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  • During the first encounter with Annie and Oakley, the girls snark about fashion tips before Oakley asks what they would do if Ash attacked them after asking if Ash was Latias' bodyguard, Annie then says "Espeon, show them what we would do!" cue Espeon attacking Ash from behind with a psybeam.
  • Bianca's very first line after Ash has been following her because he confused her with a disguised Latias is "I don't know you!" then she just leaves.
  • Latias is pushing Ash on the swing and transforms for the first time. Ash freaks out, leaps off the swing and thuds with a faceplant in the dirt.
    • Latias' strong affection toward Ash in general provides a lot of funny and adorable moments.
  • Team Rocket attempting Parkour. It goes badly for them.
  • Annie and Oakley bickering while they're trapped in the DMA. In English, Oakley is grousing at Annie over her boneheaded decision to grab the corrupted Soul Dew, and in Japanese she's bringing up the time when they were kids and Annie evolved Oakley's Gloom into a Vileploom instead of the Bellossom she wanted.
  • Bianca/Latias kissing Ash. Brock's arm slips off the boat and he struggles to keep his balance, Misty drops Togepi, and Pikachu is thrilled!
    • Capped off by Misty and Brock's reaction:
    Misty: Wait...was that Bianca...or Latias?
    Brock: I don't know...but I am extremely jealous!


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