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  • In episode three, Yolei brings convenience-store food for the Digimon hiding out in school. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues.
    DemiVeemon: What is it?
    Poromon: Can we eat it? I'm hungry!
    Patamon: Of course you can eat it! Watch me! *takes a juice pouch and starts sucking on it*
    Upamon: The buffet is now open!
    • Upamon dive-bombs the bag of food and starts stuffing his face, while Patamon falls over backward (still clutching his juice). DemiVeemon gets chocolate all over himself, and then Poromon takes a sip of juice and goes on a crazed sugar-rush flight around the room. The whole time, Gatomon is just standing there in the background with an epic "why are these guys such idiotic pigs" face.
      Gatomon: *deadpan* …I hope my first litter doesn't act like this.
      • This becomes funnier when you realize that all four of the male Digimon have been shipped with Gatomon at some pointnote , meaning the father of said "litter" is probably acting like an idiotic pig.
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  • Also in episode 3, in the English Dub one of Ken's many achievments includes "Being able to play one game of chess while everyone watches".
  • Davis, the Butt-Monkey of the Digimon multiverse.
    • Yolei doesn't fare much better.
  • Episode Six:
    • When Yolei proclaims her triumph in opening up the Digital World on a Saturday, just then the door opens, and Mimi sticks her head in, asking if they're supposed to be there. The younger three immediately start panicking.
    • When Ken is defeated, he starts sulking.
      (to Wormmon) "I'm going home. Lock up when you're done."
  • Davis's reaction to Patamon digivolving into Angemon in episode seven. He sees Angemon and his jaw drops.
    • And then he rounds on Veemon and demands that he digivolve too.
  • Yolei's fangirling of Ken.
    Yolei: Duh, I don't want to kiss him Cody …I just want to marry him!
    • Cody's confused "Oh?" makes it even better.
    • In episode 8, Miyako/Yolei asks Daisuke/Davis for Ken's autograph, and Iori/Cody says that she'd said before she wasn't into younger boys. Miyako/Yolei protests that her father is younger than her mother anyway. What's funny about this is that 42 episodes later it's revealed she actually did marry Ken!
  • Episode 12: Deputymon vs. Starmon.
    Sora: This is a battle of wits, and it looks like Deputymon is out of ammunition.
    Yolei: Check, please.
  • The Brick Joke in "His Master's Voice". One could only imagine how Jelly Donuts in a swimming pool would look in Real Life.
  • Armadillomon fantasizing about how he would look like when he evolved and imagining a Bishonen knight.
  • Patamon and Wormmon having a staring contest while their respective owners are fighting.
    • Heck, Wormmon gets some of the BEST lines in the dub!
      • Davis got some pretty hilarious one-liners himself.
  • Digmon talking like someone holding their nose shut while he's missing his nose spike.
  • There were some good moments in the Dub of Adventure 02. Especially in the Christmas episode, when at two separate occasions, Davis almost asks his friends if first they want to play strip poker, and then asks them who wants eggnog. Both times, he's interrupted by Ken's mother.
    • All the dub's jokes came from the same company that dubbed Samurai Pizza Cats. Think about that.
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  • The Chosen are about to be walked in on and don't want to be caught, so they decide to just act natural to save face and… well, just see for yourself.
  • The drama Digimon Adventure 02 CD "Michi E no Armor Shinka".
    • Tai's cunning plan to distract the evil Digimon by TAP DANCING.
    • Daisuke (Davis) tries to get girls to swoon over him by changing his personality into… not telling. But a hint: the fangirls (no really!) are asking Ken his autograph, while Wormmon lines them up. Also, the dance floor is attacked and the Chosen use the others' Digi-Eggs for a change. A translation.
    • Davis declaring himself as the new Digimon Emperor (Kaiser), only to have everyone (including the evil Digimon) boo him for being lame, and then have his best friend Ken (the former Kaiser) to mock him and show him how an evil overlord should really act.
  • A lot of Azulongmon's dialogue, but especially:
    "The eight children and their Digimon were able to defeat the Dark Masters, but we were still trapped beneath the seal. In order to break the seal, we needed to take away the power from the DigiDestined crests. Of course, Joe complained about it, but he complains about everything."
    • He seems to make a lot of fun references to the Digidestined. Like when he told BlackWarGreymon, "You ask more questions than Cody does!"
    • When he talks about Izzy's intelligence, he remarks that "if he didn't have [it], he'd be...well, Tai!"
  • The mentions of a Power Rangers Arbor Day special and just the idea of such a thing existing.
  • Just the way Daemon says "You silly little imbeciles."
  • It's more of a Hilarious in Hindsight sort of thing, but one of the attack names in both the original and the English dub is called Rosetta Stone.
  • Mummymon attacks Paildramon, using every lesson he picked up from the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy.
    Paildramon: Do you even know what the word 'aim' means?
  • An example not related to the animated series canon: the ''We Love DiGiMONMUSiC" disc for 02 has some of the voice actors for the main characters act out some joke tongue-in-cheek skits in-character. Romi Park (as Ken) and Naozumi Takahashi (as Wormmon) act out a scene where Ken and Wormmon try to find a good hot springs place to visit, but while looking, Ken finds one that happens to be a bit…"naughty". Hijinks ensue in which Ken attempts to keep Wormmon from looking, but the kicker is his final line:
    • Wormmon's reaction and the accompanying SFX are priceless.
