessly escapes Diamondback's trap, Spider-Man offers her a bit of advice:
      Spider-Man: "I'd be saying 'I'm sorry' about now. What do you think?"
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  • In episode 6, Spider-Man's big speech about using his biocode abilities to free the superheroes and become a hero himself. Chris tells Spider-Man to ask someone else... Only for Spidey to reveal he actually did talk to Ed and Jessica, before coming to him.
  • Episode 7, when Tim threatens to put Spider-Man in a DISK. Jessica and Ed appear, much to the surprise of both men.
    Spider-Man: Jessica! (poor Ed falls as he tries to climb down from the vent) …and Ed.
    • Wasp making fun of Tim's mask.
    Wasp: Mister... that has got to be the worst mask I have ever seen. You have no fashion sense.
    • When Tim summons M.O.D.O.K. to help him. Both Wasp and Spider-Man tell him he talks too much when calling out his attacks.
  • Episode 8, after Tony claims that J.A.R.V.I.S. gave him a 54% chance of survival in attempting to stop Whirlwind. This is soon revealed to be a lie, then J.A.R.V.I.S. asks Tony where he got the number from.
    Iron Man: Oh, it's Pepper's weight in kilos.
    J.A.R.V.I.S.: I'll pretend I did not hear that.
  • In episode 9 M.O.D.O.K. gets distracted during his battle with Wasp, bragging about himself again. Leaving himself wide open for her to use her stingers to nearly land a part of the ship on his head.
    M.O.D.O.K.: (after just barely dodging getting hit by debris) I think she meant to do that.
    Wasp: You'll never learn.
    • After the battle, the heroes enjoy some Japanese food to celebrate. While now hanging out at Stark's Japan headquarters.
    Jessica: Oh, got any California rolls?
    Akira: (slightly annoyed) California rolls are Californian.
  • In episode 11, Cap helping Chris pick what food he should try while eating out at a restaurant.
    Chris: You know, I'd have been a lot more comfortable with a Burger and some French fries Cap.
    Captain America: Charge in without fear!
    Chris: Are you really giving me orders to eat? I did not sign-up for this.
    • Tony and Akira panic when they hear that Thor and Hikaru are coming to help. Thinking Thor will try to use his hammer to stop Akira's out of control skates. Back with Hikaru and Thor, we see that that's exactly what Thor was planning to do.
  • In episode 13, Akira can only have one hero active at a time, so he has to switch in and out so Tony and the newly-freed War Machine can pass messages to each other. Tony gets all huffy when all Rhodey can offer to pass on to him is a simple "Hey". Rhodey gets indignant, stating that he kept the secret of "that night in Miami" for Tony, only to inadvertently reveal this to Pepper Potts, who is obviously not too thrilled with the news. From Rhodey's reaction, it looks like Pepper is definitely not someone you want pissed at you. Tony then tries to reassure Pepper that it definitely wasn't a date in an obviously guilty tone. Pepper's Comical Angry Face and Tony's Oh, Crap! face make this moment especially priceless.
    Tony: I'll remember this Rhodey!
    • Ironically, it's just as funny in the English dub. Where its implied that Tony and Rhodey were supposed to be on a business trip. Only for Rhodey to inadvertently reveal that they'd basically been playing hooky instead. The reason Pepper's mad about that? They didn't invite her!
    • Hulk's embarrassment when he realizes Hawkeye was only pretending to be a jerk. Which caused him to defend Ed, convincing the boy that he is not a hindrance.
    Hulk: I've been played.
  • Near the beginning of episode 14. Jessica gets a little overly, intense at wanting to beat Hikaru at the superhero fighting video game she and the kids are currently playing. She then goes into a full blown rant about how annoying it is that Hikaru seems to be good at pretty much everything.
    • When Ed considers playing the game with a different hero than Hulk. Hulk appears just a little... annoyed at the idea.
    Ed: Maybe I'll have better luck with a different hero next time.
    Hulk: You really think there's a better hero for you?
    Ed: (nervous) Okay, your right. No one's tougher than you.
