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All spoilers are unmarked!

Season 1: Knights of Hanoi Arc
This is how Naoki and probably some of us see Playmaker.
  • Episode 1: "My Name's Playmaker": From the English dub, as the Ignis is escaping from the security drones:
    Ignis: Feet, don't fail me now! Oh wait, I don't have feet...note 
  • Episode 3: "First Contact":
    • Pigeon referring to Frog by his real name while both were in LINK VRAINS. It ends up becoming a running gag for them in the series.
    • And right after they meet, they see Playmaker!... clones. Despite looking exactly like the real deal, one acts too ecstatic, another being overly buff, and the last is having connection problems. The English dub actually added more to the clones or as Pigeon calls them, Playfakers. The buff one speaks Spanish and the one that has connection problems sounds rather feminine.
    • Ai attempting to escape by corrupting Roboppy, Yusaku's cleaning robot, but finds they aren't smart enough to listen to him.
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  • Episode 4: "The Charisma Duelist: Go Onizuka": It turns out Ai convinced Roboppy to do... something that sounds suspiciously like the robot is getting Ai off. What makes it funnier is that the robot tells Ai to quiet down or else their hand placement will be off. This becomes a minor Running Gag throughout season 1.
  • Episode 6: "Idol! Blue Angel":
    • Kusanagi and Ai poking fun at Yusaku for being unable to talk to women.
    • The Dub takes this scene differently, from Yusaku not being able to talk to women to not being able make friends.
      Kusanagi: Can you imagine? *Falsetto Voice* Hello Skye, I'm Yusaku. Do you like bowling? I like bowling!
    • In the dub, Ai's defending his decision for calling Blue Angel out and claiming there was a Knight of Hanoi in LINK VRAINS...except he gets a little sidetracked.
      Ai: Besides, I caught a faint whiff of Hanoi permeating from her deck! P.U.!
      Playmaker: Why would Blue Angel work with the Knights of Hanoi?
      Ai: (totally seriously) And what does "P.U." stand for? It doesn't matter!
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    • Kusanagi freaking out about Yusaku dueling Blue Angel after insisting that he wouldn't. Which in the dub, also seems to birth a Berserk Button Running Gag about people who think hot dogs are sandwiches.
  • Episode 9: "Enemy I Was Seeking": Revolver calling Ai too conceited for an AI. What makes this funnier is that Revolver used the exact skill Ai developed and despite Ai's protest, Revolver is right about Ai, he really is conceited. Doubles as Foreshadowing.
  • Episode 10: "Impact! Cyberse Vanishes":
    • This exchange in the dub, lampshading Ai's Motor Mouth.
      Playmaker: "We're in the eye of the Storm. It's quiet here."
      Ai: Yeah, too quiet, as I believe the expression goes according to my dictionary of colloquialisms - that's a mouthful - and the definition says that something bad's gonna happen because something bad always happens!
  • Episode 11: "Roar of the Magazine Varreload": After Ai is restored from being nearly deleted, he tries to get up-to-date with the duel.
    Ai: Whoa! You have an incredible monster!
    Ai: Whoa! He has an incredible monster too!
    Ai: Gulp! His incredible dragon took our incredible dragon!
  • Episode 12: "Impregnable Defending Dragon Firewall":
    • Ai displays a new power in the real world, causing Yusaku's Duel Disk to crackle; its glass surface to melt and golden light to shine out, leaving Yusaku and Kusanagi horrified as his body starts to form...only to reveal his body is tiny and the two humans in the room could not care less and are more interested in learning about Hanoi. Upon being completely ignored the episode ends with the newly revived Ai screaming "Dude, Where's My Respect?!"
    • Ai has this to say over Varis being a little confounded over one of their moves in the dub.
      Ai: Varis is confuuuused! Varis is confuuuuused!
  • Episode 13: "Battle Record": After being left with Roboppy for annoying Yusaku too much, Ai decides to show off his body by flexing for them, even making himself look like a bodybuilder as spotlights shine from behind him.
  • Episode 14: "Ghost Girl's Invitation":
    • The dub's meta-humor continues to shine, with Ghost Gal commenting, "I ship it" when commenting on Playmaker's drive to save Blue Angel.
    • Roboppy and Ai are continuing what they did in episode 4, but this time the former says that the latter is too loud and that someone will hear it. Which almost happened when they hear Yusaku's footsteps, they both panic with the former yelling for Roboppy to get him back into the case; they do so by throwing him in, then rush back to their spot just in time for Yusaku to enter, as if nothing happened.
    • One that's dub only. In the original version, Playmaker nonchalantly dodges a billboard as Ai is musing over Ghost Girl's strategy. In the dub, Ai takes notice.