  • Upon being told that there's DigiDestined all over the world, Tai comments that he's always dreamed of that & he's their leader. Everyone else responds with an "Oh, brother!"
  • In Digimon World Tour Part 1, Mimi and Davis are in America. At one point, this conversation happens:
    Davis: Who's in trouble?
    Mimi: A boy named Phil. He says there's a Cherrymon attacking a Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center!
    Davis: Is nothing sacred?!
  • In "Stone Soup," Mummymon is a hilarious Butt-Monkey. Throughout the first part of the episode, he's trying to flirt with Arukenimon and ends up getting slapped. Three times. Later, after he accidentally draws the Destiny Stone out of the soup spring, he falls in the soup and starts drowning.
    Mummymon: (choking) Help! There's a mushroom up my nose!
    • And how does Arukenimon help? She throws a giant rock at him to shut him up, and he goes under with the weight.
  • In "Ultimate Anti-Hero", the children are taking a break from destroying Control Spires by having some sodas. In middle of this, they are conversing about how Ken and Cody seem to be very distant from each other, especially since Davis's attempts at trying to get them to bond backfire. Then Davis says something that provoked nearly everybody to do a Spit Take and choke on their drinks. The line?
  • When the DigiDestined are stopped by a train crossing during a car chase, first one train passes, then another, then two at the same time. Finally, the entire car loses it.
    Veemon: What is this, Grand Central Station?! Enough with the trains already!
    Entire Car: (Chanting) Give us a break! Give us a break!
  • Tai giving T.K. a hard time about his quirky grandfather.
    Tai: "Let's call my grandpa! He's an easygoing guy!"
    T.K.: All right, all right!
  • When Tai, T.K., and T.K.'s grandfather happen upon a French Digidestined named Catherine captured by Digimon, the younger two respond with an "All right!" The grandfather tells them to look below her, and they see a captured Floramon at her feet— to which Agumon and Patamon respond with a resounding "All right!" when they see it.
  • SkullGreymon's premiere rampage and Ken's failed attempts to reign him in with a battalion of BlackTyrannomon aren't all that funny. Kari's reaction, on the other hand....
    Kari: Why can't we ever fight anything short?
  • Matt's scenes with Davis' sister Jun:
    • First, Matt goes to their apartment to try and give her an excuse for Davis' absence. While she's not suspecting of anything (or perhaps she doesn't care), she can tell he's lying. She then says that she's not gonna tell their parents, but in exchange, he'll have a date with her. Matt is terrified at the thought.
    • Later, she shows up unannounced when Matt, Tai and Izzy are ready to go on a camping trip (as a cover for the others). None of them wants her to tag along, so Tai tells Matt to do something. And while he talks to her, Tai and Izzy are clearly enjoying his misfortune. Since they're in a hurry, Matt finally tells her to turn around, close her eyes and count to ten. She happily does, expecting a surprise kiss or something, while Matt returns to the car and tells his dad to drive off and leave her behind.
    • And at the end of the arc, she finally finds them. Matt facepalms in disbelief. Then she starts asking where Davis and the others are, and the boys just keep passing the question to each other to answer. When it's finally time to return home, the car is too full for everyone, so Mr. Ishida decides to give Matt money for a bus ticket. If this isn't bad enough, Jun decides to leave with him, much to his horror.
  • At the start of the season Digmon announces his digivolution with "Digmon, the Drill of Power!" even though everybody else incorporates the name of the appropriate Crest/Digiegg in their announcement. Eventually he changes over to "Digmon, the Drill of Knowledge", but the first time he does it he adds "I used to say 'the Drill of Power', but I think this makes me sound smarter." Video! No doubt this was the result of a mistake on the dubber's part that they wanted to rectify, but to the kids watching at the time it was either confusing or hilarious.
  • Davis's reaction to Yolei's rant right before she gets her Egg of Sincerity:
    Yolei: OK, I admit it! I have a problem judging people by my first impression of them- I see a cute-looking boy and instantly fall in love. I never stop to think what kind of person they might be! They could be cool, like TK, or a real jerk like Davis!
    Davis: *looks somewhat incredulous, verbally twitching as Yolei rants on*
  • There's something just funny about how Poromon sounds like Elmo.
    • Even funnier considering the man behind that voice is Steve Blum. You got a guy who voices badasses like Veemon's Armor Digivolutions and BlackWarGreymon in this season, yet Elmo the Angry Bird is a part of his repertoire.
  • While hanging out at Izzy's house, as he explains about DNA Digivolution, Izzy's mom comes in. Despite everyone's attempts to play it cool, she asks what happened to Tentomon. Cue everyone staring blankly, and as they do, Davis drops a cookie he's holding. DemiVeemon catches it instantly.
  • The awkward moment that Yolei and Sora had to deal with when the they meet up the Russian Digidestined. They couldn't understand each other with them only getting each other names. Attempts to communicate which involved charades and body langague failed and even a attempt to transmit their thoughts to each other by staring at each other failed. Eventually they have to resort to use Russian words “piroshki” and “borscht” to coordinate their attacks (which are actually food which is the only Russian that Sora knows with Yolei sarcastically commenting that she will leave Sora to ordering food.)
    Sora: This is embarrassing! I am not going to tell Tai.
    Yolei: Where is Gennai friend or wherever he is?
    Anna: This is hopeless!
    Lara: This is disaster!
    Yuri: The one with the purple hair is kind of cute.
    • The Fridge Logic that Sora doesn't even know "hello" in Russian (which is generally the main word people know in languages that aren't their native one).

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