  • Episode 15, upon entering Jessica's parents chaetae. Practically the first thing Akira does, is accidentally break a valuable vase.
    Hikaru: I wish I could say he wasn't usually like this. But, well... Unfortunately, he is.
  • Episode 16, on the way to Techno-Isle Tokyo the group gets caught in some traffic. Hulk suggests Ed D-Smash him, so he can toss all the other cars into the ocean. When everyone reacts with horror, he rather placidly claims to have only been joking.
    Ed: Heh, yeah. I still don't know when your joking.
  • Episode 18 has the Wrecking Crew behaving like a typical Sentai team, with the flabbergasted and deadpan reactions from the kids to sell it.
    Chris: "Lame."
    • In the dubbed version, the Wrecking Crew's routine is called "weak" instead. Joel argues that they are "extreme, to the max". Iron Man however, just can't agree.
    Iron Man: This clown doesn't know the meaning of the word, extreme.
  • In episode 19, Wolverine gets Cyclops up to speed on the situation:
    Wolverine: "A bunch of stuff happened and we're in Japan now."
    • While discussing what to do about Chris leaving the team. Tony again brings up the idea of trying to coax Noriko into helping. Hikaru gets upset, pointing out that Tony promised he'd respect Noriko's feelings and leave her alone. Tony then points out to Akira that Hikaru is starting to act as stubborn as Pepper. Only for her to let out a rather, irritated sounding cough.
    Tony: (resigned) She's Right Behind Me, isn't she?
  • Episode 20, when the tide of the battle turns seemingly hopeless as Cyclops runs out of time and is forced to return to his DISK. Akira, Jessica, and Ed arrive. Though Hikaru warns them to stay away, for their own safety. Akira adamantly refuses to abandon his brother.
    Akira: Besides, if I baled on you, Tony would never let me hear the end of it.
    Hikaru: Well that's true.
    • How does Ed, a young innocent child distract a strategic man like Baron Zemo? He simply strokes the Baron's ego. Amazingly, the tactic actually works! Though to his credit, Zemo eventually starts to see through Ed's strategy.
  • Episode 21, Iceman notes the hot weather they're having, while standing in the middle of a blizzard in Jotunheim.
    Iceman: (to Akira and Ed) Kinda hot, isn't it?
    Akira: Are you kidding!?
    Ed: I can't feel my toes.
  • In episode 22, Loki has absorbed the powers of various heroes and villains. Using Whirlwind's power, he hides in a tornado, planning to stay there until the Avengers' Activity Time Limit runs out. To get him out of the tornado, Tony tells him he's livestreaming the battle through his suit and taunts him with various comments that all more or less call Loki a coward. It works. What makes it even better is that Akira knew exactly what Tony was gonna do.
    • While watching, some of the Celebrity Five try to offer Loki encouragement. Though their efforts are, less than helpful.
    Joel: Don't listen to him Loki, he's probably making it all up! Anyway, we like you!
    Iron Man: Oh come on, you're not gonna believe that! Why would I do something like that?
  • In episode 23, Chris isn't interested in the idea of going to the hot springs. That is until he learns that they serve sweet snacks.
    • Hawkeye sneaking up on an unsuspecting Spider-Man, then pretending to shoot him. While pointing a finger at him.
    Hawkeye: (completely deadpan) Bang.
  • Episode 24, once the Avengers and Guardians make peace. Jessica insists that Rocket let her cuddle him to make up for all the trouble he'd caused. Rocket is understandably nervous at the idea.
    • In the dubbed version, Jessica instead threatens to tie his fur into a "French braid".
    Rocket: A French what? Is that legal?
    • Of course, Rocket spends most of the episode annoyed whenever anyone compares him to a raccoon. So much so that it becomes a Running Gag.
    • Hawkeye and Star-Lord arguing, even while in the middle of fighting.
    Star-Lord: Kinda low-tech their aren't yeh, Robin Hood?
    Hawkeye: Robin Hood, really?
