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Funny / Pokémon: Jirachi: Wish Maker

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Spoilers Off applies to all Funny pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • The opening narration, listing hopes and dreams that ends with:
    "...and to meet lots and lots of girls! Well, I didn't say that all their wishes involved Pokémon!"
  • Diane's cry for help after False!Groudon gets her can be summed up as this. Is she even crying for help or having an orgasm?
    • The fact that she was caught by False!Groudon's tentacles is even more unsettling if not hilarious.
  • What does Jirachi do when Max wishes for candy? He teleports it all from the stand just outside! Especially when we see a very confused shopkeeper!
    "Candy! Candy!"
    • And right afterwords, May tells Jirachi to get rid of the problem (the candy), so he teleports her into the middle of the pile.
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  • Spying on Max and Jirachi Team Rocket argue about what they're gonna do once they get ahold of Jirachi.
    Jessie: Jirachi? Hey, that's the Pokémon they say can grant wishes!
    Meowth: And it can teleport stuff, too.
    James: And our first wish should be that it doesn't teleport itself away from us once we capture it!
    Jessie: COULD YOU HAVE SAID SOMETHING EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS THAN THAT?! What if Jirachi grants us just one wish only? You'd waste it on that?!
    Meowth: I didn't even think about that! We might only ge one wish, and that's it! We're gonna need the perfect wish!
    Jessie: I've got it! Why don't we just wish for a hundred more wishes? It's genius!
    James: But, Jessie, if Jirachi teleports away from us after the first wish?
    Meowth: I wish I could teleport away from the two of you.
  • And then there's this bit of dialogue when Team Rocket sees Jirachi drawing energy from the Millennium Comet.
    Meowth: Do you see dat?
    Jessie: You think I'm blind?
    James: That would explain the hair.


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