      Ai: Oh I get it. That ability's a lot more powerful than most Traps and - BILLBOARD! - it's strategically more effective to keep us guessing where she'll play her next card from.
  • Episode 15: "Altergeist that Hides in the Darkness":
  • Episode 16: "Infiltrate SOL's Cyber Fortress":
    • Aoi's Oh, Crap! reaction and shock when Ghost Girl casually addressed her after she had been eavesdropping on the meeting with Akira.
    • Playmaker never emoting while the opponent destroys his hand and backs him a corner, while Ai overreacts, culminating in Ai asking if Yusaku is actually an AI.
  • Episode 17: "Flawless AI Duelist": One of Kitamura's subordinates complains and asks another one how many times they are going to get fired. (in the dub, she actually gets her answer: nine).
  • Episode 21: "Embers of a New Battle":
    • Ai can't remember Ghost Girl's user name, and calls her Gokie Girlnote . The Image Spot of Ghost Girl doing a sexy pose, but her expression changes to mad along with getting insect antenna on her head.
    • Ai's predicament of being in the hands of the scary Playmaker, as seen from Ai's totally objective perspective.
    • Yusaku's cold personality, depicted in the most adorable way possible.
    • In the dub, Kusanagi (Kolter) 'educating' Yusaku on how mustard is applied on either sandwiches or hotdogs.
      Kolter: So I said, you spread mustard on a sandwich, you squeeze mustard on a hotdog. Education, we gotta look out for each other.
  • Episode 24: "Dark Mask's Burden of Fate":
    • Kitamura's epic Jaw Drop moment when Baira and Faust swiftly wreck the majority of his AI Duelists.
    • When Doctor Genome remarks that Ai has been effectively domesticated by Playmaker, Ai doesn't really fair well in trying to debunk it.
      Ai: Not true! Woof!
  • Episode 27: "Naoki Shima the Fighter":
  • Episode 28: "Final Commander of the Three Knights": "Our field is nothing but bugs!"
  • Episode 30:
    • "Doorway to the Abyss": Ai has a funny interaction with Ghost Girl while they are in LINK VRAINS' underground sewer area, complete with a cameo from the old "Fake Trap" card.
      • And in the dub, he screams "HEART OF THE CARDS! GUIDE ME!"
    • After this, Playmaker informs him that he was scammed by Ghost Girl since she used a deck full of ugly cards. It crosses into this when you realize Playmaker knew the entire time and still allowed it to happen.
  • Episode 33: "Angel with Blue Tears": A boy masquerading as Playmaker confronts Frog and Pigeon, mistaking the pair for Knights of Hanoi, and attempts to engage them in a Duel. Flabbergasted, Frog arbitrarily speculates that the child is actually an old man in the real world, but at the same time, he and Pigeon are moved by the child's dedication to protect LINK VRAINS.
  • Episode 35: "The Other Lost Incident": Spectre is indeed Nightmare Fuel for loving the same project that broke Yusaku; but there's still something humorous about a man who was essentially raised by a tree. Albeit Harsher in Hindsight due to the implication (especially when Playmaker destroyed it later on), there's something funny in Ai going along with Spectre's absurd backstory and keeps calling Spectre's ace monster as his "mother".
  • Episode 39: "Bullet Buried in the Darkness": The terrifying trap that Ghost Girl warned Yusaku about? It's MIRROR FORCE.note  Even funnier with how much Revolver hams up the card, outright telling Go to sink into despair upon its activation.
  • Episode 40: "The Thirst for Victory":
    • Ai's sound effect jokes continue in the dub at the start of the episode, commenting that Gore looks like a deflated balloon (except he somehow makes a noise like the air's been let out).
    • At the climax of Go vs Revolver Go summons Gouki the Giant Ogre. And when it power ups with effects, the animation is shown as pulling out a giant sword from the ground. Ai is so impressed by this that he imitates it by pulling out a knife from somewhere and cheering.
    • Giant Ogre ignores Effects from Monsters with ATK less than or equal to itself, represented by it casually flicking its sword and sending away Booster Dragon's attack into the distance.
    • In the dub, when Ai is comparing Gore and Varis's fields, after Playmaker reminds him that Varis still has four monsters out, rather than discuss the likelihood of Varis summoning Borreload Dragon, we get this exchange:
      Playmaker: How did you fail to notice that Ai?
      Ai: Hmph! I'm not listening to you.
    • Meta example; Daniel J. Edwards, who voices Revolver (Varis) and Go (Gore) in the dub, has commented that he "can't wait to kick his own ass".