  • In episode 25, Ronan the Accuser demands that SHIELD hand over the Kree Mact and the Guardians, or Fin Fang Foom will destroy the Helicarrier. Tony tells Ronan that he'll have to give them an hour because SHIELD is a democratic organization, and therefore can't decide anything without having a bunch of meetings. Ronan buys it.
    Tony: It's an irritating Earth custom, but we hope you'll indulge us.
    • While Iron Man and Rocket argue on how to use the Kree Mact to repower the Helicarrier. Star-Lord cheerfully notes he likes Tony's style, leaving Hikaru baffled at his attitude.
    Star-Lord: I like that guy, he's my kinda fun.
  • Episode 27 is a Deadpool episode, and as you can imagine, it's pretty funny!
    • Deadpool is voiced by Takehito Koyasu, whose most famous seiyuu role in the West is DIO, a character who is almost the polar opposite of DP. Hearing that voice coming out of that character can be hilariously jarring for JoJo fans.
    • After Deadpool gets mad at Ed for calling him an "oddball" superhero. He then proceeds to mercilessly Break the Fourth Wall.
    Deadpool: Phew, I'm tired. It's not easy being the star of a show. Where's my trailer?
    Akira: The star, of a show?
    Iron Man: Don't even bother, he's full of nonsense.
  • Episode 29, Jessica's opinion of Tiger Shark's rather ridiculous looking statue.
    Jessica: Ugly, talk about bad taste.
  • Episode 30, after nearly getting killed by Baron Zemo, Deadpool (yep, he's back) somehow talked Black Widow into feeding him while he recovered. When he takes advantage of the opportunity, Widow tosses him off the Helicarrier.
    • Earlier, Deadpool trying to sell Iron Fist's DISK, over the phone with Taskmaster. When Taskmaster points out the DISK is useless without a bicode. Deadpool suggests he can still use it as bait in setting a trap for the heroes. Or as a coaster for a mug of cocoa.
    Deadpool: What do you mean you don't like cocoa?! Everyone likes cocoa!
    • While Captain America and Chris are trying to sneak up on Baron Zemo and his Gia Anchor. In a bit of heartwarming moment, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents escorting them mention they are honored to be assisting Cap and Chris. They then ask him if after the mission... he could give them his autograph.
  • Episode 31, the situation seems serious when Ed runs into Ōkuma of the Celebrity Five. Which is genuinely frightening. However, Ed's reaction is genuinely funny.
    Ed: It's a Loki goon squad reunion!
    • Ed even goes so far as to try to fight all five adults, with a broom.
  • Episode 34, near the beginning of the episode. The heroes interrogate M.O.D.O.K., but he doesn't really have any useful information. In a desperate bid to be freed of his DISK. M.O.D.O.K. suggests he can "reform", and join the Avengers. Akira just gets a disgusted look on his face, as he shuts off the villains' DISK.
    • Nova's idea of the best way to ask the Avengers if he can join them? Ask them, a lot. Though regardless of his enthusiasm. The team is a bit, less than impressed.
    Nova: Pretty! Pretty! Please! I'll make a great Avenger!
    Iron Man: Seriously? I don't remember us running a recruitment campaign, do you?
    • Upon arriving at the factory to confront Mandarin, Nova rescues Rosetta from some burning rubble. Not knowing she's a villain thanks to her security guard disguise. Leaving the woman surprised and confused when he claims he's an "Avenger in training".
    • A moment later, and he causes her to panic by trying to fire an energy blast at Mandarin. While he's still holding her in his arms.
  • Episode 35, when the Avengers and the kids watch a video of Spider-Man being unusually violent towards a criminal. Hulk notes the action was excessive, even by his standards.
    Hulk: That's overkill.
    Thor: And coming from you, that's saying a lot.
  • Episode 37, when Dr. Pym laments giving Ultron a program to serve people tea and other drinks. Though Akira disagrees with him.
    Akira: I like it, he's very attentive to my human needs.
    • After the Avengers headquarters is taken over by Ultron Hulk starts smashing all the locked doors. Which makes Iron Man cringe every time.
