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Funny / Sunny-Side Battle!

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  • We see someone doing the typical breakfast preparation routine, then that person puts on an Akatsuki cloak and, over that, an apron with the Red Cloud pattern. Then, we see who it is: Itachi Uchiha, who proceeds to glare at the frying pan on the stove with his Sharingan.
  • Itachi's first egg was a failure, so he washes all the cookware, removes his apron, puts it back on and starts over.
    • He keeps messing up the eggs. First, it's a piece of eggshel, then the yolk drips, then drops of sweat fall on the egg, then the egg gets stuck on the frying pan...
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    • Just the way Itachi is cooking the eggs, using the same precise movements he uses for throwing kunai.
  • Sasuke enters the kitchen, looks around and sees the floor is completely covered with plates containing the rejected eggs.
    Itachi: Care for some eggs?
    Sasuke: Sure, why not.
    (Sasuke moves to pick up one of the plates)
    Itachi: STOP!!
    (Sasuke looks up in surprise)
    Itachi: (Sharingan glare) I will make no compromises. You will experience only the finest sunny-side-up eggs.
    (Itachi continues scrubbing the frying pan)
    Sasuke: Sure...
    • And the best part is that you can just imagine Itachi doing that in his daily morning routine.
    • Also seeing the way he just yells at Sasuke to stop him from getting a failed egg and might've used his Mangekyo on them to ensure he doesn't take them makes one wonder what Itachi will try to do to stop Sasuke from say maybe attempting to leave the compound without eating any breakfast.
  • The sunny-side-up eggs (or "egg eyes") turning into Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan... and staying that way till the end.
  • After so many failures, Itachi is out of eggs.
    Itachi: Unacceptable.
    • Then, he goes outside to get one straight from the hen. Seeing a stoic badass like Itachi Uchiha chasing a chicken around while dressed in his Akatsuki robes is priceless.
    • Itachi returns to the kitchen, wearing his ANBU uniform and brandishing a single egg like it's the spoils of some great war.
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  • Itachi cooking the last egg using Mangekyo Sharingan is as funny as it is awesome. Talk about overkill...
  • Naruto wakes Sasuke up from his dream wth a forehead poke... only for Sasuke to find out that he's inside another dream. A really strange dream...


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