  • Episode 42: "Stardust Road's Guidance":
    • Ai went all out to protect Playmaker so he can do Storm Access. There's just something funny about Ai saying good-bye afterwards, only to reappear shrunk later on.
    • In the dub, Playmaker comments on Varis's newly summoned Chobham Armor Dragon having zero ATK. Varis's response echoes what pretty much every fan was thinking; he just sounds unbelievably offended.
      Playmaker: So what? Your monster has a total of zero attack points!
      Varis: I can't believe you said that! Has the loss of your Ignis affected your mind?! Because you of all people should know that attack points aren't everything!"
  • Episode 44:
    • Frog and Pigeon have to fly through the debris field of the last ring of the Tower of Hanoi to get to a proper filming spot to capture Playmaker and Revolver's duel. Pigeon gets amped up, managing to dodge as much debris as he can...only for Frog to reveal that it all hit him instead and he's basically a pincushion. And later, he's still plucking the shards out while the duel continues.
    • Ai has this to say in the dub after Varis activates Link Turret.
  • Episode 45: "Duel in the Extreme Domain":
    • This episode gives us a flashback to the peaceful Cyberse World is shown. It's divided into 6 areas each created by the 6 Ignis representing each attribute. An ocean (WATER), mountains (EARTH), a gold city (LIGHT), a volcano (FIRE) and a forest (WIND). As for DARK... it's also mentioned that Ai was the only lazy one. There's just a giant dark hole.
    • Frog and Pigeon made a Japanese pun joke regarding the word "hato"note  and "kaeru"note .

Season 2: Ignis Warfare Arc

  • Episode 47: "Playmaker's Return":
    • While Ai seeing the state of the Cyberse World and seeing that Linkuriboh is the Sole Survivor is mostly Tear Jerker, it's still funny that Ai says that he can't understand Linkuriboh, because all Linkuriboh can say is "Kurikurilink".
    • Before that he tries to call for other Survivors and says that it's him Ai, but he then realizes that they don't know his name, because Yusaku gave it to him.
    • While it's a serious and emotional talk between Shoichi and his brother Jin, it's still funny to know that Shoichi lives inside the hotdog truck he and Yusaku use as a base and that he tries to convince Jin to live with him inside of it. The dub takes it Up to Eleven.
    • Blood Shepherd hunts Playmaker to claim his bounty. Playmaker tells him that he doesn't have the Ignis anymore and that he doesn't need to hunt him, but...
      Blood Shepherd: Then what's that?
      Playmaker: Huh? [Looks at his duel disk]
      Ai: [Coming out of Playmaker's Duel Disk while riding Linkuriboh] Sorry, Playmaker. I came back.
    • After that Playmaker asks Ai why he is here. Ai tries to give a brief explanation, but Playmaker then tells him to save it for later. Instead of feeling down as usual whenever he does that, Ai feels happy knowing that Playmaker hasn't changed a bit and that it feels like the good old times again also doubles as Heartwarming.
    • It's even funnier that later in their duel Ai mentions that the Cyberse World got destroyed. This causes Playmaker to repeat what he said in a question only for Ai to tell HIM to save it all for later.
  • Episode 48: "Judgement Arrow":
    • In the dub, Pigeon's having trouble keeping up with the upgraded Duel Boards. In the Japanese, he begs for his Avatar to be upgraded. In the dub, he quietly muses that he could just drop Frog, and when asked what he said cries "Nothing~!"
    • As Playmaker sets up the tools he needs to Ritual Summon, Ai wears a wizard hat while stirring a pot of potions chanting Due-Due-Duel, sounding very similar to the English opening of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! season. Sadly, the dub didn't pick up on this one.
  • Episode 49: "Duelist Clad in Flames":
    • After Soulburner defeats BitBoot, Flame says that he knew that they were no match for them. Only for Soulburner to tell him that earlier he said that it was all over for him.
    • Bit and Boot's final words to each other are "You are fired!". Cue Haru dismissing the pair by setting them alight on fire.
  • Episode 50: "Transfer Student Homura Takeru":
    • Ai is locked up again in Yusaku's Duel Disk. Yusaku gives him three reasons why he did it.
      #1: Kusanagi is emotionally hurt because his brother's consciousness was stolen. It's good to have someone he can talk to who knows our situation.
      #2: The attack on your homeworld and on Kusanagi's brother troubles me. And their Teammates wanted an Ignis. You may be linked to this incident.
      #3: And this is the Most Important. Being a hostage suits you.
    • According to Flame, Brave Max is also known as Playmaker's best friend.
    • Apparently Flame named himself Flame, because in kanji it means "indomitable soul dream" and says that it's a cool name unlike someone's cutesy name.