    Iron Man: Man! My home-away-from home is getting so trashed. Ultron, you will pay for this!
  • Episode 38, Jessica's blatant nonchalance as she helps Dr. Pym escape from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.
    • Wasp's reaction as Jessica D-smashes her without warning or notice. Janet looks completely baffled until Jessica explains herself.
  • Episode 39, the funny visual gag of watching the Avengers sitting around together drinking coffee during a flashback. Also, while Cap mentions they are "supposed" to be on a relaxing vacation. Both he and Thor still wear their uniform/armor.
  • The ending to episode 40, which was mostly a Clip Show. It did have Deadpool make a cameo appearance on the T.V. Loki was watching. Needless to say, Loki was less than impressed by the "Merc with a Mouth".
    Loki: (sounding bored upon seeing Deadpool) That wont be necessary, turn it off.
  • Episode 41 has Tony turning Chris' interest in learning how to make a cheesecake into a science experiment. Naturally, everything that could go wrong, does.
    • Pepper, Jessica, Hikaru, and Thor all worry when they realize they've left "Tony" of all people in charge of the other three kids. Back at the base, Tony soon proves their worries are well founded.
    Iron Man: Alright, listen up. Our resident nagger, Pepper is basking under a tropical sun. While the Cat's away, the Mice can get up to some serious experiments! It's science time, who's with me!
  • In episode 45, Jessica and Ed run into Celebrity Five member Joel. Who brought the Wrecking Crew with him. Needless to say, the kids are no more impressed with the group than last time.
    Ed: (sounding tired) It's the Wrecking Crew.
    Jessica: (sounding bored) Oh no, what do we do?
  • Episode 46:
    • In order to lure out Manino Giordani, one of the Celebrity Five and a world-class chef, the heroes have Black Widow, disguised as a reporter, interview Chris who's pretending to be an Italian chef opening a new restaurant in Techno Isle Tokyo. Despite Chris's nervousness while acting, it works... only for Manino to challenge Chris to a cooking contest. Chris doesn't cook, he BAKES.
    Jessica: Aha, so Chris has a sweet-tooth. The truth comes out.
    • The name of Chris's fake chef identity? Cristo Bonappetito.
    • After getting knocked into the restaurant, Diablo decides to power himself up with one of his alchemy potions, only to mistakenly drink down a bottle of spicy hot sauce instead due to the bottles' similar shapes, hilarity ensues. Diablo even confuses his alchemy for magic at one point.
    Diablo: I can't stand it! It's hot!
    Manino: What happened to your powerful alchemy?
    Diablo: (clearly delirious and starting to ramble) It's not alchemy, it's magic! Oh no, wait! That's wrong! What am I saying? Is it magic, or alchemy?! I lost track! I don't know which is which anymore!
  • Episode 47, the Running Gag of heroes referring to Stane's Iron Monger suit being mere a knockoff of Tony's design.
  • Episode 49, As the army of Mindless ones Spider-Man are fighting disappear and the city returns to normal. A dog walks up to the fire-hydrant he's currently perched on. Then in a major case of Mood Whiplash, the dog lefts up its leg...
    Spider-Man: Seriously Dude?!
  • Episode 50, after the first wave of Mindless ones have been defeated. Tony asks Dr. Akatsuki if he can help with the Kree Mact cannons. From the good doctor's response, it's easy to see where Akira gets his sense of humor from.
    Dr. Akatsuki: Do, this, do that. No, that's wrong. If you come down here, you'll just lower the teams' moral.
  • Episode 51 has the Silver Samurai and the Mandarin take time from fighting Loki to argue which of them is Tony's true arch-nemesis.
    Silver Samurai: (angrily snaps at Mandarin) What is your business here?
    Mandarin: I could ask the same of you!
    Silver Samurai: Are you looking for a fight?
    Mandarin: If I did, it wouldn't be with you!
    • While it is awesome, he showed up, Blade's justification for joining the battle against the Mindless Ones is kinda funny.
    Blade: Strictly speaking, I am a vampire hunter. But... these are close enough.