    • Yusaku wants to go somewhere where there's information about their enemy, but it's probably a trap laid out for him. As usual Ai doesn't want to go. With more people added to their crew (Takeru Homura and Flame) he decides to hold a majority vote to make it fair. As expected only Ai himself votes not to go.
  • Episode 51: "Man Who Gave Up Charisma": Soulburner asks Flame what GO's strategies are. Flame jokes and says that "he'll "go go" and attack.", because his name is Go Onizuka. Soulburner's reaction to this is priceless.
  • Episode 53: "Bounty Hunter Blood Shepherd": When Blood Shepherd restores Playmaker's LP to avert Storm Access, Ai begs him to keep the LP the way one might react to an unwanted gift.
  • Episode 55: "To the Unknown World": Ai suggests the use of Data Storm to help Playmaker, Soulburner, and Flame go through the strong wind. As he does a cool pose while doing so, this exchange happens:
    Ai: I'm bracing myself so hard it feels like I'm about to fart!
    Flame: .....We don't have that function.
  • Episode 56: "Blue Girl's First Battle": While Soulburner was in a disadvantage during his duel with Blue Girl, Flame encourages him by saying that he still has one huge advantage: himself as an excellent AI partner that will help bloom his dormant abilities. Soulburner asks in detail what he can do for him. With a grin Flame says he'll be a compassionate observer from up close. Naturally, Soulburner rejects it.
  • Episode 58: "Soul Replica": This may be unintentional, but when Playmaker refutes Bohman's claim that he is the real Yusaku Fujiki, their argument kinda devolves into a No, You accusation between kids.
  • Episode 60: "Brave Max the Loser":
    • If you're looking for an action-packed duel between Ghost Girl and Brave Max...well...the title of the episode is "Brave Max, the Loser" after all. Brave Max makes several amateur mistakes during his duel, most notably sacrificing his two 2600 ATK Green Baboons for a single 2600 ATK Metal Baboon, all because he didn't bother to check and see if Link Monsters were immune to bounce (return to the hand) effects, and simply assumed they were based on mechanics, unaware that in such case, Extra Deck monsters will return to the Extra Deck instead.
    • During the first half of the duel, Ghost Girl and Blue Girl were under the assumption that Brave Max was a duelist that Playmaker personally chose as an ally. So Ghost Girl tests his skills with a basic field and even explains to watch out for Altergeist Silquitous's Effect to see how he will counter it. Then for most of Brave Max's turn, they try to take his amateur moves super seriously and assume it was part of some strategy beyond their understanding.
    • After Ghost Girl wins, she and Blue Girl agree the duel was a waste of time. And Blue Girl still has to go to her own event she setup to lure Brave Max. Brave Max on the other hand cries about his loss and vows to become stronger for Playmaker's sake and promptly forgets about it all after he remembers the Blue Angel event.
    • While it may not be as funny as the "duel", the sheer amount of Dramatic Irony in the conversation about Playmaker's identity between Akira, Emma and Aoi makes it unintentionally funny despite it being a serious conversation between them.
      • Such as Akira saying that Playmaker's personality and speech may be different in real life than in LINK VRAINSnote .
      • Aoi then replies that a person't true nature doesn't change and that they'll know if he's nearbynote .
  • Episode 61: "Despair From Darkness":
    • When Takeru first heard of "LINK VRAINS" and "Playmaker", he thought they were "Link Brains" and "Playmater".
    • Takeru had to ask his friend Kiku how to scroll down on her tablet, highlighting his Hopeless with Tech side.
    • While it was part of a trauma, there is something unintentionally funny about how Takeru's trauma involves a 2800 ATK monster whose sole effect is a ridiculously specific self Special Summon effect that is almost unlikely to ever happen, meaning it is vulnerable to every single form of removal in the game. In fact, the self Special Summon effect is so specific that Takeru's opponent prefer to Special Summon it using another card's effect instead. Not to mention, while he might not has it as a child, he now has, and currently control, Phoenix Gearfried, an equally strong 2800 ATK monster, along with Valkyrian Knight, which would redirect attack to her, saving Phoenix Gearfried.
  • Episode 64: "Turning Point":
    • While Yusaku is in school, Ai is flying in the Duel Disk enjoying the view. Then he’s called by Kusanagi for something nice. Next scene he's unhappy that a menu got tied to the disk and was told to do 10 laps around the city.
      • Then he's distracted by Takeru coming here alone and hits a pole then falls on to Takeru’s head.
      • Flame is curious that free Duel Disks can fall out of the sky in Den City until Ai explains that he can fly, with a pun (Ai-chan fly!). Flame suggests that his own Duel Disk could be given wheels, which actually is an entire car in his imagination.
    • A meta funny, in his flashback duel, Yusaku is beating the Knights of Hanoi with a starter deck.
  • Episode 65: "Playmaker's Breath":
    • From what we heard from the previous episode, Naoki made it seem like he knew Yusaku's secret, to the point Yusaku complied with Naoki's demands to go to a secret place to talk. However Naoki revealed what the secret was...only that it was not the one Yusaku was concerned with—or even knew was supposed to be a secret.
      Naoki: I know your secret.
      [Yusaku frowns]
      Naoki: [Smirks] Hey, my soulmate, right? And since you're my best friend, you should feel proud too!
      Yusaku: [Still frowning] "What do you want to talk about?
      Naoki: [Smirks again] I know you have a part-time job.
      [Yusaku looks confused and tilts his head to the side]
      Naoki: I saw you working at the hot dog stand. The school forbids working part-time jobs, but I'm not so petty to snitch on you. However... [Postcards suddenly materialize] Help me fill out postcards to enter Blue Angel's handshake event—
      [Yusaku walks away, disinterested]
      Naoki: Hey! Fujiki! [Crashes through the door] I'll snitch you out to Playmaker!
    • Naoki threatening to snitch Yusaku out to Playmaker, aka himself.
  • Episode 66: "Earth Ignis "Earth""
    • Normally, SOL Technologies would have been right on Playmaker's heels in a situation like this. However, they found Earth's forum post contacting Ai when Zaizen was meeting with Queen and Hayami was in charge, who promptly dismisses it.
    • Ai talks about the other three Ignis after Playmaker asks about them. He talks about the Water Ignis and says that she relied on him a lot and was in love with him, while the flashback shows him hitting on her, causing her to hit him and Linkuriboh into the ground.
    • Ai talks about the Earth Ignis. He tries to remember what he was like, and suddenly, a record scratch in the background is heard as he drags an AI that looks just like the Earth Ignis, massive and orange, only to find out that the AI is the Earth Ignis.
    • Earth has No Social Skills Up to Eleven, emphasized by his Catchphrase.
      Earth: I am socially awkward.
    • A meta example; the idea that Earth, The Spock that's heavily socially awkward, is implied to be Spectre's Ignis. And Earth is heavily implied to be in love with Aqua, the Water Ignis, whose appearance, for some reason, resembles Blue Angel, the very same character that Spectre hates.
    • Ai's memory of the Earth Ignis isn't so great. Playmaker calls him out on it and Ai just replies that he's....socially awkward.
  • Episode 68: "Secret Meeting":
    • The characters try to figure out what happened to Ai when he mysteriously disappeared from the Duel Disk. They investigate the last website Ai was looking at: a crossword puzzle that had a hidden Ignis code. Turns out Ai was lured to an Obvious Trap that claimed he will be given a pin shaped like himself as a reward for solving the puzzle.
    • Guess how Yusaku tried to lure Ai out of the duel disk after Roboppy said he wasn't there? All delivered with Yusaku's classic deadpan tone!
      Yusaku: Ai...a new soap opera is starting. [No response] He's not here.
    • Windy managed to rebuild the Cyberse World...except that it was shoddily-made and more resembled a stage set than an actual land. The walls even looked like they were made of cardboard!
      Ai: Dun, dun, dun...Hey! It's a painted background!
    • "Linkuriboh" not only sounded strange, he had a perpetual frown on his face. In contrast to the actual Linkuriboh always beaming around Ai.
  • Episode 69: "Mission That Must Be Accomplished":
    • When Revolver No Sells Windy's attempts to trap him, he responds that he wouldn't just walk into the enemy base without a plan like some people. Ai asks if he means Playmaker and him, to which a chagrined Playmaker admits yes.
    • In hindsight, Yusaku did anticipate that he might be walking into a trap and benched Takeru from this excursion to prevent a repeat of the Blood Shepherd incident. He was right, and as a result Takeru can follow Playmaker and potentially bail him out on his predicament. If he hadn’t, Soulburner and Flame would’ve been captured along with him.
    • Revolver uses another classic trap card known to Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, Magic Cylinder and just like with Mirror Force, the characters are very surprised to see him have and use it, but what is even more hilarious is what they say about it.
      Ai: Seriously? He already has Mirror Force! He uses incredible cards!
      Playmaker: Revolver always surpasses our expectations.
    • Let that sink in for a moment, the thing that surpasses their expectations, is using an old classic trap card instead of something else like using a new card no one knows about or the use of an unexpected Summoning Method.
  • Episode 71: "Declaration of War":
    • This unintentionally funny exchange happened between Flame and Lightning after Windy's defeat at the hands of Revolver.
      Flame: Well, Lightning? Was it you?note 
      Lightning: Flame, during the time we haven't seen each other, you've begun having boring discussions. [Looks at Yusaku] But Playmaker, I enjoy talking to you. You don't mince words. You get straight to the point.
    • And after Flame explained his reason for wanting to co-exist with humans:
      Lightning: I understand, Flame. That you're a unique error code.
      Ai: [Snickering and pointing] You're lame! He called you an error code!
      Lightning: [Narrows eyes] Ai, you too.
      Ai: [Stops] What? Me too?
      Flame: [Arms crossed] Ai, everyone knew that already.
    • After the Bounty Hunters came into the scene—the Knights of Hanoi having called them over—Lightning summoned a massive swarm of Bits and Boots to act as a distraction.
      A Bit: Our first appearance in a while!
      A Boot: [Shoving that Bit out of the way] Can't wait to fight!
      All Bits and Boots: Let's go! Combination sequence!
      Lightning: [Arms crossed] Stop. Don't lessen your numbers.
      A Bit: [Glaring] Boot's the one who said it.
      A Boot: [Gets into that Bit's face[ No, it was Bit.
      Lightning: ]Narrows his eyes] I don't care who. Hurry up and defeat them.
      That Bit and Boot: [Wobbling] Right! Here we go!
    • And after Bohman appeared before Playmaker and Ai:
      Bohman: We meet again, Playmaker. That makes me happy.
      Ai: [Sweat-drops] Eh? You again? You remember who you are today?
      Bohman: Of course, Ai.
      Ai: [Pleasantly surprised] Oh! You do remember! [Grinning and giving two thumbs up] Yay!
    • Apparently, Ai wants people to want to take him:
      Bohman: Let's duel. Winner gets me and Ai.
      Ai: [Beaming] You were after me all along?
  • Episode 75: "The Demon Possessing His Heart": Ai was horrified after finding out GO had fused himself with an AI by having a chip implanted into his brain, but not for the reason most would think.
    Ai: clasps head in hands, eyes squeezed shut “If I'm placed inside Go Onizuka's head, I'll become Ai Onizuka!" double eyelid pull
  • Episode 76: "Memories Brought Back":
    • Aqua tries to challenge Blood Shepherd to a duel, but Blood Shepherd rejects the offer for his priority is terminating the Ignis and not capturing. For an anime that relies on card games to solve conflict, it is funny to see how a conflict is trying to be solved by not following that formula.
    • Aoi wakes up from her dream about Miyu, and Emma asks if the dream was about being on a date with a handsome guy, and if so she should go back to sleep in hope it resumes. Aoi is annoyed by that and tells her it wasn't.
  • Episode 77: "Siblings in Conflict":
    • When Aoi transforms into Blue Maiden, Soulburner has the look of an excited fanboy.
    • During the reunion of the three Ignis Ai cuts Flame off before he tells Aqua the meaning of his name.
  • Episode 78: "Rebellious Bounty Hunter":
    • Because they are being careful of Lightning, Ryoken and Spectre track down Kengo by being two friends hanging out and having coffee just outside of his apartment. They're basically stalking him by being normal civilians.
    • Yet again, Revolver uses another classic trap card: Imperial Order. Just where does he find these cards?
  • Episode 81: "Arrived at the Summit": When Playmaker and Soulburner go to the location where they sensed Earth's signal, Ai noticed something coming for them above. Believing it's Earth, he shouts for him to come to his arms, and then immediately retracts his statement after seeing it's GO.
  • Episode 83: "Irregular Meeting":
    • Frog and Pigeon making fun of Brave Max for not being entertaining. They also spent their upcoming bonuses on a rocket...that made them crash land on a random island.
    • Blue Maiden wonders what that explosion was and Ghost Girl guesses it was idiots with illegal modifications to their D-Boards.
    • While trying to find Playmaker they trusted Brave Max who once again claimed to be his ally. And was making a show about him exploring LINK VRAINS in the meantime. Which includes getting angry responses to interviews, losing duels to pre-schoolers, rummaging in trash cans etc. The only views they get now are from the trio themselves.
  • Episode 84: "Past That Cannot Be Quieted":
    • The first thing that Soulburner says when Revolver throws the duel is unintentionally hilarious, because instead of saying how unsatisfying it was, he says that such a victory would look uncool.
    • Windy's new look hides his scars with bandages, an eyepatch and for some reason a cape. This clothing looks just as ridiculous as it sounds, especially since Windy looks like a kid with Chuunibyou, an edgelord or both. Not helping the matter is the fact there is an "W" on his eyepatch.
    • Frog and Pigeon get caught by Revolver and he traps them inside a sphere. Later on he even takes them with him to their final battle against Lightning.
  • Episode 86: "Wisdom of the Deprived":
    • Due to LINK VRAINS and Mirror LINK VRAINS merging, The Alliance of the Ignis Holders and Knights of Hanoi get separated and sent to different locations in VRAINS, some of which are rather hilarious.
      • Playmaker: A desolate street.
      • Blue Maiden: Outside of a city due to her flying there.
      • Spectre: A desert or wasteland.
      • Soulburner: An airport that looks normal compared to the above locations.
      • Revolver: A field of flowers in a meadow. Revolver's dub voice actor couldn't help poking fun at it.
    • In a random shot of LINK VRAINS there are two people whose avatars are people in vegetable suits.
    • Hanoi seems to have a thing for meta-humor. In a complete inversion of the series' 'but you still take damage' Running Gag, Lightning manages to defend his life points after an attack, while Spectre gleefully points out his monster still gets destroyed.
  • Episode 87: "Chain Destruction": This may be unintentional, but when Spectre talks about why he created an Extra Link, he states that he got inspired from Revolver's Extra Link in the final battle of season 1, but what makes this funny is that he states that he watched the duel many times over again, or in other words he watched Revolver lose to Playmaker many times.
  • Episode 92: "Big Test": Seeing Playmaker's area, which is a recreation of Den City, Pigeon is glad that they finally managed to log out. Frog frustratingly points out that they are still in their avatars.
  • Episode 96: "Lightning's Crime":
    • When they are teleported to the the flower area, Frog and Pigeon note how beautiful the area is. Frog wonders if it is the afterlife, while Pigeon wonders if Lightning and Revolver are Buddha and God before he recognizes them.
    • While Revolver explains the free will of the Ignis and Lightning's motivations, Ai's lazy past is brought up and embarasses him. Lightning angrily tries to make Revolver stop talking, but Bohman wants to keep hearing the story. Ai thought Bohman was interested about his past.
  • Episode 99: "Door to a New World": Frog and Pigeon talk about how they need to keep filming so long they have the necklace on, they then get scared about what's going to happen to them if Bohman defeats Playmaker. Bohman then unlocks their collars and tells them they're free. With his new freedom Frog decides to... continue filming and put the lock back on while saying that he doesn't need his freedom anymore.
  • Episode 102: "Entrusted Wishes":
    • Playmaker, with a serious face and tone, declares to Bohman that he will avenge Ai. Cue Ai reappearing on the Duel Disk saying I'm home in a casual tone like nothing bad has happened. Even better, Playmaker's reply, also in a casual tone: Oh, you came back early this time.
    • An uncommon example of something being both funny and awesome at the same time: The fact that this episode mirrors the final turn of 5Ds final boss duel so much, not only with the similar episode title ("Entrusted Wishes" vs 5Ds' "Clustering Wishes"), but also how both Playmaker and Yusei won via repeatedly attacking an enemy monster to force the enemy to expend his resource to protect the monster and his LP, which results in the drop of the enemy monster's ATK at the cost of Playmaker/Yusei's own monster's ATK, up to a point where the enemy monster exhausted its resource and can't activate its effect anymore, leading to the enemy's loss.

Season 3: Ai's Rebellion Arc

  • The fact that all of Ai's Spell & Trap cards in all of his duels, features Ai himself, often in comical manner. The names also features wordplays involving Ai's name.
  • Episode 104: "Declaration of a Crime":
    • The episode starts with a talk between Akira and Hayami. When Hayami revealed that she watched record of Akira's efforts hundreds of times, Akira points out that it means she's also watching him passing out hundreds of times.
    • The next scene involves Frog and Pigeon, who as it turns out, has always been watched over by their boss. Frog and Pigeon are getting too cocky, so the boss decided that they get no bonus this time. What follows is Pigeon's response, instead of commenting about the lack of bonus, he......points out the boss' error in calling his real name.
    • After Ai explains the concept of gambling to Roboppy, Roboppy commented that humans are dumb.
      Ai: I thought "dumb" was a forbidden word.
      Roboppy: A good kid is allowed to say "dumb".
    • After Roboppy hacked a slot machine, instead of getting angry, Ai one-ups Roboppy by hacking ALL of the slot machines only to be uninterested as gushers of silver coins poured out.
    • When Ai Link Summons "Dark Templar @Ignister", he has a long summoning chant to go with it... which Roboppy interrupts by telling Ai it's taking too long. To top it off, the music quickly stops and Ai stands in a dramatic pose for a few seconds, in complete silence, before cutting to the chase.
    • Queen justifies her use of a Skill during a Master Duel by saying she makes the rules, so she can do whatever she wants. Ai isn't surprised, mainly because Bohman already made him have to deal with Skill in Master Duel multiple times.
    • Whenever Roboppy starts talking too much, Ai tells them to be quiet. Looks like he finally gets to tell someone that after all the times Yusaku told him to be quiet. But the most humorous part is that even Queen got in on it. And Roboppy complies, much to Ai's chagrin.
  • Episode 106: "Good Luck, Roboppi!": When Ai shows his totally non-biased Duelist Ranking to Roboppy, he claims that Playmaker has a lower rating than everyone else (which is illustrated by not being in the pyramid) since he only looked strong because of Ai, while Ai is above everyone else because he's on a whole different level than them and that Roboppi is even below Playmaker because Roboppi never dueled.
  • Episode 108: "Indomitable Spirit"
    • The fact that all of Ai's spell and trap cards have pictures of him doing various activities as their artwork.
    • When confronted by Pandor, Ai suggests they duel in the real world.
      Ai: Let's take this outside punk!
      [Jump Cut to Ai and Pandor standing on top of the plane]
  • Episode 109: "The Ignis Hunter"
    • After Pandor summons Topologina Babee and Topologina Maybee, Ai guesses that she's going to summon... a monster named Topologina Nabee. Pandor is rather nonplussed.
    • When Pandor summons Topologina Sassabee and Topologina Gatsbee instead, Ai throws a tantrum for guessing incorrectly.
    • Ai continues to ask Pandor about Topologina Nabee when she summons Topologina Bambee.
    • When Pandor summons Topologic Trisbaena, Ai seems confused and a tiny bit outraged that Pandor is using a Topologic Deck... despite her deck having "Topologi-" in its name. Pandor is actually rendered speechless for a moment.
    • After defeating Pandor, Ai says she might have won had she summoned Topologina Nabee... before admitting that he doesn't know if that card exists.
  • Episode 111: "Wanting To Fight Each Other"
    • Seeing Ai in a very bad spot in the duel, Roboppi promises that they will get revenge for him. Ai quickly points out he didn't lose yet.
  • Episode 112: "SOL's Decline"
    • Roboppy wakes up from a dream and tells Ai about it. Ai tells them that it was a dream about Roboppy conquering the universe... while dressed in a purple robe with a large beard and talking like an old man.
    • When Roboppy asks Ai if they'll be stronger than Ai, the former Ignis says they will... probably. Roboppy cheers anyway.
    • This conversation between Ai and Roboppy.
      Roboppy: Bro, you're like a fortune teller or a sage or a saint!
      Ai: Because I'm dressed like one.
      Ai: W-What?
      Roboppy: Nothing.
      Ai: I see.
      Roboppy: Yes.
    • Roboppy tries to leave the Linguriboh ship through the front... only to run into the wall and land on his back. A hole opens beneath Roboppy and they fall out of the ship onto his D-Board.
  • Episode 117: "Paralell Paths"
    • As Yusaku heads off to confront Ai with dramatic music's suddenly cut short by Ryoken chucking a card at him.
    • Despite the seriousness of the situation, Ai still can't resist greeting Yusaku with a brightly lit sign and a friendly and casual greeting.
  • Episode 118: "Reckless Proposal"
    • While Playmaker Synchro Summons using a level 6 and level 1 monster, Ai counts it on his fingers and shouts that it will be level 8! Then as the level 7 Synchro is summoned Ai is disappointed that he didn't confuse Playmaker's math.
    • As Ai does the lengthy summon chant for "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister" he says the six Ignis are "Superior! Splendid! Stunning! Elegant! Super!" then can't think of the 6th one.... Ultra Super!
    • It's a serious moment, as The Arrival is preparing to counterattack and wipe Playmaker out, but it does so by T-posing with energy spheres in its hands and before releasing them in a Kamehame Hadoken.


  • The voice actors for the dub enjoy being part of the series immensely.
    • Sam Black, Kolter's voice actor, joyfully embraced his role as the "hotdog guy". He was also rather casual about the revelation that he was voicing Bohman.
    • Daniel Edwards, who voices both Varis and Gore, immediately noted that "he couldn't wait to kick his own ass", knowing that his characters would end up dueling.
    • Alyson Leigh Rosenfield revealed that she was voicing a character in Season 2, prompting fans to go wild with speculation as to who it was. She responded several times in the comments of her tweet by trolling the bajebaz out of the fans. (It wound up being Queen).
    • Eddy K Lee, the voice of Soulburner, made it clear from the get-go that there would be a lot of fire puns.


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